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The Rise of the One True Potter

Chapter 1

(A Brutal Ending, A New Beginning)

19 years after the fall of Voldemort

A thirty-six-year-old Harry Potter had never felt so tired, not even after the war with Voldemort nineteen years ago, as he walked through the now destroyed Hogwarts. It had been a little over a year since the last war he had been in, a war that people were calling "The Demonic War," had ended. Once again it was mainly thanks to Harry, who worked along with the remaining Wizarding/Muggle forces that had survived.

To Harry though, he could not call it a victory, not when so many had lost their lives to demonic beasts that had no conscience, no code or rules to live by, and no qualms about doing what they wanted to do. Thanks to those demons, what remained of the Wizarding World was nearly gone, with all the major pureblood families either destroyed or left with one surviving member.

The Muggle world had taken the worst part of it though, as no matter what they had tried, whether a gun, knife, or any weapon they used, it seemed to have no effect on these demons, leaving nothing but slow annihilation for them. The Muggles had even tried to use nuclear weapons to destroy them, but to no effect, as the demons just kept on coming.

That was not to say that they couldn't be killed, as there were several ways to kill one. For the Wizarding World, Fiendfyre was the preferred method, as it gave a wizard or witch time to react and move in case the beasts could dodge from it. For Muggles, they used pistols and rifles that contained Enchanted Bullets to kill these demons.

The bullets were of course enchanted by wizards or alchemists, so any Muggle could use these weapons very effectively against the demons. However, if the demons got close, the goblin made steal was the weapons of choice, be it swords, knives, maces, or axes. Unfortunately, being able to kill these demons didn't slow these demonic creatures down in the slightest.

Harry remembered that his cousin Dudley once compared the demons to the xenomorphs from the 'Alien' franchise. However, the xenomorphs from those movies were relatively small in stature compared to the demons. These creatures sprayed acid from their mouths and had acid for blood, so anytime a wizard, witch, or Muggle came into contact with their fluids, they would be burned to the point they would either die or have one of their limbs removed to prevent the acid from spreading across the body. However though, should this acid hit a person's face, then the Killing Curse would be allowed to be used as it would be considered to be the most merciful way to deal with it.

The demons were extraordinary strong and fast as well, being able to eliminate trolls, giants, arachnids, and nearly all the dragons. However, it was their sheer numbers and their hive mind abilities that took the biggest toll on the world, as it did something that no one foresaw them to be able to do; the ability to adapt. Of course, this was all because of their primary power, the ability to take over someone's body and mind, and for Harry, that was the biggest blow of all.

Walking over the old rubble the was once the Great Hall, Harry remembered how the war against the demons started, as it was the day of Harry's marriage to Ginny Weasley, and Ron's marriage to Hermione. It was two years after Voldemort was defeated, and to Harry, it was one of the happiest days of his life, as his two best friends were marrying each other at the same time that Harry was marrying the woman he loved.

It happened right there, where the Great Hall once was, on a perfect July afternoon, with Neville Longbottom taking the place as best man for both Harry and Ron, and Luna being the maid of honor for Hermione and Ginny. All their friends were there, along with the teachers and many of the new Ministry officials, with Minister Kingsley Shackelbolt volunteering to preside over both weddings. However, Professor McGonagall wouldn't have it, so she ended up being the one to marry the four of them.

Hermione was walking down the aisle, wearing a flowing white gown, and blushing intensely. Ron was standing on top of stone steps where he and many others had been sorted into their Houses all those years ago, and he audibly gasped at seeing Hermione walking down the Great Hall towards him. Harry who was standing to Ron's left with Neville in between them and could not blame Ron at gawking at Hermione, as she was absolutely stunning. Music was playing from all over the large room, and tears were being shed by both Molly Weasley and Elaine Granger, who with her husband, were allowed to be present for their daughter's wedding. Everybody was smiling as Hermione walked up the steps and was about to take Ron's hand when all hell broke loose.

At that very moment, a large rift appeared right where the headmaster would have sat, and a huge monster jumped out of it. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all stared completely shocked at what they saw, while someone screamed in horror at seeing this large being.

