Chapter 31:

Cado watched with sad eyes as Clark and Martha wept over the corpse of Jonathan Kent. He sighed, wishing that things didn't have to happen this way. Even with all of his powers, death wasn't something that he could prevent. And he doubted that the Dragon Balls would work in this universe.

Cado walked towards the crying Clark, ignoring the others watching in sadness. He placed a hand on his shoulder, pressing hard so he would know that he could feel it. "He died protecting your ship's location," he consoled. "He stood up to those stronger than him, despite his situation. He was a brave man."

However, instead of being consoled, Clark slapped his hand away, glaring at him. "You think I want your pity?" he snarled, clenching his fist. "Your comfort? This is all your fault!"

"My fault?!" the Saiyatonian exclaimed, furious. He knew that his godbrother was sad, but he was not going to take the blame for this!

"Yeah! If you had been there before they'd even come - if you'd protected them and left me to break free-"

"You would've been sliced open and dissected, you fool!" Cado snarled, strutting up to him and pointing into Clark's chest. "Don't blame me for your faults, Kal-El! I'm sorry Jonathan died, but what you do is deal with the ones responsible, and not throw your blame elsewhere!"

Grabbing Cado by his front, Clark made to yell at him again, only for Martha to step in. "That's enough!" she exclaimed, catching both men off-guard. She panted harshly, emotionally exhausted. Tears were still falling from her eyes, but she continued to give a stern glare towards them.

"There is an alien invasion going on!" she yelled, slowly growing more hysteric as she went on. "They invaded my home, looking for my own alien son's ship! Their attacking our planet, came to our home, and-and..." She slowly broke down into tears.

Moving immediately, Clark consoled his mother, who was sobbing. Both aliens felt ashamed of the way that they were acting, when a grieving widow was nearby.

"I... It doesn't matter... who's wrong and who's right," Martha blubbered, trying to get her voice across. "What matters... is that those aliens need to be stopped! By both of you!"

Her quiet sobs were the only sound getting across, as both Cado and Clark shared a brief look with each other.

"Uh, hey," the Flash quietly stepped in, looking nervous in doing so. All eyes were on him as he rubbed his neck sheepishly. "I'm... sorry, about your loss. I know what it's like to lose a parent from a familiar face. I can help you fix up your home... i-if that's okay!"

Clark managed a very strained smile. "Thank you, Flash. I'd appreciate that."

With a nod, the Flash became a blur around the small farm, picking up and fixing each part of their broken home and reassembling it at an alarmingly fast pace. Pretty soon, the barn looked brand-new, with only the scorched ground showing signs of battle.

Clark's and Martha's eyes were wide in surprise, while Cado had an impressed look on his face. "A-Amazing," Martha stuttered.

Barry puffed his chest out proudly. "Oh, you know. Fastest man alive and all that..."

"Enough of the sentimental speeches," Batman commented, stepping forward and attempting to take control of the situation at hand. "We need to focus on the matters at hand, which is the alien invasion that's about to occur."

"Boy, aren't you just a ray of sunshine and rainbows?" Cado commented sarcastically at his rudeness.

"I'm the only one here trying to see the bigger picture here," was the retort, Batman's eyes narrowing at him in response.

"Oh, of course. Because you're miraculously going to try and take on a group of aliens, when you were merely cowering behind your fancy toys not even a few minutes ago," Cado harshly retorted. While he understood that now wasn't the time or place for such behaviour, this human was already annoying him. He didn't even feel that strong in comparison to the spandex-covered Flash, who felt like a beacon of energy. Hell, he had more power in his body than this fool when he was a mere child!

Batman's scowl deepened, but Cado cut him off before he could say anything else. "Look, we have family to mourn, and opponents to fight with. You want to get things going, fine."

Glaring at a piece of ground near them, Cado's eyes twinkled with power. A huge column of force suddenly appeared, pulverising the ground and getting the others to jump slightly, startled.

Kneeling down, Cado picked up the broken body of Jonathan Kent and carried him gingerly to the crater he had formed. He placed the corpse into the hole, picking up the scattered dirt to cover his body. Quickly, the body was completely covered, with Cado patting it to make it more firm.

"He was a good man," was all he managed to say, having known that the man did all he could to defend his wife and home, despite the overwhelming odds. That - along with all that he had done in raising Kal-El - had earned the man his respect. "One of the bravest humans I've ever seen on this planet. His death will not be in vain. Of that I'll make sure of."

He stood up, dusting his hands. "Kal-El, you will have a proper burial for your father after we're done dealing with Zod," he assured, getting a slow nod from his godbrother. "But we need all the cards on the table. Where's the Codex?"

Clark hesitated, getting Cado to narrow his eyes. "Are you serious?! What the hell would be more important than you keeping a damn secret?! Where the hell is the Codex?!"

Looking down, Clark sighed. "My fath- I mean... his hologram, told me about the location of the Codex." He gestured to himself. "It's inside of me."

Cado blinked, looking at Clark incredulously, like he was waiting for the punchline of an oncoming joke. Then he realised that he was being serious. "That's..." He wanted to say 'impossible', but it seemed very likely. The Codex wasn't located in Clark's ship, otherwise the other Kryptonians would've located it. But... inside of him?

