It had been three months since the Alvarez invasion and the kingdom was on its way to recovery. Cities, towns and villages were all being rebuilt and raiders and bandits that took advantage of the confusion were being rounded up. The Fairy Tail guildhall had its 4th reconstruction completed just a week ago and everyone was enjoying a well-deserved day of rest.

Natsu was sitting at the bar slowly nursing a mug of beer keeping to himself seemingly just staring into the amber liquid. A few people had noticed this, however they elected to let the man have his peace. Even his team had noticed and despite their rivalry, Gray knew that he probably had a lot on his mind considering everything that had been revealed just those short three months prior. Especially the fact he had to kill his own brother. His team, despite allowing the man to have his thoughts to himself, made sure that they kept an eye on him just in case he showed that he was ready to come and interact with them and to make sure they welcomed him with a smile.

Despite the unspoken agreement to leave Natsu alone, one platinum haired beauty decided to use her position as a waitress to come over and talk to the pinkette, if only to subtly remind him that he is surrounded by friends that will always be there for him. She went behind the bar and prepared him one of his favorite shots of liquor.

She gently placed it down on the bar in front of him and used a match to light it up, "Fire-shot for your thoughts?" She smiled at him as he lifted his head up and locked eyes with her. It only took a second for him to break out his signature grin, with a quick "Thanks Mira!" he downed the shot and looked back at her.

"Actually there was something that I was hoping I could talk to you and Gramps about. More specifically.. ask Seilah about." He said the last part low enough so that it only she could hear it. "I can wait until your next break, I wouldn't want to make any extra trouble for you," he added at the end when he noticed her shocked face.

"No, it's alright Natsu. I actually started my break to come over and talk to you. I think master is up in his office right now if you would like to go talk now."

"Oh, okay. Thanks for taking time out for me Mira, it means a lot." His grin present on his face only made Mirajane give him one of her own as she walked out from behind the bar and walked up next to him, grabbing his arm and locking into her own. Placing firmly between her rather generous bust. Between that and her teasing smirk, the normally unaffected dragon slayer had a healthy blush on his cheeks.

"M-mira, what are you doing?!" He started to pull his arm out, but quickly gave up, she wasn't a Fairy Tail S-class mage for nothing. Her vise like grip could attest to that.

"Calm down dragon boy, don't act like you don't like it." She teased. "Besides, boobs makes everything better, even broody dragons." Cutely sticking out her tongue, she started to pull him to the stairs and up to the masters' office.

His teammates watched the interaction and smiled, glad that the troubled male was getting help and giggled at the irony of the fact that it takes a 'demon' to understand a demon.

The duo made it up the stairs and stood before the door the masters' office. Natsu took a deep breath before he knocked on the door. After hearing a gruff "Come in" he opened the door and the two mages made their way into the office, closing the door behind them.

"Natsu? I think this is the first time you've come to my office willingly," the old man teased as he looked up from his paperwork. He looked over at the beautiful barmaid and asked, "Did he break something expensive?"

"LOOK HERE OLD MAN! I don't always break stuff, and when I do it ain't my fault that someone put it in my way!" Natsu roared back, but was only met with the giggling of Mirajane and a smirk from the master. "Geh. You guys are jerks.."

"Sorry my boy, you looked out of it. I had hoped a little teasing would lighten the mood. I take it you needed to talk about something, and if I had to venture a guess it would be about your brother, right?"

Natsu was brought out of his mutterings about 'short old men' and 'demon barmaids' at Makarov's question. "Uhh.. sort of. I mean, he kinda did it and didn't really explain much, but it's about me being turned into a demon. I was hoping that maybe Mira could help me talk to Seilah so she could answer a couple questions. She's probably the only chance I got of getting any answers, I don't think granny knows much about Etherious demons."

He stated his piece and looked between the two other occupants of the room as they looked at him attentively, understand that this was something that was genuinely weighing down on the slayers' shoulders. He knew it was a long shot for him to ask, but he figured that he had nothing to lose by trying.

"I see, I don't think she does either despite her wide knowledge. Etherious aren't exactly common, nor willing to be studied. Mirajane, do you think you could get Seilah to answer any questions? Would she even be willing to?" Makarov turned his attention to the eldest of the take-over siblings.

Mirajane smile at them both before responding, "Ah ah, actually as weird as it sounds, she's actually rather enthusiastic to be of service to Natsu. Apparently when her book was written, she was 'written' to be that she would be loyal to only E.N.D. and was supposed to be a servant or caretaker for him, you, of sorts. Something like Lucy's spirits would probably be the best comparison. Mard Geer just took advantage of her loyalty." She was sheepishly scratching her cheek with a small smile and blush on her cheeks

Natsu was shocked at first but when he heard that Mard Geer took advantage of her he started to get angry, "For some reason, despite what happened it really pisses me off that he did that." A small growl escaped his throat. "Now I wish I had punched him harder."

Mirajane quickly grabbed his hand and squeezed to placate him, "Calm down Natsu. He got what he deserved and we don't have to worry about him anymore. Moving on to your questions for her, like I said, she would be happy to answer. This actually gives me a chance to show off a new ability I've been working on with her. It takes a lot out of me and I can only do it for about 30 minutes, so if master doesn't mind me having Lisanna take over the rest of my shift so I can rest I'd be happy to help as well." She stated the last bit looking over to the master with questioning eyes. Without hesitation he waved his hand to indicate that he didn't mind, and giving both males a smile she left the office.

"Thanks for taking time for me Gramps, I know you're busy with paperwork and helping the new council get the country fixed up and stuff. I know I could have just asked Mira and didn't have to bug you, but I figured that if there was something me and Mira didn't understand you might know something or be able to help us figure it out. You know, that whole 'with age comes wisdom' thing." Natsu had a slightly teasing smirk on his face, but his sincerity in his thankfulness was clearly evident on his face.

"Says the 400+ year old runt..," Makarov shot back with an annoyed gaze. "I'll always make time for one of my children if they come and ask for it, even if my children were born a few centuries before me. I'm just thankful that you brats can feel comfortable to come to me for help, I like to think that it would make the first master proud that her family trusts each other." His eyes and tone softened.

"Does this mean that I can call you a brat now?!"

"Don't push your luck boy."