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Chapter 8

Fun in school

Before Z Day (12th November 2019):

It's been more than a year since my parents died in that horrible car accident. In fact, it's almost 2 years since then.

I wouldn't say I was close to them or thought of them as parents but they were still quite dear to me, more like an uncle and an aunt. They provided stability in this world which is going to be shit deep in zombies in some days or months or maybe even years.

On the other hand, I think they would be better off dead. They wouldn't have to see their world collapsing in front of them, fighting for survival, watching your friends and family turned into zombies. It would have broken their hearts and spirits watching the world burning, especially my father. He was a big softy, unlike my mother who was, truthfully, quite a bitch. Then again she was from America where everyone was in for themselves.

I am not really sure anymore of the future now, as the canon never mentioned the date and time. I assumed it was the first or second semester of Takishi's 2nd school year which was this year. The second semester has already started.

Even then, nothing remotely resembling a zombie has been found.

I have been in this world for a better part of 11 years and I still can't believe it. I somehow got reincarnated in HOTD world after that horrible accident in my world. I still remember how I died on that day. My memory of previous life may have gotten a bit fuzzy; I even forgot my previous parent's faces but I couldn't forget that accident that easily. Remembering that accident still sends shivers down my spine.

I have seen my fair share of gruesome scenes in this life (My parents' blood-covered bodies comes to my mind) but that incident still shook me to the core.

'Maybe your death has this effect on you' I mused

Well, I can't exactly ask anybody about their experience, as I don't know who else remember their previous life or if they remember it at all. Moreover, I would be sent off to a mental hospital before I could complete that line. I still sometimes feel like I would wake up from this horrible nightmare any day, and when I open my eyes, I would be gazing at white-colored hospital's ceiling in my own world.

But I know it's just wishful thinking on my part, although if it was true then I may have been in a coma for more than 11 years. That doesn't look any good for me either, losing my best 11 years when it was just the time for the fun part. Then again, maybe only a few months have passed considering that time flows quickly in our dreams.

I don't know why I am in this melancholic mood today. I guess maybe it's the stress of ungodly homework or maybe that bastard Shido got under my skin when he tried to confiscate my phone this morning (Keyword 'tried').

But I knew the real reason deep down. My parents' 2nd death anniversary is coming up.

Gazing at clouds passing by and feeling lost within them; I could feel my anger and sadness ebb away a little. Maybe Shikamaru character was right – it is relaxing. I was jolted out my thoughts by a ringing bell that signified the ending of the lunch break and my brooding session.

Watching students hurrying by for their classes I couldn't help but chuckle at their priorities. In near future zombie apocalypse is going to occur and they are worrying over these small things. But I guess I can't fault them for their ignorance. It reminded me of saying 'Ignorance Is Bliss'. This situation fits perfectly with that.

Usually, I am calm, cool, collected with a nonchalant attitude or you could say it is my usual persona I wear in the school. And even then I am less likely to get angry but today my emotions were all over the place. I couldn't even concentrate on the class properly. That's why I skipped the previous class to brood. It's not like that will affect me in the future. There is no future after all.

Checking my watch, I noted, it's time for Shido's class, but I didn't want to move from my spot for that bastard's class.

I guess I will be bunking it. Bastard probably had a plan to humiliate me in the class and get me detention for morning jab. I was pretty well acquainted with him and could guess how he will react so I guess this is a free period.

As for introduction – My name is Saito Sakazuki. I am 19 years old; 6'1 feet height with red straight hair, blue eyes, tanned skin color, and a lean but muscled body. 9-10 years of regular exercise, attending 2 summer camps at military base and training in martial arts and Kenjutsu could attest to the last two features.

I got my hair from my mother's side while my eyes from my father's side and face mixture of both. In this world my father was Japanese but my mother was an American so you could say that I am half American and half Japanese with dual citizenship. I have only been to America one time when I was 7 and we went to my mom's hometown for holidays. That was before I got here so you could say I never visited that place. We don't have any relatives over there as my mom was an orphan so we never got any excuse to visit that place.

A shadow fell over me jolting out of my thoughts. Looking up I saw my best friend, fuckbudy, friends with benefit, girlfriend or whatever you call them – Yuuki Miku. It was obviously class time so I guess, she was also ditching class. She is in the same year as me but different section (3-B)

Maybe in canon she flunked or was she in the same class as Saeko, I don't know. I guess I have forgotten some of the little facts about the anime/manga. We are what you would say a 'popular couple'.

