Chapter 1:

Throughout the far reaches of the universe, many different planets laid in the stars, each inhabited by strange and unique species. Some races who wield great power, or immense knowledge of sciences or mystical arts. Many races have been labelled throughout the galaxy as being strong and feared. These races - each with different strengths and weaknesses - have shown and done amazing feats that seem impossible by many.

One of them was a race of great, and brutal warriors. A race who thrive on the fight, savouring every battle, not caring if they live till the end or not. These warriors were known as Saiyans.

These Saiyans were humanoid beings who hold great strength and power, with their only unique differences from normal humans being their brown monkey-like tails. A great many species considered them barbarians who live and die for battle. The Saiyans were residents on Planet Vegeta, led by a king who was named after they're own planet. The Saiyans focused merely on their primal instincts after the animals they are base of, barely using technology of any sort.

For many years, they fought and conquered many planets for the trill of the battle, seeking victory, and to prove themselves the strongest race in the galaxy.

Soon, however, they made an alliance with a galactic emperor named Frieza, who sought to use their mighty strength and power for his army, gaining control of more planets. With the alliance, the Saiyans grew in technology and wisdom, but still believed in their strength above all.

As time passed, the Saiyans proved to be quite powerful, with more and more fighters with great potential appearing. Soon, even Frieza became concerned over their potential. Fearing that the Saiyans would one day rebel against him. Especially given the prophecy of the Saiyans.

The prophecy concerning the Legendary Super Saiyan.

The legends spoke of a Saiyan who shall arise with fur as bright as the sun. A golden Saiyan, who shall contain immense power to destroy all that stands in its way, with no obstacle to stop it.

Frieza would have merely brushed the story off as a false tale, but his fear grew at the potential that the Saiyans showcased. With all of this, he knew that he had to do something. He had to destroy the Saiyan race!

The fool would never realize the tragic mistake such a decision would have in store for him, or his death by karma.


Meanwhile, far away from the soon to be destroyed planet, a lone Saiyan Attack Ball sailed fast through space, making quick haste toward Planet Vegeta. Its pilot let out a cringe of pain as she held her side to cover up the bleeding gash. Her blood splattered and dripped over the chair and walls, but she didn't care about that. Her large mane of spiky black hair glittered in sweat and fresh blood.

She was quite a beauty, though more of a rough and primal sort. Her toned muscles that weren't as bulky as her fellow Saiyans strained slightly against her battle armour. Her scars and wounds added to her appeal, in a way.

Earlier, during her mission, she had been contacted by her idiot brother, Bardock. At first, she thought he was going to brag about accomplishing another assignment like usual, only to be proven wrong.

What she heard made her blood run cold in horror, before burning in fury. It boiled at the thought of the treacherous bastard, Frieza! She couldn't believe it! After years of servitude to him, he decides to get rid of the Saiyans just like that?! She knew they couldn't trust that pathetic lizard!

He'll pay! the woman thought, snarling.

To make things worse, just as she and her team were about to head back to their ships, one of Frieze's top elite, the Ginyu Force, attacked them on Frieza's orders.

Her team was massacred. Butchered, like cattle. And she just barely was able to escape. If she didn't get something to stop the bleeding soon, she'll either die, or go unconscious.

Just then, her pod's alarm went off, making her curse. As she was escaping the planet, those assholes fired after her, hitting and damaging the ship. Checking her computer, she saw that the navigation system had temporarily suffered an error, and made a auto-course change, making her punch the top of the monitor in anger.

Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! she mentally screamed. Of all the time for her to experience a malfunction!

She bit back a bark of pain as her wounds pulsed in pain. Her vision began to go hazy, no matter how hard she tried to stay awake. It was no use, as her vision began to darken. Unknown to her, the ship's malfunction in the advanced motor systems attacked to her pod. This had two effects: 1) her motor systems went haywire and released a large amount of energy, so large in fact, that that the energy met a large but weak fracture in dimensions. 2) This not only created a wormhole but a slight tear in dimensions. Causing the female Saiyan's ship to slip through.

