Meanwhile back at the guild.

Lisanna was humming to herself while delivering peoples orders. It had been a few hours since Natsu and his team had left the guild shocked into silence with the exception of one cackling bookworm. Most of the members had tried to pry information out of her but she adamantly refused stating that it isn't her story to tell and to wait until the slayer in question wants to talk about it. Lisanna would openly admit she was curious but she knew she had another source of information that owed her for her current work shift.

She returned to the bar after giving out all her assigned orders and was greeted by a smiling Kinana, who was wiping down the counter. "Hey Kinana, mind if I go run up and check on my sister? She probably feels guilty about missing her shift and will want to help out with the night rush and closing."

"Sure! That's fine, though she doesn't have to come back tonight. We just got those two new waitresses so we aren't hurting."

"I know, and I'm sure she knows too. But she's gonna want something to distract her for the next few days, trust me." Lisanna had mischievous smile on her face while Kinana had a confused look, not understanding what the youngest Strauss was talking about. With a giggle, said Strauss turned to skip off with the comment, "I'm sure you will figure it out," tossed over her shoulder before she made her way up the stairs towards the guild infirmary.

A few of the guild members watch her ascend the steps, envious that she was likely to get the scoop from her sister. Though all of them knew that she was the only one capable of doing so. Mirajane kept everybody's secrets and would never betray their trust but when it came to subjects between Natsu and Lisanna, she would spill the beans to the other either for her own amusement or because of her matchmaker habits… or both. Most likely both.

Lisanna entered the infirmary with her usual cheerful smile on her face. "Big sis! Are you up? You've been up here a while, if you mess up your sleep your skin won't forgive you!" Calling out to her sister with a tease, she approached the bed that was blocked off by the divider curtain. Before she reached it, she heard someone speak from the other side.

"Don't you worry about that for a second lil sis! I have a secret that keeps my skin super silky, soft and shining!" An enthusiastic reply came from beyond curtain. Giggling at her sisters excited reply to her tease, she slid the curtain to the side enough to allow her passage to see her eldest sibling sitting at the head of the bed in a cute guts pose and bright smile on her face. Letting the curtain fall behind her as she walked up to the bed to hop down and plop onto the bed next to her sister.

"You gotta let me in on your secret, recently my husband has been talking about mistresses and babies. I have to do something to get his eyes and hands back on me. At least until I have his first baby. I won't be denied his firstborn." Mirajane looked into her sister's eyes that were full of conviction and started giggling uncontrollably.

"Laugh all you want, I'm 100% serious! I know I can't have him to myself nor can I be his queen so I won't settle for anything less than his first child. You other hussies can fight for the order after that."

Mirajane, after calming down, smiled a sweet smile at her sister, glad that she's never given up on her love even after all this time. After being separated for those 2 years she knew intimately that Natsu's love for Lisanna had indeed waivered, however after she came back, Mirajane took one look at them and she knew that all their old feels fell right back into place but with one major hiccup. Natsu's slayer heritage. Levy had done some extensive research, at Mirajane's own request, to look into dragon slayers and their habits. Despite Levy's own curiosity on the subject, which boosted her enthusiasm to do the research, she turned up a rather disappointing amount of information. It wasn't until they scoured the magic library for 2 months and had gotten chased off by Porlyusica that they decided to break down and ask Master Makarov, only to find out that the Magic Council had put a gag order on the majority of information regarding any form of slayer magic. Disheartened for different reasons the nearly gave up until the master had asked them why they were researching that particular subject. He of course wanted to wholeheartedly trust his children that they wouldn't do anything dangerous or illegal with the information, however he had made the same mistake with his very own biological son with the result of his grandson going through a hell that no child should have to experience.

Levy's response was, "If I had to put it into words, it would be for knowledge for the sake of knowledge. However we have our very own dragon slayer in this guild and it would be terrible if he needed help and no one was able to help because of ignorance. Especially if he found out that it was the Council that was the one withholding the information…"

Mirajane's answer was accompanied by a blush, "Umm, Lisanna used to talk about how his magic greatly affects his instincts and behavior. With her gone, I was hoping to learn more about it so he could have a friend to talk to and be there for him in case his body starts going through… changes. Amongst other things…" By the end she was averting her eyes from the other two that had teasing smirks on their faces that just made her blush more.

Makarov had smiled at his children, glad that their thirst for knowledge had stemmed from a genuine concern and love for a fellow guild mate. He had told them, "The potential destruction of the Council buildings notwithstanding, I can tell that your reasons come from your heart. I'll see what I can do to get my hands on the Council's compilation of information. In the meantime, you two should go and talk to the boy in question. Even though your heart is in the right place, maybe there is something that he may not want being out in the open about him. Tread carefully my dears."