Believe it or not, I am the school's pretty boy. My flirty behavior and high-class lifestyle could attest to that. Hey don't judge me. I died a virgin in last life and then waited for 6 more years to get laid; I didn't want to die a virgin in this life too.

I knew Yuuki since I was 15 years old as we use to go to the same middle school; Well I went to the same school as her after changing 4 schools. I used to get into lots of fights as usually, the bullying starts when we are of 11-12 years of age. And as a boy whose hormones were just kicking in, I couldn't help but get into fights. And it provided a good outlet for my emotions which were usually all over the place. I would have changed more schools if not for 3 things:

1 — I got into fights mostly with bullies so usually bullies and me both got punishments, well fewer punishments from them but nonetheless I usually got them. I hated the schools' rules of punishing both parties.

2 — I was one of the best students so teachers couldn't blame me for being delinquent and getting distracted from studies (I was 20 years old when I died so I knew most of the stuff anyway, except for History).

3 – I won quite a few tournaments for the school in every sport.

4 — My Parents were filthy rich, not like Saya Takagi parents type rich, but they were still in the Upper echelon (If I was that type of rich I would have purchased an island and lived there happily with Miku and Shizune not worrying about anyone else in this world till the situation would have been controlled and all the zombies dealt with). So even if I was kicked out, I still could get into the new school easily. I still think half the gray hairs my parents got were from me and my antics from getting in trouble.

It's not as if I missed any school friend by going to different schools. Other than Miku I didn't have any friends in middle school and if by chance I made any friends then their parents would warn them to stay away from me or they would start annoying me by their useless blabbering or they would distance from me by their lack of maturity. Miku was also annoying at first and stubborn as a bull but overtime she won me over.

That didn't mean that I was friendless before Miku came. I had 1 friend who had been with me since I got in this world. That was Asami Nakaoka. Yup, she was the same one whom Kohta fell in love during the Mall arc (Those who read the manga will only know her).

Anyways, In my middle school, when I stopped a boy from forcing himself on Miku and gave him a beat down for it, I may have made an impression on her and voila next week after my probation was lifted, she started pestering me and clinging to me whenever she got the chance (I usually think that happen in only anime then I remembered 'this' is an anime).

I also remembered later that she was the same Miku who was in Shido's group. So at first, I was cordial with her but she proved stubborn as a bull. Then my hormones start kicking in and I thought why not have her in my group and this way maybe my friendship may steer her away from that despicable man and what do you know, now, she can't stomach Shido like me.

And it helped me too. Initially, I used to get into a stuttering mess whenever she flirted with me and then I realized that maybe my parents were correct and I was socially incapable of holding a conversation with a new girl but a month into our friendship our roles were reversed. Then she got all flustered up when I flirted with her. All the flirting helped me with my first girlfriend too.

She used to live with her father who was a manager in a firm and wasted away evenings and weekdays drinking and gambling. There was no love lost between them. She didn't even cry at his funeral when he passed away little before my parents did. Thank god my parents got custody of her before they died. She even admitted that he was a bit abusive towards her. No wonder she turned out like a bitch in the canon, using her body and sex to survive. Well, she would have turned out that way thankfully I got to her first.

You could say she just replaced Shido with me but I wasn't complaining. She is smoking hot and totally into me. Usually, when I say something to her she follows it down to the letter. It's not like I just wanted her body. I care about her more than anybody in this world. Shizune always comes second to her. I even prepared her so she could survive the upcoming apocalypse. I even asked or rather demanded she learns some type of combat and takes some shooting lessons in guns.

There was plenty of physical attraction between us back then but I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship …. Oh, who am I kidding? I knew she had a huge crush on me from the start. I just played hard to get. I even made her jealous by having two girlfriends before her and kissing the last one in front of her. I even bragged about their sexual prowess to her to make her further jealous, cruel but effective.

When my parents died we both were devastated. She was my best and only friend back then. Emotions were all over the place and you can guess what happened next …yeah just that. I made sure to be gentle with her. The next day she was sore but two days after that she came into my room late night and we again had sex then again, then again, you could say that we got into like rabbits and once you had the sex you can't stop having it again and again, especially teenagers.