The next moments were almost like slow motion for Harry, as the beast hissed a scream and hundreds of smaller beasts poured through the rift and began attacking everyone in sight. Most of the crowd immediately drew their wands and began firing every spell, jinx, and curse they could at them, while the few who didn't were frozen in either shock or fear. Those who were frozen, did not last long as they were impaled by these beasts' appendages or sprayed with acid from their mouths. The ones that did fight soon found out that none of their tactics worked, and that included the six witches and wizards at the end of the Great Hall.

Harry, Ron, and Neville fought these monsters, separating from Hermione, Luna, and Professor McGonagall as they moved towards the stained-glass windows in the back. The three witches tried to gather the younger wizards and witches, as well as the Muggles who were there, and head for the nearest and safest exit.

For a while, it looked like their plan was working, with Shackelbolt joining Harry and the others in the fight. However, the demon that emerged first moved with almost lightning speed and grabbed Hermione when she was distracted by another beast. Both Harry and Ron ran towards Hermione, but in that moment, the giant daemon pressed its mouth against hers and forced Hermione to open hers.

By the time Harry and Ron got to her, the large beast released her letting her fall to the ground, with her squirming and shaking violently from what the monster had done. The daemon then hissed out another scream and it retreated through the rift, with the smaller beasts following. The damage had been done though, as several witches and wizards had been viciously slain or wounded, including Percy Weasley, the Patil family, and Professor Flitwick. However, it was Hermione that had Harry's and Ron's attention, as it would be her that would eventually end Harry's and Ron's friendship.

Months had passed since that opening assault, and Hermione was placed into the care at St. Mungo's Hospital weeks prior, as no one knew what was happening to her. At the beginning, Hermione was barely lucid and coherent, trembling in pain. Ron had stayed by her side for the entire time, with members of his family taking turns comforting him. Harry visited as well, but whenever he did, Ron began giving him the cold shoulder. At first, Harry had thought it was because Ron was distraught over Hermione's condition, but later Harry began to suspect that it was something else.

During those months, the rift in the Great Hall expanded, and hundreds of demons of all shapes and sizes emerged from it and attacked the school and the village of Hogsmeade. With no clear way to seal the rift, McGonagall had no choice but to close the school to protect the students and her teachers. Harry, Neville, and Luna looked for any information they could find about these beasts, and how to best deal with them.

Fortunately, with the help of Aberforth Dumbledore, who inherited most of his brother's belongings, including many of his books, some of which Harry could not believe the former headmaster of Hogwarts owned. However, he was grateful, as several of these books dealt with the very creatures everyone had been dealing with.

Harry found out that these demonic looking creatures were called daemons, and the rift they opened was known commonly as The Veil. Harry also learned that there were only three known methods for killing a daemon; Fiendfyre, enchanted metal objects like modified magical bullets, and goblin made steel. Unfortunately, this information did not contain how to seal The Veil, nor how it might have opened in the first place.

Harry searched book after book with Neville and Luna assisting, wishing intently that Hermione was there with them. However, no other book Dumbledore had told him how to seal The Veil nor how to push the demons back into the void they came from. Getting frustrated, Harry decided to go to St. Mungo's to visit Hermione, hoping that by being close to her would help him get some insight on how to truly defeat the demons. However, when he got there, daemons were tearing the hospital apart.

Harry fought his way into the hospital, and when he got to where Hermione was being held, what he saw literally sickened him. Hermione, what looked like a pale imitation of Hermione, was standing over the healers who were trying to pull the others away from her using protection spells to do whatever it took to get them out safely. Harry almost froze in disbelief, as Hermione stood at least eight feet tall, with half of her body the shape of the daemons, with claws for feet, a large thick black tail, and sharp metal like eyes staring at a fearful Ron on the floor looking up at her with sheer terror on his face. Harry froze in place at seeing this grotesque version of his best friend towering over him, his wand pointed directly at her, but unwilling to attack her. Hermione looked at Harry and smiled menacingly at him before hissing a loud screech and disappeared with a loud pop. A stunned and shocked Harry went to check on Ron after staring at the spot where Hermione had stood, and as he looked at a stunned Ron, Harry noticed that his red-haired friend looked like he had his life sucked out of him. After he helped Ron to his feet after a long few moments, Ron grabbed his friend by his collar and tearfully cried to him. He then admitted a long dark secret; Hermione had fallen in love with Harry long before she choose Ron, and had written a letter to Harry back when they were in their third year at Hogwarts. Ron had somehow gotten to this letter and hid it from Harry, and had convinced Hermione that Harry just wanted to be friends with her, thus paving Ron's way for him and Hermione to be together. What made this worse was that Ron knew how Harry really felt about Hermione, and during the second year when she had been petrified by the basilisk, Harry had told Ron that he had strong feelings for her. After a crying Ron handed Harry the old letter from her, Harry had become so overwhelmed with rage that he punched Ron over and over, pummeling his friend back to the floor below. When Harry had finally stopped hitting him, he asked angrily why he admitted this now, and Ron had told him that Hermione was gone now, and it was all Harry's fault.