Needless to say, the son of Igneel never felt like he had anything to hide from his friends, though the two did tell him about the council's gag order on the information. Surprisingly he took that really well understanding the council's decision, apparently Igneel had told him that dragon slayer magic was made up of dragon magic and it was extremely dangerous and humans have a tendency to lose themselves in power.

"So what's up Mira, I figured you would come back downstairs when you woke up. It's not like you to sit back and let others do your work. Not that I mind, you need a break every now and then too."

Mirajane smirked at her little sister glossing over what she had just said earlier, her concern was real but as appreciative as she was that Lisanna was worried for her, Mirajane had heard things that made her matchmaker senses fire up. She couldn't resist poking her nose in to it. "Before that, you said get his hands back on you. Meaning they've been there already. Has my cute little Lisanna climbed the stairs of adulthood on the back of a dragon?"

Not really expecting her sister to turn things on her in that way had unconsciously muttered, "He was the one that climbed on me when I was on my back…," before she realized what she had said. Immediately her face turned redder than a tomato and her shining blue eyes opened wide before she clamped her hands over her mouth.

"Ufufu~ it seems like the dragon has had a taste of kitty cat." Mirajane's big sister teasing mode and matchmaker mode had just been thrown into overdrive. The last time this happened was when Elfman and Evergreen were gone for a week for a day long job that was from a shop down the street from the guild. However not even she could have predicted her little sister's reaction to her tease. Somehow her already tomato red face had turned atomic and started glowing from behind her hands that had had moved to try and cover her face. Picking up on what her tease could have inadvertently meant and her sister's reaction, the perceptive barmaid's eyes opened wide as she grabbed Lisanna's shoulders.

"OHMYGOD! YOU USED YOUR TAKEOVER TOO?!" At her sister's exclamation, Lisanna wiggled out of her Mirajane's grip and started trying to burrow her way into the sheets in a futile attempt to escape the incoming barrage of questions. "Oh no you don't missy! You get your butt back here and spill the beans! I need to know what my future emperor likes! I'll happily concede the first child because it's you but I'm aiming for queen! Well I guess Empress in this case."

Lisanna, having been chased under the sheets, gave up and turned to gossip with her sister. "You keep saying emperor and empress, explain that and I'll spill. Then we have talk about your feelings for my husband that you're finally admitting."

Mirajane looked at her baby sister with red, puffed cheeks. Embarrassed and annoyed that she had both been found out and hadn't gotten the full story before she had to spill in return. "Fine, deal. But you can't tell anyone else under any circumstances, these are Natsu's secrets. I'm only telling you because it's you and it affects you too, especially with what you just told me. I have no doubt that you would have told you when he got back, so I'll help him out and support him just like a good wife and empress should."

With that the two smitten, white haired sisters started gossiping well into the night. Lisanna finding out about Natsu's recent inheritance, his demon physiology, and her sister coming to terms with her feelings she had been suppressing. That along with discovering that she nearly lost out on getting Natsu's first time to her while she was in Edolas. Mirajane got all juicy details about Lisanna's encounters with their mutual target of affection. Apparently his sexual appetite was a large as his normal appetite.

Giggling after their sister time, Mirajane stated something they hadn't thought of until then. "Poor Elfman, both of his sisters are going to be taken by the same man. I can just see him going on about Natsu not being manly enough."

"I'm sure he will be ok with it, maybe not at first but he knows we are big girls now. Besides, even if we go with Natsu, he still has Evergreen. I bet marriage isn't far off for those two, they've been together since the trials."

The girls were brought out of their thoughts by someone knocking on the door and it opening. "Miss Mirajane? Miss Lisanna? Are you two still up here? It has been a while and it's quite late, the bar is already closed. I just wanted to come and check on you two before I left for the night."

Lisanna, who had left in the middle of her shift, jumped up and panicked. "OHMYGOSH! Kinana, I'm sooo sorry! I totally ditched out on my work!" Jumping off the bed and throwing the curtain divider open, she darted out and hugged the purple haired barmaid.

Smiling at the panicked girl and returning the hug, "It's okay Miss Lisanna. I told you that we would be ok with the new waitresses. Miss Evergreen also assisted us after a while as well. I figured you had a good reason for not coming back down so I didn't want to bother you."

"Ooo, now I feel even guiltier. We were just up here gossiping and lost track of time." Releasing the hug, Lisanna backed up and her cheeks had flushed.