The Saiyatonian activated his X-ray vision, looking at Clark's strands of DNA. He wanted to call bullshit on his answer, but Clark's DNA didn't seem any different from all the other Kryptonians he'd scanned. Then again, he had nothing to base his findings on. The changes to his DNA through the Codex merging with him could've been so subtle that he wouldn't have noti-

"Hang on," Cado suddenly said, taking a look at Clark's chest. He walked forward, the findings revealing something... horrific. "Your DNA... Kal-El, your cells!"

Blinking in confusion, Clark used his own X-ray vision to scan his body, unsure as to what he should be seeing. Then, he spotted the abnormality. "No..."

Martha blinked. "What is it? What's wrong?!"

Clark struggled for words, his sight revealing the strange, yet scary news. "My DNA... i-it's been-"

"Ruptured," Cado finished, confused. "But that's impossible! That kind of damage wouldn't have-no. Shouldn't have occurred. Your healing has to be working!"

"I-I don't-" Suddenly, it came back to him. What had occurred on the Kryptonian ship. The revelation made him slip out a surprising, "Son of a bitch..."

"Language," Martha admonished, although it seemed to be a reflex. She then looked extremely concerned. "What is it, honey? Your scaring me..."

"Nam-Ek... h-he had me strapped down to the table... and then he stabbed me with something... some sort of needle..."

"Was it a matter incinerator?" Cado questioned, concerned. He had only briefly skimmed through the tools that were on the stand near the table, but he didn't think that that was used.

Clark blinked in confusion. "A what?"

Cado snarled. "Never mind!" He pinched the bridge of his nose as he sighed harshly. "Dammit... I pray to Rao that the fool didn't use it on you."

"Uh... for all those who don't understand the science stuff... what exactly happened?" the Flash questioned, confused.

Cado sighed. "If my fears are confirmed, the possible end of our race's future!"

"That doesn't sound so-" Batman started to say, only for Clark to blitz forward and put a hand to his mouth, silencing him. Batman tried to glare and move his hand, but Clark didn't budge, a clear sign of who was superior.

"Look, I'm not my own race's biggest fan at the moment, but I can at least say that to Cado's face and not immediately die," the Kryptonian warned. "You? You'd be lucky not to end up as a bloody stain. So - for your sake - keep your mouth shut."

Batman glared daggers at him, yet wasn't making a move to do anything. Clark removed his hand and sighed in distress.

Cado eyed Batman, but didn't make a move. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. "Kal-El, why didn't you tell me of the Codex dwelling within you?"

Clark rubbed his forehead. "Because I..." He sighed. "It was a private message given to me by my... ship." He didn't want to finish the sentence with 'father'. The word would've brought an unyielding amount of grief and sadness. "It wasn't any of your-"

"Don't. Finish. That. Sentence," Cado snarled, a quiet rage in his eyes that caused Clark to flinch. "I promised that I wouldn't spill any Kryptonian blood, but you are making that promise extremely hard to keep. This was our race's future we were talking about! Our possible survival! And yet you kept this from me?! Now the Codex is possibly damaged, because you were too nonchalant in what it meant to us!"

Clark's eyes narrowed. "My fault?! How was I supposed to know Nam-Ek would doom his race?!"

"Because if you had told me, I could've come up with a different plan! Or better yet, keep you from even encountering Zod, on the off-chance that you died!" The Saiyatonian could see the realisation on his face. "That's right. Your race - our race - now is possibly about to be extinct, because you decided to keep your precious little moment to yourself!"

Cado grabbed the front of his suit and pulled him forward, Clark's guilty face meeting his enraged one. "You son of a bitch! Of all the Kryptonians who had to have our race's history on their shoulders, Jor-El picked the one who knows absolutely nothing about his culture! Who would sooner spit in our faces and be kin to the humans who call your name in disgrace!"

A hand was placed on his own, and Cado turned to look at Martha, who had a calm but stern look on her face. "Let him go," she demanded quietly, yet her voice seemed to carry enough volume.

Staring at her for a moment, Cado scoffed before pushing Clark back. "I will never forgive you for this, Kal-El," he whispered, each word causing an emotional blow to him. "I could overlook your disregard for your race. I could overlook you abandoning the very hopes that Jor-El wanted for you. But I can't overlook this. After this is done, I will find a way to repair and retrieve the Codex from your body. But for now..."

Cado glared at the Kryptonian fully. "You and I have our foes to deal with. Now, this is what you are going to do..."


Zod collapsed onto the Black Zero's bridge, grunting as the ship's Krypton-like atmosphere tried to purge Earth's effect from his body. He groaned as the sudden change had his body wracked with pain.

"General!" Faora cried out, crouching next to him and trying to help him. Frustrated, Zod roared as he struck out, hitting her with untold force and sending her skidding across the ship, damaging it.

He ignored his other brethren clamouring to help her, using so much willpower to focus that even a Green Lantern would be impressed.

"Prepare the World Engine," he rasped, his men only pausing for half a second before they complied with his orders. The whole ship trembled when the World Engine separated itself from the Black Zero. From one angle, it looked like a smaller ship, beginning to fly away. Zod panted as he looked from the big window as the World Engine passed in front of the sun, beginning its descent to Earth.