On the side of another dimension, the dimensional tear deposited the Saiyan's ship and making it land on an unfamiliar planet. A bluish planet, orbiting a red sun.


(Planet Krypton)

Planet Krypton. A world, where the people focus more on the side of science and technology. Buildings as high as the stars and made of metal, and the air filled with flying vehicles. Cities that stretch on for miles, and residents of scientists, doctors, physicians, men and woman of discovery. Krypton was a planet and home where the discovery and advancements of scientific lands were developed centuries, aeons even, far beyond its side and neighbours of the cosmos.

So many discoveries have been made. Laws of nature experimented with, broken, and modified. Diseased from many life-form planets cured and manufactured. Even the aging process had been delayed through patience and studying. Perfect cloning, life creation, and life and pure energy have been made. All of these wonders continued to grow.

There were a few wars here and there, but they were generally taken care of through meetings and agreements.

While it seemed like a normal, peaceful day, it soon changed. Coming down from the sky, a strange missile crashed down close the Krypton's capital city, Kryptonpolis. The militarized forces of Krypton went to check it out, led by General Zod.

At the sight, they stared in wonder at the large and damaged metallic sphere that laid in the middle of a large crater. It looked like a space pod used for one person space travel, but they'd never seen one of that design. Some wondered if it came from another planet, making others wonder if it was a sign of war, or an invasion. Cautiously approaching the pod, it took the scientists with them a few minutes to get the hatch opened. Once it was, weapons drawn, they looked inside. They gasped in shock and surprise when they saw a heavily damaged woman, lying unconscious at the seat.

Quickly grabbing her, they made their way by transport back to Kryptonopolis for medical assistance, while Zod called in a carrier to pick up the pod.

They were able to get her to the medical center fast enough, and doctors were able to heal her injuries, which astonished them at the extant of her damage. Broken bones, ribs, and fractured skull were but the minimum of the damage. There were able to fix her cuts and gashes by used the special healing fluid, healing the cuts in seconds.

However, what seemed to baffle the scientists were her style of dress. Her armour, hairstyle, everything... Scientists were unable to fully identify her, and they liked to think that they knew almost every race in the galaxy. They were understandably wary of the woman before them, so they drugged her with enough medicine to keep her knocked out. They didn't want to do that, but they were unable to identify her, so they had to take precautions.

When the news of the newly discovered woman reached the ears of the Ruling Council of Krypton, there was a heavy debate on what to do with her. Many called for her death, fearing that she may be a spy for some unknown species. The few, peaceful councilmen argued against it, and instead insisted on speaking with the woman, and hopefully make peace.

After much shouting and arguing back and forth, the council finally came to a decision. They would keep the woman under constant watch, as well as put titanium cuffs on her – though they wondered if it would be enough to hold her – and cautiously approach her.

It was a few days before the unconscious woman woke up, shocking the doctors, as with her injuries, she should've been unconscious for nearly two weeks, even with the healing fluids. Needless to say, as soon as she awoke, the hospital had to be quickly evacuated. The reason? Because even if she was handcuffed, the woman proved to be stubborn and - surprisingly - strong. Incredibly so. This was evident when she managed to lift up the bed she was in, and kicked it through wall She gave primal roars of anger as she went about destroying equipment and knocking guards back, while demanding answers on where she was, and where her ship was.

Even then they used laser guns, she merely either blocked them with her cuffs, dodged them, or slapped them away easily, shocking them.

It took almost two hours to calm her down – where as a good chunk of the center was destroyed – but before anything else could damage, the lead scientists stepped up to her, with the promise to set her free if she calmed down.

While reluctant to trust any of the Kryptonians, the Saiyan woman reluctantly agreed to listen to them, knowing that the odds weren't in her favour.

