"Look what I bought!" Polly ran up to the lunch table.

"What did my sister manage to pawn off on you this time?" Vera sighed.

"A totally awesome hood ornament." She held up a strange vase like totem.

"That looks horrifying." Liam said.

"I know right." Polly laughed "And look it talks."

She pressed a button like part on the 'eye' of the vase.

"RELEASE ME!" a roaring twisted voice said.

"Awesome right."

Her friends just stared at her.

"Perhaps you should reconsider this purchase." Calculester said "Friend Polly can you get a refund?"

"Why would I want to?" she said "This this is the best."

"What do you have there?" Joy, the leader of the coven appeared "Hand it over now."

"Bully alert." Polly said.

"Maybe it's best to just give it to them so they leave us alone." Oz said.

"You have no idea what you're dealing with there." Faith explained "That's a dangerous eldritch artifact."

"You're trying to get us to give it up but you're only making it sound cooler." Damien explained.

"I've got a bad feeling about this thing." Oz said as the totem seemed to glow at him.

"It's mine and you can't have it!" Polly said.

"Just give it to us, this is for your own good." Joy said.

"YOINK!" Polly grabbed it "Don't let them have it.

The ghost jumped across the table and ran out of the room.

"A game of keep away, how exciting." Miranda clapped.

"After her!" Joy told her two friends.

"So…" Oz sighed closing his book "I guess we should go help."

"I'm so yelling at Valerie for this later." Vera said.

"A chance to show up the Coven sounds good to me." Damien laughed.

So, the gang split up to make sure the witches didn't get their hands on the idol.

"Just hand it over." Joy had Polly cornered with her magic.

"Stop trying to take all the cool weird stuff away!" the ghost yelled.

"It's mine now." Joy grabbed it "And the world is saved again-HUH?!"

Suddenly a sea otter flew passed and grabbed it right from her hands.

"What the hell?!"

"Well done fetching serf." Miranda took the idol.

"Get them, before they do something stupid that rips apart the fabric of reality!" Joy yelled.

"I've got it." Faith ran up.

"I think I need help!" Miranda yelled "Don't hurt me I'm a princess!"

Miranda instinctively hurled the totem into the air and down the hall.

"I'm open!" Scott grabbed it and held it up "Yeah touchdown!"

"Don't spike it you moron!" Liam quickly took it.

"Stupid vampire!" Joy aimed a spell "Firebolt!"

"Whoa!" Liam dodged but dropped "This is getting way too serious."

"Please allow me." Cal picked the idol up "Analyzing…this is the power totem of Z'Gord ruler of darkness."

"See that's why it's dangerous." Hope said as Cal held the totem over his head.

"I'm sorry friend hope but you appear to be to short to reach this at this time." The robot explained.

"Are you making fun of me?!"

"HMPH!" Faith reached up and took the totem while Calculester was distracted.

"Oh dear, I've made an error." he frowned.

"We've got it let's go!" Faith told the others.

"We'll seal this and it should be fine." Joy said as they went to the library.

"You'll be giving that, back right?" Oz asked sitting at one of the tables.

"Oz, how'd you get over here?" Joy glared a bit "Look this isn't some toy for you and your friends to play with."

"I never said it was, but Polly want's it." They looked over at her "So…give it back."

"It's just some old idol why not just let us seal it and then you can have it back if you want." Hope explained "It's not a big deal."

"If you seal it then it won't be the same thing that Polly liked." Oz stood up "Now give it back."

"Joy…" Faith whispered as the shadows around the room seemed to be getting closer.

"It's fine." The leader of the three warned "We can handle them."

"If you make my friends sad…" Oz looked up and suddenly the shadows launched out at them "I'll make you pay."


"They went in here." Polly went to the library "Where is is-whoa?"

"Hey." Oz waved sitting on the table with the idol "I got your thing back."

"What happened here?" Damien asked seeing the coven trembling on the ground nearby.

"Their Adrenalin appears to be abnormally high." Cal said.

"We just talked is all." Oz shrugged picking up the idol "Here Polly, catch."

He threw the idol across the room to her only for it to pass through her hands and shatter on the floor.


"Oopsie." She laughed "Butter fingers."

Suddenly magical energy swirled around the idol, a purple vortex of energy forming.

"You idiots!" Joy said "This is exactly why you can't be trusted with priceless magical artifacts!"

"It was an accident." Polly pouted "Ah man my super awesome hood ornament is totally wrecked."

"HMM Free at last!" a deep voice said "Eons in that idol was exhausting!"

Suddenly the energy coalesced and formed into a rather heinous looked mass of tentacles and mouths.

"It's Z'Gord." Faith said "You've unleashed a terrible being of darkness on the world!"

"Wow, way to judge someone based on rumors." The dark deity said "Hmm, though I'm sure this form isn't helping matters, let's try something more fitting."

The eldritch horror seemed to fold into itself before reemerging with a more visually compelling body with a lithe female figure with tentacle like hair and a tendril for an arm, though the other was a fully formed hand, her eyes were deep black with purple irises and the other areas of her body sported a few smaller green eyes or tiny mouths.

"That's much better." She stretched pushing her chest out.

"You're naked!" Vera snapped throwing some random kids' yellow sweatshirt at her.

"Oh, I suppose that is a thing people your age care about." She suited up "Anyway I am Z'Gord, Dark Deity."

"Wow so there really was an evil god in that hood ornament, cool." Scott smiled.

"I don't care what you look like we're still banishing you before you destroy the world as we know it." Joy said getting into position with her allies.

"Cool it I'm super over the whole world domination thing." Z'Gord said "It got boring after the third failed attempt and honestly all I've had to do the last few centuries are have a bunch or creepy cultist sacrificing virgins thinking it'll get me to come back, so lame. Honestly that little game you guys were playing with my idol was the most fun I've had in ages just being tosses around like that, you guys are pretty fun. Maybe I should give this highschool thing a try?"

"Well it's no badass hood ornament but it is a cool new friend." Polly said "Polly Geist."

"Z'Gord." She shook her hand "But you can just call me Zoe if you want."

"Y-You can't just leave." Joy said as the group started filtering out "We have to do dangerous magical battle in an attempt to seal you before we allow you to have a change of heart and walk away."

"Even if I wanted to battle you it would be a waste of time since you're not at your full power right now." Zoe explained as she left "I think you three did enough battling today, wouldn't you say?"

The tentacle girl walked out and stopped when she saw Oz.

"You certainly gave them quite the scare, didn't you?" she looked at them "I certainly wasn't expecting to see you here…Oswald the Embodiment of Fear."

The young shadowy male just looked off "Everyone just calls me Oz."

"Is that so." Zoe smiled "I wonder what made you get so aggressive with them, perhaps it's got something to do with that cute ghost girl?"

"If you're done prying lets get going, it's been a long day." Oz walked off.

"These modern times are certainly interesting, and I'm not prying I'm just catching up, we haven't seen each other in a few millennia." Zoe giggled "I wonder what the other Dark Realm gods would think of us now?"


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