"Such a shame that this planet will have to be purged," he whispered to himself. "It seems that it's filled to the brim with gifts for us. But..." He clenched his fist, recalling the retreat he had needed to take from the free-birth and half-breed. "As long as it makes them suffer, then I am all for it."

He stood up, sighing as he felt his body grow stronger. "I need to master my gifts... need to drown all of the sounds out." With nought but a thought, he moved off the Black Zero's bridge, flying upwards. He wouldn't move closer to the sun, that would be foolish. His body would likely combust from the powerful surges if he did so. No, he needed to concentrate. It was his only method of absolute victory.


"The ship had split into two," Cado noticed, his eyes narrowed upon witnessing the ship's movements.

"So, what do we do now?" Clark asked, worried.

Cado was quiet for a moment as he formulated his plans. "It's going down quick. It should land somewhere in the South Indian Ocean."

Clark sighed, his own superior vision pinpointing the panicked civilians, scared but unharmed. "At least things seem to be fi-" He put a hand to his mouth to stop himself, but it was too late.

The object identified as the Phantom Drive began to glow blue. Suddenly, a blue beam left the ship, linking it to the World Engine on the opposite side of the globe.

"Goddammit..." Clark sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Cado shrugged. "You said it, not me."

The two of them could see the World Engine powering up. Hell, the very air vibrated from the power of the machine. A cloud of black smoke rising from it. Suddenly, the blue beam blasted the ground, opening the ocean waters to hit the Earth.

Across, humans and vehicles rose in the air as the World Engine pushed the beam to them; and then were slammed back as Black Zero pushed it back. The planet trembled from Kryptonian might.

Clark made to fly to help the others, but he could see a red streak across the rising earth, plucking each person one by one. He sighed in relief.

"Good thing the Streaker is saving us the trouble," Cado remarked.

"His name is Flash," Clark reminded.

"I missed the part where I'm supposed to give a shit." Cado would've said more, but the sound of a phone ringing caught his attention. He picked it up, pushing it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Cado, where the hell are you?!" Bulma yelled through the phone, causing Cado to wince.

"About to deal with the problem. Are you alright?" he asked.

"We're fine. I'm holding down the fort and keeping everything from breaking, Kasumi helped Ms. Lane out and to a safe place, and Cammy, Chun-Li and Mai are doing their best to evacuate employees and nearby civilians."

"That was quick," the Saiyatonian remarked, impressed.

"Eh, you face one alien invasion, you've dealt with them all."

Technically, only Hieta came to Earth. Well, our Earth," he corrected.

"Semantics. Also, speaking of which... FIX THIS!" The last part was yelled to him, causing him to grunt at the loud noise.

"Alright, alright! Just make sure that none of you die!" he cut off the phone, sighing. "Raodammit, can she be annoying." Cracking his neck, he laid out his plan.

"Alright, Kal-El. This is how it'll play out. I've got an attack that'll take out the World Engine. Upside is that it's guaranteed to succeed."

Clark smiled slightly. "Great. And what's the downside?"

"You'll have to act as a distraction to the other Kryptonians."

Clark paused at that. "Well, that's not too bad-"

"For five minutes," Cado clarified, cutting him off. "And considering that I have to deal with Zod, who's up in upper atmosphere, probably getting a hang on his own powers, it could take a while... ah, never mind. I'm sure you can handle it."

Clark frowned. "A-Are... are you holding a grudge?"

Cado didn't answer, instead choosing to fly off and deal with the World Engine. "Good luck, Kal-El!"

"Dammit, Cado!" Clark made to retort, only to get blasted by a giant laser beam coming from one of the incoming Kryptonians.

"Die, free-birth!" Faora declared angrily.

Picking himself from a collapsed building, Clark sighed heavily.


Cado could feel the change in gravity as he approached the Black Zero, still linked to the World Engine. He was used to heavier, so he was fine. But he could feel that ki blasts could be hampered upon firing at the ship. But he felt that he could overpower it. So why was he still feeling uncertainty?

Ah, yes. He didn't actually want to destroy the ship. Not entirely, at least. He still wanted to preserve Krypton's treasures, and damaging it felt like an affront to his people. But the people of Earth would suffer from his lack of action.

He was torn. While he had grown up and even sympathised with the humans, he wasn't human. If he fully went through with this, he would be essentially spitting on his own people's hopes and dreams.

That was why he'd decided to try and find another planet. One uninhabited, but still filled with enough life and resources to allow Krypton to be properly terraformed. A simple solution, really.

Plus, this universe had to be as vast as his own. It was very likely that a planet had those kind of requirements.

And if things didn't go well in this universe, he could go to his own universe and use the Dragon Balls to wish for Krypton to be reborn there. So, there was that.

He neared the Indian Ocean, with the World Engine sinking its claws literally and figuratively into the environment. The sky over it was filled with black clouds, the smoke being generated from the terraforming machine as it began taking over Earth's atmosphere. A ring of ocean water surrounded the machine, the gravitational field keeping it in air, and red thunderbolts slashed the black sky, while the blue beam kept hammering the ground.

Frowning, the Saiyatonian could feel dozens of ki signatures disappearing under the sea, one by one. He figured that it was just the normal aquatic life being killed, but... these were different. This felt more... human, for lack of a better term.