This shocked Harry to the point where he let go of Ron, and Ron threw a vicious right uppercut to Harry's jaw, which took Harry off of Ron and causing him to fall next to the redhead. Ron, with his face red with anger, got on top of Harry and started wailing on him, blooding his friend and constantly telling Harry that he was to blame for everyone that died at the hands of Voldemort, his Death Eaters, and now these daemons. Ron called out every name that died over the years, from Sirius Black all the way to Hermione, and each name Ron called out took the life out of Harry. When Ron was finished calling out names, he stopped punching Harry and stood up nearly on top of him. Ron then told Harry that he never wanted to see him again, and that whatever friendship they had was over. Ron took off after that leaving Harry laying there a bloody mess.

Months later, after losing more friends to the daemons, Harry had made a decision to leave for a while until he had a way to seal the Veil and defeat the daemons, including their queen, Hermione. Many of the wizards and witches had begged Harry not to leave, including Neville, Luna, and Ginny, who after learning about what her brother Ron had done, broke off nearly all contact with her brother. However, Harry wasn't leaving because of losing two of his best friends, even though he was heartbroken and filled with despair over it. While searching through Dumbledore's books, he discovered a druid race of elves living far north in a Nordic valley completely hidden from the entire world, including the wizarding world. According to these books, these druid elves were very ancient coming from a time before wizards and witches even existed. A warrior race by far, they are known to depend on magic as much as they depended on breathing, and their fighting abilities were said to be better than knights and samurai combined. However, Harry had read that the only way they were rejoin the world was to follow a leader who was 'Chosen' to defeat the evil from this world and the next. There were also cryptic messages by Dumbledore in the books revealing a possible location for the druid elves, which left clues for where Harry to look and why Harry had to go alone. What surprised Harry most of all was a letter Dumbledore had left for him in the very last book he had read about them:

To Harry James Potter,

If you are reading this, then I am long dead, and the need is dire enough for you to seek out the druid elves. First Harry, allow me to say that I never wanted you to be put into such a position with Voldemort, nor did I ever want you to risk your life fighting him. Like many children that have come into my care as Headmaster of Hogwarts, all I ever wanted for you was to have a normal childhood within the walls of this school. However, I'm afraid fate played a hand all those years ago when Sybill Trelawney made that prophecy that set all of our fates in motion. Now, I'm afraid that fate is forcing your hand once again.

As you are reading this, there is a lot for me to tell you, even if there is a possibility that you might have figured this out. The first is that you are the direct heir of not one family, but many of the most ancient families in the wizarding world. I'm sure you already know that you are a descendant of the Blacks because of what Sirius revealed in his will to you, and the Peverells as if my plan did truly work, then you have figured that your cloak of invisibility has been passed from father to son since the time of your direct ancestor, Ignotus Perevell. However, with thanks to the goblins of Gringotts and their king, Rognock, I have discovered that you are a direct descendent of all four founders of Hogwarts. I know that must be quite a surprise for you, especially after your ordeal in the second year, but considering the timeframe of all four of them, I can see it as it being possible. Now, I do have one last reveal to you about your linage, and that you are linked to Merlin, Morgan Le Fey, and Arthur Pendragon, which after you discovering your ancestry to the Peverells, is not that far of a stretch as the Peverell family were direct descendants of the three.

I'm sure that you are wondering why I am telling you this now, and why I had kept this from you for so long. As for the later, I could offer no other explanation other than that I cared too much for you to give you such overwhelming information at such a young age. Even Voldemort would have tried to use you based on this, and you did not deserve that to happen. As for why I am telling you this now, well, I can say that it's for several reasons. One is simply that I'm afraid that after this letter, I won't be able to help you anymore, and you deserve to know everything at this point, especially if you are thinking of seeking out the druid elves. The second of these reasons is that druid elves are very interested in one's ancestry, and considering your linage, they will be very interested in yours.