With her calmed and unrestrained, she was taken to the Council Chamber to see the Ruling Council. However, having the Saiyan impatience and unruly attitude, the first thing she said as she stepped into the room was a demand to know where her ship was. Seeing that the councilmen were angry at being talked to like that, it was one of the scientists with her who responded.

He told her that her pod was found very damaged, and while the computer system might function if repaired, the navigation was of no use. Meaning that she was stuck here.

Angry, she demanded to use any spacecraft they had, but was denied by the council. They said that as she was an uninvited trespasser to their land, they had the right to hold her prisoner, further enraging her. With a roar, she sprung forth her aura and energy, making the chamber and city itself shake at the power she possessed.

However, she was stopped by the man, who placed a hand on her shoulder, sending her a warning glare. Furious, she responded in kind, eager to attack the man. However, the man remained calm even under her mighty glare, and calmly told her to stop or else things would get worse for her.

Scoffing, she powered down, crossing her arms with a huff. She still demanded to see her ship. The man, not wanting to cause another quake of anger, agreed, ignoring the council, who shouted in protest. Leading her way, he took her to the Science Department, where her pod was laid at the bottom levels.

Once she got to her ship, she went straight to her communication, hoping it was not too late. She saw she had a message from her brother, Bardock. He told of how he was going to see if he could warn the other Saiyans in time, and hopefully put a stop to Frieza. He also said that he saw his son, Kakarot's, pod leave the planet. Being sent off to a planet named... E-arth? Ea-rth? Whatever, she couldn't pronounce it, anyways. He talked about that if he couldn't stop Frieza, he'd rather go down fighting, like a true Saiyan.

That was the last that she had heard of her stupid brother. A sense of dread went through her. She didn't know how, but she knew... Bardock was gone. Along with Planet Vegeta.

The Saiyan held back tears of pain and loss. Most Saiyans didn't care for things such as love or family, given that they would send their children at birth to other planets to conquer. But her family was different. They loved each other, from mother and father to son and daughter to grandparents. She was happy Bardock found love with Gine, and had a son.

Behind her, seeing her sadness, the man approached cautiously, and placed a hand on her shoulder. Telling her she was sorry for her loss. The woman continued crying, ignoring the man. For she knew, with a heavy heart, that she and her nephew Kakarot were the only remaining Saiyans left alive.


With no home to go to, and nowhere to travel to, the Saiyan woman who had introduced herself as Nanaban was given residence on Krypton, on the warning that she not do anything, meaning she could not hurt anyone, or cause destruction.

She would have scoffed, but was too into her sadness her to do anything. Her race was gone, along with her home planet. Her family and comrades dead, and she had no idea where her nephew was, or where this Ea-rth was. It was a depressing thought.

The man, who she had learned called Jax-Ur, had helped her grieve for her fallen brethren. She thanked him, even though it injured her pride to actually thank someone.

She had to stay with Jax-Ur while on Krypton. The Kryptonian allowed her to stay in a small home that he sometimes occupied. His main place of living was his laboratory, where he performed several of his experiments.

Though staying in this planet was a bit too boring for her. All the technology around made her scoff. Nanaban was a proud warrior! All she needed were her fists, and a face to punch! The only technology that was even interesting to her were Scouters and the space pods. Everything else was just useless junk!

Although Jax-Ur would disagree heavily and sometimes get into arguments with him about what was and was not useful. It was sometimes comedic for those who watched. Although, Jax let her win most arguments, since Nanaban was the most stubborn person that he had ever met. Even Zod wasn't as stubborn as her.

Though Nanaban would reluctantly admit that the science and weaponry were a bit interesting. She still complained about how weak the military forces were compared to her. She even used the soldiers as sparring partners whenever she was bored.

All in all, the place was peaceful, which was both a good and bad thing for her. Good because she could relax, bad because there wasn't much to do. Beating Kryptonian soldiers could only be fun for so long. So, she took a job of travelling to other planets for research... but mostly to fight opponents.