Suddenly, different figures broke the surface, adorned in odd-looking armour and wielding a variety of weapons. There were roars coming from them - not bestial, animalistic roars. Human roars.

"Begone, filth! Bring your human horrors off the waters of our kingdom!" one shouted.

"Leave Atlantis alone!"

"Wait, this isn't the make of humankind! This is beyond even the Surface World!"

"Could it be-! Weapons from beyond the stars?!"

"Atlantis, huh?" Cado remarked. "So, apparently that's real." Shaking his head, the Saiyatonian began his descent, entering atmosphere with speed, flying directly against the World Engine. The black clouds forming over it entered his lungs; he pushed forward, still moving strong. His ki-sustained flight helped him where his natural abilities seemed weakened. He had already fallen victim to the change in atmosphere once, he would not let a weakness like that occur again.

Opening a huge container on its main body, the World Engine revealed a massive storage of liquid geo. This shaped itself into a strange metal tentacle, reaching fast in his direction. Flying to the side, Cado evaded the liquid geo tentacle. Seeing its tip morph into some kind of claw, he brought out his Dragon Sword. Channelling ki through it, he began slicing the tentacle into pieces, dropping each part into the ocean.

At the same moment, 3 other identical tentacles formed from the World Engine, flying against him. Twirling his sword around, his arms were simply a blur as he moved with blinding speed. Sheathing his sword with a click, Cado watched the defensive tentacles fall to the ocean.

Seeing more tentacles sprouting about, Cado sighed. Flying forward quickly, Cado sliced through the Black Zero, his Dragon Sword cleaving through the material like a hot knife through butter. A schlock sound rang through the air as the halves of the Black Zero separated, the top half rising up from the sheer force of the swing. Attached to the edge were severed tentacles, which had cauterised edges from the force and power of his sword.

His brain analysing each part, Cado used his X-ray vision to see the lower half of the ship. He sighed in relief upon seeing that there were still available parts that could be used and - more importantly - fixed.

Warping in between the space of the severed halves, Cado cupped his hands, gathering ki. "Ka... Me..."

As light started to form in his hands, Cado could feel Zod's energy getting slightly higher, before it started to approach the Earth. "Ha... Me..."

With his own eyesight, he could see the Kryptonian general break through the atmosphere, focusing his senses. He could see Zod's eyes veer in his direction and in Kal-El's. He was wondering which threat he should take out first. That was his mistake.

"Ha!" the Saiyatonian roared, firing the beam upwards and into the upper part of the Black Zero. Zod tried to fly into his direction and stop the beam, but the Kamehameha was too powerful to stop with sheer force. He screamed in anger and frustration as he and the Black Zero's half flew up into the air, the clouds parting to allow the beam to rise into space.

A few seconds later, there was a loud explosion of light and energy, the force of the blast resulting in a shockwave that parted the waters and scattered the Earth's surface. Sighing in relief, Cado lowered his hands. Zod was still alive, but he was motionless. That gave him the time he needed.

Diving into the sea, Cado ignored the chattering of the fish-people nearby, seeing that the lower half of the Black Zero stretched deep into the bed of the sea. Scowling, he sliced forward, severing its hold. Just as he was about to pick it up, he was attacked by the surrounding fish-people, all roaring and chattering in his ear.

Infuriated at being attacked while he was saving all their asses, Cado immediately struck out, instinct guiding him to lash out. A quick slap to the neck had it literally break under the force, killing one of the sea-dwellers. A kick was placed into the gut of another, denting her armour and causing her to fly straight down, hitting the bed of the sea instantly.

More and more sea-dwellers were getting killed one by one, dyeing the sea red with their blood. By now, some had backed off, wary of his superior strength. Throwing the corpses of their slain brethren, Cado huffed. He made to speak, only to find his speech garbled somewhat. He scowled, making a motion for everyone to calm down.

While some listened to him, there was some muttering from the others as they looked in one direction, apparently sensing something. Cado's eyes narrowed as he sensed it, too. Another being was approaching via swimming, quite powerful if he did say so himself.

The figure turned out to be a man in his mid to late twenties. He had flowing blonde hair, a scruffy beard, and orange scales attached to a sort of chain mail armour. In his hand was a golden trident that hummed with power.

The man's blue eyes narrowed with anger. "Is it not enough that your alien contraption is disturbing and killing my people?! Now you kill them with your own hands?! This shall not take place! So says the King of Atlantis!"

Cado narrowed his eyes, snarling. He didn't have time for this shit. Zod was slowly making his way to Earth, and if he didn't get away now, he'd have more worries added to his head. He made to swim out, but the blonde man appeared in his front, trident raised.

"You will not get away with this!" he bellowed, firing off magical blasts from the trident. Cado countered with ki blasts, creating a small underwater explosion that parted the waves for only a moment. Cado dived forward, intending to barrel through the fish-man, but apparently, he wasn't to be underestimated.

Dodging and weaving around the prongs of the trident, Cado was put on the defensive as the tips crackled with electricity. The blonde man waved the weapon, firing off a wave of energy which he narrowly dodged. "You are no match for the power of the mighty Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas!" the man boasted. "Now... submit!" he called out, his eyes glowing blue.

