I never stood out in crowds, I was always the same as them, I walked to my destination, nothing else. I had nothing that made me unique, well at least that is what I thought. I never thought that I would get my ancestors' blood transfused into me, I never thought that I would get to have powers that could make me stand out like flashing light in a crowd. It wasn't as cool as it first sounded, first things first, Irie-San was very vague on explaining things to us, and he made us forget everything that happened before we woke up, and judging by everyones reactions, we had woken up at around the same time. Right now I'm thinking that I probably knew them from somewhere before, more specifically that Tezuka Kunimitsu. When I first saw him I knew that I had met him somewhere before but I couldn't remember where or when, still can't actually, I can only deduce. Hope was actually a thing back then, hope to find the key and finish the enemy, hope to get out of the mess that I am now probably forever stuck in. Let's go back to the moment that meeting had ended. Irie-San had done a good job at scaring the life out of ourselves, he made everything even more scarier than what it needed to be. What I had in my mind was all about these 'abilities' that Irie-San 'explained' to us, that is if we can really call it explaining, more like, briefly describing so everything can go according to his plan. He said something around the lines of 'They will come out at a time of need..' What that meant I had no idea, the question is that we had asked was 'What is the time of need? What is the need?' He gave us no answer and just left to find that almighty key. That left me lying in my bed at around 12:30 still thinking about what he had said, thinking of an answer to our question. I slowly drifted off to sleep, but it was not the good sleep I was hoping for. I found myself in some kind of factory alone, I could hear that ear piercing scream once again but this time I tried following it. The scream stared to get louder and louder as I got closer, there I was in front of a bright red door, I could hear the screams coming from inside. My hand was right over the doorknob, I was hesitant towards opening that door, fearing what would be behind. I shook my head and quickly opened the door, I was immensely surprised by what I saw, I saw myself and Tezuka we both were tied to some kind of chairs and there were two hooded figures that I could not see their faces. But by seeing my face of fear, I decided to not try and look at their faces. It was as if I was frozen in the spot and could only witness me and Tezuka screaming for help at the top of our lungs. I heard someone running towards this room, yet I still did nothing, I couldn't move and I had found myself crying as I saw Irie-San come in and try to save us but being injured to a level were I don't even know if he was alive, all I knew was that I wanted to wake up as soon as possible. Yukimura was right, having special abilities can have their consequences, and those can be very hard to manage, after all I'm still the same as I was before, just someone in a crowd, with nobody there to recognize me, but with a little hope I could get that uniqueness out of me in a matter of seconds, but I kept it, I wanted to be unique. These abilities were our uniqueness, they were out light in our darkness, but we couldn't find the switch in time. I woke up crying and looked at the clock, it was 5:32am, I could have slept more, but I chose not to, I wanted no more premonitions or any of that. I stood up slowly and looked for a change in clothes as I could hear someone come in my room.
"I didn't know that you were an early riser Fuji-Kun." I turned to look at him.
"What are you doing here at this time of the morning Irie-San?"
"Grumpy aren't we? Anyways I was here to wake you up, you have school today!" He said happily. I just looked at him with my eyes wide open.
"Ehhhhh! Today?!" I started taking out the uniform of my closet, "See you at breakfast, I am going to take a bath!" I ran off to the bathroom and left a chuckling Kanata, amused by my antics. I came into the dining room and I saw that breakfast was all made, all ready for us to eat. I went over to the spot I had sat on the day before and took a seat there. Shortly after the others began arriving at the table. Arriving fashionably late, came Irie-San. I smiled coldly at him,

"Irie-San." He looked up at me.

"Yes Syuusuke?"

"You never really explained he difference between the 'enemy' and us." Tezuka turned to stare at him while Kikumaru started to get exited and Oishi was trying to get him to calm down. Irie-San put down his fork and looked at me straight in the eye.

"The enemy knows who you are. You knew them, they were special to you. You lost them in the end and your memories are gone too. For a while you were the same as everyone else, you were normal, that is the reason you are here, because you are 'normal'. Your enemy is just like you, yet they are not doing these things for a better good. You all have their faces implanted into your minds, even if you don't really remember." He moved closer to me and touched his chest, "You will feel it here, you know who they are." He gave us one last look and left. I had looked at his eyes when he had said all this, he knew from experience, he had once lost his memories too. "Excuse me." I stood up and started to follow after him but someone had stopped me, I felt a hand on my shoulder. "What do you want Tezuka?" He frowned.

"Don't go." I turned to look at him.

"Don't you understand? He knows what is going on here, he knows from experience. I have to ask him how to get our memories back." His gaze did not change, I sighed and opened my eyes.

"I know." He finally let me go, I gave him a last look and said, "I will go ask him how to get to our school."