Zoe stepped down the halls of Spooky High, she was still trying to get a hang of the whole 'Highschool Student' thing.

"Hey Zoe!" Polly ran up to her "You're surprisingly hard to find."

"I am?" the purple girl asked.

"It's just an expression." Polly laughed "I think? Who cares how's school doing for you?"

"High school is a strange place but I find it interesting." She nodded "So many different types of monsters, personalities and varying levels of flirtation and drug use."

"Yep, welcome to our high school." Vera walked up "You ever find a place to stay?"

"Yes, with Oswald." She explained.

"You would live in a house with a man before marriage, how scandalous." Miranda covered her mouth.

"They weren't like a super weirdo, were?" Polly said "I can totally whoop their butt if they were!"

"No of course not." She shook her head "He's not quite like that."

"You do call him Oswald, it's kinda cute maybe I should call him that." The ghost said.

"I don't think he'd like that." Zoe said.

"Why do you call them that, you also call them, he." Vera noticed.

"As you know I am quite old, Oz is the same." Zoe said "We are both ancient dark beings, the specific body you call Oz is a he, the collective Fear he represents is a They."

"You two must be quite close." Miranda smiled "It must be wonderful to be reunited."

"We were created by the origin of all darkness to fight the forces of light so I guess." Zoe shrugged "We're basically siblings."

"Stop telling people that." Oz appeared behind her.

"Aw don't be mean to your sister Oz." Polly teased.

"Hmm." The dark boy grumbled a bit "She's giving you all sorts of weird ideas I just know it."

"I already had plenty of weird ideas about you." Polly snickered.

The bell rang out and people started shuffling off to class.

"Crap we gotta go." Polly said "Don't wanna be late or something."

The others ran off and left Zoe standing there.

"Oh right, classes." She hummed "I mean I already have a massive fount of knowledge but I should still attend, I can get the back seat by the window and then after class we can eat lunch on the roof like real schoolgirls."

"You there, purple people eater!"

She turned around and saw a girl in a cloak standing there.

"Cool a rival character is appearing!" Zoe smiled.

"What no I'm here to kill you!" she said "I hear you say you're a dark god, you gotta have like super master tier loot!"

"Loot, oh right Oz mentioned you…umm Azrael or something?"

"Aaravi!" she yelled aiming a crossbow "Monster slayer!"

A bolt flew off and Zoe leaned her head, parting her tentacles so that the arrow passed between them.

"Anime dodge." She flashed her teeth "Now plan on shooting any more, I learned a bunch of awesome dodged watching shows last night."

"Damn she's discovered the power of anime." Aaravi cursed.

"Look I think it's super cool to have a rival and all but I need to get to class." Zoe said "And frankly this whole 'slaying god' thing was done two chapters ago, Coven beat you too it. Now can you leave me be so I can enjoy a happy peaceful life as a schoolgirl with my friends having fun slice of life adventures?"

"Pfft, heck no I bet your eye will have awesome secondary stats." The slayer laughed.

"Haa…leaving me no choice than." Zoe looked up "I'll have to get serious now."


"Make it through the first half of the day?" Oz asked as Zoe sat at the lunch table with them.

"Of course, you doubted me?" she smiled.

"I have detected an anomaly." Calculester spoke up.

"You're imagining things." Zoe told him.

Across the cafeteria Aaravi was hiding under the table where the Coven was eating.

"Let me guess." Joy sighed "Saw the true form of a dark horror and are now wondering if you can ever recover."

"I'm not some low tier noob like you." She mumbled "Never get freaked out by that I've got a ring of courage."

"Right." The Coven hummed as the girl ate her lunch under the table.


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