Hello everybody Wombg1786 here.

So continuing the zombie RWBY Fad I decide to brainstorm some new story's to write to replace Left 4 Dead story once it's done. I had a lot of games to choose from but I noticed this one fanfic by DarkDevilKnight back in 2015. He unfortunately never finished, shame really but his fic does remind me that I pre-order the new state of decay game and I always like writing stories in untouched areas of fanfic's. So I'm basing this off from the ending of the first game and then moving on to the second. I'll be using two of My best characters (one being a hero and another a normal) and the one character that you can't play as in the game. The source of this story comes from my own experience and gameplay on the breakdown dlc. The 3 characters will include Eli Wilkerson the youngest Wilkerson brother, Alice Purnel a part time waitress and actor, finally Lily Ritter the sickly voice of the apocalypse. Now as exciting it is to read the story this is a one-shot to see how the committee feels about this. It will be seen from the SURVIVORS stand point, team RWBY will make a BREIF appearance but this is a one-shot prologue not the actual story. The story will come out between late June or mid July, when I have finished the game or gotten enough hands on experience with it. So keep an eye out for it. So I'm going to place out there stats weapon of choice and a small discription of them then start the story.

So with that enjoy, I don't own RWBY or State of Decay 1 and 2

Eli Wilkerson

Age 25 pre-apocalypse post-apocalypse age 27

Melee weapon: Trusty Fire Axe

Secondary: Hunting knife

Fire arm: pistol D 1911

Supplies: Pipe bombs

Weapon specialist: Heavy weapons

Special skill: Rage

Trait: thinker, likes to Hunt, nimble, practices taxidermy, hero

Looks: scraggly deep hazel brown hair. He wears a dirty white tank top with a pair of even dirtier jeans and work boots. He has a skull and crossbones and skull tattoo on both his arms but the Right arm has a burn scar going down his arm covering it after he made a choice between setting himself on fire or be killed by a feral. He also has the State of Decay logo tattooed on his chest over his heart that he got after spending time with the group.

Background: Eli was born into poverty with a family of three in Oregon state. His Father died in the gulf war and his mother was committed to a wheelchair after his birth. Still with his brother's protection and his mother's care he had a good if a bit mischievous upbringing. He was constantly pressured into attending school even though he wanted nothing more then to be with his brother's on there hunting trips. One day when he was a senior in high school his mother got terminal cancer and shortly passed away. He was forced to drop out of school despite getting a scholarship to a prestigious school in California. He became nothing more then a punk who would accompany his brother's on there back ally bulet sales. One day while making a sale in Trumbull valley Colorado the outbreak happened and he was separated from his brother's. Armed with a 9mm and a big ass wrench he made his way into town after being chased out of a cabin in the woods that he was hiding in by a bunch of screamers. While on the run he ran into Lily and her brother Jacob Ritter and her father Thomas Ritter who were under attack by a hoard and a Juggernaut. Neither Jacob or Thomas survived. He ended up taking on the role of carrying for Lily as a request of her dying father. At first he thought of her as some annoying kid who used her sickness as an excuse to get out of work, but soon his relationship with her grew into a sort of surrogate brother. The two soon met a survivor group in town and joined them. He spent the entirety of two years looking for his brother's while keeping Lily alive in the process. He eventual found his oldest brother Mickey Wilkerson who informed Eli his second oldest brother Job Wilkerson died before he could reach him. The only thing he has of his brother left was his trusty double barrel. He know personally hunts down ferals as a way of getting revenge but he has yet to learn when to let go getting him into a decent amount of trouble but then again the odds have always been against him even now but he always finds a way to beat them.

Alice Purnell

Pre apocalypse Age 24 post apocalypse age 26

Melee: Crowbar

Secondary: Kitchen knife

Fire arm: 870 Combat shotgun.

Supplies: road flairs

Weapon Specialty: Shotgun

Special Skill: Focas aim

Traits: Acter, team mom, pack a day, waitress

Looks: Jet Black short hair, a blue zip up flees with the zipper low enough to show a bit of her bra and cleavage. She wears a black pair of skinny jeans tucked into a pair of cowboy boots. She has a scar all over her left hand from her time at the orphanage and a tattoo of the State of Decay logo on her right hand from her time in the group.

