The Rise of the One True Potter

Warning: Lemons

Chapter 6

(A Vampire, Devils, and Kinks Oh My! )

Late Evening-Hogwarts

"I don't think this is a good idea, Albus," Snape walked down the changing stairways following the headmaster of the school towards the second floor girls' bathroom. "I know that he requested this meeting, but goblins are notoriously tricky to deal with, and the goblin king is the worst of them all. It was bad enough that Potter gave him the remains of the basilisk, but now he wants to talk to you alone down in Slytherin's Chamber."

"I don't have much of a choice, Severus," Dumbledore said as they reached the second floor. "We'll need the goblins support to help us remove Voldemort's soul from those items, as well as helping us in the war to come."

Snape nodded at this, believing that Dumbledore was talking about the war against Voldemort and his army. However, while that was Dumbledore's primary focus, the headmaster had been thinking much about what Harry's memories, as it told him about a more devastating war. This war, which might very well destroy the Wizarding World, was being manipulated by gods and goddesses. Dumbledore was especially not happy having Artemis herself practically telling him this, but was glad enough knowing that the goddesses of the hunt was on their side. Unfortunately, Dumbledore believed that there were other forces at play other than these Greek Gods and these Daemons. That was why he sent Harry to Japan, hoping to get the monsters who wished peaceful coexistence with mankind on their side. Hopefully, Harry would also attract the attention of others as well, as Dumbledore believed that if they were going to battle Daemons, it might be a good idea to have devils on their side as well.

The bell chimed ten times indicating the hour, and after it ended, Dumbledore turned to face Snape and said, "I do believe that the exchange student from Japan has just arrived. Please meet the young man at Hogsmeade Station, would you Severus?"

"Very well, Albus, but I still don't see why we need a Muggle from Japan within these walls," Snape said, giving the headmaster a slight nod before he turned and walked back to the stairs. "I'll have this boy ready in your office by the time your meeting is over."

Dumbledore nodded his head and began heading to the girls' bathroom. Although, after a year since Harry found the Chamber of Secrets, the room had been closed off to all but teachers and Ministry officials. Of course, Moaning Myrtle was still haunting the bathroom, as not even the Bloody Baron could keep her out. Thankfully, one of the goblins recently found a secret pathway of stairs behind one of the toilets that led to the main entrance to Slytherin's chamber. Dumbledore walked down the long winding stairs until he came to the dark, dank cavern that was just outside the chamber. Dumbledore looked over to his left and saw two groups of goblins, one group that was clearing out the rubble from the cave-in from last year, while the other was busy harvesting the snake skin that the basilisk shed. Dumbledore turned to his right and entered through the open portal that led into the chamber, where the goblin king stood facing the slowly decaying corpse of the basilisk.

"Good evening, Albus," Ragnarok said without turning his gaze away from the giant snake. "It was a magnificent creature, wasn't it?"

"Indeed she was, your majesty," Dumbledore closed the thick metal door, leaving only a crack as to not shut it completely. "Of course, I hope you realize that young Harry's actions last year were necessary. Especially considering Voldemort's involvement."

Ragnarok smiled and chuckled as he turned to face the headmaster. "It is beneficial that he did kill the beast, and you yourself had a hand in it, did you not?" Ragnarok asked him. "After all, it was your phoenix that blinded the basilisk, but not before delivering the Sorting Hat to Lord Potter, which the sword of Godric Gryffindor was magically hidden inside of it. However, I'm not angry that this beast is dead, as I can now have it harvested to suit our needs. Now, as it comes to Lord Potter, there are some things that I need to discuss with you."

"I will do my best to answer whatever problems you have with Harry Potter," Dumbledore said in a calming voice.

"Well, let's start with how Lord Potter knew about his lordships, as I don't think you told him about any of them," Ragnarok took a step closer towards Dumbledore and said. "Before you try to tell me different, let me tell you that a lesser goblin could have smelled the immense power Lord Potter exudes, so I think I have a pretty good idea as for how he knew about his lordship's."

"I know better than to try to lie to you, King Ragnarok," Dumbledore sighed, then closed the distance between them. "There are parts about Harry that I feel that I should not reveal to you, as they belong to Harry, and only Harry should reveal them if he so wishes. However, I will not insult you by withholding this information: Harry Potter is from the future."

Ragnarok chuckled as he nodded. "I did suspect as much," The goblin king said. "That would explain his knowledge about Voldemort's horcruxes, as we had always suspected that he made several. This however angers me somewhat, as both you and Lord Potter knew that one such item was housed inside Gringotts; inside of Bellatrix Black's vault itself. How, please tell me why you choose to withhold this from me."

"Your goblins are loyal to you, King Ragnarok, so loyal that they will gladly die to keep any secret you wish them to keep," Dumbledore answered almost matter-of-factly. "However, the witches and wizards you employ have loyalties that you cannot control, and while they are loyal to you, they would not hesitate to reveal any information to anyone if they do desire. While I admit that those chances are slim, as these witches and wizards know the penalty for betraying you, it's a chance I thought it was best to not take."

Ragnarok looked directly into Dumbledore's eyes, frowning intently as he searched to see if the headmaster was lying. After a long period of silence, Ragnarok sighed and nodded his understanding, saying, "How many of Voldemort's horcruxes have you acquired?"

Dumbledore pulled out a medium-sized brown pouch from under his robes and opened it. He then pulled out each horcrux and showed them to Ragnarok while explaining what they were. "The cup of Helga Hufflepuff, the very item that was inside Bellatrix's vault. I believe Voldemort may have obtained this after he began working at Borgins and Burkes, and murdered one of Hufflepuff's last descendants to obtain it. The diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, which was hidden inside the Room of Requirement, which is inside Hogwarts itself, practically right under my very nose. I suspect that Voldemort got the diadem from the Room of Requirement when he was a student here, but he returned it right after I became headmaster. The next horcrux resides in this locket, which belonged to Voldemort's mother. The last possessor of the locket was the Black House-elf Kreacher, who tried to destroy it on orders of one of his dead masters. The next idea is a ring that belonged to Voldemort's grandfather, which I'm sure you will recognize as the gem inside of it as the fabled Resurrection Stone. Found a nasty trap on the ring, a withering curse, removed of course. Finally, there is the diary that Harry destroyed last year in this very chamber."

"Curious, why do you still have the diary? Voldemort's soul was destroyed inside of it," Ragnarok looked at Dumbledore closely. "The diary has no use for us other than for kindling, unless there is a purpose that I don't see."

"A hope, perhaps a slim one," Dumbledore sighed. "While Voldemort's soul was destroyed, there might be a chance that there are pieces of his knowledge still residing in the diary. If there is a chance, I want to preserve that knowledge into another vessel, a living vessel."

"Interesting, I assume you mean to do this for all of the horcruxes?" Ragnarok said, very curious as to what Dumbledore suggested. "I will have to do some research to see if it is possible, but I cannot give you any guarantee if it is possible. I take it that you have someone in mind for the vessel."

"Yes, but for now, I would rather wait until you see if it is possible before you meet the individual," Dumbledore said as he handed Ragnarok the pouch. "For now, we need to focus more on destroying the horcruxes without damaging the vessels that contain them. That will include both Harry and Nagini, once we find her, that is."

Both Ragnarok and Dumbledore exchanged their goodbyes, agreeing to meet again when Harry returns back from Japan. Dumbledore then left the chamber and made his long way back to his office. While he walked up the long stairs back to the second floor girls bathroom, Dumbledore couldn't help but to think about how much things had changed since Harry had time traveled from the future. Harry had definitely had an impact that was very much needed, but Dumbledore couldn't help but wonder if this meant something worse was bound to happen. Dumbledore knew that the Daemons were going to be a direct threat, after Voldemort that is, but he had a bad feeling that there was something far worse after they dealt with both Voldemort and the Daemons. He wasn't sure what, but he knew that with Harry's power growing, it was only a matter of time before they revealed themselves.

Dumbledore continued to muse about this as he left the girls bathroom and made his way back to his office. After a short while, he arrived at the entrance and noticed that Snape had returned back from Hogsmeade with a fifteen-year-old Asian boy standing to his right. The boy was Tsukune Aono, and he was dressed in a green jacket, white shirt, black tie, and black slacks, the uniform of Yokai Academy. Dumbledore was informed about this boy from Mikogami, the headmaster for the monster school, and from what he learned, Dumbledore knew that Tsukune Aono was just the person he needed for his plan.

Dumbledore smiled and nodded at the young man, and then waved his hand in front of the large phoenix statue, which then turned counter-clockwise to reveal a circular staircase that led to the headmaster's office. Dumbledore led both Snape and Tsukune up to his office and once they entered, Dumbledore turned to the young Japanese man and solemnly bowed to him.

"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Dumbledore said to Tsukune after he raised his head back up. Tsukune returned the bow, a look of complete confusion on his face as he wondered why he was there. "My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I am the headmaster of this school. Now I know you have a lot of questions about why you are here, as well as why I waited until now to tell you this. Well, as for why I waited until we were in my office is because I have temporarily created a magical barrier that allows us to understand each other. Basically, while I am speaking English, you are hearing Japanese, and when you speak, you will speak Japanese, but I will hear you speaking English. Does that make sense, Mr. Aono?"

"No sir, it doesn't make sense," Tsukune answered, bewildered by half the things that he saw in the room, from pictures hanging on the walls that had people actually moving in them, to a red-feathered strange bird that was eyeing them calmly. "First, I have absolutely no idea how I got here. The last thing I remember was that I had been told by Headmaster Mikogami that I was going to be part of a student exchange and I was going to Scotland for a month. Then, after I board the bus to leave, I somehow pass out and wake up on a train moving towards a strange town. Next is the fact that I'm not a good student, as before I had been accepted to Yokai Academy, my admission scores were not good enough to get me into any other secondary schools. So, I don't know why I was chosen to be a part in this student exchange. Finally, I had only just begun going to Yokai Academy, so I am alarmed that I was sent here right after that."

"Well, I was hoping that you were already aware of this, but by the way you're talking, I can see that you are not," Dumbledore sighed regrettably. "Yokai Academy is not an ordinary secondary school. It is in fact a monster school that teaches their students how to coexist with the human race. Those monsters wish nothing but peace with humans, but their natural appearances would scare most humans, if not hate them out right. So, they have to hide who they are when they are close to humans, and Yokai Academy teaches them how to best blend in."

Dumbledore walked over to his desk and took his seat behind it, motioning Tsukune to come over. After Tsukane walked over to the desk, Dumbledore continued to explain. "Now, you were admitted to Yokai Academy as an experiment to see if the students there can coexist with a human student. The headmaster occasionally does this to see how monsters and humans would react. Of course, the teachers there are somewhat aware of this, but they have no knowledge of who the student is. However, Mikogami didn't choose you at random, as he looks for humans that meet certain special traits he sees. For you, Mikogami was very interested about your ancestry, as it might be a chance that one of your forefathers might have been either a monster from their world, or what I believe is far more likely a witch or wizard from our world. If the latter is true, then that would qualify you as a Squib, a person who has magical ancestry, but lacks any magical ability themselves. This allows you to see and hear things that normal humans would not be able to.

"However, Mikogami was planning on using you to help defeat a great evil known as Alucard," Dumbledore waited a moment before continuing, allowing this bit of information to sink in. "This demon is prophesied to reawaken soon, and without a miracle, he will terrorize and destroy the world itself. You were what Mikogami was hoping for when it came to defeating Alucard. How he planned to use you, I cannot say, as he tends not to reveal his plans. Fortunately, I was able to send a very capable young wizard who might be better suited in dealing with Alucard. As for you, Mr, Aono, I will be directly teaching you about the magical world and more specifically about one of the darkest wizards in history."

