A/N: This is my second story which is a #FinnFiction. This time I have paired Finn and Rory together. At first, I was not going to publish my stories here at the Fanfiction site. However, I have decided that I would give it another chance. My stories are written by me. I have outlined them and spent many hours writing each chapter. These are my thoughts and my ideas. I have three great Beta's who also help me edit my work. One thing you must understand is that I do not write one chapter at a time and post it. Instead I write many chapters ahead. I know what is going to happen with my characters.

This is an AU version of Rory's life. Many of the original Gilmore Girl characters will be in this story but some other characters are also added. This story will be written in parts. Each part is like a small book it will go from the present time 2017 and return to 2007. I do like your comments and responses if they are polite. Your suggestions only help me grow as an author. Please remember, if you do not like or enjoy the story, then you do not need to continue to read it. For my Fans here is my second story.

Life Choices, Challenges and Changes.

Life Choices, Challenges, and Changes

When we reach our twenties, we are suddenly faced with many paths that we can choose so we make our choice. Do we follow the dreams of our parents? Do we take the career path that we worked so hard for in college? What happens when we find out that this isn't the right choice? What do we do? Do we stay with this choice in the safe little world, unhappy and afraid? Do we take a chance and change our life plan? Are we strong enough to make that change? Can we do it alone? Do we seek the advice of others? Do we look for help?

Do you wonder if you are alone or is there someone out there looking for a change too? Are they a stranger, an old friend? What are the chances that you will meet again?

This is Rory Gilmore's story and a new ending. Rory has always been a planner, someone with goals, a notebook full of pro/con lists. But this career dream she chooses, is it her dream or her mother's?

My storypicks up after Season 7. Logan and Rory had made their choice after her graduation in 2007. Saying no to Logan took them in different directions, and with that choice, they faced many challenges and heartbreak. Rory always the planner had to make a change in the direction of her future and with that change she met someone when she least expected it and found love and happiness.

The story begins in 2017; Rory happily married for four and years now has three children, ages 5, 2 and an infant.

This story is written in time periods of their life. Each new part covers a period with individual chapters that take you through Rory's journey of these ten years showing you the struggles that she faced and the support from the one person in her life that brings her happiness.

It is not a short story and if you are familiar with my first story, Out of the Ashes, you know I tend to add a lot of detail. You will find familiar characters in this story along with new characters, each will have an impact on her life. This story also will have more mature content in it.

I have had a lot of help and encouragement with this story. First, I want to thank anonymousgg16 who encouraged me to write, ClaudiaCleland who became my biggest fan, critic, cheerleader, and friend. Meghan who convinced me to write this idea, SamanthaLloyd225 for checking my facts about Australia and of course Navywife06, my good friend, without her ideas, editing and daily encouragement, I would not have written this story.

I hope you enjoy it.