"Don't say that, sisterly bonding time is important as well. You said that Miss Mirajane would need the distraction so just think of it as that. I hope that you two at least had fun, that's what matters."

Lisanna's kind soul was making it hard for her to accept the instant forgiveness for her negligence so she turned to her sister that was walking up to them, "This is your fault big sis. Making me say unnecessary things," she pouted out.

Mirajane, completely unperturbed by her sister, just stuck out her tongue at her and said, "No no, this is on you. Running off and playing with a boy and not telling me about it. Especially that boy. What naughty younger siblings I have, getting ahead of me in love. Wherever did I go wrong?" Mirajane's fake pout could be spotted from a child. "Is anyone else still in the guild Kinana?"

Smiling at the sisters, Kinana answered in the affirmative, "Yes, your brother and the Thunder Legion are still here. He didn't want to leave without you two, what an adorable little brother. Oh, and Miss Evergreen didn't want to leave without him. I'm so jealous, I can't see Eric for another week because he's on a mission to Bosco."

The Demon's eyes widened at this knowledge and a mischievous smile graced her wickedly beautiful face.

"Uh oh, that smile means nothing good for someone. Kinana, be prepared to run."

While her sister was praying for the poor soul that was going to suffer at the hands of her idea, Mirajane had already walked past the two and had called out, "OH, ELFMAN!"

The two remaining in the infirmary had decided to follow to see what the Demon was up to. As the exited they came down the stairs to see that Mirajane had already found Elfman and was talking to him.

"Big sis, I'm glad you're up. I was waiting for you so we could head home together." His smile meant that he hadn't noticed his elder sister's smile. The males of the Thunder Legion had however, and backed up away from the mountain of a man. Evergreen, in an attempt to show her support for her boyfriend had remained by his side though.

"Aww how sweet! Too bad you won't be going home with us though…," turning her head towards the faithful girlfriend, her smile had actually sweetened up but the aura of mischief remained. "The real target was me!?" was the only thing that was heard before the Demon revealed her plan. "Evergreen, girls' night, my house, no questions. Kinana is coming too."

The group of people, aside from the Strauss sisters, were all confused as to what was going on. However the Demon's rampage didn't end there.

"Elfman, you're not allowed to come back until you find a place for you and Evergreen. You three," she indicated towards the male members of the Thunder Legion, "will put him up and help him until he has gotten a good enough place that will make her happy."

"Big sis! Are you kicking me out?"

"That's a rather mean way of putting it. I prefer a calling as being a loving big sister and encouraging her brothers' relationship. Recently I've found out that I'm losing my spot as the older sister because of my little siblings trying to get ahead, so I'm reinforcing my position. Are you telling me that you intend to put poor Evergreen second to your sisters' forever? You have to man up and take care of her properly or you're only belittling her feelings. Such a brother isn't manly at all."

By the end of her tirade, Mirajane's smile was only a smile in name only.

"O-of course I'm serious about her! My love for her is the manliest!" Elfman roared out flexing his muscles. What he didn't notice, but everyone else had, was Evergreen's reaction to his loud and bold declaration. She had turned red from her neck up to her ears. While their relationship was common knowledge, neither of them had open expressed or announced their relationship.

In her embarrassment she could only slap him, repeatedly. "You dumbass! Nitwit! Elfman!"

In his confusion of suddenly being hit and insulted the only thing he could get out was, "Why did my name become an insult?"

"Well, now that that is settled, let's go girls. We have a long night of gossiping and squeezing embarrassing stories out of you all. Then you are all going to help me plan to trap… er, capture the heart of my future husband."

As the girl group walked off and left the guildhall, Laxus, who had watched the whole encounter with a smirk on his face, spoke up. "Well, this should prove interesting. When a dragon and a demon hunt each other, who will come out victorious?"

"In this situation, I do not believe that there really would be a loser. Perhaps only if some poor fool that would stand in-between them would there really be a loser." Freed, responding to his leaders question while looking at the still stunned Elfman pitifully.

"We are talkin' 'bout Natsu and Mira doin' the horizontal tango right? And Elfman bein' Elfman right?" Bickslow, who was paying more attention to his 'babies', was confirming what little he had heard.

"Pretty much. Well let's go, it's too late to start tonight obviously but we better get started early to help that poor fool find a place. You all know how picky Ever can be. Somebody smack him so we can go."

"By your will, Sir Laxus."

"Hey Elf-bro," Bickslow being left behind, started sending his 'babies' at Elfman's head to wake him up from his stupor. "We're rolling out!"