Now, as you have read, the druid elves currently live in a hidden village far north in a Nordic valley. Where, I do not know, as even I have not managed to discover their location during my lifetime. I do know that if you manage to find them, you will be tested in the most brutal way possible. They will be able to see into your mind and use whatever you have against you. However, if you passed this test, they will accept you and begin training you in their ways and unlock barriers in your magical core, thus giving you access to greater reserve of magic, which you will need for what they will give you. What they will give you, I cannot say, but I do believe it will be knowledge that any normal wizard has, including me, and powers not seen in our world in a very long time.

Before I say goodbye, Harry, I must make this very clear: you must seek the druid elves out alone. They are very protective of who they are and will only reveal themselves to those chosen by destiny. Bringing your friends with you will result in futility, and you will never find them with Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger as travel companions. I know that this journey for you will be long, and once you find them, the training you will undergo will take years, so you must have faith in your friends and allies to fight whatever it is that requires you to undertake this journey. I can only hope that you understand my actions over the years, and I want to say that which I had said to you after Sirius' death; that I never wanted this burden to be put on you as I care too much about you. I know this might sound corny coming from an old man, but if I ever had a son, I would want him to be like you.

Your Dear Friend,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

June 1. 1997

The decision to leave for Harry was a hard and difficult one, but after losing Hogwarts and Hogsmeade to the daemons, he knew that without help, there was no way to defeat these beasts. So, after saying goodbye to his friends and colleagues, he gathered enough food, equipment, and provisions he believed he needed to survive the long journey ahead of him. When he left, Harry hoped that Neville, Luna, and Ginny would be successful in hold the daemons back to get the training he needed to seal the Veil and stop the daemons once and for all. However, over the years that Harry was away many of his friends were killed by the daemons, most notably Neville, Luna, and Ginny. Ginny had died first, after discovering a daemon camp not far from the Burrows and the entire Weasley family fought them off. During that battle, Ron was surprised by the daemon queen Hermione and had acid sprayed all over his face and chest, slowly and painfully dying from what she had done. Ginny saw this and in uncontrollable anger, cast Fiendfyre around herself as she was surrounded by daemons, and told the rest of her family to get away. After losing both Ron and Ginny on that day, Molly Weasley became so full of despair over it that she ended up taking her own life a few weeks later.

Neville and Luna had died together, but not before doing several things beforehand. The first of which was getting the Muggle and the Wizarding Worlds to fight together. This included, which surprised Harry most of all, Draco Malfoy and Harry's cousin, Dudley Dursley joining forces in several battles and have having success in keeping the daemons at bay. They were both equally successful in setting up weapons distribution centers, so Muggles could quickly get hold of the necessary weapons to fight the daemons. Along with that, Luna and Professor McGonagall had petitioned the Muggle Prime Minister to open wards in hospitals to deal with the influx of wizards and witches being injured by the daemons. In the end, unfortunately, Neville and Luna lost their lives after buying McGonagall time to help young children escape after Hermione had found the secret location where they were being taught. Neville and Luna safely made sure the young wizards and witches were all safe before charging into the fray and eliminating as many daemons as they could before being impaled by their claws. That was almost two years before Harry had returned to turn the tide in the war.