Another thing she realised was that she was a looong way from home. Each planet that she met was vastly different from what she was used to. What shocked her was that no one knew what a Saiyan was. No one! When she mentioned it, people just looked at her like she was insane. It seemed that the facts about Saiyans, Planet Vegeta, even Frieza, were unknown to many people.

Though she was able to meet some interesting species. The Martians were a good example. They reminded her of those Namekians she had met a while back. She managed to learn a lot from them, and found them a little interesting, if not boring.

Meanwhile, she spent her time mostly with Jax-Ur and another scientist Jor-El, who seemed nice. Other people mostly got on her nerves, especially General Zod. That guy could get on her nerves, always demanding that she teach his soldiers how to use the energy of ki to get stronger. While she was always eager for the chance to fight strong opponents, Zod reminded her too much of those idiot primal Saiyans and Frieza's men, who lust for killing any living thing they believe are weak. It left a bad taste in her mouth.

True Saiayns fight, not for destruction, but for the glory of battle! They fought for the sake of fighting, and growing stronger! Those who did otherwise dirtied the great and proud Saiyan race!

She also swore that she would make Frieza pay. One way or another.

Anyway, she found that Jax-Ur was a good companion. Even though he focus more on science and inventing, making she scoff, she found out he was actually an ex-military soldiers and fighter, much to her Saiyan happiness. He was nowhere near as good of a fighter as her, but had experience.

Although many Kryptonians disagreed with her sentiment. Apparently, Jax-Ur was deemed somewhat of a deviant for his past actions. Nanaban had heard of these from rumours and from Jax-Ur himself. Apparently, he destroyed Wegthor, one of Krypton's moons that was populated by roughly 500 people. He was on thin ice with the Ruling Council, having been branded a criminal and 'the lowest of the low.' The only reason that he wasn't punished was because of Jor-El's - a respected scientist - words and pleas for him to be spared. The Council agreed, but Jax was still on probation.

Nanaban didn't care about any of that. While she did understand what he had done, she didn't judge him like the rest of the Kryptonians, having given him the benefit of the doubt. Jax-Ur was extremely grateful for this, having only a few people who truthfully believed in him and didn't label him as a criminal. If only she knew...

Anyways, she very much enjoyed beating the snot out of him in their spars, laughing as he laid on the ground. Though, she would often hear him mutter something about a yellow sun. She wondered what that was about.

And so, years passed, and she actually grew closer to the Kryptonian. It took a while, and many, many, many arguments, but they managed to fall in love with him. Jax-Ur felt the same, having never met a woman like her. As the two got close and time flew by...

"AAAAHHHH! JAX-UR YOU BASTARD!" ... and Nanaban was cursing his name. Reason being? Well, Nanaban was giving birth. To their child. "IF I MAKE IT OUT OF THIS ALIVE, YOU'RE DEAD!"

Nanban screamed as she was feeling pain pulse through her whole body, as she laid on a bed in a special medical center built away from Kryptonopolis. Made just for this occasion. Her roars shook the whole building, as her power went out of control as she was trying to focus on the process of giving birth to her child.

Beside her, Jax-Ur had to prevent tears of pain from falling out of his eyes, as both his hands were being broken by the mighty strength of his wife. Her normal strength was bad enough. Add in the strength that women get when they're giving birth...

The Kryptonian whimpered and almost cried as the doctors were running all over the place, dodging falling ceiling debris and shaking floors as they tried to help with the birth.

Despite Jax-Ur's pain, he was extremely happy. Not only because he was about to receive a child, but his inner scientist was intrigued at the idea of a Saiyan and Kryptonian hybrid. Nanaban had informed him of the feats and details of the Saiyan race. He was in fact the only Kryptonian that knew of the Saiyan race, something that he was honoured by. A child with the body and fighting spirit and a Saiyan, along with the intellect of a Kryptonian... the child would practically be unstoppable.