I made sure to have a lasting impression on her so that even if she went for another boy she wouldn't be satisfied with him and come crawling back for my cock.

The Sakazuki name was famous back then. We were filthy rich so there were many 'relatives' who wanted to take guardianship of me. I was not going to have some guardian over me and her to lord over because of our age so I asked my Uncle to interfere. But it was unneeded as he was to become my guardian according to my parents' will. Thankfully he let us do as we please, provided we maintain a high grade. We had…..

A clearing throat pulled me away from my rambling and memory lane,

"Are you even listening to me?" She asked frustration obvious on her face to which I silently nodded,

As I sat up and focused on her; I couldn't help but get turned on. Eyes twitching, hands on her hips leaning towards me giving me a front view of her cleavage. She truly was every bit of hot as shown in anime. Orange hair, 5'6 height, E-cup gravity-defying boobs, I was sorely tempted to take her right there not caring if anybody saw us doing here. It's not like it will have any effect on our future when the apocalypse was going to occur.

My lusty expression must have shown on my face as her anger drained away and got replaced by a seductive smirk. She is still a minx like shown in anime. Thank god that didn't change when I got my claws into her. Well, it changed a little bit, but, coming in contact with Shizune changed her attitude again. The only one good feature that the canon part of her ever had was her hot body and seductive attitude and I didn't want to change that.

"You know my eyes are up here," She said with a coy seductive smile and leaning a little more towards me showing more of her cleavage, no doubt teasing me more.

I didn't turn my eyes from beautiful view but replied anyway "I know but I got an amazing view from here"


She obviously wanted to tease me more but quickly I put my hands on her collar of the shirt and pulled her into my lap. She must have been expecting this as she didn't even make a sound when I did that.

While sitting in my lap she slowly started straddling me. Her hands came around my neck while my hands grabbed her buttocks and start kneading them instinctively. A low, wanton moan escaped from her mouth involuntarily. I leaned towards her and captured her lips with mine somewhat forcefully.

After kissing rather passionately for a few minutes, I asked for the entrance as I brushed my tongue on her lower lip which she promptly allowed. Our tongues danced around a little while for domination for a while but ended up as a draw when we separated for air.

Putting one hand on waist and one above her ass I leaned into her ear, my chest pressing her soft boobs, her hard nipples poking me in the chest. I inhaled her strawberry scent which she must have gotten from strawberry-flavored shampoo she likes so much.

"You know it's been some time since we got together. Do you want to come to my apartment? We could enjoy the weekend together like old times" I whispered in husky voice in her ear before I started nibbling on her ear. Her heart started to beat a little faster which I could feel through my chest and even listen to her heartbeat if I concentrate hard enough.

"Okkehhhhhp" She squeaked out when I pinched her ass already knowing the answer. I kissed her again to show my appreciation and we continued our make-out session for a little while longer. By now I could feel her pussy getting hot and no doubt she could feel my erection on her buttocks.

She suddenly stopped and said in labored breadth that made me, even more, turn on "Maybe… we….should….stop….before…anybody…see…us"

I stopped and calm my breaths.

Now that I can think clearly without lust clouding my vision I don't even have a condom with me so maybe….hmmm Nah we don't need a condom to finish at least once and I am getting a release one way or another, I decided.

We were on the school's roof, hidden behind the storeroom so it's not like someone could see us from their class. Usually one has to come to the roof's end, even to see us.

I gently pushed her on the ground and move over her and said in a very horny tone "Nobody is around us but you can think of this as an incentive to keep your voice down just in case" With that said I kissed her to stop any complaining. She wouldn't refuse, of that I was certain.

While kissing her, I opened her shirt while she opened my pants and took out my throbbing member and start giving me a Handjob. After satisfying her lips, I attacked her neck sucking on her sweet spot just above the collarbone. She gasped loudly when I sucked roughly. While I was trying to make hickey, my hands massaged her boobs which I took out of her black bra. Her big boobs were further enhanced by the bra which was just under her bust. Her brown nipples were already hard as small stones.

After making sure to leave hickey there, I once again kissed her rather passionately and then moved on her the lower area, trailing down kissing everywhere. Once I reached my destination, I start sucking her left boob while massaging her right. I then changed to the right one. I made sure to spend equal time on both boobs.