Cado stilled as he felt a force hammering on his mental defences. The pressure tried tearing down his walls, making him lower his shields... the only problem was...

Cado's Torquasm-Vo teachings snapped him out of the mental manipulation as he snarled. "You dare make me submit, fool?!" the Saiyatonian roared, his aura bursting to life and parting the sea around him. Moving faster than before, he grabbed a hold of Aquaman and warped into the air, free of any water.

Eyes widening at the sudden change, Aquaman couldn't do anything to the drop-kick that launched him downwards into a patch of land just close to the surface. Coughing, Aquaman groaned as he reached for his trident, the prongs sunken into the ground. He cried out in pain, however, once Cado's Dragon Sword was launched downward, slicing into his hand.

Snarling, Cado launched his Art of the Inferno at the downed Atlantean, singing the man and causing him to choke up. He fired off a few more to get his point across, before he descended to the ground slowly, landing next to the trident.

"So, your weapon is essentially a giant fork?" Cado remarked, sheathing his sword while lifting his opponent's weapon, inspecting it. "I'd imagine that this would be awesome for eating. Just imagine the kind of fish I could eat in one bite."

"Y-You... dare mock... m-my wea-urgh!" Aquaman coughed out, blood seeping from his mouth as his scorched chest was skewered by his own trident.

"Poetic," the Saiyatonian remarked cruelly. He was about to twist it and drive it even further, but he was tackled from behind by a blur, the trident dislodging itself as he held onto it. Aquaman was left on the island, burnt and bleeding.

"Motherfuc- urgh!" Cado grunted, punched in the chest. He quickly used his own ki to fly, scowling at the furious form of Zod.

"Die!" the general exclaimed, eyes glowing red. His heat vision sprung forth eagerly, countered by Cado's own heat vision. The two were locked for dominance, but again, Cado's own blast proved to be more controlled and more powerful. He pushed back Zod's beam, only for Zod to quickly fall down, his flight halted. The movement allowed for a swift escape from the blast.

Slightly taken aback, Cado quickly swiped up, reacting instantly. Zod cried out as his face was sliced open from the side. He clutched his wound in shock, his newly discovered invulnerability failing him all of a sudden.

The Saiyatonian raised an eyebrow upon seeing the wound, and Zod's reaction. He obviously didn't expect the trident to harm him. He looked down at it closely, seeing the crackling power.

"Must be some sort of energy-field," he muttered. He tried using his X-ray vision, but found that he couldn't accurately describe the inner workings of said weapon. "Probably magic," he deduced, his mind already running through with the possibilities.

It seemed like magic seemed to harm Zod, and thus himself and Kal-El as an extension. Or was it just the trident's special properties that allowed it to do so? Whatever it was, it could help in the fight against Zod, and would be a valuable to- Cado snorted at that, entertained at the thought that he couldn't beat this prick by himself.

Cocking his arm back, he threw the trident with a mighty heave, seeing the nearby sea part with force as he aimed it towards his building. His women would know to keep it for him to study once this invasion was over. Probably.

Cracking his neck, Cado smirked. "Round 2?"

Zod's answer was trying to rush him. Dodging at the last minute, Cado was impressed when Zod reacted quicker than expected, lashing out with a palm strike that sent him reeling only slightly. The general followed through with excellently executed strikes, each one getting more and more faster as they flew.

Annoyed, Cado grabbed his wrists, halting his movements. "Zod, let us settle this without violence! A new planet could be used to restore Krypton! Leave Earth out of this!"

"Traitor!" Zod exclaimed, headbutting him and causing him to move backwards. "You would dare utter such heinous words?! I thought even as a half-breed, you'd side with your true brethren, and leave these insects behind! But it seems that you are just as pathetic as Kal-El! I will enjoy slaughtering these cretins and ripping this planet apart with my bare hands!"

Roaring, Zod gave a punch that sent Cado flying upwards, allowing him to fly forward and tackle him upwards, taking them further and further into the atmosphere. Making himself stable mid-air, Cado caught the punch that produced a shockwave that cleared all of the clouds in the air.

"Do you really think trying to get closer and closer to the sun is going to help you?" Cado asked rhetorically, eyebrow raised. "And I thought that you were smart. Your skills may be sharp, but your power in unpredictable. Untrained. Giving yourself more of it will just make you a liability in this battle."

"Stop! TALKING!" he roared, punching forward with a mighty heave. Scoffing, Cado caught the fist and warped them away from the skies of the Earth, allowing them to float in space. They were a good distance from the Earth, allowing them to fight fully.

"You won't listen to words? Fine." Cado cracked his knuckles. "I'll just beat some sense into your head."

Scoffing, Zod made to retort, only for him to strike like lightning and slam his fist into the general's jaw before spinning and kicking him in the abdomen sending him into a nearby uninhabitated planet.

Holding his hand out, Cado summoned an azure ball. "Apex Cannon!" he bellowed, firing off the blast and eradicating a good bit of the mountain range of the planet that Zod was slammed into. He flew to the planet, inspecting it.

It seemed to be covered in rocks. Rocky areas, rocky surfaces... it seemed to be nothing more than a wasteland. He smirked. A perfect battlefield.