Tsukune looked at Dumbledore curiously. "Why? I mean, I have no magical abilities that I know of, so why must I learn anything about this world if I'm not truly a part of it."

Dumbledore shook his head and chuckled. "That will be something you will learn in time, Mr. Aono. For now, I think you need tonight to take all of this in. Professor Snape will show you to your room, which used to be an old classroom, but has been modified to fit your culture. You will find everything that a normal room for a Japanese student, including some human items that would not normally be allowed in our world. Tomorrow, I will personally take you on a tour of the school grounds before beginning your education. Also, I have taken the initiative and had some food placed in your room that might relax you as you adjust to your surroundings. Until then, Mr. Aono, I bid you good night."

Tsukune wanted to ask something else, but at that moment, Snape stepped in front of him and gave the young man a stern look. Snape then pointed to the door, indicating that it was time for him to leave. Tsukune frowned but nodded his understanding, bowing towards Dumbledore before he and Snape left the headmaster's office. After they left, Dumbledore thought about Harry and the task he had to deal with, for if they were going to succeed in the upcoming war, the Wizarding World would need the support of the monster world as well. Not just them, however, as Dumbledore also had another goal in mind, thanks to the reveal that Harry had defeated Artemis in single combat. That type of feat would definitely draw the attention of other worldly beings, and if they hadn't heard of it yet, the sheer power the Harry was emanating would definitely draw their attention. After all, sometimes you needed the help of angels to battle gods, and sometimes you needed to make a deal with the devils to defeat them.

In particular, Dumbledore was hoping that House Gremory would seek out Harry Potter.

Yokai Academy

"This is extraordinary!" Mikogami said as he stood at the top of the steps that led to one of the entrances to the school. He had been watching the battle between Moka Akashiya and Harry Potter for just a few minutes, but from the damage of the grounds that they were causing, Mikogami was more than impressed by what he was watching. However, as he stood there, three portals began to appear around him. The first one, which was purple, was a circular energy field etched with the symbols of House Leviathan, appeared on Mikogami's right. The next portal, which was orange, was etched with the symbols of House Phoenix, appeared directly in front of him on the second level separating two stairways. The final one was red, and etched in the symbols of House Lucifer, appeared on Mikogami's left. This caused the headmaster of the school to frown, as he knew that this meant the arrival of three groups of high-ranking devils were seconds away from appearing. Sure enough, as the energy from each portal dissipated, two individuals appeared in each positioned circle, five of them female with the last one male.

The man stood just slightly taller than Mikogami, with blonde hair and blue eyes, clothed in golden garments and had the cockiest smile that Mikogami ever saw. Standing next to him was a younger girl, standing about half a foot shorter than the young man, with blonde hair tied up into two long, thick pigtails tied with blue ribbons, blue eyes and dressed in a gold dress. Even though these two were directly behind Mikogami, he already knew that these two were Riser and Ravel Phenex.

The two females that were standing on Mikogami's right were both brunette, with brown eyes, and they were both dressed in a white short-sleeve buttoned shirt, black skirts and they both wore glasses. However, One girl had her hair cut short much like a boy's haircut, while the other had her hair long, about shoulder length. These two were Sona Sitri and her queen Tsubaki Shinra, obviously here under the orders of Sona's sister, Serafall Leviathan.

The final two girls, who stood on Mikogami's left, were very interested in the battle taking place. The female closest to the headmaster had long black hair with the longest part of it tied up in a ponytail with an orange ribbon that led close to her feet, violet eyes, and dressed in the same manner as Sona and Tsubaki. This was Akeno Himejima, the Queen of Rias Gremory, and while she is a reincarnated devil, she was formerly a half human, half fallen angel as her mother was a priestess before her death, while Akeno's father was the fallen angel Baraqiel.

However, that said nothing of her compatriot, whose crimson red hair and blue eyes would give her away if Mikogami did not know that this woman was Rias Gremory. The sister to Sirzechs Lucifer, Rias was known throughout the upper echelons of the monster world how powerful she was. She wore the same clothes as Akeno, which told Mikogami that they went to the same school. Her posture was confident, although did not show any superiority towards Mikogami, who thought that the pure-blooded devils believed that they were far superior to the highest class of monster. Thankfully, it was Rias who first addressed Mikogami, first by respectfully bowing towards the Headmaster of the monster school.

"On behalf of my brother, Sirzechs Lucifer, and the entire House of Gremory, we apologise for intruding upon your school," Rias said after she lifted her head. Akeno followed Rias by bowing respectfully to Mikogami, as did Sona and Tsubaki. Ravel did as well but Riser just looked at Mikogami with a cocky smile. Rias noticed this and shot Riser an angry glare before continuing talking to Mikogami. "The reason we are here is because we sensed the presence of an extremely powerful Sacred Gear, and we need to assess how powerful this individual is, and to see if this person is either an ally or a threat."

"Ah, then look upon the battle before you, Lady Gremory," Mikogami sighed in a relaxing manner, thankful that the devils were not looking for a confrontation. "The one with the Sacred Gear is Harry Potter, a young wizard from England sent to Yokai Academy to learn about us and to negotiate a possible alliance with the Wizarding World."

"Why? They haven't dealt with your kind in over two millennia," Sona said looking close at the armored individual fighting a silver-haired female. "Who's the girl?"

"She's Moka Akashiya, a full-blooded vampire, the most powerful monster here at our school, but I wouldn't say that to my teachers and students," Mikogami said with a slight chuckle. "However, as powerful as Miss Akashiya is, I do wonder how she will continue to fair against Mr. Potter, because even I can sense the amount of power emanating from the young man, and Miss Akashiya can't even compare to it."

A hundred feet away, the silver-haired Moka Akashiya was beginning to realize this fact. Harry Potter had been deflecting all of her offence, with each blow that landed on Harry's red armor erupting a powerful blast of wind that toppled trees and destroyed the surrounding area. What was surprising to her was that Harry wasn't attacking back. The only moves he did were defensive and not trying to do harm. Moka's clothes were becoming more torn with every punch and kick she landed, but Harry's armor had surprisingly stayed in place, with Harry dodging and blocking as much as he could. Moka was breathing heavily at this point, but she had hoped that Harry was getting tired.

However, that wasn't the case, as Harry was carefully conserving his energy to see how powerful this Moka was. Not that he was anywhere near depleting his energy. As a matter of fact, after the initial flurry of moves from Moka, Harry noticed that her offense was that her fighting depended on defeating her enemies quickly, as after a few minutes her punches and kicks were less powerful than the ones before. There was also the fact that her clothes were becoming more torn with every blow she landed. Moka's green jacket was nearly gone, with scraps of it still hanging off of her shoulders. Her long white socks had been torn down to her shoes, and her skirt was ripped in several revealing places, showing her purple silk panties. Her chest was almost completely exposed, with her purple bra still covering her large breasts, which impressed Harry as to how durable they were. This awakened Harry's animalistic lust and his dragon fully becoming erect.

'Damn! He's tougher than I thought,' Moka thought, circling the Sacred Dragon Armor that protected Harry. 'He's definitely a worthy adversary. He's almost toying with me though, and that I cannot allow. My clothes won't stand another assault if I go after him with that armor still up, so I need him to take it down himself.'

Moka stopped with her back towards the forest and smiled at the wizard. "That Sacred Gear is impressive, young wizard," Moka said, waiting patiently for her opening. "However, I don't want to fight a boy who cowers behind an impenetrable armor,.I want to fight a man who is not afraid to fight me and prove their worth to earn their place in my presence. After all, only the most worthy deserve to see me in all of my glory."

To prove her point, Moka thrusted her hips towards him, showing a bit of a wet spot that Harry could see even from a distance. Harry smiled at this and nodded, knowing that Moka wanted to see what Harry could really do. That, and because Big Red had been angrily muttering to Harry to finish this fight, as he was angry that one of his gems had been cracked by this vampire. So, Harry slowly dissolved his armor, carefully keeping his eyes locked on Moka. However, as soon as Harry's armor was gone, Moka was taken completely by surprise, as Harry flew at her in an instant, tackling her hard in her midsection and throwing them both into the forest.

Moka gasped in pain as she felt the initial thrust of Harry's shoulder impact her stomach, and as they flew through the forest, Moka felt her back impact the ground hard after about fifty or so feet. The force of the impact created a huge ditch of sorts through the forest, about twenty feet or so, with Moka's body being used to impale much of the ground. When they finally stopped, Moka felt Harry's full weight on top of her, and while she could easily pick him up and throw him off of her. However, Moka also felt Harry's tremendous strength holding her down, as well as something large poking against her purple panties. Knowing what it was and what might happen next if she allowed it, Moka struggled to get her right hand free and immediately nailed Harry on his chin with a powerful right hook. Harry grunted as he flew off of the silver-haired vampire and crashed through a thick tree and crashed into the branches of another from the impact.

"Merlin, I didn't see that one coming." Harry smiled painfully as he rubbed his swollen chin, blood now seeping out of the edges of his mouth. However, he didn't have any time to recover, as an instant later, Moka had leaped high into the air and positioned herself to land a right kick straight into Harry's midsection.

"I admit that you were a challenge, Harry Potter," Moka said as she hovered in the air before trying to nail him with her kick. "But it's time for you to Know Your Pl- eep."

In that very moment, Harry had leaped from the tree he had crashed into and grabbed the extended right leg of Moka's. As Harry did, he pressed his face into hers, stealing a kiss from the pure-blooded vampire beauty. As he did, a drop of his blood flew into Moka's mouth and down her throat. As Moka tasted the blood of the young wizard, she felt a tremendous flow of energy come into her body, re-energizing her as well as awakening her own lustful nature.

However, after Harry broke the embrace, both he and Moka were in a freefall heading directly for a cliffside just outside the edge of the forest. Harry held onto Moka as they fell, repositioning them with Moka on the bottom, so when they crashed, the vampire's body impacted the ground causing a huge crater into the ground. The impact pretty much destroyed the rest of the vampire's clothes, leaving only her purple bra and panties on her body. Harry jumped up off of Moka and was about to admire his work, but Moka was looking at Harry with intensity and with something else she couldn't deny; lust.

'No one has taken me this far before,' Moka thought, her red eyes focused on the boy towering over her, or more specifically, focusing on the lower section of the boy. 'I'm not done yet, young dragon. I'll show you what it means to deal with a pure-blooded vampire!'

Moka leaped up instantly, showing her amazing vampire abilities as she was on her back, and tackled Harry just under his arms. Harry gasped in shock as Moka lifted them into the air, with Moka flipping them around so she would be on top when they fell. Harry tried to get a hold of Moka's body, but the silver-haired vampire had her hands on the top of Harry's pants. Harry also noticed that Moka had flipped herself around to where her crotch was just inches away from his face. Harry was so shocked by this he was no longer concerned with trying to get control of the fall, and as his body impacted into the crater, Harry felt Moka rip off the top portion of his pants. Harry groaned in pain as his body caused the crater to enlarge, but he wasn't thinking about that at all. He was thinking about Moka holding his dragon in both of her hands.

'This is unbelievable,' Moka thought, feeling the twelve inch red cock in her hands. 'No ordinary human could have a cock like this. Harry Potter must be extraordinary to wield such a massive tool. There's a myth about legendary humans who had dragon blood in there veins, who could master such beasts to do their will. These people were known as the Drakons, true alphas among even the mightiest of monsters. They were thought to be long extinct, but it appears that this one is one of the last descendants of that race.'

As Moka was thinking this, she began to unconsciously stroke Harry's dragon, with one hand moving up while the other one moving down. Harry moaned lustfully, grabbing the silver-haired vampire's tight ass and tried to tear off her purple panties. As he was trying, four individuals had appeared hovering about fifty feet over the crater. Flapping their devil wings, Rias, Akeno, Sona, and Tsubaki were watching over them wondering what was going on. They would soon find out, as while Moka was stroking Harry's dragon, a drop of precum had emerged from the tip and fell onto one of Moka's fingers.