After satisfying my boob's fetish while sucking, biting and kneading them roughly to leave some light marks, I moved lower. After giving a long lick to her belly button, I went to the main course. Her moaning was increasing as I reached her lower lips.

I parted her thighs and watched her pussy outlined by lacy black panties and soaking wet from her juice flowing down her thighs.

I looked up and saw how red her face was. Her breath was labored, obviously from arousal.

I thought about teasing her but discarded the idea immediately. Slowly trailing kisses up her leg, I relieved her of her wet panties and stuffed in her mouth as her moans were getting a little louder for my taste. She must have planned this incursion from the start, as I can see from her shaved pussy.

'She actually tried to manipulate me. Maybe teasing her may not be a bad idea after all I can't have her thinking that she can manipulate me. Hmmm….' I mused, thinking of giving her, her own medicine.

With that decided, I started kissing around her pussy or breathing on her moist lips while kneading her soft mounds. She quickly caught my intentions and started to push my head deep with her hands. Still, I kept kissing her thigh area for a few minutes. Suddenly a cry of frustration left her mouth; I looked up to see her frazzled look. I chuckled seeing her red and angry face. But the panty stuffed into her mouth gave her a rather comical appearance. Seeing her so frustrated I decided to give her a release. I wasn't that heartless.

So with a long lick on her clitoris, I stuck my tongue in her pussy and start sucking her pussy dry.

But as soon as I did it, her pussy constricted and she came down hard. I didn't know that she was that close to the orgasm. No wonder she was getting frustrated.

'Well, it has been a week since we got together. Maybe she didn't masturbate in last week. Then again it is hard to masturbate when you are bleeding from your vagina' I mused.

Still, I didn't stop during my musing. I didn't stop even when she had her second orgasm or 3rd orgasm for that matter. I sucked on it till she started lifting her hips. Her back arched upwards. I just looked up in time to see her eyes rolling back and tongue out like in hentai anime and damn did it looked sexy. She fell back as she came on for 4th time consecutively. I greedily drink down her juices which tasted like lemon. I quickly took out her panties from her mouth so she didn't choke down on them and lay beside her.

Her breathing returned to normal and she came out of her unconsciousness in a few minutes. Those few minutes were damn hard. I was already hard due to the action and thus I got blue balls when they didn't get any action. Seriously getting blue balls was annoying and painful. She slowly opened her yellow eyes and I couldn't help but mesmerized by them.

I smirked at her and gently kissed her. She no doubt tasted her own fluids. My ego growing at an exponential rate, I said "I can still make you putty with my tongue"

And lo behold, she took the bait.

Her eyes twitched at that. She smiled at me and quickly climb the top of me. With determination in her eyes, she started straddling me and said with a smirk "let's see if you can smirk by the time I am done with you"

She started kissing me no doubt tasting her own fluids in the process again and started stroking my semi-erect cock. After a few strokes, it was fully hard. She pulled from the kiss and went straight for my cock and engulfed the entire 8 inches in her mouth and then released it with loud plop like sound. Looking up and giving me a coy smile she attached her mouth to head of my cock and start licking it like it was the best popsicle she ever had….. Which, in my most humble opinion, it probably was.

I sighed in delight, enjoying the sensation of her tongue wrapping my cock. I twitched slightly when her free hand grabbed my balls and start giving them a slow and intense massage. Just like I knew how to make her putty she also knew how to push my buttons no doubt, doing sex for more than 2 years would do that. At this point, we knew each other bodies like the back of our hands. The only thing keeping me on top was my long experience and…..

I grunted quickly forgetting my previous thought when she did that thing with her tongue.

"Fuck it feels so good," I said as Miku finally decided to just use her tongue and she wrapped her delicious lips just between the head of my cock and its body. I rubbed her head massaging her scalp as she mewled around my cock like a cat. She pressed her tongue on the undersize and began to suck my cock.

I focused on lasting more under the intense administration of her blowjob but in the end, I couldn't last more than a few minutes.

"Fuck! I am gonna cum" That was the only warning she got but she didn't slow down, as a matter of fact, she pushed her head further and engulf more than 3/4th of my cock. A second later I grunted and sighed as I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her further down, until my cock was fully lodged in her throat, her nose touching my pubic area and my balls sticking to her chin. With a grunt, I began to empty my load down her throat.