Background: Alice Purnell was raised in an orphanage in the country side in South Dakota. The nuns were kind to the children. As long as your not left handed but unfortunately majority of the children were and they were constantly punished for it... severely. Those who were right handed were encouraged to bully and harass the left hand children and for the most part they did. Alice was born ambidextrous and was able to get away from most of the beatings. She felt bad for the younger kids and began to play the role of a surrogate mother. This helped a lot of kids get through the day to day beating's but it wasn't enough and some of the children... took the easy way out. This fell heavily on Alice, especially since the law couldn't do anything about it due to the lack of evidence and separation of state and religion. One day on a class field trip they went to see Hamilton live and she fell in love with the concept of acting. She was obsessed and studied it through out her tween to mid teen years. She later found out she had a natural ability to act and she used that ability to help the younger children quite literally act there way into a family. Eventually she turn eighteen and was out on her ass with a few hundred after refusing to become a nun for the orphanage. She ended up working from diner to diner till she ended up in Trumbull valley Colorado and found a part time job as a waiter and an actor for the local town plays. One day while rehearsing for the next up coming play some big shot Hollywood Director was in town and he went to see the local play to mock for there horrible quality and performance but was completely stun by Alice performance and immediately set up an interview to star in his next big movie. She went into that interview with the director's lawyer, some cast members, and a journalist for people's magazine. Suffice to say they were completely blown away by her natural beauty, acting skills, and caring and friendly attitude compared to the supposed actress who was going to play the role. Alice was going to serve her last meal to her new employer's at the diner she worked when the actress who was supposed to play the part stepped in and tried to kill her in a fit of jealouse rage. She ended up killing the director by accident and the police were shortly called after Alice apprehended her would be killer. Things took a turn for the worst when the director came back as a zombie and killed everyone in the diner, except for Alice. She survived the Orphanage, the streets, and now an assignation attempt, there was no way in hell she was going to sit there and die in that massacre at the diner. She barley escaped but managed to stay alive with the aid of a blood stain frying pan. She eventually found a shotgun in an abandoned sheriff cruiser outside the diner and with her first cock she felt like she just reunited with an old friend. During the apocalypse she grew a love for any weapon that spits out the twelve gage. She was a natural shotgun user and with a shotgun in hand she survived the first few weeks before joining a small community of survivors in Spencer's mill, soon enough she joined a group of survivors and eventually met Eli and Lily. At first she saw Eli as just another punk who was in it for himself but after witnessing him risk his life to protect Lily during an attack by bandits, she saw him less and a punk with morally questionable background and more as a friend.

Lily Ritter

Pre apocalypse Age 19 post apocalypse age 21

Melee weapon: a baseball bat (metal)

Secondary: a sharpen Pozi screwdriver.

Fire arm: Glock 22

Supplies: none

Weapon specialty: handguns

Special skill: Ninja

Traits: Asthma attacks, Chronic fatigue, gossip, love books, loved movies

Looks: a blonde with a low flat twist bun that became a pony tail after two year with no barber. She wears a pink hoodie with the zipper low enough to see she is wearing a black V-neck she is also wearing blue jeans tucked over a pair of brown cowboy boots. She has a permanent needle scar on her arms from the medication she took for her illness. She has a State of Decay logo tattoo on the back of her neck from her time with the group.