'Curious,' Moka thought as she lifted said finger to her face, while the other hand was jerking his cock faster. She placed the finger into her mouth, tasting Harry's juice for the first time. As she did, an electric jolt rocked her body, causing her to orgasm almost immediately. Moka's eyes went wide as her body convulsed on top of Harry as he lapped up her orgasmic juices from her pussy. After her orgasm subsided, Moka could no longer deny or hide the rising lust that was inside of her, and she had one final thought before she took Harry's dragon into her mouth and throat, 'I want more.'

Moka was furiously sucking Harry's cock, trying to get more of his sperm in her mouth. While she was doing this, Harry had successfully ripped off Moka's panties having transformed his right hand into dragon claws to tear them off the vampire's body. Rias, who was floating overhead, gasped softly as she and her fellow devils watched with fascination at the scene underneath them. Fortunately, both Moka and Harry had not noticed this as they were busy doing their thing.

"I must admit that I didn't see this coming," Sona said as she watched Moka continuing her blowjob while Harry began fingering and tonguing the vampire's pussy. Sona's eyes were locked on the dragon cock Moka was sucking, with the short-handed brunette rubbing her legs against each other. "He's truly a magnificent specimen."

"I agree, Sona," Rias nodded, trying to hide the fact that she was breathing heavily. There was no question that both high-ranking devils were incredibly aroused by the scene below them. However, both Rias and Sona kept their composure while they witnessed the scene below them.

Below the devils, Moka had taken off her bra and wrapped it loosely around the base of Harry's cock and around his balls, as if she was declaring ownership over Harry's dragon. Moka then positioned her large breasts around Harry's red, scaly shaft and squeezed her tits tightly against it, rubbing it erotically causing the boy wizard to moan into Moka's pussy. It was clear to Harry that Moka was doing whatever it took to get Harry to cum; showing more skill than Harry guessed that Moka would have. However, he wasn't about to give in to the vampire's expert blowjob, using one of his claws like a small cock, fucking her pussy relentlessly while he used his tongue to stimulate her clit. The way they were both going, it was hard to see who would cum first.

'He' s incredible!' Moka thought as she tried to quicken her pace, bobbing her head faster and harder than before. She was also trying to hold back her own approaching orgasm, feeling absolute pleasure from Harry's technique. 'I can't lose to him, though, no matter how good his claw and tongue feels. After all, I am Moka Akashiya, a S class monster and a pure-blooded vampire. My skills are better than this puny human, and I will have him cum long before he can make me- OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING!'

Moka had been completely lost in thought until Harry had inserted another claw into her pussy and softly bit her clit, the latter sending another electric jolt through her body. Her orgasmic juices flow out of her pussy like a river and Harry was glad to lap it all up. Harry was close to cumming himself, and after he drank up Moka's cum, he felt the vampire's renewed effort of getting him to do just that. Her skill with her mouth, tongue, and large tits proved unyielding as his dragon grew to fifteen inches and began to vibrate in her mouth. With a ferocious growl, Harry flipped their bodies over to put Moka on her back and shot his large amount of sperm straight down her throat.

Moka's eyes widened in shock at the fact that this wizard had managed to cum inside her mouth. She was also shocked at how much sperm Harry was shooting into her throat, and how willing she actually was to let it happen. After it was over, Moka had another electric orgasm just from drinking the massive amount of Harry's sperm, one that would leave her limp from what was to come.

Harry slowly pulled his still hard erection slowly out of Moka's mouth and stood just inches above the silver-haired vampire's head. Harry had almost given in to his animalistic nature as he stroked his twelve-inch dragon eyeing Moka's wet pussy. By the time Moka had somewhat recovered to realize what was about to happen, it was far too late.

Harry grabbed Moka by her long silver hair and with little effort, lifted her entire body and threw her out of the crevice. Harry leaped up after her, with the vampire landing just inches from a fallen tree. Moka was breathing heavily, grabbing the bark of the tree. Unfortunately for her, this gave Harry a perfect view of the vampire's pussy. Without warning, and as soon as she had her feet planted on the ground with her ass sticking out, Harry went over to her quickly and inserted his twelve-inch dragon into Moka's virgin pussy.

"AAAHHH!" Moka screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt Harry's cock insert itself into her unprotected vagina. Never before had someone dared to fuck her like this, as no one had even come close to defeating her in battle. However, she could no longer deny that this boy, no, this man, had defeated her and was going to be fucked by him. There was also the sudden realization that she wanted to be fucked by Harry Potter.

Harry had to move slowly, thrusting his dragon straight into Moka's wet but tight pussy, After drilling past the vampire's hymen, Harry spread apart Moka's pussy walls to fit his massive erection, but it did take some effort to move at the speed he wanted to. Fortunately, Harry's dragon was giving Moka immense pleasure and she was soon loosening up for Harry to truly fuck her. By that time, the four devils that had been watching overhead had floated down to the ground to watch the lust-filled action.

Moka wasn't paying any attention to the four devils that were watching this, nor did care at this point. At that point, Moka's lust had completely overridden the rest of her senses, and her body had completely given up to the powerful dragon lord. As she was approaching an intense orgasm, the pure-blooded vampire couldn't help but to scream out, "FUCK ME MAS-, OH DRAGON LORD!"

Harry nor the devil ladies could not deny what Moka had nearly shouted out. Harry smiled lustfully as he grabbed Moka's silver hair with both of his hands, well on hand and one dragon paw, and fucked her through her orgasm. Rias, Sona, Akeno, and Tsubaki all gasped loudly, no longer concerned about being noticed at this point, as they had all become entranced by watching the scene before them, with both Rias and Sona both breathing heavily and shaking their knees.

However, as Harry was fucking Moka to another electrifying orgasm, another four individuals were approaching the scene. One of them was of course Tonks, as it had been a while since she had her eyes on Harry. Right behind her was Mordred, who at first had a frown that matched Tonks', but as soon as they both saw that Harry had things well in hand, they smiled and began to strip off their clothes, not caring about the other two in their group.

When Harry saw that the two walking behind his protectors were frowning, he did not care, mostly because he busy fucking the vampire in front of , as Harry was inching towards his own orgasm, he couldn't help but notice that both individuals were frowning, with the older male crossing his arms, and the younger female looking somewhat bewildered and confused by what she was watching. These two were Riser and Revel Phoenix, although Harry wasn't all that concerned with who they were.

"My my, are you trying to keep Harry all to yourself, Moka?" Tonks asked with a teasing laugh, climbing on top of the fallen tree and positioning herself to look at the scene better. She was also hoping that if she got close enough, Moka might be willing to eat her pussy, but Moka was only thinking of her own pleasure at that moment.

"You should ease up a bit, my lord," Mordred said, rubbing her breasts against Harry's backside. "After all, she was a virgin before this, and even a vampire can't handle a dragon's stamina."

Harry wasn't listening at this point though, as he was fast approaching his own orgasm. Thankfully, the only sense Harry had in his brain at the moment told him that Moka wasn't fertile, so once his dragon grew to fifteen inches and began to vibrate, he knew it was safe to cum inside her. With a loud growl, Harry shoved his entire length into Moka's pussy and shot load after load into her. Moka screamed the loudest she had ever screamed, cumming hard as Harry poured his seed into her pussy. When both Harry's and Moka's orgasms subsided, Moka collapsed against the fallen tree, with Harry's dragon still planted deep in her pussy.

Harry slowly pulled his dick out of Moka's pussy, holding the passed out vampire so she didn't fall onto the ground. "Pity, I was kind of hoping that she would have enough stamina to eat my pussy before she passed out to you," Tonks pouted as Harry heard Tonks as he gently laid Moka down on the ground, allowing the vampire to wake back up before they went another round.

"I was hoping she had more to offer, myself," Mordred commented, stroking Harry's exposed dragon after he stood back up. "I would love to see how I stack up against a pure-blooded vampire."

Harry chuckled a bit while Tonks leaped off the fallen tree and moved over to where Harry was. As she dropped to her knees and began licking Moka's juices off of Harry's dragon, Harry himself finally looked at the four females who had been watching with interest while ignoring the last two that arrived. "Well, are you going to introduce yourselves, or are you just going to stay and watch?"

All four ladies gasped at finally being noticed, but it was the man who had decided to answer, boldly leaping over the tree and landing just a few feet from Harry and the girls. "You certainly are a bold one, Human. I am Riser Phoenix, and while I can see that you are young, that doesn't excuse you from showing proper etiquette when addressing your superior."

"I'm sorry, but the ladies were here first," Harry glared at him, causing Mordred to stop holding Harry's dragon and take an attack stance against Riser. Tonks, who was still sucking Harry's cock, slowed down a bit in case she had to deal with the man who interrupted her master. Harry stayed relaxed though, smiling boldly at Riser, saying, "Besides, Devil, I am the last of the Drakons, or Dragon Lords, and one of the things dragon lords can do, besides ascertain who and what you are, is sense how powerful someone is, and calling yourself my superior is truly a bad joke."

"Are you trying to be funny, Human?" Riser took a step forward, placing his right hand towards Harry with his palm facing upward. Riser then clenched his hand into a fist and ignited it, his entire fist covered in orange flame. The girl who was just behind him, had leaped over the tree herself only to see Harry's dragon up close for the first time, blushed as she walked up to Riser. Riser immediately noticed this and looked over to her, saying, "You don't need to see this Ravel. Go back to the school while I deal with this disrespectful human."

The girl now known to Harry as Ravel nodded and was about to turn to leave, but before she did, the four female devils moved between Harry and Riser, with Akeno and Tsubaki facing Riser and Ravel, while Rias and Sona directly faced Harry.

"We apologize for interrupting you, Lord Potter," Rias bowed to Harry and said, with Sona following the gesture. "I am Rias Gremory, and this is Sona Sitri. We are high-level devils that are trying to rebuild our forces after the Great War, Riser, Sona, and I were ordered to come here after our respective leaders sensed the power of a Sacred Gear at this school. That Sacred Gear that you wield is very powerful, and we would like to have you as an ally."

Harry took a deep breath and nodded slowly, understanding the devils real purpose for being here. "I have no problem with an alliance with the devils, so long as you and your leaders understand that I or my associates do not wish to become devils," Harry said to them, eyeing both Rias and Sona appreciatively as he did. "However, my time right now is currently focused on training and gaining the support of the monster world before I return to Britain, but there might be time I can spare before I go home. If I do have time to spare, how can I best contact you?"

"The headmaster here will know how to get in touch with my sister, Serafall Leviathan," Sona said, who could have somewhat been mistaken for a female version of Harry. "She is the Head of House Leviathan, and one of Great Devil Kings. Serafall has a good relationship with other creatures of the world, just please be careful when dealing with her. She's a bit quirky to say the least."

Rias chuckled a bit at that, as did Akeno, leaving Harry somewhat curious as to what Sona was talking about concerning her sister. However, Riser angrily shoved Akeno and Tsubaki aside and literally marched in front of Harry. "I did not come here to be insulted by someone like you, Human," Riser almost shouted, glaring at Harry's face with anger. "If we ever face each other in a Rating Game, I promise that I will humiliate you badly."

Riser turned around and began walking away, convinced that he made his point to the human. Rias and Sona bowed to Harry, quietly apologizing for Riser's behavior before turning on their heels and following Riser. As all six devils were now in a group, Harry decided to show a glimpse of his power to Riser, with a slight accidental sneeze. As Harry sneezed, a small ball of dragon flame erupted from his mouth and flew in the direction of the devils. However, the flame Harry had created was not meant to do physical harm, but embarrass the cocky devil known as Riser Phoenix. Unfortunately, the female devils were too close to Riser so when Riser got hit with the force of Harry's flame, all six of them were thrown to the ground, with Rias and Sona collapsing together nearly falling on top of each other. Akeno and Tsubaki nearly fell on top of Ravel, both quickly noticing the true effect of Harry's flame as they covered the most revealing parts of their and Ravel's bodies. However, the only devil that hadn't noticed yet was Riser, as after he fell to the ground from Harry's flame, he immediately leaped back up to face the young wizard, unaware that his clothes were almost completely burned off of his body.