She made some gagging sound when her oxygen supply was cut off and even her eyes start watering but I didn't let her back down. I kept her in that position. Even then, she didn't waste a single drop and gulp down the rest. She knew I like it when she does that. It isn't like the taste of my cum is bad. Shizune likes it very much and Miku too.

When it was over, I freed her and took out my cock from her mouth. She gasped for air. After taking some deep breaths, she was back in the game.

Licking her lips seductively, she continued to suck on my cock even if it was softening. She made sure to lick it all clean.

After cleaning down my cock, she laid down beside me a little out of breath.


I smirked at her and said in a faux superior voice "I think I won this round"

Her eyes twitched but then she sighed and said: "Yeah I guess you win this round but next time, I will definitely win". Her eyes shined with powerful determination at the end.

I couldn't help but chuckle seeing her determination to win. "You can try but you can only win if I allow you to win and moreover, in every session you are unconscious by the time I am done with you. You can't even outlast me even if you work with Shizune like many previous times" I said condescendingly.

She blushed red at the reminder but pouted later on. She stood up and said "You don't have to be smug about it"

I just smirked at her and start dressing and getting presentable to avoid suspicions. After making ourselves presentable as much as possible, which wasn't much as a child could tell we had sex, I checked the time, fifteen minutes till the next class.

She grabbed her bag and started to leave for class or most probably washroom for changing as she still looked like she had sex. But before she could go, I grabbed her hand and said in a most charming smile "So about that fun weekday filled with hot steamy sex and movies, you in or not"

She nodded, blushing a little but her lusty eyes and coy smile gave away her true feelings; I could practically sense the arousal on her. I released her hand and start walking towards the male washroom after giving her a light peck.

After 1 hour:

The class was, as usual, boring and tedious. Teachers were being their usual self – totally sadistic, giving copious amounts of homework. When it was over, I sighed in relief and start packing my bag.

"Saito-Kun" My thoughts were interrupted by a pleasantly polite voice calling my name.

I looked up to see Saeko Busujima coming towards me with a smile and eyes filled with amusement. With D-cup breasts at height 5'9, she is most boys' wet dream, mine included. But her usual cool, aloof personality and her prowess in kendo keep them away most of the time, though she is very warm when she talks to me. And before you ask, no I did not have sex with her, I am just a friend. Good friend but a friend nonetheless.

I nodded at her as I gave her a pleasant smile. "Good afternoon Saeko-chan, you look lovely today. How can I help you?" I asked her charmingly while packing my bag simultaneously.

"Charming as ever Saito Kun, Shido sensei asked me to tell you about your detention with him after class," She said with amusement clear in her voice with some red tinge on her cheeks. She doesn't usually get compliments from the boys due to various reasons, above mentioned, as you know.

"And what about it gives you so much pleasure Saeko-chan," I asked with mock horror with my hand on my heart but my voice had the same amusement,

She chuckled and said "No need to act smart Saito-Kun, everyone knows you don't attend his detentions and still manage to get scot-free"

I smirked at that, it was poorly kept secret in school that I don't attend Shido's detention and he couldn't do jackshit about that. Technically I made a deal with him and making that deal was his undoing, it practically defanged him.


Some months before: 3rd Year (1st semester), our apartment:

I was sitting with Miku while she was trying to calm me.

"Who the hell does he think he is? Giving me detentions is one thing but giving you detention and seducing you. I will kill that bastard" I ranted.

"You don't need to kill him, I already slapped him hard enough" She dryly said,

I chuckled at remembering that. Remembering seeing a red handprint on his face when I went to collect Miku definitely improved my mood but I wanted him never to disturb me or Miku again. Suddenly an idea formed into my mind

"Whatever you are thinking can't be good," Miku said, seeing my obvious bloodthirsty expression,

"I may have an idea which can solve our Shido problem once and for all, I just need to see one of my employees" I said to her giving a quick kiss. I went to grab keys of the bike but she suddenly grabbed my wrist, when I looked at her, she was clearly worried about something.

"You are not going to do anything reckless! Are you?" She said with concern in her voice

"You don't need to worry about me Miku, and I promise I am not going to do anything reckless," I said with a reassuring smile while rubbing her hand.