"Roll out!" "Roll out!" "Roll out!"

"Huh? Oh, ok. Thanks guys, I'm sorry about my sister's selfishness. Though I guess she's right, I love my sister's more than anything in the world but I can't neglect Ever because of it. It isn't fair to her. Alright tomorrow we are going to find the manliest house ever!"

Seeing that the 'poor fool' had recovered, they all had exited the guild heading towards their shared apartment, none of them had noticed the figures standing at the top of the stairs.

"What a lucky man. Men all over Fiore would weep if they knew what is probably going happening here in a few days. Oh well, I can't think of a more fitting woman to support him in his endeavors."

"I couldn't agree more gramps, though I admit I'm looking forward to the cat fight between her and Erza about it." A perverse chuckle came out from the taller figure.

"MY GUILD!" And a cry from the short figure.

The female camp, being led by the Demon, made their way towards Fairy Hills so that Evergreen and Kinana could pack an overnight bag. And so that Mirajane could kidnap two others for her girls' night. Not that they knew it yet. The group walked in relative silence but it was a pleasant one, the most being said was both Mirajane and Lisanna thanking Evergreen for picking up their slack and thanking Kinana for being so understanding and praising her for ability to manage the bar despite her being so reserved.

Upon arriving at their first destination the two residents went to their rooms to prepare for their night of fun. Mirajane on the other hand headed towards her final two guests(?) for the night, Lisanna followed along as cheerful as ever greeting the various residents of the dorms.

"I guess Levy is one of the ones we are here for but I'm curious who the other one is. Based on the trend it would have to be someone that snagged themselves a dragon slayer. The only one left in the guild is Laxus…"

As the younger sister was pondering who the lucky gal was, the older sister had stopped in front of a door and had knocked. A moment later they heard someone cursing from the other side of the door as if they had stubbed their toe. Another moment later the door and the owner of the room looked at her guests with a surprised look before narrowing her eyes at the older one.

"Mira. I wish I could say that it's pleasant to see you but you standing here this late with that smile smells of nothing but trouble."

"That's mean Cana! I came to invite you to my girls' night. I was hoping you would enjoy a night of juicy gossip."

"Mira, I'm not sure if you're aware but usually the word 'invite' typically implies that the invitee has a choice of declining. I don't need my magic to tell me that if I say no that I'll be waking up in your house in about 30 minutes."

Mirajane's only response was keeping a smile on her face. Lisanna was trying not to laugh at the lush's misfortune.

"Alright, alright, I get it. At least gimme some incentive to spill my guts out."

"I'll tell you about Natsu's love nest and mistresses."

"I'm in."

"Mira! You can't use Natsu's personal life to get gossip about others!"

"Lis, calm down. Cana and Natsu might as well be siblings with how close he and Gildarts is. There's nothing wrong with telling a sister about her brother."

"I feel like that is an extremely biased opinion Mira. Sophistry only works on people that aren't as smart as you." A voice to the side of the three girls rang out through the halls.

"Levy! You saved me time of coming to you. Come, girls' night at my house. Refusal isn't allowed."

"See, why didn't you just be that straightforward with me?"

"You should have seen what she just did to Elfman and the rest of Thunder Legion. That was Wendy level nice comparatively." Evergreen walked up to group giving her input on Mirajane's methods.

"At least the rest of you got some sort of invite, all I got was 'Kinana is coming too' when she was talking to someone else." The final attendee of the impromptu night of gossip had arrived.

"Our lack of free will aside, anyone care to tell me if there is a particular topic that we will be discussing?" Cana had already gone to retrieve her overnight bag(?) that suspiciously looked like a barrel of booze.

Mirajane being the leader of the troupe only said one word. "Dragons."

With that one word the 5 other girls immediately knew what she was talking about. However one in the group was quickly just as confused.

"Not that I don't appreciate being invited(?) but I don't exactly fit into that category."

Without missing a beat, Mirajane responded, "While that may be true, you get an auto invite to stuff like this from now on. That's what it means to be sisters."

The smile on Mirajane's face was radiant. Evergreen was stunned for a second before tears started roll down her cheeks.

"I-I don't know what to say. I was always worried if you two would accept me or not, I know that I'm not always the most pleasant girl and then all that stuff with the festival…"

"What matters to us is where your heart is at now. Elfman is head over heels for you and so long as you can deal with his Elfman-ness while always loving and supporting him then we will always accept you."