Background: Lily Ritter was born a in Trumbull valley Colorado, her father Thomas Ritter was a local carpenter and her mother Jane Ritter was a poet that wrote for the local newspaper, she had an older brother Jacob Ritter who got into trouble but for the most part a straight A student who wanted to help his fathers construction project's. When she was eight her mom passed away from the disease Lupus Erythematosus, things only got worst when she herself was diagnosed with the same disease a year later. She became a very sickly child, practically on the verge of death every day. To stay alive her father and older brother got multiple jobs to pay for her medication that was keeping her alive. Some nights her father would return exhausted from working 3 jobs at once that barley pays for her medication. Her brother all though arrogant never took his anger out on his sister, he would purposely take the ventilation from his father to keep her safe and his father sane. As he grew older his part time job as a disk jockey grew into a passion and he made it his career despite his fathers wishes. While working he constantly did shout outs to her and made many references to her on the radio, She became a town celebrity shortly afterwards and received many donations. She eventually would be brought to the studio to say some of her moms old poams and would help her brother with some wiring and equipment. As she got older the illness started to weaken to a state that she no longer required a daily trip to the hospital but she still required a monthly check up and some expenses medication to stay alive. One day for her 19TH birthday her father took her and her brother up to the mountain for a camping trip. That is where she first encountered the infection, she watched in horror as the zombies tear apart the fellow campers in front of her. Her family and some other campers hid at the ranger station but it became overrun and they were force to flee downwards in an old pickup truck that broke down halfway down the mountain. As her father and brother tried to repair the car they were attacked by a hoard led by a Juggernaut. She watched helplessly as the monstrous fat zombie tears her brother in two and the hoard rips most of her fathers guts out. When the Juggernaut grabbed her after ripping the car door from the car hinges she thought she was going to die when the youngest Wilkerson boy Eli jumped on top of the Juggernaut and killed it with a hunting knife before using his skills he picked up from his brother's to smash in the remaining hoard's faces. With her father dying from the lack of guts and... legs he asked for Eli to promise to take care of his daughter to which he reluctantly accepted. He then kills himself with the gun he got off a dead ranger but not before he promised his daughter to send her regards to her mother. She and Eli burn what was left of her family before heading into town. While in camp she met people of different backgrounds, she became good friends with Alice Purnell but had to help her overcome tensions with Eli and Alice. She soon found a shortwave midland Tucker radio and became the groups voice in the field and continued to save those either with her voice over the radio or with her dads gun.


During the second Year of the apocalypse on September, ?, 2018 a group of 17 survivors are surviving the apocalypse in a warehouse in suburban Marshall. They were going strong while other groups crumbled under the advancing hoards of the undead. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

"Oh shit shit shit, what the fuck are we going to do!?." Screams Mickey Wilkerson as he fires the fifty cal rifle into the skull of a feral.

"Oh shut up Mick and keep shooting!" Maya Torres shouts as she shoots her custom M14 rifle into a hoard of zombies.

The two earlier were sent out on guard duty when a hoard of zombies crashed into the mines set up by the group to be used as a safety net. The mines set off a chain reaction opening up there position to countless waves of zombie hoards and freaks.

"Jesus do we have enough ammo to kill ever single one of these motherfuckers?!" Mickey shouts.

"Yea we should after Alan and Nickolas trip to the fair ground we should have more then enough ammo to deal with..." Before Maya could finish three Juggernaut bashed into the fence causing a huge hole to open up in there defense and knocking down there watch tower they were standing on.

"Ugh." Both Mickey and Maya groans as they pick themselves up from the crash. When they looked around all they see is dust and smoke they noticed the fence was down and the only thing standing between the people and the zombies was now completely destroyed.

"Oh son of a bitch." Mickey wimpers in fear and pain as a Juggernaut walks though and lets out a loud howl.

Inside the base it went from a pleasant early mourning to a full shit show fire fight. Zombie's broke through the defense, sniper fire, and finally the barricade. With no more defenses in place the hoard started to descend on the survivors and devour them. It was pure chaos.

In the medical tent Michael and Becca Collins were recovering from bloater poisoning when the hoard broke in and ripped them to shreds before they had a chance to flee.

Ernesto, Aisha, and Maxwells were eating an early breakfast when the walls came down. They ran outside the diner hall to see the hoard coming after them. They fought off majority of the zombies with there weapons they have trained with but the numbers of zombies made there skills invalid and shortly died fighting the never ending hoard.

In the auto shop Lyannah, jade, and Hudson were busy building some whistling mines, they didn't hear the dead barge in. It wasn't till Hudson's racist remarks stopped the two girls noticed that he wasn't screaming insults but rather girlish screams of pain as a Feral found its way inside. Soon the shop was full of the undead and instead of dying by zombies the girls activated the mines and blew themselves up along with the zombies.

