Hi! Raika here! This is the first time that I'll be writing here so...Everyone nice to meet you! Also, Im not very good at English so forgive me for that, but I'll try my best! (/)/Now let's have some... Ryosaku!

I tried to smile to myself as i look at the mirror. There's no need to feel this way, so why am i even feeling this? A sigh escape my lips, as i look down and inhaled in hope to ease the feeling... what is it again? Ah. Yeah ... nervousness..

"You look fine. No need to be nervous. Welcome her with a smile" i said trying to comfort myself, thinking that she should be the one who should be nervous by now, why not right?...

Today is the wedding after all...

"Echizen-san you need to go now. The bride is about to come" one of the lady who was helping us for the occasion said behind the door. I immediately clapped both of my cheeks and took a deep breath. Calm down.

"Yeah im coming"

I made my way inside, looking everywhere, memorizing every details, the colors the lights and even the people who was here right now.

The place where decorated with pink flowers, even the aisle was filled with scattered pink petals.

God she really loves pink, she never changesA smile was visible to my lips as i reached the side of the altar i saw some people there, and they smiled and said hi to me, i smiled back.

I stood still watching as the people starts to gather. After a minute the announcer booms "the bride is entering" i smiled as the doors opens, Seeing the figure of the girl in white.. no a woman in white... walking down the aisle slowly. With her head down and a closed eyes, she was smiling.

And everything came to me. Starting to the day when i met her again.. it was a really cold night. I was waiting for a train and then suddenly i saw a cup of coffee inches away from my face, I was confused 'why is this random girl giving me a cup of coffee' and you replied as if you were able to read my mind "I know you like ponta more than this... but in a cold weather like this... Coffee will do, right.. R-ryoma-kun? " she said not even looking at me. But i saw the blush on her face so i gradually took the coffee and thanked her. Not without my knowing smirk that's clearly visible to her, I recognize her... Her hair is still too long and stutter a lot. It helped me remember.

From that day, We always met at the train station and eventually we learned that we are both from the same university. We become close, Very close, Closer than when we're on our middle school.

She always helped me with my history subjects and i help her with math. Since i said history was making me feel sleepy, she tried to find a way to make it more exciting every time she teach me that subject. Sometimes it cause her to look silly but its ok because i can see her laughing face. She was enjoying herself. It was more than anything that i want in this world.

Recalling that memories about us... made me smile even more...

Years had pass and we stayed like that. We were so happy and we really enjoy each other's company. And one day i was waiting for a train yet again i saw cup of coffee. I smiled as i saw her with the coffee. I was not expecting her to show up at all since i knew she was busy with matters of her own.

My smile fade, The beating of my heart... as fast as a bullet train was never absent everytime i remembered that.

"What are you doing here? I thought you're in the middle of your job training?" She smiled and look at me in the eye, changing your expression from smiling to a serious but embarrassed one, and you gulped before speaking "I love you Ryoma-kun"

That's when everything changes... i changed and you changed.

And now here we are at a wedding venue. Me waiting at the side of altar. And her... walking down the aisle wearing a beautiful white gown, her hair was put up in a bun with flowers at the side. To be honest i preferred the braids that she have 6 years ago..

I wish i could stop the time right now...Soon she reached me, she look at me smile. I smiled back, the best smile that i can make... her smile on the other hand was so beautiful. Its winter now but she's sending me back to spring where flowers are blooming everywhere.

"Ryoma-kun.. thank you" she said and i nodded still wearing the smile on my face

The tears that I've been holding back had finally slipped down my cheeks. For the first time you failed to notice that... maybe because you're now... on your way.

She walk pass me to take his hand. And the of two of them walked up to the altar. The scenery was so beautiful and i can see the both of them is really happy. Im happy too but my heart is aching still.

The what if's and everything that i never said is hurting me... and i cant help myself but think...

It could've been me who was standing next to you on the altar if only i was brave enough to say ' I love you too ' that night.

-Tell them before its too late-


Author: at some point in life there are times that we will fell in love but we will never have the courage to tell them how we feel, there's always a reason but in the end maybe those reasons were only a challenge for us and all we need is to break free and tell the person how much you love them. You never know right? Don't let these people go easily.. specially when u know that they feel the same way. ヾ()Bye~Bye~Note: This was from my other story and i only decided to try it on Ryosaku. I know, im not a good writer im sorry.