Evergreen's smile broke across her face as she tried to wipe away her tears and before she knew it she was wrapped in a hug by both of the Strauss sisters. They stayed that way for a minute until she calmed down and when she had Cana had spoken up.

"Let's go! We have a long night of drinking and juicy secrets to uncover! It seems most of us here had had their own taste of dragon meat and can't give it up. TO THE DEMON'S DUNGEON!"

The rest of the girls giggled at her and began making their way out of the dorms.

"I feel a little bad for only inviting certain girls, maybe next month we can do a super girls night."

"Sure, as long as no one lets master or my old man know. I feel like they would put it all on the line to peep on us."

"Agreed. Well when Erza comes back we can talk to her about it. Though Natsu said to keep alcohol away from her…"

"Worry not! I'll take one for the team and drink it all before she can get any!"

The giggles of the girls had just started for the night.

Team Natsu had arrived at the village that had issued the request and had decided to spend the night there before heading out in the morning. The team, after settling into their borrowed house, had decided to go out and stretch their legs before settling down for the night and enjoy the small amenities that the village had to offer. Natsu had finished informing his team about his past 3 months on the train and each of them had their own reactions.

Gray quite possibly had the least to say with, "I see, Alvarez is doomed." While that sounds harsh, everybody know that it was all in good fun. Though it did have an underlying message to Natsu, he has a long way to go to be a good ruler and he owes it to those citizens to work hard and catch up.

Carla had ranted on about how he need to stop his shenanigans and stop running around like a hooligan if he was going to be responsible for an entire country. Happy was just making fun of him like normal trying to lighten the mood.

Wendy was amazed that he had become the emperor. In her heart she knew that there was no better possible ruler for a country that had lost their way than the man in front of her. He had the mysterious ability to bring everyone together and even turn former enemies into allies and as a ruler that was something that could be terrifying to a country's opponents. She had other feelings too, her dragon instincts were flaring up at her about picking him as an ideal mate. Outrageous power, unlimited potential, unwavering loyalty, a passion that burned as hot as his flames, and a physique that makes girls drool. She knew she was getting into dangerous territory in her thoughts considering their ages but her dragon instincts were quickly overwriting that with the thought of 'it's only 4 years'. She knew that she needed to talk to him about it but she couldn't get passed her embarrassment so she resolved herself to talk to one of the older girls when they returned after the mission.

Erza, stoic and to the point as always, informed him that if he is intent on retaining the throne he has to work hard and that slacking off was unacceptable. Also that she would happily assist him should he require it. What she didn't voice however, was that she was rather unsettled at the knowledge that Natsu would be leaving Fairy Tail. She knew that everyone goes their own separate ways in life but she couldn't put her finger on what she was feeling. However one feeling came though clear as day even if she didn't understand why yet, she did not want to be separated from Natsu.

Lucy was a mass of conflicted emotions. On one hand she was proud of her best friend and on the other she knew that he would be leaving and her heart hurt at the thought of being separated from him. She had only recently come to terms with her feelings for the man only to find out that he was going off to another country. While outwardly Natsu was unsure, she knew that that with there being so many people depending on him there was no way he would be able to ignore them. It was one of the many things she loved about him and how she knew that he would be a fantastic ruler. Her heart was already set on following him but despite that she didn't know how she could bear leaving all her friends behind. At this time she was still owed an additional explanation so she decided to wait until she heard him out completely before she made any concrete plans.

Not surprisingly nobody had brought up anything about his supposed immortality but he could see in their eyes that they understood why he had hid it from them. They just genuinely didn't know what to say. Which was fine, he still didn't know how to deal with it and it was he himself that it affected the most. He knew that it would take time for him to adjust to his longevity and it likely wouldn't even really kick in until he started to see signs of his friends' age around him. To be honest he had started making plans to just leave and go to Alvarez so that they could adjust sooner. That plan was shattered the moment he looked into Mirajane's sapphire eyes in the infirmary. He knew that if he went through with it the shining light in those eyes would go out and that in itself was something he'd be willing to kill over. It was an impossible thing for him to be the one to cause it to happen.

After he had finished his tale, without words, Lucy had wanted him to fill him in on the rest of the information she was missing on him. While he was willing to tell, he had asked her to wait until they had arrived at the village. They were about to switch trains and the new one didn't have the motion sickness lacrima so he was about to become 'useless' as Happy called it. Understanding his oncoming plight, she agreed on the condition that he lets her give him a lap pillow instead of Erza. He agreed saying that he was still spoiling her until he told her anyway. So they had spent the last leg of their train ride with Natsu burying his face into Lucy's stomach and Lucy playing with his hair with a content smile on her face. Neither noticed the reactions from Erza or Wendy. Erza was visibly confused because her lap felt strangely empty and Wendy's eyes were fierce with jealousy with her cheeks puffed up.