After giving one long last kiss pouring every bit of reassurance that I could, I went to one of my acquaintance who works in a shop which deals in mobiles and computers but is one hell of hacker and asked him to hack into Shido's mobile. I had a hunch that Shido saved the conversation with his father for any favor he needs in the future in order to blackmail his father.

I asked him to search for the conversation between his father and him for failing Rei Miyamoto. He did as I asked and lo behold I was right. I quickly saved it on my phone. (For those critics who are asking how I knew some hacker – well his shop is my property so when he rented that shop, I learned he was a good hacker, please don't ask any more stupid questions)

I couldn't kill Shido, no matter how much I want to. Even knowing what he will do in the future, I can't kill him. I can't even have him killed by some gangster or a mercenary. His father is a politician. He may not care for Shido but killing him will burn his father's pride.

When the next day, I got into Shido's detentions, I just played out the recording in his office during detention time; he was practically white as a ghost when it was over. A part of me cherished seeing his expression and lamented for not bringing a camera.

"Now that is out of the way, let's discuss what you are going to do so that I do not leak this to anybody," I said with an amused smile. Clearly I was going to enjoy this. He and I had crashed so many times in the last 2 years but he managed to get away with his slippery tongue but this time he was totally cornered and the bastard knew it.

"What do you want?" He grounded out with gritted teeth, anger displayed on his face clear as any day.

I chuckled seeing his expression. "Nothing extraordinary just leave me and my friends alone and if I see you harassing them, this recording will directly go to inspector Miyamoto. Trust me, your father wouldn't like that" I said in a serious voice just so he understands what will be consequences if my demand is not met.

He pales at the mention of Inspector Miyamoto but nodded nonetheless.

"Oh one more thing, Miku and I will not be doing any detentions with you so don't get any ideas," I said exiting his office.e

Flashback ends

I chuckled at that memory. What did you think that I was just going to give that recording to Inspector Miyamoto – no way, first of all, I was not someone who is a good person, I have my ambition and dreams and clearly. I was not even the main protagonist of this series,

Second, even if I had given the recording it would have some serious consequences like Inspector Miyamoto asking me how I got this recording. How did I know the reason for Rei's repeating year?

And third if by any chance Shido still hadn't got fired, he would have made my year difficult in the school.

Still, the bastard was clever. This semester, just last week, he found a loophole. Instead of taking detentions himself, he gave them to other teachers. I could have told him to back off by threatening to release the recording in public, but I didn't. I had another punishment in my mind. If all goes well, he won't be a problem for anybody by next year.

Saying goodbye to Saeko after a few minutes of idle chit chat, I ignored the longing glances she threw at me with ease. She knew I couldn't just do anything about it. I already explained it to her last year.

I went to the parking lawn where my bike was parked. After getting early emancipation, getting a driving license was a child's play.

When I got there Miku was already waiting, looking annoyed but her expression brightened seeing me.

"Why are you so late? I have been waiting for like an hour?" She asked with some anger but I could see she was just annoyed with me for making her wait.

"No need to be drama queen Miku, the bell rung just 15 minutes ago so you would have been here for max 10 minutes. As for being late, I was held back for a message" I calmly replied

She got quiet at my explanation but eyes narrowed dangerously at me "You were with that hussy, weren't you?" She accused me by pointing her finger at me and started ranting.

Now it was my turn to sigh, Miku and Saeko DO NOT get along. Well, Miku does not get along with her while Saeko is at least polite to her though her backhanded compliments don't help much. I have a general idea but not the exact reason for it. I think Saeko is attracted to me and we all know it. The problem is despite giving her reassurance that I will not leave her, Miku is insecure that I will leave her for Saeko. I don't know why she thinks that? She already accepted Shizune. Granted we had a break when that happened but still.

'Maybe she doesn't want any more girls to join. She is still a little bit uncomfortable with Shizune despite the time she has learned of it' I mused.

Miku also got me to admit that I am more attracted to Saeko than Shizune and her combined, while I was drunk. And I agree I am. Her seductive smile and no-nonsense attitude with an iron will make her quite attractive in my eyes. Saeko could stand against me. She could tell me I am wrong if she thinks I am and that made her far more attractive. Miku, while, can stand up against me, usually backs down before it gets serious. And less we talk about Shizune the better.