That brings us to the Radio station. Inside a few zombies broke through the door and charged at Lily and Isaiah as they fought off the dead trying to get in through the back door.

"Oh my god they got in! How did they got in?!" Lily screams as she takes her daddies gun from her holster and blast a few zombies away.

"I don't know Lil! Just keep them off me while I barricaded the door!" Isaiah shouts as he pushes a file cabinet against the door.

Lily nods as she stared getting head shot streaks left and right as the hoard never slowed down till finally the sound she was afraid of was made. 'Click, Click'

"Oh shit I'm out!" She screams as a feral tackle's her to the ground.

"LILY!" Isaiah shouts before running over trying to help her only to get tackled by a few fast infected.

As he screams out in agony as the zombie rip him in half, Lily's life flash before her eyes as the feral she struggled to get off her forces her down for the kill. The feral moved its head back readying itself to rip a large chunk of her flesh from her body, but instead of making her it's next meal the feral's head went sailing through the air as standing above the dead corpse was Eli holding his fire axe.

"You ok Lily?" Eli asked as he helped her up.

"Yea I'm fine Eli." Lily said as she brushed off the feral zombie blood from her face.

The zombies just finished snacking on poor Isaiah and turn there attention to Eli and Lily when a shotgun blast came from the weapons room.

"Ok you ugly basterds. Want some, Get some!" Alice said while walking out with the custom A12 bonesaw assault shotgun.

The zombies ran towards her but there was a very good reason why it was called the bonesaw and with her skills with 12 gages the zombie's were reduced to nothing more then piles of broken bones and red mist.

"God damn, do I love this weapon or what. Shame about the weight." She says before she dropped the weapon.

"Hay Eli how bad is it outside?" Lily asked.

"Fence's are down almost everyone is dead I can't find my brother and this is all but the tip of the iceberg. My suggestion is to abandon ship now." Eli said as he enters the armory grabbing the emergency bag of guns and a few round of ammo to go with it.

"He's right Lily, like it or not we have to go, the valley is picked clean and the reservoir is filled with enough bodies to contaminate the water twenty times over." Alice said as she catches the 870 combat shotgun the Eli tossed her.

"(Sigh) Yea I knew this day would come, alright I'll pack the radio." Lily said sadly.

The trio grabbed the supplies from the weapon locker and a few other things for the journey. Weeks ago the group stumbles upon a broken down RV. They managed to fix up the various issues with it and they loaded enough supplies to settle down somewhere small incase the valley became dangerous or the supplies ran out. Unfortunately both happened at the same time and they are now forced to flee. The trio grabbed what they needed and looked outside to see the RV in place.

"Ok on the count of three we make a break for it, don't stop for anything. If a zombie gets in your way let the shotgun do the talking but don't stop running. Ok?" Eli said as the two nod there head in agreement.

"Ok then. One, two, THREE!" And with that the trio sprinted to the RV at full speed. The hoard did take notice to them and tried to intercept them but with the Double barrel and the combat shotgun by there side the infected were quickly sent flying why'll the group ran away from them.

They just barley made it to the RV when the hoards started to follow. Lily got up into the driver seat and started to rev the old engine, but the old thing refuses to start.

"Oh come on, come on, come on." She mutters as she frantically revs the ignition trying to get the RV to start.

"Lily deary, I hate to stop you but we can't hold the door for much longer!" Alice shouts as she and Eli were loosing the ability to hold out against the hoard bombardment of the door.

A feral interrupts Lily attempted at escape when it jumps onto the window and tried breaking through it. It was interrupted when a 7.62MM burst through its skull.

The sound of rifle fire can be heard as a blood stain Mickey and Maya ran through the crowd killing zombie hoard to a more exceptional levels to deal with.

"What the hell is going on!?" Mickey shouts to Lily.

"The RV isn't working! It won't start." Lily retorts.

"Ah shit let me take a look." He opens the door and placed his custom fifty cal rifle he named Eli inside the RV before turning his attention to the moter.