After they had settled in, Natsu had decided to go out for a walk to get the fresh air to settle his stomach and he invited Lucy to go with him. Erza accented to his choice stating that she was going to look around to see if she could get any more information out of the residents and do a once over of their general supplies. She had Wendy accompany her so that she could get even more experience with the different aspects of S class missions. The Exceeds decided to go out on their own walk and Gray decided to turn in early. With each member with their own plans, they separated and went their own ways.

As Natsu and Lucy made their way through the village checking out various things and stalls Lucy had resumed her spoiled behavior. Natsu had started making his way out of town towards a grassy field that he had seen on their way into town, Lucy, not really caring where they went, just went along with him. Eventually they came to a stop and Natsu pulled a blanket out of his storage space and spread it out before picking up Lucy and laying them both down on it. Giggling at Natsu's sudden burst of romanticism but thoroughly enjoying it, she just decided to snuggle down into him as he wrapped his arm around her.

"So, as much as I enjoy getting spoiled I think I'll take my explanation now. I don't want it to interfere with our mission with my mind being preoccupied."

"Oh, mental preparation. We might make an S class mage out of you yet!"

"S class is your dream dummy, I know I'm not ready for that yet but I'll get there. Just you watch!"

"Ah, speaking of which. I found out that as Emperor I can make myself an S class mage of Alvarez and have it formally recognized in Fiore."

"Isn't that an abuse of power?!"

"Ordinarily, but I have the feats to back up my claim. Namely beating the previous emperor who happened to be the Black Wizard Zeref and Acnologia, both of which were SSS rank targets. Not to mention the taking down of the leaders of the Balam Alliance. Hisui said with these achievements alone I could be qualified to be one of the Four Gods of Ishgar. The only thing that's holding me back is my years of experience. Well aside from being the emperor of another country. Can't be a God of Ishgar if I'm living on Alakitasia."

"I see. I guess I can't really argue then."

"Don't worry about it, I'd rather be named an S class mage of Fairy Tail anyway. It has special meaning to me. Besides, have you noticed the power difference between S class mages of Fairy Tail compared to other guilds? During the Grand Magic Games our A class mages that had been locked away for 7 years and with only 3 months, or 5 days for us, managed to match or exceed the other guilds top mages. Even you who at the time was at best a high C or low B class was dominating in your fight with that Flare chick."

"That's because Fairy Tail is the greatest! I'm really glad I met you that day in Hargeon and went with you." Her embarrassment at her confession showed with the reddening of her cheeks but she didn't stop there. She crawled up his body and gave him a kiss on the cheek before climbing back down and burying her face in his chest.

Natsu just smiled down at her as she hid. "Well I guess I better tell you before it gets too late and Erza comes looking for us. That wouldn't be fun." The only response was the blonde nodding her head, still too embarrassed from her own actions to meet his eyes.

"Well I'm pretty sure Levy has already told you some stuff about dragon slayers and their mates. That they find their one mate and if they manage to win their heart they stay absolutely loyal to them and only them. Should the unfortunate event that their mates pass away before them, if they are so inclined and still in their prime years they can take another as long as they both share a strong bond. Though they wouldn't ever forget their first mate, but they can move on as long as their new mate is supportive and understanding."

"Yeah, that's pretty much what she told me. Out of curiosity what about Wendy? Is it different for female dragon slayers?"

"Hmm, I can't say I fully understand it but from my understanding that mysterious sixth sense that all women have that Mira called "woman's intuition" is like mega powered up for female dragon slayers when they start thinking about finding their mate. Meaning that they can tell whether a guy even meets their own subconscious standards just by spending a little time with them. Frankly it's rather terrifying if you ask me. And with Wendy's own natural ability to read people it's probably that much stronger in her. Unlike the males, female slayers and even dragons, they won't typically get a second mate if theirs die before them. I couldn't tell you why, I don't even pretend to understand normal girls much less girl dragon slayers."

"Hehe, that's okay Natsu. Sometimes girls don't understand girls."

"That's not really a comforting thought… Anyway, these mating instincts are true for all of the 'first generation' slayers and even those two dweebs in Sabertooth since they received their magic from a dragon originally. The 'second generation' like Laxus and Cobra aren't bound to the instincts and behaviors that we are but they still get the impulses depending on how in tune they are with the lacrima."

"I see. Well from the way you are talking about the other slayers it seems like you're different. How?"