It isn't like they couldn't stand up to anyone. They are not afraid of anyone. It is usually me who they bow down to.

It's not like I don't love them. I truly do but I have come to notice their shortcomings.

The problem with Saeko is that she is attracted to me but can't do anything about it. I obviously can't ask them to share with me as Miku will definitely leave me – this I definitely know. I had enough trouble convincing Miku for sharing me with Shizune.

I didn't know back then, that my 2nd girlfriend (Shizune) will remain in my life. Still, everything worked out in the end. Now they both had agreed to share me. I didn't think it would be possible at first but I guess being in an anime universe helped a lot.

I even had plans for Saeko as I didn't want her to join Takashi's harem when zombie apocalypse would occur. In fact, I don't think she will want to join in that crybaby's group. His break up occurred in the last school year during the holidays just days before starting of this school year. It's been more than 8 months and he is still focused on that bitch and 'best friend'.

If it was me, I would have at least punched that guy even if he was my best friend. You don't just pawn off your best friend's girlfriend. It's against the sacred Bro code.

Yeah, shocking isn't it. In the canon, the Zombie outbreak happened around the time of their breakup. Here it didn't. Frankly, I was quite shocked myself when I realized that. I think I even had an existential crisis. I mean I spent so much money and for what. If this apocalypse didn't happen, I will really be pissed.

Thankfully with the 'help' of Miku and Shizune, I got all right. It also helped my relationship strengthen, with Miku and Shizune. Now if she just agrees to get Saeko too, I would be satisfied.

Shizune is all for adding 1 more girl to our 'harem' as she calls it. Well, it isn't a harem, at least not yet. Harem is not until there are more than 3 lovers. In any case, she doesn't have to be so crass about it. I personally think that she just wants a new girl and a set of boobs to play with. I swear I saw hearts in her eyes when I showed her a picture of Saeko.

Initially, I didn't even know that she was a bisexual and she didn't give any type of indication to me in the 2 years when we dated before I found out. Still, I wouldn't have needed to explain anything to Shizune. Maybe, I will do something nice for her considering her birthday is coming up.

Saeko, on the other hand, was not someone who would share easily. Well, she could if I actively pursue her. I have enough confidence in my skill that I could convince her, but I don't do it. Initially, it was out of fear that I wouldn't be able to satisfy 3 of them, as I had little difficulty satisfying both Shizune and Miku.

For a few weeks, I was quite spent in satisfying both of them.

But since last year both Shizune and Miku are getting short. My libido is increasing little by little every day. In fact, I had to go on one night stands to sate my urges sometimes, not that I would tell them about this. It will just make them mad. They would try to pressurize their bodies for me but after some time they wouldn't be able to continue. And then to make them happy I will have to control my libido just so that they could satisfy me.

I also don't want to go on one night stands, as the girls there just want to be satisfied. They don't think of reciprocating except in some cases. Moreover, I don't know if they got any sexual disease, so I have to choose someone who is less experienced in sex.

All in all, one big problem, just because, I can't control my increasing libido.

I sometimes worry about what would happen if it doesn't stop growing with time. I don't want to have sex all the time. Well, who am I kidding? Nobody would mind getting their libido increased. Hell, I wouldn't my mind going away with my cock in a girl's ass and each hand mauling 2 other girl boobs and my mouth eating another girl's cunt.

Now I was just waiting for the apocalypse to occur. It would jumpstart my plans and I would be able to drop the pretense of this farce. If, it didn't then I will have to think of other methods to make both, Saeko and Miku agree.

I theorized that due to my existence, the butterfly effect took place and, either zombie outbreak got canceled or just postponed. It was good that I didn't get a loan of a huge amount of money as I would have been fucked up as the zombie outbreak didn't occur and I had to pay the amount with interest.

Still, it is not very good either. I have spent 90% of my parent's savings, in the preparation of Z- day. I also spent all my cryptocurrency when it was an all-time high. Even then, I am still quite rich considering, I still have all the shops in my name that my parents left me and my bank balance is increasing day by day.

'Well after Z-day they will have no choice but to share me' I thought with an inner perverted chuckle. I fully believed that Z-Day would occur; if not today than in the near future. It's the reason I have not thrown away all those things.