"You dare attack me, a high-ranking devil, in such a manner?" Riser shouted angrily at Harry. He was just about to ignite his right fist again, but at that point the blonde-haired devil had realized that he was very much buck naked in front of everyone. All of the female devils, who fortunately had most of their clothes burnt off of their bodies with the exception of their undergarments, all looked at Riser, looked at Riser's bare body, with Akeno chuckling at noticing that there wasn't anything special about Riser's lower parts. When Riser finally noticed, he quickly covered up his small crotch area and uttered a small whimper at being exposed like this. Riser then glared at Harry and shouted at the boy wizard, "You will pay for this act of disrespect, Human! I swear that the next time we meet, YOU WILL PAY!"

Riser then quickly ran into a denser part of the forest, disappearing from everyone's view. Harry couldn't help but to laugh a bit at watching the way Riser ran, with the male devil holding his hands over his crotch while he left everyone's line of sight. However, Harry noticed that after the female devils had got back to their feet, both Rias and Sona were looking at Harry with a frown, with all five of them holding their arms over their chests. Clearly, Harry had burned most of the female devils clothes off with only their undergarments remaining. Rias had a tiny red silk bra and matching g-string, with her servant Akeno wearing the same type, but with hers being black, with neither of them covering their privates very well. Sona and Tsubaki wore purple cotton bras and panties, both not revealing much to Harry. Ravel being the youngest and most inexperienced, wore simple white cotton undergarments, with very little to show Harry anything. Of course, that did not stop Harry smiling, appreciating the gorgeous view of all five female devils.

Now, while it was clear that most of the devils wore not happy with what Harry did, Akeno smiled though, swinging her hips as she approached Harry. "You certainly are a bold one, Harry Potter," Akeno chuckled, getting real close to Harry, to the point where her large breasts pressed against Harry's arm. "If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask."

"Akeno! Behave yourself." Rias almost snapped at her most trusted servant, pulling Akeno's arm forcing the girl to separate away from Harry. After Akeno and Rias had pulled away from Harry, Rias looked at him and said, "You should be more careful the next time you wish to burn off someone's clothing, Harry Potter. Devils like us might not be more agreeable to what you want."

Harry smiled and nodded at Rias, saying, "Well, I guess I should keep my eyes out for slutty devils then. I'll be looking forward to meeting all of you again sometime in the future until then."

Rias and Akeno nodded their farewells, as did Sona and Tsukune, leaving in the same direction that Riser ran off to. Ravel, however, was still frozen in place, her entire face blushing bright red at seeing Harry's dragon. Thankfully, Tsubaki placed her hand on the young Phoenix's shoulder and shook her gently, causing Ravel to snap out of what she was looking at and remembered that she had to find her brother. Ravel immediately turned and ran after Riser, hoping that he hadn't left yet as both of their parents would be angry that Ravel and Riser did not come home together. The other four female devils followed her, though Sona did stay back for one moment to tell Harry something.

"I'm not sure if you realized this, but you dropped a golden cross when you were in that crevice." Sona told Harry matter-of-factly. "I can sense immense power from it, but as it is a cross, we devils cannot touch it. I suggest you retrieve it as soon as you are able, because if you don't, someone else might find it and could use it against us."

Harry nodded his understanding, wondering how he forgot about Moka's cross. After the devils left, Harry looked at the silver-haired vampire and made himself a promise to return the cross back to Moka. However, now was not the time to worry about that, as he had three horny females who were waiting to be pleased by his dragon. Tonks, who was furiously sucking it with gusto. Mordred, who was stripping off her clothes. Finally, the awakening Moka, who was eyeing Harry with lustful hunger. As he looked at all three of these ladies with a lustful smile, Harry knew that he was going to be occupied for the rest of the day.

A few days later

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he unpacked the last of his stuff. After the incident involving defeating the ogre and fucking the silver-haired Moka, Harry had spent the majority of his time in classes at the Academy or training with the headmaster, Mikogami, leaving little time to unpack his stuff; even magically. Tonks, Mordred, and even the pink-haired Moka didn't help much, as Tonks and Mordred took turns fucking Harry, and Moka spent those nights watching this feeling extremely horny.

Harry's day might have been slightly easier, even though he began training with Mikogami the day before, but his days were usually spent being crowded by females whenever one class ended and he had to go to another. Apparently, all of the students knew about Harry's exploits in the forest with Moka and while the females were trying to get a feel of Harry's dragon, the male student body had glared at him with intense hatred. However, Harry's mind was too focused on this to notice that one female hadn't swarmed over Harry.

During lunch, a blue-haired, very large breasted girl sat in the middle of a table being swarmed by boys. She did not mind this at all, in fact, she reveled in the fact that these boys were attracted to her, many of whom this girl deemed not to be worth her time to speak to. She was Kurumu Kurono, a succubus that delighted in being the center of attention at this school. However, she did not believe that she was the center of attention, as there was one table that a boy sat that everyone in the school had been talking about: Harry Potter.

Kurumu's focus was strictly on this boy who was sitting at a table only a few rows in front of her. Sitting next to him were two females that were very attractive in their own right, but their eyes were focused on the area around them, as if they themselves were watching for suspicious activity. Sitting across from Harry was the long pink-haired Moka, who Kurumu had already hated because many of the boys that Kurumu ensnared had been fawning over Moka. Out of the four individuals sitting in front of her, it was Moka who Kurumu hated more.

However, the succubus' focus remained on the young wizard, who had the whole school talking about him. Kurumu couldn't stand that this boy was essentially upstaging her, and knew that unless she captured him into her sway, it would only continue to grow.

Lunchtime soon ended, and Harry and his group of ladies began to make their way to their next class, but Kurumu quickly blocked the exit of the cafeteria and gave Harry a seductive little smile.

"Hello there, I'm Kurumu Kurono, one of your classmates," She said swaying her huge breasts right in front of all four of them. Harry looked at her and could immediately tell that she had an agenda, but decided to humor her for the time being. "I just wanted to say what a great job you did taking care of Saizo. I for one can't approve of jerks like that."

"Thank you for your support," Harry bowed towards her in respect and gave her a slight smile afterward. Both Tonks and Mordred frowned at Kurumu, giving her a stern look, with both girls preparing to defend Harry should the need arise. "I guess that we'll see you in class."

Harry stepped forward to see if Kurumu was going to allow them to leave, but the blue-haired girl continued to block their path, leaning forward to literally swing her large breasts in front of the small group. Releasing her pheromone as she leaned in closer, determined to capture Harry Potter in her spell.

However, Harry could magically sense what Kurumu was trying to do, as his dragon blood could sense the succubus' power trying to ensnare him into her trap. Harry gave her a slight chuckle before stepping directly right in front of Kurumu to where the girl's huge tits were brushing up against his chest. He then leaned over to her left ear and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek before whispering in her ear, "Nice try, Succubus, but your powers are ineffective against a Dragon Lord such as myself. However, if you wish to test yourself against me, then I am sure that I can find time to give you a taste of my dragon."

Kurumu gasped in shock as she took a step back, tripping over her own feet and falling right on her ass. Harry began to walk past her, giving her a seductive wink as he did. Both Mordred and Tonks followed directly behind Harry, giving Kurumu an angry glare as they walked past her. Moka, however, walked over to Kurumu quickly to help her back to her feet and to see if she was all right. After Kurumu got back to her feet with Mika's help, she nodded her thanks to the pink-haired girl and turned her attention back to Harry Potter, who was already halfway down the hall. While Moka cheerfully ran to catch up with Harry, Mordred, and Tonks, Kurumu watched them leave with an intense frown on her face.

"You should not tempt a succubus, Harry Potter," Kurumu said out loud, even though Harry was clearly out of earshot. "I'll show you and your girls who's far superior in the game of lust."

Harry didn't think about that encounter for the rest of the day. During the rest of his classes, he did feel the succubus' eyes locked on the back of his head. However, he didn't concern himself with the big breasted, blue haired girl. That was, until he noticed that Tonks had left his side.

It was just after dinner when Harry, Mordred, and Moka were heading back to the dorms when he noticed Tonks missing. He did see her leave the cafeteria to use the restroom, but that was nearly thirty minutes ago, and no one had seen her since. So, after Mordred made sure that Harry made it safely back to his dorm room, she went to go find Tonks. Harry asked Moka to accompany her, as they were still not used to the surroundings of the school.

After about an hour, Mordred finally found Tonks walking down a hallway in a daze. Mordred immediately stopped in her tracks as she noticed that Tonks was just wearing her robe with nothing underneath, and her wand was missing. Mordred immediately suspected that this was a trap and summoned her sword, while a concerned Moka immediately ran to Tonks, truly concerned about the witch's welfare.

'Stop!' Moka's inner voice shouted in the pink-haired girl's head. 'She's ensnared in a succubus' lust power. Don't go any closer, or you might be ensnared as well.'

Moka took a step back, grabbing her cross in trepidation and wondering who had done this to Tonks. Mordred, however, began to sense someone else's presence and put her guard up even more. "Reveal yourself, or face my wrath if you try to attack me."

"Now, why would I want to attack you?" A voice answered, echoing across the entire hallway. Both Mordred and Moka instantly recognized the voice belonging to Kurumu, which made Moka gasp out Kurumu's name while Mordred looked for any sign of her in the hallway.

"What did you do to Tonks?" Mordred said as she glanced from one point to another. Her sword was pointed in Tonks, but wavered from side to side as she was prepared to slash at anyone who came close to her or Moka. However, Kurumu's voice kept giggling as it surrounded both Mordred and Moka.

"Why don't you lower your sword, Mordred? I don't mean any harm. After all, Nymphadora doesn't seem to mind being friendly with me," Kurumu's voice giggled even more loudly as Tonks collapsed to the ground, a lustful smile planted on her face with her eyes still in a glossy daze. Unthinking, Moka immediately rushed over to Tonks, and once Mordred realized this, the warrior quickly tried to grab after Moka, leaving both of them completely unprepared for what happened next.

Kurumu appeared just above Moka, completely naked with her wings flapping moderately and her hand holding a small vial with some sort of pink liquid inside of it. Before Mordred had a chance to react, Kurumu slammed the vial on the ground, causing the glass to shatter and the liquid inside of it to transform into a gas. The gas quickly spread across the hallway causing both Moka and Mordred to cover their mouths and noses trying to not breathe in the gas.

"It's far too late for both of you," Kurumu said, laughing loudly now. "The gas from the vial infects your very skin, down to your pores. You'll both feel the effects very soon."

Mordred tried to raise her sword to swing at the flying succubus, but right as she had it above her head, her entire body shuddered and her pussy became very sensitive. Mordred dropped her sword as she had no choice but to moan as her horniness began to build, causing her to drop to her knees looking up at Kurumu and asking, "What was in that vial?"

Kurumu laughed again as she floated down to Moka, who was already lying on her back squirming back and forth, obviously much more affected than Mordred was at that point. "It was a very powerful lust potion," Kurumu smiled as she landed softly on her knees with her bare pussy right above Moka's head. Kurumu then lowered her pussy and placed it on the pink-haired vampire's mouth. A small gasp exited the succubus' mouth as she began rubbing her pussy against Moka's mouth. "A succubus' power can only work on males, so to deal with females, we succubi created lust potions to deal with females who block our path from our prey. Of course, we do like to have some fun with the girls too, mostly to wear down your energy so you don't interfere with my plans for the boys. Now, since you know that I want Harry Potter as my own, I'm going to wear all of you out so you won't get in my way."

