This story takes place before the Pirate Season. Also I have Cole as the leader.

Chapter 1

It was a peaceful morning in the Bounty, home to the heroes of Ninjago. Six ninjas as the protectors and savors of Ninjago wouldn't know at this very moment they would be awaken.

The alarms went off in the Destiny Bounty startling most and annoying one. Cole, master of earth and a ghost, was the first one up and at the door.

"Come on guys! There's an emergency!" Cole announced and received a groan from an all too annoyed Kai.

"Really Cole? Are sure its not another false alarm?!" Kai groaned standing from his bed. Cole rolled his eyes and walked through the door. "On and off that alarm has gone off for no reason waking me up!"

"Kai it wakes us up too. Also Nya checked the alarms last night, they're fine." Jay said to Kai as he followed Cole out. Lloyd didn't said anything out of tiredness and walked out. Zane waited for Kai and they went to the control room where Nya was looking from the screen and back down to the keyboard she was typing away on.

"Its another false alarm isn't it, Nya?" Kai immediately got out. Nya shook her head almost instantly.

"None of those were false alarms, Kai. I just couldn't figure out why they were going off." Nya explained and Kai sighed.

There was silence, all that was heard was Nya's fast fingers. Then that stopped and the ninja gasped. A picture of Clouse appeared on the screen.

"Clouse is behind this. He was sighted just now and he's was responsible for the other alarms too." Nya let out and Jay put a hand on his head in confusion.

"Wait wait wait! But didn't he get sent to the Cursed Realm?" Jay asked shared his confusion with the others.

Lloyd sighed, "Yeah but when I was in the Cursed Realm he was working on escaping. Maybe he got out before the realm crystal was destroyed."

"Perhaps, but we should not getting ahead of our selves. Where was he located?" Zane asked uncertain about the whole situation.

Nya clicked a couple buttons, "He was located in the plains of Ninjago by a gorge."

"There's cameras out there?!" Jay shouted even more confused.

Nya chuckled, "You wouldn't believe the range on those cameras."

"Alright, so lets go out there and kick some butt!" Kai said with a new formed smile.

"But first we should probably change." Cole stated and everyone looked down to see their pajamas. A fews mumbles of agreement spread around and soon enough it was just Kai and Nya left in the room.

Kai watched Nya type at the keyboard as if he wasn't there. He sighed, "You coming with us? We can use another set of hands."

Nya stopped typing looking down at the keyboard. She started to move her fingers across the keys again. "I wish I could but I have to stay here. I have to keep working on controlling my power. Plus I need to watch the monitors for new activity."

Kai sighed again and looked down at the floor. "That's what I thought." He mumbled, "Remember you're a ninja now, I might need you on a mission one day." He added and walked out of the room.

Nya stopped typing again and watched the door close. Even after the door was closed she watched.

Five ninja stood at the edge of the Bounty ready for a mission while one ninja watched through a window wishing them luck. One by one each other jumped off the side and their dragon materialize under neath them. Before Kai jumped he turned to the window and smiled, then jumped.

Kai formed his dragon and caught up to the others. Their destination is Ninjago's gorge where there were four sightings of Clouse. But what the cameras didn't pick up was the fact that Clouse was a ghost.

"Alright guys, form up!" Cole called to his fellow ninja. "Clouse might have an army so we need to be prepared!"

"Cole you always say that before a mission!" Kai complained as the dragons lined up next to each other.

Zane pulled up to Kai's side, "He was only warning us brother."

Kai groaned and leaned forward to rest his head on his dragon. Lloyd on the other side of the line shouted to Kai.

"You better watch where you're flying Kai!"

Kai's face went sour, calming himself he sat up straight again. "You guys are acting like I've never been on a mission before!"

"We aren't acting, you are." Jay said and Kai groaned to himself.

"We should not fight each other, I believe we should focus on the mission." Zane started and Cole nodded in agreement.

"I agree with Zane." Lloyd said and suddenly Cole swooped down with his dragon.

"What was that for?" Kai asked out of confusion and a small amount of anger.

"We're here." Zane answered bringing his dragon down. Kai felt his heart sink for a moment. The ninja dip their dragons down landing on the rock floor.

Jay gasped, "Oh my goodness look!"

Everyone's hands went to there weapons while Jay ran passed them. "Its the gorge!" The ninja's hands left their weapons. Jay got close to the edge and he looked over. "Oh man..." Jay put a hand on his chest and backed up.

The gorge was exactly what you'd except. Steep rocky mountains with a river running through it.

"Good thing I'm not scared of heights." Jay added with a nervous laugh and walked back to the others.

Lloyd eyed the area with curiosity, he wanted to find Clouse. His eyes landed on a bridge going across the gorge. Before he could point out the bridge he saw a bush move on the other side. Lloyd said nothing and started to run to the bridge.

Everyone's eyes followed Lloyd in confusion. Kai noticed the bridge first.

"Can't we just use our dragons or airjitzu to get across?" Kai looked to Cole and he shook his head.

"Save your energy plus this is safer." Cole pointed out but Kai wasn't done.

"Safer? That thing is probably a million years old! That bridge will be the death of us! The great ninja killed by a bridge! I can see it already on the newspapers!"

Cole rolled his eyes and ran to the bridge after Lloyd. When they got there Lloyd was testing out the bridge.

Jay clenched his teeth in worry. "I actually agree with Kai on this one."

Lloyd walked out on the bridge a bit. He turned to face the others and looked up at them for a brief second then started to stomp on the wood beneath him, but that wasn't enough. Lloyd started to jump on the bridge making the whole thing shake.

"Lloyd! Not a good idea!" Kai shouted to him and green ninja stop and smirked.

"The bridge is stable, lets go!" Lloyd said and started to run across the large gorge.

"Wait Lloyd!" Kai called to him, Lloyd stopped running and looked behind him. "Why are you running?"

"I saw something on the other side!" Lloyd said and right when he turned he was surprise to see an old face.

"Indeed you did Green ninja." The menace they were looking for found them first.

Hey guys! I have a new story! :D If you don't know who I am and you didn't come from my old account I'm Jill! I write Ninjago stories because I am a big nerd! I stopped my other account because the stories were badly written and I wanted have a fresh start. I have dyslexia so some grammar errors and misspelled things will go unnoticed. Sorry! It's hard to get inspired to write sometimes so I decided to write the entire story before I post it! So hopefully you enjoy.