"Are you even listening to me?" She said shaking my shoulder and getting me out of my thoughts

"(Sigh) Miku I already said, you don't have to worry about Saeko. She will not take me away from you and moreover, I remember someone telling me, that she wouldn't mind getting a piece of Saeko when she was drunk" I teased her giving a pointed glance in her direction.

Her face got red at that, She spluttered a bit but composed herself a bit too early for my taste "That was different and you know it, also like you said, I was drunk at that time so it doesn't count" She said with a huff and pouted cutely.

I chuckled seeing her pouting. Her kissable lips were inviting me to rough them up and I was getting a little horny. I took her chin in my hand and gave a long searing kiss pouring every bit of love, I felt for her. When I stopped, I could see her half-lidded eyes burning with lust. This method usually works on her and our arguments stop after some make out.

"You were saying something?" I ask her. She snapped out of her lusty faze at my question and turned away her eyes from me.

I took her chin and forced her to look in my eyes. I told her in my gentlest voice "There is no doubt Miku that Saeko and I are attracted to each other" Her eyes narrowed at that but I continued "But I will not leave you and Shizune for her ever? Do you understand me" I ask her with some steel in my voice?

She nodded but still I could see the doubt in her eyes. 'I can't clear her doubts at least she is not like other girls who leave their boyfriend if he told them that he is attracted to another girl. She also accepted Shizune in the end' I mused

I gave her a quick peck and hugged her tightly to reassure her. After a few seconds I kissed her cheek and leaned in her ear. To make the atmosphere less tense I teased her. I whispered in some husky tone "So are you coming to my apartment or will I have to ask Saeko to sate my beastly urges?"

Her cheeks tinged a bit pink at that but a smile formed on her face. She ended the hug and slapped on my shoulder "You are incorrigible, do you know that?" She said with a smile.

I chuckled and soon she joined me. I gave her a tight hug again for good measure. Just like that, all was well. Well, not all was well but for the time being, I wouldn't have to hear her rant.

I quickly started my bike and we got out of school. Speeding through traffic I could feel her boobs pressing into my back and her chin on my shoulder. Treasuring these types of moments made me forget just how quickly this world was going to change.


It takes quite a bit to decide their birthday on their own so really it was quite tedious work. I will update it when I get some free time.


Saito Sakazuki:

Age: 19 years 7 months+ (Birthday: 25th March)

Hair and Eyes: Red and Blue

Height: 6'1 (183 cm)

Weight: 80 kg

Miku Yuuki:

Age: 18 years 9 months+ (Birthday: 25th January 2001)

Hair and Eyes: Light Orange and Yellow

Height: 5'6 (166 cm)

Figure: 38-22-36

Bust: 95 cm (E) (38")

Waist: 59 cm (22")

Hips: 90 cm (36")

Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)


Age: 20 years 11 months+ (Birthday: 25th November 1998)

Hair and Eyes: Blonde and Blue

Height: 5'4 (160 cm)

Figure: 42-25-38

Bust: 105 cm (K) (42")

Waist: 56 cm (23")

Hips: 96 cm (38")

Weight: 54 kg (118 lbs)

Saeko Busujima:

Age: 19 years 5 months+ (Birthday: 25th May 2000)

Height: 5'9 (173 cm)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Purple

Figure: 33-23-32

Bust: 86 cm (D) (34")

Waist: 56 cm (23")

Hips: 86 cm (32")

Saya Takagi:

Age: 16 years 8 months (Birthday: 12th April 2003)

Height: 158 cm (5'3")

Weight: 52 kg (114 lbs)

Eyes: Orange

Hair: Pink

Bust: 92 cm (F) (36")

Waist: 59 cm (23")

Hips: 87 cm (34")

Rei Miyamoto:

Age: 18 years 7 months (Birthday: 12th June 2001);

Height: 165 cm (5'6")

Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Eyes: Red

Hair: Brown

Bust: 87 cm (E) (34")

Waist: 57 cm (22.4")

Hips: 89 cm (35")

Shizuka Marikawa:

Age: 27 years 7 months (Birthday: 1st April 1992)

Height: 176 cm (5' 10")

Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Bust: 108 cm (J) (42.5")

Waist: 62 cm (24.4")

Hips: 94 cm (37")