Maya provides covering fire as Mickey started to fix the engine. The hoard took notice and charges towards the group.

"Ok, it's done, it's, done let's go go go." Mickey said as he slams down the hood of the RV. He stared to run towards the door when a feral tackles him. As he struggles to get the feral off him a bloater crept up on him and then pop's next to him making him choke on the toxic gases.

"Mickey!" Eli shouts in fear for his older brother. He tried to jump out of RV but Alice grabbed ahold of him.

"Go... (cough)... get out... (cough)... here, I got this..." He hacks on the toxic gases.

"No I ain't leaving you again! Get off me, he's my brother I would rather die the..." Eli never finished when Maya delivered a punch knocking him out cold.

"Go now I'll get Mickey." Maya orders as Lily nods her head before starting the RV and driving at full speed out of the infected base.

Maya turns around and begins to fire on the feral killing it. She then wraps a bandanna over her mouth and nose. She just ran out of ammo for her custom M14 and a huge hoard started to descend on her position.

"Hold on Mick, you saved my life once now it's time for me to return the favor." Maya said as she pulls out a 9MM pistol and CLEO machete, before running into the toxic mist.

Five minutes on the road Eli started to stir. He opens his eyes and begins to wonder why he had a massive headache when he realized what has happened. He quickly looks around to see Alice in the back trying to drown herself in alcohol and Lily driving the car with her hood over her head.

"Take us back!" Eli said as he ran to Lily.

"I.. we can't go back. You said it yourself to jump ship." Lily said not showing her face to Eli.

"But my brother is back there, what about Maya? What about those who are dying there. We can't just leave them there!" Lily hits the break extremely hard sending Eli flying backwards.

He looked up to see Lily's face had tear mark's from crying not to long ago. "DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT I KNOW THAT YOU SEFISH BASTERD!" She screams at Eli. She then started to hit Eli chest in a fit.

"I led them there, I promised them shelter, I gave them hope, don't you get that I'm the reason THEY DIED! I killed them Eli, (sob) I (sob) killed them (sob), I fucking (sob) killed them." Lily began to break down in tears.

Eli felt guilty about what he did and remember that he still needed to honor her father dying wish. Even though in this world honor means nothing.

"No no no, Lily you kept them alive for a year. If it wasn't for you we would have died." Eli said hugging her in an attempt to comfort her.

"He's right little lil without you we would have died. You managed to save us but what happened back there was a series of bad things happening all at once." Alice said before kneeling over to Lily and Eli's level.

"Even though they died they will live on through our memories of them. So cry, shout, hell even kill if you have to but as long as we remember the way they lived then they truly will never die." Alice said while holding a photo of the group.

Lily begins to cry even more but now instead of Eli only hugging her Alice joins in. They begin to mourn together for there fallen friends.

The sun begins to rise over the valley, Outside the small town near the fair ground the trio stopped the RV near the concrete blockade that was set up by the military to keep the infection at bay. It didn't work and the wall was clearly tear down by something big. They decided to do a head count of there supplies before leaving the valley for good.

"Ok Eli what do we have in the way of weapons?" Lily asked as she wrote down what he said.

"We have the following. A D1911, 870 combat shotgun, G22, SMG MP7A1, GL 06 Riot, revolver anvil, bush gun, fifty seven, trusty doubles barrels, Eli 50 cal, PP 22, trusty fire axe, metal bat, crowbar, Industial wrench, machete, kukri, pipe wrench, wooden bat, pry knife, hatchet, wrench."

Lily nods her head before turning to Alice. "Ok what do we have in the way of supplies?"

"Well we have, Pipe bombs, flame fougasse, petro bomb, chemical incendiary, road flair, machine suppressor Modafinil, coffee, snacks, painkillers, aspirin, morphine, enery drinks, small back packs large back packs. Other then that a few canisters of gas, enough food and bullets to last eight people a few months at best. We are lacking some Medication but we can get by, and of course enough materials to start another base." Alice finished as Lily wrote all this down.

"Ok I think it's time to go." Lily said as they nod and entered the RV only for Lily to stop.

