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-place Fairytail guild time unknown-

-Lucy's pov-

Natsu hits me from behind with a flaming punch to my mid back burning my shirt into ash and leaving a injury that well most likely scar along with the burn wound on my now tightly closed left eye which i well probably lose now, after Natsu and Lisanna stop beating me into the guilds floor they leave hand in hand insulting me on their way out calling me weak, useless, whore as well as other names and Wendy rushes towards me as i begin to stand wanting to heal me but i shake my head as say gently "no child leave them i want to remember what my former team mate just did to me, so that i well always remember not to forgive him or my former team, but if you truly want to help me well help me to Master's office Lisanna shattered the main support bone in my left leg beyond repair" Wendy looks horrified but she still helps me up the stairs to Masters office "come in" we enter the office to see Master talking to his grandson Laxus upon seeing me both men look pissed and slightly sick to their stomachs.

Wendy feels asleep in my lap and i pet her blue hair with my hand unmarked by the guild mark as i say "please remove my guild mark and Laxus please keep Wendy safe for me she is only a eight years old child and as much as i would love to claim the child as my own, i can not i haven't the right" Master removes my guild mark and i don't even bother turning my gaze away from Wendy as a familiar deep silky chuckle rings though out the room putting both men on edge, the air shifts in front of me and i look up to find my self staring into the red left eye of a 30 year old man with white-gray hair tied in a high ponytail that reaches midway down his back his bangs are black on the right covering the place where his eye was now replaced by a jagged scar only a small amount of the scar can be seen going over the bridge of his nose, and a sharp curved black tattoo around his left red eye which has a snake like pupil, he is wearing black pants, a long sleeve dark very deep blue shirt black steel-toe boots, a black dark very deep blue trench coat, their is a dragon fang earring in his left ear a gift from his blood father Skiadrum before his death.

As he looks over my injuries i see anger flash though his now cold hard eye but when he turns his eye towards the sleeping child in my lap his hard ice cold eye softens as he says "why do you believe you have no claim on the child you make it a must for your scent to cover her own for protection like any mother would, so tell me why do you think you have no right to claim the child, we both know i have no problems with children let alone a dragonling so young so why?" Master and Laxus look very confused and even slightly angery when they see the man before them wipe away the tear that falls from my right blue eye as i say "i fear her being killed nether of us are the safest people Rogue that's why i wont lay a claim on Wendy" Rogue rolls his eye at me in annoyance as he cups my right cheek gently in his clawed hand while he says gently "this may our first child in this life but it is not our first time as parents Lu, no the honor of that title goes to our first-last life together, now tell me did the fire brat and his whore do this to you" i nod my head.

Rogue pulls both the sleeping Wendy and me into his arms as he growls dangerously he nuzzles my mate mark gently clearly upset he wasn't able to keep me safe again and he keeps face buried in my left neck-shoulder resting on my mark even as Master clears his throat before he says "Rogue was it? how do you know one of my dear daughters because even if she no longer has the guilds mark Lucy well always be my daughter and what do you mean Natsu and Lisanna did this to Lucy" at his words i give Master a gentle smile as i feel Rogue release a deep breath that tickles my skin slightly as he says evenly "she was my mate in our first-past life and she is again in this one our second life, and as for how i know i can smell those two all over Lu as well as their magic, and dragonling if you wish to say something you well need to stop faking sleep like you have been since my arrival" i look Wendy as her eyes open reviling glassy brown eyes filled with tears that have yet to fall as she looks between Rogue and i while she says weakly "you want to adopt me you both do but are you sure you wont regret it later on like all the others did?".

Rogue and i shared a horrified look one only Master can understand as a man who has had and raised children before, Laxus looks a little lost to the deeper meaning of Wendy's words i cover my mouth with left hand trying not to cry as Wendy unknowingly told us she was abused, but people who said they were adopting her just like i did in my first-past life and knowing i wont be able to say anything right now Rogue looks at Wendy softly as he says gently "no little one we wont regret claiming you as our own and we wont harm you like those vile people did who claimed they wanted to keep you safe when all they wanted to do was hurt you themselves, we wont abuse you in any way Wendy however Lu is no longer a member of Fairy tail and i was never one to begin with so if we claim you Wendy you well have to leave this guild" Wendy looks curious as she says "is your guild nice?".

I cant help this giggle that escapes me and my mate smirks knowingly as i say "yes child Sabertooth is nice a bit rough around the edges and a little misguided due to the masters not being their, since naming a temporary master before their deaths 40 years ago but they are good people, so well you let Rogue and i claim you as our child Wendy?" she grins happily while she nods her head and Master removes her guild mark however he looks at questioningly at me for the 40 year remark i made.

Wendy gets up but when i don't the three men in the room notice something is very wrong with me as they look me over again but when none of them can see what's wrong Laxus looks at me with lightning flashing in his eyes as he says seriously "what else did those brats do to you Lucy why haven't you gotten off the ground yet" i grind my teeth in both anger and pain as i say "Lisanna shattered the main support bone in my left leg beyond repair i wont be able to walk without some kind of help weather it is a person or a brace of some sort" Rogue gives me a look that I've seen before but i shake my head silently telling him even my healing ability wont fix this however when he looks at Wendy i do something that makes everyone but Rogue jump in surprise i growl dangerously.