Kurumu laughed through her moaning and looked back at Tonks, saying to her. "Time to get back up, Nymphadora. I still want to play with you. Why don't you help Mordred with her clothing, while I will tend to Moka."

Tonks lifted her body off the ground slowly, her eyes still glazed from the fuck session she had with Kurumu. After she got to her feet, she moved over to Mordred and began to help the blonde-haired warrior strip off her clothes, which at that point, Mordred was perfectly willing to allow. While that was happening, Kurumu began to undo the buttons of Moka's shirt, slowly revealing her small, perky breasts to the succubus.

"Well, well, well. It looks like Miss Akashiya is wearing some bold underwear," Kurumu lustfully smiled, looking at the pink see through bra over her breasts. The succubus bit her lips as she moved the bra closer to the vampire's chest and then grabbed both of the small vampire's tits and gave them a good squeeze, causing Moka to moan into Kurumu's pussy. "Were you planning a surprise for Harry? Hmm, let's see if you're wearing matching panties."

Kurumu leaned over to Moka's legs and pulled them apart. The succubus then lifted the vampire's green skirt to peek under only to see that she was wearing light pink silk panties which had a noticeable wet spot right where it was covering her tiny pussy. Kurumu licked her lips and used one of her fingers to poke the wet spot of Moka's panties. As she began to poke through the vampire's panties and rub the girl's puusy, Kurumu glanced over to Tonks and Mordred. Mordred was naked except for wearing black silk bra that only covered her nipples and a matching g-string. Tonks was already sucking one side of Mordred's neck and using her fingers to slide the slim fabric protecting her pussy and began sticking two of her fingers into Mordred's pussy. Kurumu smiled at this and was about to shove her head into Moka's crotch, but a familiar male voice stopped her with her mouth just inches from Moka's pussy.

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise," Harry's voice echoed in the hallway, causing Kurumu to lift her head and looked around to see where the voice was coming from. "I did hope that Tonks or Mordred would have dealt with you by now, though. Succubi are not that important to me in comparison to real monsters."

Kurumu instantly got to her feet and spun around to see Harry leaning against the edge of the corner of the hallway. Kurumu's eyes darted up and down as she quickly noticed that Harry was buck naked with only two pieces of clothes wrapped around his impressive red, scaly dick. Kurumu looked closer at his crotch and noticed that both pieces of clothing were in fact panties, with one pair belonging to Tonks as she had been wearing orange colored panties with black lines that magically moved around them, sometimes spelling Harry's name or initials. The other pair was a light green g-string, and that was what Kurumu was focusing more on, as it was hers.

"I wasn't expecting you so soon, Harry," Kurumu smiled at the wizard, not taking her eyes off of his dragon. "After all, every boy that I ensnared with my powers were supposed to delay you for a little while. What happened to them, by the way?"

"Well, they may be monsters, but as you said, they're boys who had no idea who they were facing," Harry smirked, noticing the green-haired succubus eying his cock. "They weren't very bright either, because they all decided to come at me in my dorm room. They all tried to barge through my door, which was kind of funny because they were basically fighting each other just to get into my room. However, I decided to use that to my advantage and made short work of those boys. Unfortunately, my room got somewhat burned from my dragon fire. I kept shooting at these boys who kept trying to barge into my room. It wasn't much longer after that until I figured out why they were attacking me, so after I dealt with them, I went searching for Tonks. I began searching around the girls' restrooms around the cafeteria, where I found Tonks' clothes thrown behind a water fountain, right next to yours."

"Impressive," Kurumu smiled slightly, crossing her arms just under her large tits. "So, how did you find us? Are you so powerful that you can sense where we are whenever you want?"

"Well, I'm not going to reveal all of my secrets, but one of my many abilities is that of an expert tracker," Harry said, stepping closer to the succubus. "Using both yours and Tonks' panties, I was able to track you both down to right here. So, Kurumu, what's your next move?"

Kurumu smiled and walked up to Harry, instantly grabbing his dragon the moment she was right in front of him. "Well, how about I feast on this amazing thing?" Kurumu said as she began to stroke Harry's red dick, wrapping her fingers around the panties Harry was using to stroke it. "You know, if a succubus kisses you, you become her permanent slave."

"Is that what you want then, for me to become your slave?" Harry said, giving her a slight moan as he enjoyed Kurumu's handjob. "Are you so confident that you believe that you can conquer a Dragon? Even the most powerful succubi couldn't overpower a Dragon King, so what makes you so sure that you can?"

"You doubt my abilities, then how about a challenge," Kurumu licked her lips and said. "You allow me to kiss you, and if you succumb to my powers of lust, then you will be my slave here forever, doing whatever and whoever I tell you to. However, if my kiss doesn't overpower you, then I will allow you to be the first to take my pussy. I've already heard of this powerful cock of yours, and how it tamed Miss Akashiya, but I highly doubt it could outlast a true succubus' lustful energy."

"Well, you certainly are bold and brave, Kurumu." Harry smiled and stepped much closer, leaning forward to whisper in the succubus' ear. "Alright, but when you fail, and you will, I suggest that you prepare yourself for the fucking of your life."

Kurumu chuckled at that, fully confident that she could easily tame the boy in front of her. After Harry had lifted his head away from Kurumu, she grabbed his head and embraced him fully on his lips, shoving her tongue down the boy wizard's mouth. Harry was slightly shocked by Kurumu's boldness, but after a moment, he entwined his own tongue with hers and returned the succubus' kiss. Kurumu took a moment longer than she normally did with other boys as she found the embrace quite pleasing, to the point where she was becoming incredibly turned on by it.

However, as she finally broke the kiss, Kurumu stepped back only to see that Harry was completely unaffected by her embrace. Kurumu looked deep into Harry's eyes and once she saw that they weren't glazed over, she gasped in shock after Harry smiled intently at her.

"So, that was a succubus' kiss; I'm not really impressed," Harry chuckled as he approached her while she slowly kept backing away from him. "I did warn you that it wouldn't affect me in any way. Now, since you lost the bet, and tried to manipulate my friends, let's see how it feels when you get fucked."

Kurumu was completely speechless at that point, half in fear of having to take that dragon of Harry's into her, and half in lustful anticipation of the same thing. The succubus felt her own heart pound so hard and fast that she forgot where Moka was, so after one last step backwards, Kurumu tripped over the tiny vampire's body and fell right on her but, her legs spreading out and revealing her wet pussy after she did.

"No!" Kurumu half shouted, her body trembling at the realization that Harry was going to fuck her. "I'm not ready for my virginity to be taken. Can we talk about this?"

Harry got down on his knees, right beside Moka as he grabbed each of Kurumu's legs and bent forward to where his face was just inches from her pussy. "Don't worry, Kurumu," Harry said to her. "I'll make sure that you'll enjoy my dragon completely."

Kurumu's eyes widened at hearing that as Harry lowered his face towards her pussy. Kurumu watched Harry lower his face and gasped loudly after she felt Harry's tongue touch her clit for the first time. From that point, all Kurumu could do was gasp and moan as Harry licked her pussy and began fingering it with his fingers from his right hand. Kurumu was motionless as Harry attacked her pussy, with the succubus still in shock at the fact that this wizard was in control over her. It wasn't until her first orgasm that she realized how willing she was to allow this boy to take her.

After Kurumu had her orgasm from Harry, her lustful urges began rising as Harry lifted his head, his fingers still fingering her pussy. Kurumu panted as she felt the wizard's fingers sliding in and out, stretching the sides of her pussy as they did. Within moments of this, Harry transformed his hand into dragon claws, making the two fingers that were in Kurumu's pussy feel like tiny, thick dicks, stretching her pussy even further. The succubus screamed in pleasure as those fingers attacked her pussy, her second orgasm approaching quickly, more intense than the last. However, right as her orgasm reached her breaking point, Harry pulled his claw shaped fingers out of her pussy, then repositioned himself so his dragon was inches away from Kurumu's face.

"Don't tell me that you've given up," Harry said, smirking at Kurumu and waving his red dick in front of her. "Where's all of that defiance that told you that you could beat me? I was really expecting more of a fight."

Kurumu was half paying attention at that point, her eyes fixed completely on the twelve-inch dick in front of her. She slowly reached her hand over and wrapped her hand around his shaft. The succubus then moved her head closer to the tip of the dragon before looking up at Harry and saying, "You want a battle of lust against a succubus, Harry Potter? I would be careful for what you wish for."

Kurumu then moved to her knees quickly, her mouth turning into a smile as she pushed Harry onto his back with shock on Harry's face. She then got on top of him with her pussy over his face with her face directly over Harry's red scaly dick. With gusto, Kurumu opened her mouth widely and took all of Harry's dragon into her mouth. Even though she was inexperienced with sex, Kurumu was a succubus and something in her very blood contained knowledge of what to do.

Harry gasped loudly as he felt his erection slide down Kurumu's throat, and moaned loudly as their succubus used her throat muscles to squeeze his dick tightly as her tongue wrapped around his shaft. She pulled his cock almost all of the way out of her mouth, with the tip of his dick wrapped by Kurumu's lips. She almost immediately shoved her face back down to Harry's crotch, taking every inch of his dragon into her mouth and throat. Kurumu took her time, slowly moving back and forth against his shaft, deep throating every inch of his dragon as she did. Harry had to grit his teeth at that point, trying real hard to hold his orgasm back as long as possible. He grabbed onto Kurumu's ass cheeks and shoved his face into her crotch, determined to match what the succubus was doing to him.

Kurumu gasped as she felt Harry's tongue slide into her pussy again, and a tiny shudder rocked her body as she kept deep throating Harry's dragon. Her pussy was still sensitive enough to have her orgasm rise quickly from Harry's licking, but she was determined at this point to make sure the young wizard came first. Both Kurumu and Harry were close to their breaking points, as Harry's dragon had enlarged to fifteen inches and began to vibrate while Kurumu's eyes began rolling in pleasure from Harry's tongue. Within moments of this, both of them orgasmed heavily, with neither one of them sure of who came first.

After Kurumu had expertly drank down all of Harry's cum, she pulled his dragon out of her mouth, completely shocked that while his cock had returned to it's twelve-inch length, it still was completely hard in her hand and felt that it was still ready to go another few rounds with her. Pulling her crotch away from Harry's face, she repositioned herself to where she was sitting on Harry's stomach, with her pussy rubbing his thick shaft. Kurumu looked back at Harry and gave him a slutty smile, saying, "Now, allow me to show you a real succubus' skill."

Kurumu lifted her body up slightly as she placed Harry's dragon directly underneath her wet pussy. She then lowered her body slowly, inserting the tip of Harry's cock into her and pushing it up into her. Kurumu gasped as she felt inch after inch of Harry's dragon slide tightly into her, and once all twelve inches were inside, she gasped again loudly as she felt the tip hit the entrance to the womb. It was at that moment when the succubus realized why Harry's dragon grew another three inches right before it orgasmed: it was to ensure that Harry's cum would successfully enter any women's womb when they were fertile. Kurumu might have suspected what Harry was once she realized that her kiss had no effect on Harry, but she was more worried about failing to have the young wizard fall under her power. Now, as Harry's cock was fully inside Kurumu's pussy, Kurumu knew what type of man Harry was: an alpha breeder.

Kurumu sat there motionless, her eyes wide in shock of this realization. However, Harry was giving into his animalistic nature as he grabbed the succubus' hips and began thrusting into her. Kurumu began bouncing up and down on Harry's crotch, her own body reacting against her own will. She tried to hold off on her approaching orgasm, grabbing Harry's legs and matching his thrusts with her own. However, at that time, Moka realized that she wasn't doing anything but watching, and with the potion wearing off on her, thanks to her vampire blood, the pink-haired vampire was quite tired of just watching and not participating.