Zod burst from the wrecked field, dusting off debris from his form. His armour was in tatters, trying to meld itself together but struggling to do so. He went to his knees, seemingly in pain. He held his ears as his eyes glowed. He fired off heat vision constantly from his eyes, only shutting them after a moment. He panted harshly, struggling to use his mental discipline to control himself.

Snarling, he disappeared in a burst of speed, rushing in and striking Cado in the face. "I am the greatest general produced by Krypton! Born and bred to be a warrior!" Sending another punch to the solar plexus, he then finished the combination with a spike towards the ground, sending the Saiyatonian through the planet at least several miles deep.

"What can you, a filthy defect, do against me?! Nothing, but kneel before your betters! Kneel, before Zo-" A fiery uppercut was Zod's response, the ground destroyed from the force and heat produced from Cado's attack. There was a small crack as Zod was launched upwards, his neck almost snapping.

Halting in mid-air, Zod snarled and moved at high speeds. He sent a flurry of combination punches and kicks at speeds so fast that, apparently, Cado couldn't keep up with at all. He sent strikes to the solar plexus, throat, jaw, chest, stomach. Each done with careful precision and skill, making each one lethal ordinarily. But Cado's own dense muscles, bio-electric aura and ki-enhanced body dulled their power and precision, making each strike less effective than the last. As Zod appeared behind him, Cado simply clocked him in the face, elbowing him in the gut for good measure, followed by a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku sending him flying.

Cado smirked. "Are we ready for the real fighting, or are you going to play all day?"

"I'll make sure that you'll lay broken before me and slain, like your whore of a mother as well as her species," Zod retorted maliciously.

Cado's smirk was wiped off his face as the planet was silent for a few moments. Clenching and unclenching his fists, Cado scowled. "You better pray Kal-El's weak heart allows you to be spared by his hands. Because believe me, you'll beg for death when I'm done with you."

The two aliens flew towards each other. Their fists collided and sent shockwaves throughout the planet, violently shaking the entire lifeless world. If the planet had been populated, entire cities on the opposite hemisphere would have been shaken and torn apart.

Roaring, the two sent a right straight at each other, both catching their opponents' strikes. Cado threw a spin-kick, and then a left cross. Both of which were ducked under by the Kryptonian who threw an upper cut to his abdomen. He floated back just enough to dodge. Hands alight with ki, he shouted out, "Multi-Bullet Volley!"

Swiping his hands, two ki blasts flew down to Zod, who made to bat them to the side. Smirking, Zod was about to speak, only to narrowly dodge as the two blasts suddenly became four. Confused, he did his best to dodge the barrage of blasts. Trying to punch one of them only seemed to allow him to get hit with the others, causing him to grit his teeth. And trying to dodge was pointless, since the blasts could follow him wherever he flew.

Roaring, Zod unleashed his heat vision to cancel out the blasts, giving himself some breathing room. However, Cado was merciless and didn't allow even an inch of rest for him. He warped behind him and unleashed a blast of energy that knocked the Kryptonian general back down to the planet and deep into its core.

Despite the stakes, Cado was enjoying himself. He hadn't had a good fight since Hieta, and Zod still hadn't gained enough power yet! He smiled as he saw Zod punch threw the ground and slowly float up to where Cado was.

Roaring, Zod blitzed forward as Cado did the same thing, their collision carving country-sized craters into the ground. They disappeared, flashes of light flying through the air being a clear sign of their respective energy blasts being fired. Growling at the fact that he wasn't gaining any advantage, Zod made to fly back to Earth, only for Cado to elbow him in the throat, causing him to gag sharply. An axe handle was launched, making the general fly downwards. Just as he was about to collide with the ground, Cado reappeared near him and grabbed his legs, flinging him around like a ragdoll.

After five spins, the Saiyatonian released him, sending Zod flying and into another pile of debris. This time, Cado didn't wait for him to recover, as he sent a barrage of ki blasts toward his prone form. He finished it off with an Apex Cannon, obliterating half of the planet and allowing Zod's body to float within the rubble in space. He looked to be struggling to stay awake, his armour collapsed around him.

The general didn't even get a moment of reprieve as Cado appeared in front of him, punching him without giving him an inch to recover. He kept on beating on the general, drawing blood on his knuckles. He sighed as he saw Zod passed out, his final punch being the one to knock him out completely.

Cado sighed, his body humming with slight excitement. Even as pissed off as he was, he did enjoy the fight. Zod was definitely a better fighter than Kal-El, but didn't actually have the raw power to do any damage to him. Sure, his powers grew at a rapid pace, but not enough to push him.

He sighed as he grabbed Zod, teleporting away.


If Clark had enough time during the battle, he would've swore at him with every curse word that he could think of.

He was currently fighting Nam-Ek, the large Kryptonian being a tricky opponent. Ironically, he wasn't winning in the strength department, but he more than made up for it with his expertise in combat. He expertly evaded each of Clark's heavy blows narrowly, using either a blaster or his own fists as a counter.

Seeing a brief lapse in movement, Clark swung upwards, allowing Nam-Ek to soar through the air. Flying upwards, Clark literally spiked him downwards like a volleyball, crashing into a building that promptly collapsed.