"Wait! Wait a minute." Lily then runs over to a nearby tree.

"What is that?" Eli asked

"Something to remember those who didn't make it." Lily said as she walked onto the RV before looking around one last time at her once beloved home before stepping onto the RV and leaving forever.

As the RV drove away the screen turns to a note with a picture of the group.

In loving memory

Lyanna, maxwell, Becca Collins, Adan, Nickolas, Michael, Ernesto, Hudson, jade, Isaiah, Celia, Mickey Wilkerson, Maya Torres, Aisha

They will be missed.

'Take us back' by Alela Diane

Down the road the survivors view change from a mountain pass of Colorado to an open field's of Nebraska. As the hours went by they took shifts on driving while the others sleep. As they drive they listen to some old music that Eli found in the trunk of a car at a auto shop. As they cruised down the highway they noticed a mushroom close looming over the north western of them.

"Looks like Danforth is gone." Lily mutters they continued down the road heading south east now when another mushroom cloud appears. This one was much more different to the previous Mushroom cloud. For one it was much smaller and two it was close by and had a weird neon color.

"What the hell was that?" Alice asked looking at the weird cloud.

"Well only one way to find out." Eli said as he drives towards the explosion.

After a five minute drive the RV pulls over a ridge overlooking the plains. Eli pulls out his brother's Rifle that he named after him and looked through the scope of the fifty cal. What he saw shocked him "Holy shit guys."

"What is it?" Lily asked as Eli handed him her the rifle.

"I think I see little red riding hood, Snow White, Bella, and Goldilocks are fighting a hoard of Zombies on there own." Eli answers.

"Psh wha, I think you lost it Eli." Alice chuckles.

"He isn't kidding I mean look at this." Lily said giving a pair of binoculars to Alice who looked through them to see four young girls fighting off a hoard of the undead with sticks.

"Um are we suffering from some kind of radiation poisoning or something?" Alice asked usure by what she is seeing.

"Afraid not. Huh for a bunch of cosplayers they are surprisingly doing well." Eli says while staring down the scope of his rifle.

As the hoard started to disburse under the pressure of the four girls a Juggernaut appears and flanks them.

"Oh looks like the fatass are here." Eli mutters.

He watches as the girls scramble around the remaining hoard and the Juggernaut as they defend themselves with big sticks. Eventually the Juggernaut grabs ahold of the girl in red hood before bringing it closer. The blonde girl ran forward trying to stop the monster when a feral of all things jumped at her tackling her to the ground. She used the wood as a sheild but because of this she was unable to save the girl in red. The other two girls couldn't help either because of the remaining hoard surrounding them.

"Ok time for Devine intervention little red riding hood." Eli mutters before taking aim with his brother's gun and slowly exhale just like how his brothers taught him.

Boom boom motherfucker." Eli whispers before he squeezed the trigger.


Hello everybody Wombag1786 here

Hope you enjoy my first One-shot. Again this is a Prequel ONE-SHOT till around late June or mid July I'll have to do research on this game before I can continue this. So it will take me at best a few weeks for me to know what I'm looking for. So to those who are wondering why I put down some last name on the memorial paper. It's to identify the Hero classes that I had to choose between to be part of the story and I won't lie this wasn't easy. Now the story is going to be like a the walking dead to which I can and will kill off characters like George R Martin does. I would also like to mention that this story will include a lot of characters from both universities with different agendas and goals. That said when this story does come out If you want to add a custom character from either State of Decay (preferably the second one becouse it's the latest and newest game and has more features to character.) or an OC from the RWBY universe then by all mean tell me about it. Just PM me the following character details including looks, preferable weapon, skills, traits, and history and I'll be adding them to a roster that I'll select from to join the story. All I ask is that you don't make them OP because even the three have chosen for this story have problems that could end there chances of surviving. Now while I am choosing at random the characters to join the story I have to remind people this is going to be a Walking Dead scenario so these guys can be killed at any time, so don't feel bad but expect it to happen.

Right so with that said, Fol/Fav and leave a comments about this.

This is wombag1786 signing off.