"It's not fair," Moka quietly said, now on her hands and knees crawling over to Harry and Kurumu, with her eyes locked on the piston-like movement of both Harry's and Kurumu's crotches. "I want to feel Harry's dragon inside of me. After all, both Mordred and Tonks have taken it multiple times already, and even my other self gave up to it. Why should you, Kurumu Kurono, be taken by Harry's bitch breaker?"

As soon as those words left the pink-haired vampire's mouth, she audibly gasped in complete embarrassment. Never before had she even considered using a curse word, but something about Harry had brought something out of her that she didn't even know that was there. Moka held both of her hands over her mouth, with her entire face turning beat red from her embarrassment. She was so taken aback that she hadn't realized that both Tonks and Mordred had crawled up from behind her, each taking a side with Moka now in the middle.

"You shouldn't feel embarrassed, Moka," Mordred said softly into Moka's right ear. "After all, Harry loves women who know what they want."

Tonks placed her hand on one of Moka's small breasts and gave the pink-haired vampire a kiss on her neck. "After Kurumu has been fucked senseless, you should jump Harry immediately after," Tonks told her in her left ear. "Harry does want to fuck you, but didn't want to push you until you are ready for it."

Moka nodded at this, with her inner self speaking to her immediately after, saying, 'You better find a way to let me out afterwards, because I want it too.'

Kurumu was screaming and moaning at this point, already cumming once with another orgasm quickly following. The succubus had never felt such pleasure before, and while her mother had tried to prepare her for the eventual moment of having her virginity taken, nothing could compare to what Harry's dragon was doing inside of her. As Kurumu's second orgasm hit her hard, she collapsed on top of Harry, her entire body convulsing from cumming from his large red dick. There was no question at that point that Harry was now her master, and she really didn't mind that even one bit.

However, Harry wasn't done with the blue-haired succubus, and had every intention of cumming inside of her. With his animalistic lust in control, he flipped them over and positioned them into doggystyle. From there, he drilled into her pussy fast and hard, causing Kurumu to scream out Harry's name and acknowledge him as her master. Harry was quickly approaching another orgasm, and with his dragon senses, he could tell that she wasn't fertile, so he knew that he could shoot his load deep into her and she wouldn't become pregnant. However, what Harry didn't know was that succubi could control when they become fertile, as they were an all female race and many of their mates didn't have a high-life expectancy because succubi were known to suck the life force of their mates through sex. Thankfully, Kurumu was completely focused on her own pleasure that she didn't think about her fertility, so when Harry's dragon grew into fifteen inches and penetrated her womb, all she could feel was the intense pleasure of having Harry's cock inside of her.

Harry let out a loud roar as his orgasmed straight into Kurumu's womb, causing Kurumu to have a final orgasm herself before she passed out from the pleasure. Her entire body went limp and collapsed on the floor while Harry was still cumming, her eyes becoming glazed over from the intense pleasure she had. As Harry's orgasm subsided, his animalistic nature began sensing three horny figures behind him, and with a low guttural growl, turned his head and looked at Moka, Tonks, and Modred. When he finished cumming inside of the passed out succubus, he pulled his dragon out and prepared himself for whoever wanted his dragon next.

Moka wasn't going to wait one second longer. Taking both Tonks' and Mordred's suggestions, she stood up and began to quickly undress, undoing her tie and her skirt first. She then took off her jacket as she began slowly walking forward, with a gentle, yet lustful smile on her face. Harry instantly noticed this, and got to his feet to meet her. Moka was down to her underwear when Harry was directly in front of her. Moka looked up to his face, her entire body trembling in anticipation for what was to come.

"You're not controlled by your lustful desires, not like your counterpart," Harry said in a gentle voice, surprising himself a bit, placing a hand on her left arm, causing a shiver to run through her body. "You should know that once my dragon enters you, I won't have much control. I won't stop fucking you until I cum inside of you, and even then, I might continue fucking you until you pass out from pleasure, and I will be sure to cum inside you again. So, you need to be sure that you're ready for this."

"I'm ready," Moka said firmly, placing one hand on his muscular chest and the other grabbing his dragon softly. However, her body still trembled as she locked her eyes with Harry before she slowly lowered down to her knees. "Let me show you how ready I am."

Moka slowly opened her mouth as wide as it could go and inserted Harry's dragon into it. Unfortunately, the small vampire's mouth couldn't take even a quarter of Harry's large and thick erection. At first, Moka had to struggle just to get the bulb of his red, scaly dick into her mouth, but once she did, she timidly bobbed her head back and forth, only taking three inches of his dick into her. As much as Harry was pleasantly surprised by Moka's boldness, his animalistic lust was growing impatient at Moka's skill, or lack thereof.

After a few minutes of Moka trying to take more of Harry's dragon into her mouth, Harry's lust had reached his breaking point. Taking his erection out of her mouth, he grabbed Moka's shoulders and gently laid her on the floor. Harry got on top of her, placing his lips upon hers and kissing her softly, while his dragon was inches away from her pussy. While Harry softly slid his tongue into the pink-haired vampire's mouth, he took ahold of her panties and ripped them off of her body. Now with her pussy completely unprotected from Harry's dragon, Moka trembled slightly as she prepared herself for what was going to happen next. Within the next moment, Harry pressed the tip of his dragon into the pink-haired vampire's pussy, sliding only an inch into her. Harry broke the kiss and stared into Moka's eyes for a long moment before he grabbed her hips and impaled her pussy with his red, scaly dick.

Moka's mouth opened wide as she felt Harry's large erection plow into her unprotected pussy. However, no sound of pain or pleasure came out of her at that moment, as her entire body arched from the shock of having her virginity taken. Unfortunately for her, she had yet to take all twelve inches of Harry's cock inside of her, and she was about to find out what it felt like to be fucked by a dragon lord.

Harry began moving slowly, struggling to fit his dragon into the tiny vampire's pussy. When he first entered her, he managed to get about half of his dick into her, with her tight pussy squeezing every inch of his inserted shaft. Moka was motionless for a minute or two while Harry used his dragon to stretch her pussy out, plowing a few more inches into her as he did. Harry had close to nine inches of his dragon into her when Moka finally began feeling it, moaning softly at first and bucking her hips to meet Harry's thrusts. Moka had tears in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Harry's neck at that moment, saying, "I never knew this could feel this good. Oh please fuck me good Harry."

Harry kissed her passionately after that, thrusting his dragon even harder into her pussy. Both Mordred and Tonks were smiling ear to ear watching this, both of them fingering their pussies in anticipation for their turn with Harry. Kurumu had reawoken from her experience at that moment, looking at her lover fucking the pink-haired vampire with passion. However, nobody there noticed that there were another pair of eyes looking at the scene from afar. About twenty feet away, hidden behind a corner was their homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekonome, purring softly with her eyes locked at one boy surrounded by four naked girls.

Moka begInS to pant heavily as she felt her orgasm approach quickly. Harry had broke the kiss as he had finally got all twelve inches of his dragon into her pussy. Harry looked at the young vampire as she was moaning and screaming loudly, her body now bucking wildly against Harry's crotch, causing Harry to place his hands on her chest, his fingers getting wrapped around by Moka's rosary. A couple of thrusts later, Moka orgasmed, screaming loudly and arching her back again. This caused Harry to unknowingly pull her rosary off of her neck.

A bright flash emerged as Harry had realized what he had done. As the pink-haired, teenage form of Moka transformed into the silver-haired, more mature version of her, Harry looked up to see a pink-haired figure floating above them, much like a ghost. This figure resembled the outer form of Moka, except this female was much more mature than either forms of the vampire. As the flash dissipated, Harry had a moment of recollection as he remembered that one of the forms that Aphrodite took while he had fucked the goddess in the Lost Woods was of this female. Unfortunately, the image faded, but Harry did hear a strange female voice speak from inside his own mind, saying, "Alucard will reawaken. We will need your help, Harry Potter."

A week later

Harry had been getting very little sleep for the past week, as his entire mind and body had been put through a tremendous workout. His days were now filled with intense study, learning about the massive history of the monster world from the headmaster himself; only breaking twice for lunch and dinner. His nights were filled with nonstop sex as Tonks, Modred, Kurumu, and both versions of Moka were fucked until they fell asleep. However, his mind kept going back to the hallway the night he defeated Kurumu, and the image of a mature version of Outer Moka mentioning something called Alucard.

Harry asked Mikogami about Alucard during one of their sessions with the white-robed headmaster who calmly responded, "You are not ready to know about Alucard yet." However, that did not stop Harry from asking around, but unfortunately everyone seemed to be tight-lipped after he asked about it. Even his homeroom teacher was less than enthusiastic, though Harry did notice that the cat girl teacher was doing provocative things when no one was looking. She had even started leaving him gifts near his dorm room and inside his homeroom desk; things like assorted cheeses and raw fish. Harry knew that sooner or later he would have to deal with his homeroom teacher and give her a good fucking.

However, that wasn't Harry's current concern. For the past three days, as he and the girls were walking to lunch, he had sensed that they were being followed. Unfortunately, he had Tonks walking directly in front of him and Modred directly behind him, with Moka wrapped over his right arm and Kurumu over his left, so his vision was impaired by these beauties surrounding him. As the five of them made the final turn before heading to the cafeteria, Harry finally saw the shadowy figure that was following them.

"Tonks, Mordred, we have company," Harry quietly said, making sure that they heard him as he stopped and turned to face the stranger. Both Kurumu and Moka released Harry for a moment as they all faced the opposite direction to see who was following them.

"Forgive me," The figure said as she appeared from around the corner. The person was a slender girl with purple hair and blue eyes. She wasn't wearing the normal school uniform that most students wore; in fact she was wearing a white shirt with purple sleeves with a revealing neck and shoulders, a very short lengthened plaid skirt with long purple stockings and tennis shoes. She also had a sucker in her mouth, though to Harry it looked like she wasn't directly sucking on it. The girl solemnly bowed, keeping her eyes locked on Harry, even though he was surrounded by four other females. She then continued saying, "I am Mizore Shirayuki, a snow fairy of the Monster World. I am pleased to finally meet you in person, Harry Potter."

"Thank you, Miss Shirayuki," Harry bowed back, with the four girls following suit. "I'm equally pleased to make your acquaintance, though I am wondering why you have been following me for the past hour or so."

"I apologize, but I don't do well in crowds," Mizore answered, looking and sounding very somber. "I'm usually a quiet person, and prefer isolation to being around others. However, that's one of my goals of being here at Yokai Academy; to be more social around others, and to be more comfortable around others. That's why I am coming to you, as I am hoping that you can help me with this."

Harry smiled gently and nodded. "That's nothing to be ashamed of," He told her. "I have a friend in England who's very much like you. Well, not quite like you, but he's not very outgoing. His name is Neville and he's my godbrother. He tends to get picked on alot while in school when I'm not around, but he's actually one of the best friends I could have. I'm quite sure that once you relax around others, you will be very comfortable being in a crowd. How can I help?"

Mizore looked at Harry for a long moment before she responded, "I would like to meet you at a secluded point of the shore after school is over for the day. The place is quite easy to spot, as it's where the jagged pillar of rocks are clustered. I would like to start by doing something there, if not talking. Perhaps skipping rocks or something. Also, and I know that this is going to be hard, but could you meet me alone, as I'm not sure if I can be around your friends yet."

"I can agree to that, but both Tonks and Mordred will be close by to make sure that I stay protected," Harry answered, giving a quick glance to each of his guards before returning his gaze to Mizore. "Is there anything else that you need from me?"

Mizore shook her head, but gave him a quick smile, "No, I will see you later, Harry Potter."