When Harry finally returned, anyone who was still alive and knew Harry were completely shocked at the transformation he had taken since the last time they saw him. For starters, Harry stood nearly seven feet tall, towering over many wizards and witches who considered themselves to be tall. He was no longer wearing glasses, as his eyes looked like they were fogged in some kind of haze. His hair was now white, with black strands barely visible to the naked eye, and it was long enough to be tied in a ponytail. Harry wore a large red-brown robe with emblems of every family he was connected to, including one many didn't recognize, as it was the symbol of the ancient dragon lords. What drew the most attention was the weapons that Harry now wielded; a sword and a staff. The sword had a gold blade with runes and other symbols carved onto it, and the hilt was made of bronze with leather sewed tightly around the grip, with two jewels on either end of it and a third right at the end of the base with a silver 'P' surrounding it. The staff looked like a larger version of Harry's holly wand, at least six feet long, polished and smooth to the touch, with anyone close to it feeling the raw magic that came from it. When used in combat, the sword could easily cut through the daemons' hard shell, eliminating them faster than goblin-made steel and magically modified ammunition, while the staff helped Harry summon the most powerful magic to destroy the daemons as well as create stronger protection shields to protect his allies. However, that was not Harry's only gifts, as he had several new abilities along with stronger magic. The most notable of this was that Harry could change into multiple animal forms at will, from a red-eyed black wolf to a phoenix, then a regal unicorn to an actual merman, and a peaceful snowy owl to a giant-sized Hungarian Horntail dragon. Harry had other forms he could change into, but for those he fought aside with, they only saw those forms. Harry also could seemingly command the elements at will, summoning tornados, earthquakes, typhoons, and controlled blazes and used them against the daemons, eradicating them in droves. What made Harry's return more special was that he came with the full force of the druid elves, who fought like one even those their numbers were in the hundreds. Hooded and cloaked, they had the ability to turn their clothing to fire, creating a type of shield against the daemons when they attacked, and the druid elves had special weapons and armor hand crafted over centuries that proved to be more effective than goblin made weapons against the monsters.

Unfortunately, even after Harry's return, the war still went on for over another year until the Wizarding and Muggle forces reclaimed nearly all of places that the daemons took in their initial push. Only Hogwarts remained, though the castle had been completely destroyed by the beasts; the Veil had expanded a hundred times, guarded by the original daemon that came out of it and the daemon queen herself, Hermione. When the final battle happened, Draco and Dudley took the lead of their respective armies and planned an all-out assault on the fallen school, hitting the daemons from two sides. However, the daemons at Hogwarts outnumbered both Draco's and Dudley's forces four-to-one, and while both Draco's and Dudley's forces gained a foothold onto the grounds, the daemons slowly surrounded them as soon as they did. What the beasts didn't know, though, was that they were a massive diversion for Harry and the druid elves as they were led by McGonagall through a newly formed passageway that she had created for emergencies that led straight to the Great Hall. She had the tunnel made shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts and only revealed the information to other professors to ensure secrecy of it. Unfortunately, the exit to it was directly under a trap door where the Headmaster sat during meal times, which was now underneath where the Veil now was. Fortunately though, the main daemon force was dealing with Draco's and Dudley's forces, so when Harry, McGonagall, and the druid elves came out of the secret passage, the original daemon and Hermione were taken by surprise and tried calling their main force back.

Harry didn't hesitate in going after the giant daemon, and while the druid elves separated it from Hermione, Harry made quick work of it, beheading it with his sword. Once it was dead, Harry turned his attention to Hermione, and even though he knew he had to kill her, he was very conflictive about it. The druid elves kept Hermione at bay however, giving Harry time to come around to her blind side and attack her. Hermione noticed it though, and spun around quickly, tossing several of Harry's allies to the side with ease. When Harry locked eyes on his former friend, he froze in half-swing with his sword, unwilling to take the life of his former friend. This gave Hermione an opening as she used her giant-sized metallic tail and swung it fully against Harry's chest. Harry fortunately noticed this and quickly rolled away from it, and when Hermione turned to face him again, this time he didn't hesitate. He impaled her in the chest with his sword, jumping half the distance between them as he did so. Hermione locked eyes with Harry and for a moment, she looked at him with deep love in her eyes before falling down to the ground below with Harry on top of her holding his sword deep into her daemon chest. With one final whisper to Harry, Hermione accepted her fate and closed her eyes, letting death finally take her. Harry pulled the sword out of his one true love of his life with tears in his eyes and stood up over her as the words she said to him echoed in his heart, "I have always loved you, Harry."

The druid elves gave Harry very little time to mourn for Hermione as they circled the Veil in several rows and began chanting their language while placing their palms up towards the rift before them. Harry nodded his understanding and after shrinking his sword to the size of a large knife and sheathing it, he removed his battle robe and pulled off his shirt revealing two distinct magical tattoos on his body. The first one was the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, which was located at the base of his neck at the top of his chest. The tattoo was etched in silver and was made to look like a necklace, with a golden string drawn across Harry's neck and it even swung across Harry's chest as he moved. The second tattoo was much more prominent as it covered all of Harry's back. The tattoo was a large vibrant tree with a phoenix circling the top of it. The tree was not just any tree, though, it was Yggdrasil, and the phoenix was a perfect representation of Fawkes as the druid elves believed that Fawkes was the last of his kind. There were other tattoos over Harry's body, but as he levitated himself into the air above the druid elves, those two tattoos were the only ones glowing.