She had looked back up at Natsu when she asked her question and he met her with a smirk. "As smart as you are beautiful. Yeah, as you guessed I'm different. I, unlike any other known dragon slayer in history, was given my magic by a dragon king. While other dragon kings might have been on the humans' side during the war, Igneel was the only one we know of to take on a slayer."

"So I guess your magic was different, but how did that affect your other traits and instincts?"

"Hmm, well as you saw before I can used dragon king level slayer magic. The others could potentially train enough to be able to do it but for me I managed to do it in less than a year. It could take them up to 10 and Laxus and Cobra can never do it because their lacrima's don't allow for it. As for the part you're curious about, for the most part the behavioral traits are the same but to be honest most of them I still had to learn about myself, even Igneel didn't know what could be different or not. However the one major thing I found that was different was my mating habits. I have multiple mates or rather the potential for multiple. Where Gajeel would have felt satisfied or complete when he mated with Levy and would never look at another girl like that again, I didn't."

"Wait, you mean you've mated with someone?!" Lucy raised herself up and stared into his eyes to see if he was just messing with her. When she saw no signs of it she felt a violent mix of anger and sadness. With a hint of shame for having been acting the way she had been. "Natsu if you have someone then why are being like this with me? I didn't take you for this kind of guy."

"That's part of why I told you that I need to tell you everything before you decided anything with me and you deserve better. I'm not happy about that fact but it isn't exactly an instinct I can ignore. Just like humans have a base instinct to reproduce, to a dragon and especially a dragon king, that instinct is amplified to the extreme. I know this sounds arrogant but human girls can't keep up with me if you know what I mean. I think she said that my sexual appetite is bigger than my normal appetite. As weird as it sounds I think the only person that potentially could have satisfied me by herself was Irene and that's only because she literally had the stamina of a dragon. The awkwardness of having sex with Erza's mom aside, she isn't exactly an option anymore so I'm in the terrible situation of staying faithful and risking my sanity by fighting my base instincts or breaking the girl I love, or be in a polyamorous relationship doing everything I can to make my mates happy to make up for my inability to dedicate myself to just one of them. I hate myself for it but the thought of hurting someone I love is unfathomable and inversely any girl that I would choose as my mate wouldn't want me to risk my own well-being."

"I-I see… If you were any other guy I'd kick you in the balls and never look at you again but I know in my heart that you aren't that type of person. This whole time you've avoided saying the girl's name and you've never acted like a jerk just because you do have a girl. I have a hunch that you aren't done explaining things to me though. So hurry up and tell me, my heart is hurting right now and I don't know how long I can take it. What about how you choose your mates."

"Sorry, I didn't want to hurt you. Again, this is why I said you deserve better than someone like me. Anyway, my mates have to be someone that I have a genuine bond with. It isn't going to be someone that I just met. Beyond that, my instincts tell me if she is compatible with me. I couldn't tell you what it's based on though, I just know. I know that is a terrible explanation but it's the best I got. On that note, there is such a thing as level of compatibility. Meaning that there is a girl that is the best possible match for me that will carry my heir, a queen if you will."

"You know who your queen is don't you? And it's not me or the girl you've already mated with. If I had to guess it would be the girl that has your scarf right now."

Natsu could only respond with a small smile at first, he knew that Lucy was really smart but she had been picking up on things and figuring it out all along. It was one the things that made him want to claim her and keep her to himself. Dragons are notoriously greedy.

"And how do you feel about that? Make no mistake Luce, I want you, but as you guessed, you're not my queen. I'm sorry, it's not something that I can control but I do know why that person was selected as my queen. It's a bit ironic really."

Lucy didn't answer immediately, instead electing to just lay her head on his chest to give herself time to think and after a couple minutes she started drawing lines in his abs. After she had thought it over, she climbed up onto his chest fully laying on him and looking down into his eyes. "My mom always told me to find my own happiness. I've found it and I don't intend to let go." With that she leaned down and stopped when their lips met. Without missing a beat he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close. The two could feel each other's smile as they kept exploring their partner's mouths. After a few moments the need for oxygen called a truce their face battle.

"I'll take my kiss and be content for now. I feel like if I take anymore before you can claim your queen she wouldn't forgive me. But, I am yours Natsu Dragneel, you better not let me go."

"You like reading, can you tell me of any story of a dragon letting go of his treasure? I was willing to fight the entire kingdom when you were just a guild mate, imagine what I would do for someone that has ahold of my heart."

"As a woman, that excites me. As a human, that terrifies me."