Rogue growls back at me as he says though bared fangs "why not Wendy has healing magic-" i bare my fangs in warning to my mate as i say coldly "no Ro i wont allow it and besides if my healing ability is not able to fix my leg there is no way to fix it and as for burn wounds i wouldn't let her heal me earlier and i wont now, i intend for the scars to remind me of what those traitors did to me today it would better to cut the dammed leg off and get automail in its place" Rogue groans in distress as he says "i see that i am still mated to a crazy gear head even in this life just don't ask me to cut off your leg this time alright Lu" i roll my eye as i say "oh sure i ask you once in our first-last life to cut my badly infected right leg off below the knee since it was going to kill me and i still get to hear about in this our second life, and it wont matter how many lives we live your stuck with this crazy gear head weather you like it or not Ro" Rogue has me in a bridal style carry and due to Wendy being very small for her age of eight she climbs on to his back as he shadow travels to the outside doors of the Sabertooth guild.

Wendy's hold on Rogue tightens like his hold on me does as he kicks the doors open wide with a single well placed kick, every member of the guild is looking him shocked which only grows when he says loudly and very darkly "Jiemma! you had better get your ass over right fucking now or so help i am removing your original guild mark!" Jiemma has gotten older and larger since the last time i saw him however when he see's Rogue knowing very well who we are he still says harshly "their are only two people who can threaten to take my guild mark and the two of them have been dead for 40 years, so if you Rogue Cheney and Lucy Heartfilia really claim to be Rogue and Luna Blade prove it" the whole guild gasps I'm shock as Rogue gains slightly longer claws, white black tipped fox ears and a long black white tipped fox tail, however the greatest change to be seen is with me now i look like a 30 year old woman with a deep blue eye knee length white-gold hair fox ears and a long fox tail the same color as my hair, claws and fangs wearing a white bra and blood stained jeans no shoes on my clawed feet, Jiemma looks like a fish with his mouth hanging open in shock.

Jiemma falls to his knees as he cry's taking my right hand in his shaking ones while he says tearfully "40 years for 40 fucking years i have been temporary master of this guild please Master Ro, Master Lu take back leader ship of this bat shit crazy guild you two founded 50 years ago back when i was 14 years old now i am 64 years old and all i wish to do spend my remaining days in the guild you two created the guild i grow up in the guild i love, i fear things have changed in bad ways during my leader ship i only hope it isn't to late to go back" Rogue and i roll our eye at his words he should try living 200 years before founding a guild like we did in our first-last life then being 64 years old wont seem like much at all.

However before ether of us can say anything one of the shattered bones rips though my skin and the main vein in my leg making blood pump out heavily Rogue wastes no time as he carefully yet quickly pushes me into Jiemma's arms Wendy is by my side in a flash as Rogue shadow travels to get a few things he returns with bandages, a lighter, a thick leather piece and his katana he turns his cold red eye towards Sting as he says dead serious "come get Wendy and make sure she doesn't see what i am about to do please Sting she is to young to see this" the dragon slayer of light quickly grabs Wendy and press's her face into his chest with one arm around her waist and his other hand over her eyes as Sting watches along with the rest of the guild, as Rogue has me bite down on the leather piece while he straightens out my leg and in one swift movement he cuts my leg off below the knee before using the lighter to heat up the metal blade which he then uses to cauterize the wound before i bleed to death he wraps my wound in the bandages and i return the leather to him as he returns the items back where they belong and takes the leg out of the guild more then likely to burn before he cleans the large amounts of blood off the table and floor before he nods at Sting who lets Wendy go.

Who instead of running to me she bites Rogue on the right fore arm drawing his blood while he makes no moves to stop her he only sighs tiredly as i say gently "Wendy please don't blame your father the loss of my left is not his fault all he did was save my life, look at him and tell me he wanted to cut my leg off, he knew if we tried to save the leg i would have bled to death and besides it isn't his first time doing something like this" my mate looks slightly green at mention of the first time he had to cut off my leg Wendy removes her fangs from his arm and he pulls our little one into his arms petting her hair gently as she cry's into his chest as she tells him over and over she is sorry for hurting him, Rogue says nothing as he keeps calming down the badly distressed child down until she falls asleep in his arms, he lays her down beside me on one of the large tables in the guild hall.

The look my mate is giving me makes me smirk at him as he says "your going to spend the next three mouths in your workshop aren't you" my smirk turns almost evil in nature as i nod my head and Rogue sighs in total defeat as i say "Doc you know me all to well of course i am!" a few tick marks appear on his face as he snarls at me while he says annoyed "don't call me Doc i hate that name and you know it Gear Head!" then to everyone's but Jiemma's surprise the two of begin to laugh happily and due to the confused looks of the guild the former master says calmly "don't pay Master Lu or Master Ro any mind when their like this, it isn't a fight or anything it is really their way of playing together their both almost 300 hundred years old, so are you planning to blood adopt the girl?" we stop playing choosing to look at our only remaining member from the old days as we nod our heads calmly Jiemma grins as he nods his head while he says "ok you brats due to the real Masters of our beloved guild returning to take back their throne, lets get this party started we have a lot to party about today including me no longer being Master!" cheers and yells of pride, joy and hope ring though the guild as Rogue and i watch our family party like there is no tomorrow.

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