Harry summoned his staff after that and as it flew into his hand, he began chanting in the same dialect as the druid elves, only louder and with a deeper voice. Professor McGonagall watched this with much curiosity as well as trepidation as strong winds began blowing all around and thunder roared loudly out of nowhere, causing her to try to seek some sort of shelter during that time. The Veil screamed and screeched loudly as if it was alive itself, and actually fought what Harry and the elves were trying to do by flashing lights and screeching sounds to try to distract them. Not only that though, as strings of light whipped out from the Veil and took out several of the elves surrounding it. However, it was all for naught as Harry using all the magic he could muster closed the Veil after several minutes of doing battle with it. As Harry slowly descended down where the Veil once was, Professor McGonagall, Draco, and Dudley who had his share of scars and bruises from the battle himself, joined Harry as the druid elves looked after the wounded. While he knew the war was finally over, all Harry could think of at that moment was Hermione and how much he had loved her.

Now, after a year of peace between Muggles and the Wizarding World, Harry had to marvel at how much things had changed. For Draco Malfoy, he was named the new Minister of Magic and had opened an official line of dialog between the Ministry and Parliament. He had also married Astoria Greengrass a few months ago and Harry had been the best man for Draco, which was a complete change in their relationship they had in Hogwarts. Dudley Dursley, who had at one time shared no interest in the Wizarding World, became an advocate for them to any Muggle who thought like his parents that wizards and witches were freaks. He ended up embracing the Wizarding World so much, that Harry noticed that Dudley and, of all people, Pansy Parkinson were spending a lot of time together these past few months. Professor McGonagall did her best to convince the Ministry to rebuild Hogwarts, with Harry backing her with every petition she made to them. It was only last month when Draco himself publicly signed the legislation approving the funds for the rebuilding. Professor McGonagall had insisted after that for Harry to take the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher once Hogwarts reopened, but Harry had long ago decided that it was time for him to leave.

Harry had made the decision to leave some time after the final battle had ended, and while he never revealed this to anyone, the only reason he had stayed was because he felt responsible for everything that occurred while he was gone. The druid elves had already returned to their home shortly after the war had ended and had welcomed Harry to return any time he saw fit. However, while Harry was honored to get the invitation, he knew that his place was no longer with them. For Harry, he knew that he was not part of their world, nor was he planning on staying within the Muggle World or the Wizarding World as well. There were several reasons Harry had for leaving, but the main one was that he simply felt like he didn't belong, especially after everything that happened. Harry had so much darkness and despair inside of him, seeing his friends and allies die over the years, first with Voldemort and his Death Eaters, then with the daemons. Harry had no plan as to where he was going to go yet, though, as he figured he would travel around the world for the next few years before settling down in some out-of-the-way place where no one knew who he was. He just came here to say goodbye to the one place he truly considered as home. Closing his eyes and shedding a few tears, Harry quietly said a prayer to all the people he lost, especially Hermione. As he mouthed Hermione's name, however, a pair of wet lips touched Harry's in a deep embrace.

A good part of Harry's brain accepted what was happening, even though he didn't know who was kissing him. After a moment though, his eyes opened and saw blonde-haired woman wearing a satin red dress kissing him bathed in a golden glow all around her body. Harry wasn't shocked at all that this strange woman was kissing him, as all he could think about as this woman was kissing him was that he was kissing Hermione. A few moments later, this blonde-haired woman broke off the kiss and floated away from him. She then smiled sweetly at Harry and said, "You truly did love her, Harry James Potter."

In that moment, Harry regained his senses and looked at this beautiful stunning woman who was floating several feet in the air in front of him. The woman looked to one side of Harry and then the other, and as Harry turned his head, he saw a brunette woman on his right, and a red-haired woman on his left. The brunette woman was wearing a green tunic with thigh high boots and a light brown hood. The red-haired woman had a gold helmet on her head and wore a pink dress covered by a silver chest plate and gold boots. Both women were bathed in the same glow as the woman in front of Harry, and they were smiling just as much as the blonde woman.