Mizore then turned and walked away, almost retreating into the shadows as she did so. Harry watched her leave, as did the rest of his group. After the snow fairy left, Harry frowned a bit before turning back around and headed towards the cafeteria. Both Moka and Kurumu noticed this, as did Tonks and Mordred. However, while the vampire and succubus did not know what was troubling their master, Tonks and Mordred knew right away.

"There was somebody else there," Harry said to Moka and Kurumu, seeing their perplexed faces. "Either watching us or following Mizore, but I can't say for sure."

"I think it was one of the male teachers," Tonks added, glancing back down the corridor. "I couldn't make out his appearance, though."

"A tall, slender man with short red hair," Mordred said matter-of-factly. "I think that he's the physical education teacher, Okuto Kotsubo. I've saw him a couple of times stalking young girls."

"Great, another Gilderoy Lockhart," Harry said under his breath. He grumbled a bit before looking at both Mordred and Tonks and saying, "Do your best to keep track of this guy. If he tries anything to harm anybody in this school, I want you two to act without hesitation and put him down, regardless of what type of monster he might be. The last thing I need is to have to deal with another pervert teacher who should keep his hands to himself."

Both Tonks and Mordred nodded their understanding, but Moka shot Harry a quizzical look. "Another pervert teacher?"

Harry and the four girls had just walked into the cafeteria when Moka asked about Lockhart, so Harry had to be particularly careful with how he answered her, as other people who might listen in could get the wrong idea. "A little over a year ago, there was a teacher at Hogwarts who loved attention, especially from female students. During that time, many suspected that he was abusing many of the young girls there, but before any of that could be confirmed, he accidentally erased his own memories when his own magical curse rebounded on him."

Moka gasped at hearing about this, while Kurumu smiled at the story, as did Mordred. However, Tonks got close to Harry and whispered into his ear saying, "Thanks for bringing up Lockhart again. Like I need another reason to pummel that pervert teacher."

Harry knew that she was being sarcastic, as Tonks was one of the few witches in all of England who knew what type of wizard Lockhart was. Not that she directly dealt with Lockhart when he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, but she didn't fawn all over him like most witches did during that time.

They quickly got their lunches soon after and picked a table in the middle of the cafeteria. However, before they could even begin to eat, a small black-haired girl wearing a very noticeable large black witch hat and a cape rushed up to their table and abruptly sat down in between Harry and Kurumu.

"Hello!" The young girl said loudly with a smile. Harry turned to face this young girl, who looked more like a child than someone who should be at this school. The girl had short black hair, purple eyes, wearing a short sleeve orange shirt and a matching skirt. She was also wearing black shoes and matching socks, but the most interesting thing about this young girl was that she was wearing glasses, the same type of glasses that Harry was wearing. "I'm Yukari Sendo, and I'm your biggest fan!"

Harry looked closely at this girl and asked, "Do you even know who I am?"

"Of course, silly!" Yukari said with a chuckle, her smile growing bigger. "You're Harry Potter. The one who defeated Lord Voldemort and the Hero to the Wizarding World. It's my dream to be just like you, defeating dark witches and wizards alike and prove to the whole world that we are better than everyone else."

"So, you're a witch then," Harry smiled back for a moment. "How old are you?"

"I'm eleven," She answered. "I know that nearly every witch and wizard in Japan goes to Mahoukotoro, but my mother insisted that I come here instead. I'm really glad that I did too, because I'm way smarter than everyone here. In fact, I'm so smart that I just have been bumped into the same year as you, Harry. Unfortunately, we don't have the same class schedule, but I'm sure that we can find time to be with each other."

Harry frowned at this, wondering what Yukari meant. Tonks looked at this small witch and asked politely, "How do you study magic? There's no class that teaches magic here."

"My mother teaches me," Yukari answered, turning to face Tonks and pulling out a thick, tattered blue-colored journal and placing it on the table. "She teaches me everything I need to know about being a witch. She even gave me her hand-written book of spells for me to learn while I attend Yokai Academy."

She hands the book over to Harry, sticking her tongue at Tonks rudely as she did. However, Tonks did not get angry over this, as Yukari was very young and childish, and Tonks knew that the younger witch was someone she shouldn't get angry over.

Harry opened the journal and began flipping through the pages, and once he did, he was very impressed. While it was all in Japanese, there were multiple pictures and diagrams of spells he recognized instantly, with most of them he himself did not learn until his fifth and sixth years at Hogwarts. There were sections divided up, with Charms and Transfiguration taking priority, with the back pages specifically for Potion making. By the looks of who wrote this journal, Harry could tell that this person was a very intelligent and accomplished witch.

However, while Harry was looking through Yukari's journal, Kurumu's patience had reached a breaking point. The succubus had no intention of having her spot taken by a short, no-breasted witch. As Yukari tried moving closer to Harry, Kurumu grabbed the witch's cape and yanked her off of the seat, quickly sliding over to Harry's side. Yukari landed on her butt and angrily glared at the back of Kurumu's head. The witch quickly got to her feet and pulled out her wand from her cape, which had several interior pockets for certain things. The wand was much different than the wands that Harry and Tonks use, as this one looked more plastic than wood, with a star at the top of it.

"Take this, you large-tittied bitch!" Yukari shouted, causing everyone to look in her direction. Yukari quickly performed a series of strange wand movements before pointing the wand high over Kurumu's head. Kurumu's attention turned to Yukari at that moment, and did not notice that the tiny witch had summoned an anvil high above the succubus' head. Harry thankfully looked up at that moment, as did Tonks, and knew what was about to happen. Harry quickly grabbed Kurumu and pulled them both away from the falling anvil, while Tonks pulled out her wand and shouted, "Reducto!"

The anvil dissolved into a dust cloud before it would have hit Kurumu, but once the succubus realized what had just happened, her eyes turned towards Yukari. As both Harry and Kurumu got back to their feet, Kurumu went right after Yukari, chasing the small witch all over the cafeteria. Yukari and Kurumu proceeded to shout at each other, with the succubus grabbing the tiny witch whenever she caught her, and the witch summoning a large frying pan to hit her on the head whenever Kurumu did. Harry waited for a minute or two before he grabbed the succubus and put himself between her and the young witch.

"That's enough, both of you!" Harry said, stopping Yukari from summoning another frying pan to hit Kurumu. After they both calmed down Harry released Kurumu and looked at her saying, "You need to calm down, Kurumu. Yukari is a young girl who's not completely aware of her actions. I understand why you're angry, but you need to look closely at someone and judge their motivations before acting."

Yukari giggled at hearing Harry scold Kurumu, and even stuck her tongue out at the succubus. However, Harry also had words for the young witch; as he turned to face her, frowning intently. "If you want to spend time with me, Yukari, then you need to be polite to all of my friends." Harry told the young witch, crossing his arms as he did. "I know that it's not easy to be the smartest person in the school, and more than likely that and the fact that you're so young is why you haven't made many friends yet."

"How do you know that I don't have friends?" Yukari frowned, taking a step back and wondering how Harry knew this.

"There's a witch in England who's just as smart as you are," Harry said to Yukari. "Her name is Hermione, and she happens to be one of my best friends. When she was your age, she kinda flouted her intelligence around, which caused many of my classmates to outright hate her. However, over time she accepted that she couldn't do everything herself, and began to open up more. Now, she's still highly intelligent and very highly opinionated, but she has embraced that she's not alone in the world and having friends means she can depend on them.

"The same goes for me too, Yukari," Harry continued only taking a moment to catch my breath. "As strong and powerful as I am, my greatest strength is having friends. I'm not saying that we can handle anything that comes our way, but I wouldn't be here today without them. So, if you want us to be friends, then you have to open up and accept that all of us can be. Not just me, but Tonks, Mordred, Moka, and especially Kurumu too. Do you understand, Yukari?"

Yukari looked silently at Harry, Kurumu, Moka, Tonks, and Mordred turning her head from side-to-side as she did. It was almost a full minute before she looked up at Harry and nodded. "I can try." She answered, then took a step towards Kurumu and bowed before her, saying, "Forgive me, Kurumu. It was wrong to be so rude to you. I promise to be nicer to you in the future."

Kurumu was somewhat taken aback with this, but after a moment, she returned the bow saying, "I accept your apology and offer my own. I shouldn't have yanked you from the table like that without trying to talk to you first."

Harry smiled and walked back to their table, motioning for Yukari and Kurumu to follow him. They both sat to Harry's left, with Yukari taking the far side and letting Kurumu sit close to Harry. Everything quieted down after that, with lunch resuming with small talk here and there being added. After everyone had finished eating, they put away their trays and threw away any trash before they continued on with their day.

After classes were over for the day, Harry decided to meet Mizore at the secluded spot. Before he left, he did tell Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari to go back to their dormitory, as Mizore did want to talk to Harry alone and he wanted to do his best to honor that. The three girls pouted a bit, but did what Harry asked, begging him to return quickly. Both Tonks and Mordred understood the reason why, as both Moka and Kurumu had a constant need to feel Harry's dragon. They did too, but they all had to be careful around Yukari, as the witch was simply too young to deal with such things.

Harry, Tonks, and Mordred made their way through the forest, which even after two weeks, still had craters from Harry's battle with Moka. As they reached the other side of the forest, Harry glanced at the view of the shore. The shore itself was a huge cliff just above the ocean about a hundred feet below. There were several formations of jagged rocks shooting out near the cliff side, with a few of them reaching far above the shore itself. Standing right at the edge of shoreline was Mizore, looking towards the ocean with her arms crossed. Harry froze right at the edge of the forest as he sensed another's presence.

"It looks like this Kotsubo has been following Mizore," Harry said to Tonks and Mordred, using his heightened senses to detect where the physical education teacher was. "He's about twenty-five feet south of our position. Both of you stay back and keep an eye on him. If he tries anything, you both know what to do."

Both Mordred and Tonks nodded their understanding, with Mordred turning invisible and Tonks pulling out her wand. They both turned in the direction that Harry indicated and cautiously moved forward, both doing their best trying to be as silent as possible. Harry waited a moment, taking a slow deep breath before stepping out from the forest and walking over to Mizore.

Mizore heard Harry's footsteps coming from behind her, so when she turned to face him, she ended up giving him a warm smile.

"Thank you again for agreeing to meet me," Mizore said, uncrossing her arms and relaxing them. "I also need to apologize, as I intentionally lured you out here."

"So, I take it that Kotsubo is using you to challenge me," Harry stated, almost matter-of-factly. "Is that why I'm here?"

"No, though I do know that he's been following me," Mizore said, her body trembling slightly as she walked slowly towards Harry. "I do not know why he has been doing so, as I haven't attended any classes yet, so he shouldn't know who I am yet. The reasons that I lured you out here are my own."

"Really?" Harry asked, keeping his eyes wandering back and forth between Mizore and the direction he detected Kotsubo. "What reasons could a snow fairy have to meet someone like me."

"You must know that you are very famous among your kind, Harry Potter," Mizore answered, her face giving the slightest of smiles. "Well, we snow fairies have heard tales of your exploits as well. While many of us believed that you were a myth to try to attract us closer to the magical world, my mother and I believed that you're real and if we should ever meet with you, we should mate with you at once."

"Hang on, you lured me out here so you could have sex with me?" Harry tilted his head and stared at her. "Why all the subterfuge?"

"I told you the truth when I said that I don't do well with crowds," She answered, locking eyes with the wizard. "I couldn't just come out and say what I wanted with you surrounded by four beautiful women. There's also the fact that the snow fairies are an all-female race, one of the few kinds in the monster world. However, our lifespan equals that to humans, and snow fairies can only conceive once. Unfortunately, this has led to us being in danger of dying out. This means we must start searching for our mates as soon as we reach the earlier age of procreation. Also, we can only mate with humans, or the closest species to them, and we must avoid having any type of sexual contact with other creatures until after we finally conceive.