A woman - who Clark vaguely recalled being Kasumi, one of Cado's... wives? - turned and glared at him, escorting a group of the rescued citizens away from the flying debris. "Could you aim a little harder?! Maybe you'll sever their heads next time!"

Clark winced, knowing that the rush of the fight had gotten to him. "Sorr-" He cut himself off, dodging a blast from Faora. She made to do so again, but found that her weapon was promptly snatched from her arms. Growling, she barely made out the red blur zipping around, the Flash reappearing and dropping off all of the weapons he'd gathered from the opposing side.

He dusted his hands, grinning impishly. "What? Too fast for you?"

Faora growled. "I will make sure that you will die screaming!" She made to advance, but Flash was too fast. He hit all around her, striking her in multiple places in the span of a millisecond, causing her to crash into a nearby car.

Flash reappeared again, tapping his foot playfully. "I'm waiting..."

Faora quickly spun around, tossing the car in his direction, allowing him to dodge it with laughable ease. However, with well-practised movements, Faora slammed her fists onto the ground, generating enough force to shatter it. The disruption of the ground caused Flash to stumble slightly. This allowed for Faora to grab him by the neck swiftly, her eyes alight with a malicious gleam.

Flash coughed, slapping and punching at her to release him. Before she could do anything, she could feel the pangs of bullets from the aircraft above him. She looked up and saw Batman piloting the vehicle.

Getting an idea, she lifted Flash upwards, throwing him in the direction of the aircraft. Making a split decision, Batman ejected himself from the plane, assuring himself that the Flash would survive the contact.

The Flash slammed into the plane, breaking the windows and bouncing it off of it as he fell with a scream, narrowly being caught by Superman.

Executing an excellent landing, Batman flung multiple Batarangs at Faora, who smirked as she caught them in her hand. Flinging them back at him with more speed, Batman narrowly dodged the redirected projectiles and rolled forward... right into Faora, who grabbed him by the neck and struck him in his collarbone with a precise hit, causing him to grunt in pain.

Looking above to see Clark flying downwards to tackle her, she simply held Batman out in front of his flight path, making his eyes widen. The momentary turn of events caused him to fly lower than intended, his legs scraping the ground to halt his movement.

"And that is why you are weak, Kal-El," Faora taunted, ducking as Jon-Vex tackled Clark and began wailing on him. "You seek to protect these insects as if their life actually means something."

As if to prove her point, she dug her fingers into Batman's right ear, her superior strength puncturing the cowl and damaging it. Batman cried out in pain as he continued to get the side of his skull pierced. After hearing a crack, Faora withdrew her hand.

Scoffing, raised Batman up, slamming him onto the ground and cratering it severely. His slight grunts and moans brought a smile to her face. "My point exactly," she finished, pressing down on his chest.

Seeing Batman in danger, Clark moved quickly, pushing Jon-Vex off of him. He made to punch her, but the female Kryptonian used her tactical knowledge to grab Clark's extended arm and flipped him over her hip, executing the move perfectly as she raised a blade she had stored in on the leg of her armour.

As she raised the blade up to bring it down, she was faintly aware of a sonic boom... before she was hit in the side of her helmet, cracking it and allowing it to shatter slightly.

The Flash panted, shaking his now still hand in pain. "Dammit, the hell are you made of, woman?!"

Faora wasn't able to answer, for she fell to her knees as Earth's atmosphere entered the gaps in her helmet. She coughed, gasping and wheezing as her senses were overloaded. Hearing, touch, smell, sight... it was too unbearable. Rolling to the side, her body was locked in several spasms.

Flash blinked, not expecting that reaction at all.

Seeing this, Kasumi had a sudden thought. Turning around, she gathered two kunai and channelled her ki through the weapons. Buildings collapsed as Nam-Ek and Jon-Vex barrelled through, hoping to get their rematch with Clark.

Taking a deep breath, she tossed the blades with pinpoint accuracy. While one of the kunai hit Nam-Ek's collarbone and bounced off, Jon-Vex caught the blade with a sneer. He was about to mock her, only for both of the kunai to explode.

Kasumi withheld a smirk. She'd been working on getting her Explosive Daggers to function properly. It looked like it had been executed well. Normally, the blast wouldn't hurt the Kryptonians. But she wasn't aiming to hurt them.

Both Kryptonians had their masks chipped, the explosion powerful enough to scuff and damage their armour. Their helmets weren't as broken as Faora's, but that didn't mean that their reactions weren't as expressive. Their spasms matched Faora's own frantic ones, and Kasumi was happy that her job was done.

A scream of rage rang through the air as all those who were still standing looked up, seeing a Kryptonian female armed and ready to fire. So worried about their foes on the ground, they forgot about the one aiming to attack by surprise.

Before she could follow through with any threat, a massive shockwave was produced as Clark flew up, moving so quickly that even the Flash was impressed. A swift but powerful uppercut had a crunch ring through the air, the helmet of the female protecting her from the worst of her injuries.

Collapsing like a puppet freed from its strings, the female collapsed. She was unconscious before she'd even hit the ground, not even able to physically feel the change of the atmosphere.

Kasumi sighed in relief. Now it was over.