"We have been waiting for you to be ready, Harry James Potter," The red-haired woman said as she floated over to him. "I am Athena, goddess of war and wisdom. These are my sisters; Artemis, goddess of nature and birth, and of course Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty."

"The daemons you and your kind help defeat left a mark with us," The brunette, Artemis, stated, also floating over to him. "However, like us, the daemons can transcend both time and space. Because of this, we foresee an event where the daemons will return in greater numbers and overwhelm the entire world."

"I'm sorry, are you saying that all we've done is delay them?" Harry looked at all of them with shock clearly on his face. "So many have died already because of these monsters, and to tell the truth, I don't have it in me to have more friends die."

"No one is ever truly gone, Harry," Aphrodite said to him. "Your friends, the love of your life, even your mother can return to you if you truly desire it."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, confused by what Aphrodite had said.

"The daemons will return shortly after Voldemort's return during the Tri-Wizard Tournament," Artemis explained, confusing Harry more. "For us, and the daemons, time and space are just an illusion. We can exist in multiple timelines and different places just as easy as exiting one door and entering another."

"However, the daemons are not as intelligent as we are, and they are only ruled by their primal instincts," Athena continued. "So, we need to send you back to your younger self, so you can warn and prepare everyone for what is going to come."

"Why can't you stop them?" Harry asked, looking at all three of them. "And why choose me? Why does it always have to be me?"

The last question had a base of anger in it, but the three goddesses kept smiling at Harry. It was Athena who answered, however as she said, "We are fighting them, Harry, but your world is directly between our world and theirs. Your world and the people in it have a much greater chance to stop them, especially with you as their leader. As for why you, it is not because of fate, nor any sort of destiny. No, it is when the world you love is threatened and the people around you are beginning to lose hope, that is when people like you, Harry, chooses to take a stand and fight the darkness and evil of the world. It is people like you, Harry, that are the true definition of what a hero really is."

"If you accept this task, then we will send you back to your thirteen-year-old body," Artemis told him, frowning a bit. "Your powers will diminish somewhat as your younger body cannot contain the powers you now have. However, the knowledge inside of you will remain completely intact and be able to contact the people you need to fight the daemons."

"The moment after you go back, time itself will begin to change," Aphrodite said, still smiling. "You will see the people around you differently, and they will begin to see you differently as well. Finally, you will have to deal with Voldemort's horcrux that is inside of you as soon as possible, doing that will save one other from a torturous fate."

"What do you mean?' Harry said, looking puzzled at Aphrodite. Then a moment of realization hit him like a lightning bolt, as he remembered his mother's sacrifice to save him from Voldemort. "Are you talking about my mum?"

Aphrodite nodded, and explained, "When a piece of Voldemort's soul merged with you all those years ago, your mother's soul came with it, and until you were finally able to remove the horcrux inside of you, she had been fighting it as much as possible to keep it from overtaking you."

"To save her, you will need to find a way to capture Peter Pettigrew and save Sirius Black within the same night," Athena nodded, and glanced over at her sisters. "Now, for mortals like yourself, time travel is very difficult. So, when we send you back, there is no telling specifically when you will be placed."

"We do have a general idea, though, as we plan to send you back sometime during your third year at Hogwarts," Artemis told him. "You need to focus on a specific time, so we can send you there. It will still be very difficult for you as you will still be merging with your younger self."

Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath, preparing himself for what was about to happen. When he reopened them, Harry looked at Athena, and said, "Alright, I'm ready. What should I do when I get there?"

"Convince Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore of what happened," Athena answered, as she and her sisters began circling around Harry very fast. "He will trust you implicitly, so he will believe you, especially after he sees your memories."

The spinning the goddesses were doing began to get faster and Harry began to feel his mind and spirit being pulled in a thousand different directions. His eyesight got blurry and slowly started to darken, and the next few moments, all sense of where and when he was disappeared from him.

"Harry!" Hermione's voice rang in Harry's head. Harry heard it as a tiny mumble at first, with it echoing inside his pounding head as the darkness ebbed away. When the darkness receded, Harry found Hermione standing over him looking worried. Harry eyes were somewhat blurry, so Hermione handed him his glasses, and once he put them on, he saw a thirteen-year-old Hermione looking worried at him. Harry looked around as he noticed that he was in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts and couldn't help but to smile.

The goddesses had done it. He was back in his third year. He was back home.