"As for why I chose you as my mate, it should be rather obvious," Mizore continued, now standing only inches away from Harry. "As I have said, you are very famous among snow fairies. That, and after what happened after Saizo was defeated, and your battle with Miss Akashiya, proves to me that you're a powerful person. There's no question that you are to become my mate and impregnate me with my future daughter."

Harry looked at her silently for a while and placed his hand on her shoulder. Mizore looked more scared than determined, and Harry could easily tell that she was trembling from his hand being on her shoulder. Also, there was something else off about Mizore, and Harry didn't need to look at his dragon to tell him: Mizore was not yet fertile.

"I'm sorry, but you're not ready for this," Harry said gently, trying to comfort the snow fairy. "I have no problem with helping you preserve your race, but you are simply not ready yet. For one, I can sense that you are not simply ready to conceive a child yet. There's also the fact that I have made certain promises about who will be first to bear any child of mine. However, I won't refuse such a request, so as long as it is on a future date. I would be glad to discuss this in further detail, and would like to learn more about your kind. I would even like to meet your mother and the rest of the snow fairies to see why they can only conceive once, as I never heard of such a thing infecting an entire species."

Mizore let out a subtle gasp, completely taken aback about what Harry had said. From her standpoint, she half-believed that Harry would refuse her request. However, Harry did accept, but knew she wasn't yet ready. Though, she did hope she would at least be marked by him, so other monsters there would leave her alone.

Unfortunately, before she had a chance to tell Harry that, Kotsubo had decided to finally reveal himself. The physical education teacher emerged from the forest and slowly approached both Mizore and Harry, wearing a very cocky smile.

"I find it quite odd to find you two out here alone," Kotsubo said, chuckling as he approached them. "Not that it's against the rules, but after what happened with Miss Akashiya, I would advise caution when being near me. Potter, Miss Shirayuki."

"Is that why you have been following her, Mr. Kotsubo?" Harry turned to face the man, his fists clenching as he knew that wasn't the reason. "If I am such a danger to the female students, then why pay so much attention to Miss Shirayuki, and not the rest of the females here."

"You think that I haven't Mr. Potter," Kotsubo answered, his smile widening. "However, let's be honest with one another, shall we? You are merely a visitor to our school, and while our headmaster has given you certain liberties, that does not give you the right to parade a harem around in this school."

"A harem, huh?" Harry crossed his arms and smirked at the physical education teacher. "First of all, while I admit that I have an uncontrollable animalistic lust, I don't own or control any female in my presence. Tonks, for one, is an accomplished witch and Auror, a kind of police officer for us magical beings. Mordred happens to be a very powerful warrior and has the blood of kings inside of her. Both of them swore themselves to protect me during my time at this school, but they are their own women, capable of making their own decisions."

"Oh, is that a fact?" Kotsubo said, stopping just a few feet from Harry and Mizore. "Then what about Miss Akashiya and Miss Kurono? Are they warriors too ready to lay their lives down for the Great Harry Potter? What about Miss Shirayuki? Are you going to ask her to lay down her life as well?"

"For someone who talks like he genuinely cares for these women, your motives are more than clear to me," Harry responded, glaring at the red-haired man with disgust. "Both Moka Akashiya and Kurumu Kurono are very powerful monsters, so powerful that I believe they can take you down quite easily. Joined with Mizore Shirayuki, I believe the fight wouldn't last five seconds. These women are strong females, a true pride among their monster clans, and do not need to sacrifice themselves for me, but I am perfectly willing to lay down my life for them. However, if you wish to challenge me, Okuto Kotsubo, then I assure you that I won't even need to sacrifice a drop of blood to beat you."

"You should be careful challenging a teacher, Harry Potter. Especially when you don't know what type of monster they are," Kotsubo laughed confidently at Harry, then turning his attention to Mizore. "Come, Miss Shirayuki. Allow me to accompany you back to your dormitory. You are perfectly safe with me."

Mizore looked at Kotsubo and saw the man's true intent in his eyes. She slowly moved herself behind Harry and said, "I believe that your intentions are not pure, Mr. Kotsubo. In fact, I think that you plan to take advantage of me."

Kotsubo's smile immediately turned upside-down at that moment, and his face turned beat red in anger at both Harry and Mizore. "You dare refuse someone like me! I'll teach you both not to disrespect your teacher, and then I'll teach you Mizore the pleasures of being with me!"

Harry prepared himself for Kotsubo to transform into his monster form, but as the physical education teacher took a step toward both Harry and Mizore, Mordred leaped from out of her invisibility and landed directly in front of Kotsubo, her long double-headed sword pointed directly at Kotsubo's chest. A moment later, Tonks Apparated directly beside Mordred, her wand aimed much in the same manner that Mordred had her sword pointed. Both ladies stared down the red-haired teacher, ready to defend both Harry and Mizore if Kotsubo took one more step.

"Well, well, it looks like these ladies want a taste of me as well," Kotsubo laughed loudly, his confidence feeding into his own ego. "Once I've taken care of both of you, you'll appreciate this saying: once you taste a kraken, you'll find everyone else lackin'." (Writer's Note: I know how bad of a pun this is.)

Harry groaned after he heard that, slowly backing back towards the forest, guiding Mizore as he did so. Kotsubo took one step back and the moment he did, transformed into his true monster form: a kraken. Both Mordred and Tonks slowly backed up as Kotsubo's entire body enlarged and changed into a giant-sized crustacean with multiple tentacles protruding from it's head. Both Mordred and Tonks eyed each other for a moment after Kotsubo had finished it's transformation, but they were not worried about taking on such a monstrous creature, as Kotsubo had forgotten that he was still on land.

"I'll go after his tentacles," Mordred smiled as she was looking forward to the challenge. "They'll be sliced and diced under my steel."

"I'll take his head, hitting it with fire spells, and keeping it away from the ocean." Tonks said, beginning to wave her wand in an intricate pattern. "When we're through with him, he'll regret his perverted behavior."

Harry smiled and nodded as both Mordred and Tonks leaped into action. Harry then turned to Mizore and said, "It's not going to be safe around here. Would you like me to escort you back to your dormitory?"

"Aren't you worried about Miss Tonks and Miss Mordred?" Mizore asked as she glanced over at the two women battling the kraken.

"They can perfectly handle Mr. Kotsubo," Harry answered, smiling gently at the young snow fairy. "They are my protectors, after all. They know how to handle a beast of that size. Right now, my priority is to ensure your safety, and to make sure no one else gets harmed by Kotsubo's actions."

Mizore nodded and turned back towards the forest. Harry offered his arm for Mizore, and she slowly wrapped her arm around it, leaning slightly against him as they made their way back towards Yokai Academy. Before they entered the forest, they both glanced back after hearing Kotsubo scream in pain and noticed that the fight was just about finished.

Kotsubo's kraken form was already on the ground, nearly all of his tentacles severed by Mordred's sword. Both Tonks and Mordred were now standing atop of Kotsubo's head, both women pointing their weapons directly into his giant eyeballs. With both women clearly victorious, Kotsubo groaned painfully and promised to leave the female students alone. Harry chuckled as he and Mizore entered the forest, with Harry adding, "That battle only took 53 seconds."

Much, Much later-just outside of Tokyo

"It's peaceful out here," Petunia Dursley said as she, Sirius, and Artoria toured the outskirts of Tokyo. It was early in the afternoon and the sun was shining over a nearby field full of beautiful flowers. Petunia was especially pleased with the natural beauty of this part of Japan, as she had rarely noticed anything more lovely than her flower garden in her backyard back in England.

Sirius also smiled, as he was happy seeing the multiple different sceneries that Tokyo offered. It wasn't just a bustling city. There were rural and suburban areas of the city, but seeing the countryside here brought a warm feeling to his heart. However, in the back of his mind, he had a bad feeling about that field that Petunia was looking at.

Artoria was the only one not smiling, as it was her mission to ensure the safety of her master and his comrades, and while Harry was at Yokai Academy, Artoria had felt somewhat useless as she did not go with him. However, she also knew that she needed to protect Sirius and Petunia while Harry was gone, and she was going to do her best to see to that. After she noticed Petunia gazing at a nearby field, she immediately felt a dark, ominous presence there, one that she recognized but couldn't place.

"Do not go further," Artoria said firmly, placing herself in front of Sirius and Petunia. "That field is full of danger."

Sirius frowned at Artoria, glancing at the field once more before he was struck by an old memory. "Lady Oyakata, of course!" Sirius exclaimed, slapping his forehead with the palm of his hand. After a moment, he realized that Petunia and Artoria were wondering who he was talking about. "She's an old, but extremely powerful witch who lives somewhere in the middle of that field. I unfortunately ran afoul of her the last time I visited Japan, and I barely escaped with my life. To make a long story short, she's an extremist who wishes the extermination of all humans, believing that they are upsetting the natural balance of this planet."

"Why hasn't she been dealt with, then?" Artoria asked, glancing back toward the field.

"In a way, she has," Sirius answered, his body shuddering a bit as if it was it by a blast of cold air. "That field is not only her home, it's a prison. Her powers come from the flowers themselves, so as long as she stays there, she's practically invincible. However, if she would leave the field, the chances of her survival are slim. The Ministry here is quite aware of Lady Oyakata, but have decided that unless she leaves her field and attacks the Muggles here, it's best that she is left alone."

"What about everyone else, have they been warned?" Petunia asked, turning towards Sirius to face him.

"I'm sure the Japanese Ministry did warn the Prime Minister here, as well as many of their elected officials," Sirius answered, really not sure if this actually happened. "Unfortunately, many politicians do not do things that can ensure public safety. Instead, they do things that best suit their own needs and desires. I'm not saying that all of them are like that, but a good many of them are."

Petunia slowly nodded, half-understanding this. However, Artoria immediately said, "It is best that we leave this place. I sense that we are being watched right now."

The three of them then turned the opposite direction and began walking away, However, Artoria looked back for a moment with a thought in her head, 'I felt this presence before.'

Far away from most people's line of vision, standing on a branch of a tall, thick tree, a young tall woman looked far beyond what normal people could see. This woman had long, thick black hair with two bundles tied up in pigtails, pink eyes, and dressed in a long black dress with high heel shoes. She was Ruby Tojo, an apprentice to Lady Oyakata, and a witch who wants to protect the field that her mistress had spent a lifetime nurturing. She noticed the three individuals far from her normal vision, and sensed that two of them had an immense power within them.

"I should consult Mistress about these people," Ruby said to herself, frowning with a gleam in her eyes. "Two of them could be a danger to us."

"You're right, they are a danger," A strange female voice said, which caused Ruby to leap down from the branch and spin around as soon as she touched the ground below. Ruby quickly pulled her wand out and aimed it at the direction the voice came from. "There's no need to fear me, young witch. I am an ally."

Ruby frowned intently, and kept her wand, which was purple with a moon shaped token on the tip, pointed as a tall, blonde-haired female with a crown on top of her head who appeared at the very spot Ruby once was.

"Please, put your wand away, young one. I do not mean any harm to you or your Mistress," The blonde-haired woman said with a gentle smile. "I am Morgan Le Fey, and I have come to seek an audience with Lady Oyakata. I need to warn her about a powerful wizard who will side with these miserable humans and has come to destroy her field."

Ruby slowly lowered her wand, but a part of her wanted to keep it raised. The reason was Ruby had no reason to believe this strange woman, but it was as if she was being compelled to believe Morgan. "Who is this wizard and why does he want to destroy this field?" Ruby asked as Morgan jumped down from the tree and landed in front of her.

"I do not yet know of his true reasons," Morgan said to Ruby, her smile entracing the young witch. "But he has a weakness towards those despicable humans. Those three individuals you watched are his allies, and they are also people who wish to harm you and your Mistress. As for the wizard's name, it's Harry Potter."