"Welcome to the rest of your life my Celestial Princess." Leaning up and giving her one last kiss before getting her off of him so they could stand up. "It's about time to head back. My Erza danger senses are going off."

"Have you really angered her enough times to the point you can tell when she's coming?"

"Luce, I tracked her from a crowed resort across the ocean to an island in the middle of nowhere miles off the coast. It's impossible for me not know she's coming. That and even among all the peoples scents that I've come across, hers has a specific trait to it that I've only discovered recently what it is but it's not something I could ever mistake, especially now."

"Really? I must say that has me curious Natsu. You have informed before from a previous inquiry that my scent was that of strawberries, steel and roses. You never mention anything about an additional scent." As they started walking back, Erza had approached them and heard the last part of their conversation.

"That's because while I recognized it, it didn't make sense that you would have that smell so I could never put it together but I always knew it was there. Now, it completely makes sense to me."

"Oh, well you have my attention. Do tell."

Natsu just smirked at reaction. While to most it would seem that she was being demanding, he could easily tell that she was really curious and excited at something new. "I'm not sure how it will make you feel, but you smell like a dragon. You have dragon blood in you and you're not the only one, gramps and Laxus do too. It was hard to tell past their magic, but it's there. I have no clue why though."

"OH! I think I can answer that. Or at least it's a theory." Lucy excitedly piped up. Neither of her companions said anything but looked at her with curious looks which she returned with a cocky smile.

"Remember when the First was telling us about how the founders liberated Magnolia?"

"Yeah." "Yes."

"Well when she cast Law she said that Yuri, master's father and Laxus's great-grandfather, had fused with the dragon bones because of the Tenrou Jade. Maybe after they were separated some of the dragon magic remained in him and it got passed on genetically. That could explain why Laxus is so good with his dragon slayer magic despite him being a second generation."

"I see. That is indeed a plausible theory Lucy. Perhaps we should speak with Master and inform him of this. Perhaps he will have some insight for us."

"No." At Natsu's sudden denial Lucy and Erza's excited mood had suddenly turned to confusion. "I'm fine with us telling gramps and Laxus but absolutely do not mention this to anyone else… ever. In fact the next time I got to the palace I'll have to tell Toma and have him start securing the dragon remains below the arena."

"Natsu, what's wrong?"

With a serious look, he turned his head towards Lucy. "Luce, if that theory proves to be true and the wrong person hears it I can almost guarantee that someone will abuse it. I can't even imagine the horrors people might end up being subject to try and recreate those results."

"Natsu I understand your concerns, however it was my understanding that the Tenrou Jade was destroyed in the process."

"Erza, it's a big world. I'm sure there are other similar artifacts out there. That and I wouldn't put it past dark mages to try and just recreate the Jade either. It's just full of terrible possibilities."

"I see, you are correct. Very well then, upon returning we will inform master and I will leave you to inform the king. I am impressed by your foresight Natsu. I do not think you would have put this much thought into something like this before."

"Well, I am the ruler of a country now. I have to think of the citizens and protect them from potential threats. I'm still new at it but that is no excuse to be lax. Speaking of, it's late, I assume that's why you came to get us. Let's head back and get a good night's rest, there's some monsters need their butt kicked tomorrow."

"Indeed, those scum will not know what hit them." Erza's smile spelled doom for the monsters.

"Say Erza, how about we have a little competition. Whoever beats the most monsters gets to boss the loser around for a day."

"Natsu," Erza's cold voice rang out in the cool night air. "After everything we have been though and all of your maturing and you still have this mindset? I am shocked and astounded… that you think you have a chance of beating me. I will not go easy on you just because you are royalty." In the middle Erza speech she turned her head towards her challenger with a mocking smirk on her face. Her spirt of competiveness running rampant around her.

Natsu returned her expression with one of his own. "That's the dragon blood in you Erza, you can't let a good challenge go unanswered. I'm all fired up now!"

Lucy, watching the two longtime friends with a smile on her face, was still a little sad. She knew that Natsu would be leaving for Alvarez soon and leaving his friends behind. While he could make friends with pretty much anyone she knew it wouldn't be the same as with the people that grew up with him. After thinking about it for a minute she decided to put those thoughts behind her for now, she knew she needed to be focused for the mission tomorrow.

Running up and grabbing onto Natsu's arm, Lucy spoke out, "Come on guys, we're leaving poor Wendy with Gray and Carla must be at her wits end with Happy by now."

With that the 3 friends headed back to their borrowed house for the night. The nest of monsters never knew what hit them the next day.