He hid his inner scientist as he focused on his wife giving birth. "AAAHHH!" Nanaban screamed loaded as the doctor told her to keep pushing. Oh how she wanted nothing more than to blast that idiot! She was going to castrate him! She was going to- "AAAAAAHHH!" Her aura bursted out of her in her state, destroying any and all electronics around her. Light bulbs bursted from above, making the nurses quickly use the special crystals gathered, that glowed in the dark.

"Come on Nanaban! Almost there!" Jax-Ur encouraged, handing his lover a steel bar to hold – as his hands were currently useless – though the bar was quickly snapped in half, making the man cringe. He cringed even more when she grabbed him by the front, dragging him to be eye-level with her.


Jax-Ur wasn't ashamed to admit that he might've pissed himself at the sight of his furious wife. The bed's legs soon broke, making the bed fall, as well as the ground around her crack.

If anyone had a scanner to read her power level, the device would have bursted, as the power of a mother giving birth would be unlike anything else.

Suddenly, just when the shaking suddenly increased in volume, it lowered before disappearing in all. Everything was silent for a few minutes, before a sound echoed through the building. The sound of a baby crying.


Nanaban, panting heavily in exhaustion, sweat layering her forehead, gave a tired smile, eyes stinging as tears threatened to fall. Jax-Ur was the same, as both newly-named parents gazed down at their crying child.

As with all Saiyan newborns, the child – a boy – already had a head of small black hair. It had a bit of spikiness, similar to his mother. His skin was a soft, light brown tan, equal to his father. His mouth was wide as he gave a fierce cry, making his mother smile proudly at how loud it was. It was a warrior's cry, and she was damn proud of it.

Jax-Ur winced at the loud sound, but he still smiled, tears leaking down his face at the miracle in front of him.

His arms were slightly larger than a normal baby's given his Saiyan genes, having even the slightest tone of muscle than no newborn should have and fingers twitched as they slowly clenched and unclenched. Swinging beneath the toddler, a monkey tail sways wildly, testing out its functions, its fur the usual Saiyan brown.

Nowadays, most Kryptonian children were born through the Kryptonian Growth Chambers, a technological chamber designed to artificially grow Kryptonians. It also allowed to genetically modify a genetic registry of citizens yet to be born so they would fulfill specific roles in Krypton's society. Such a thing made Nanaban, Jax-Ur and Jor-El sick, as there was no love in the birth, and it basically robbed the children of their society of choice and change. Even pre-Saiyans, before Frieza came along, gave birth to their children, and trained them personally with pride.

Only a few children were born naturally, like their son.

A nurse picked the baby up to clean, wrapping its surprisingly warm body in a red blanket, the baby quickly nuzzling into the soft material. Both of his parents looked at their child lovingly, holding each other's hands.

Once clean, she handed him to Nanaban, expressing her congratulations. Though the Saiyan barely heard her, merely keeping her loving gaze at her son, who sensing his mother's touch, opened his eyes for the first time. Coal black eyes blinked at the new vision, before looking up at the smiling face of his mother. Blinking, the new hybrid giggled as he reached his arms up to her face, making Nanaban smile as tears slid down her face in happiness.

Jax-Ur smiled at the two as he leaned closer, entering his son's vision, who reached up to him. Not caring if his hands were currently hurting, Jax-Ur gently rubbed his son's cheek, making the baby giggle more.

Smiling at the family, the doctor stepped up. "I congratulate you two. He's perfectly healthy. If I may ask, what is his name?"

Jax-Ur and Nanaban looked at each other, before looking down at their son. They had already picked up two names for him.

"His Kryptonian name shall be Van-Ur," Jax-Ur announced proudly, kissing his son lightly.

Giggling - something that she would forever deny - Nanaban tickled her son, making him squeal with laughter. "And his Saiyan name will be Cado. But Van-Ur is okay for now." Looking up at her husband, she leaned forward to kiss him slightly, to celebrate this joyous occasion.

On that day, a new life was born. On that day, a god was brought into the world.

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