"Listen, I understand you are the Minister of Defence, but there is no way Earth has the facilities to detain the Kryptonians," Cado spoke, alreeady feeling irritated as he stood in a meeting hall.

It was roughly several hours after the aftermath of the Kryptonian Invasion. Just the next day, in fact. And while the battle was over, there were still deaths to be mourned, buildings to be rebuilt, and lives to be saved. For Cado, however, he was arguing with several ministers who had started to raise a fuss.

"But the difference is, Cado, you don't have the authority to keep these Kryptonians. I speak for the United States of America when I say that they must answer to justice," said the minister.

Cado raised an eyebrow. "I don't have the authority to cater to my own race? Last I checked, I don't answer to you."

The minister grew smug, as if he was talking to a normal human, and not a powerful alien. "You already lied about the rest of your race floating in outer space, just finding it convenient to attack our planet. Are you now in league with them? Who's to say that you yourself aren't planning an uprising? To take control or kill us all?"

Cado stared at the arrogant man for a good few seconds, before he sighed. He walked up to the man and grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up with ease. The other ministers and military men and women squawked and started to fumble about, but Cado settled things down with a wave of ki.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at the now frightened minister. "Do you take me for a fool? I know you're planning to lock the Kryptonians up and try to study them for their power, or take their tech for themselves!"

"Urgh!" the man gurgled, slowly realising that Cado was serious about his stance. Deadly serious.

"I am not letting you steal the last remnants of my people, be it the race themselves or our tech!" Cado retorted, dropping him on his ass. "Any and all issues will be handled by me. Reconstruction and funeral payments will be on me. In addition, I will provide a prison to make sure that they don't escape."

"Mr. Cado, that is completely unfair and hypocritical," one of the ministers called out, making Cado stop as he was walking away. "You execute the criminals on this planet who've committed a crime, yet you will not do right by us and kill your kin for invading our planet and killing hundreds! Where is the justice in that?!"

Cado clenched his jaw secretly. She had a point, but he didn't want to just say that his race mattered more to him than the humans of this world. So, he came up with a quick lie. "While that is true, the main reason as to why that is so is because Kryptonians are notoriously hard to kill. They have an impressive healing factor that allows them to recover from fatal injuries. Even if I were to bring my blade down on them, they'd just recover quickly, and then we'd be back to square one."

He technically wasn't lying on that part. Kryptonians did have an impressive healing factor, but only under a yellow sun. Without it, they would die from fatal injuries like any normal being.

"As such, I will construct a prison off planet that will allow the Kryptonians to live in solitude, away from the people of Earth. And every bit of alien tech will be separated from both them and this planet."

There were more outcries this time, only serving to annoy him. "But that's not fair!" the Minister of Defence proclaimed, seeming to gain his courage out of nowhere. "We deserve compensation for all the troubles your people brought to us! Recovering those treasures could allow us to improve our capabilities beyond what we could even dream of! That technology could become the hope of our future!"

"Or the harbinger of your destruction," Cado swiftly cut off, eyes narrowed. "It's funny. I seem to recall Oppenheimer witnessing the fruits of his labour upon with the atomic bomb that he created. The capabilities for destruction that he had wrought with his own two hands. His words - even to this day - ring true. 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.'"

The Saiyatonian was brief with his words, preparing to teleport out of the room. "That tech could make his work look like firecrackers in comparison. Humanity is not ready for it. It's likely that they'll never be."

With that, he warped away.


Cado reappeared at the base of main Rao Industries, seeing that the Kryptonians were bound and held in a force field, with Zod being the last person about to step inside.

Clark and his mates stood at the side, seeing the repaired Kryptonian ship prepared to take them off the planet. Cado had scoured the cosmos, looking for a planet that would be suitable for them to live in.

When the news came of the Codex's real nature, and its corrupted state, that was the last straw for the aliens. It had looked like all of their hopes and faith - even after their defeat - had shattered instantly. The other female Kryptonian seemed to be frozen in shock, the news that their future for Kryptonian rebirths being impossible striking hard.

Zod was the worst, though. He swore at Clark in a brutal string of Kryptonian curses, his dialect switching between that and English out of frustration. Clark did his best to hide his grief, but even he realised the full consequences of what had occurred. Cado wasn't even going to try to console him.

If he'd told him that his body contained the Codex, he could've possibly isolated it, or kept him away from Zod, on the off-chance that he could've died. The sheer fact that his selfish actions had cost the Kryptonians their future... Cado didn't think that there was any insult out there that could top the one Clark had done to his people. The sheer rage, the sorrow, the horror... mere words couldn't even begin to understand the depths of his thoughts of hatred.

"Let's go," Cado sighed, already feeling mentally tired from all the events that had occurred up until that moment. He advanced towards Zod, ready to push him through the force field and into the spaceship, but the general had more to say.

"I hope you are happy with your choice, Kal-El, Van-Ur," he spat, madness and fury deep in his eyes. "Because of you - because you chose these... insects - we have lost the last remnants of our people. Our proud race, brought to its end by two fools."

Clark's face was etched in anger. He stepped up, grabbing Zod by the neck and lifting him up. Cado tensed, already feeling a migraine pushing itself to his head.

"Do you not even realise what you've done on this planet?!" Clark bellowed, his eyes glowing red from his anger. "You've scarred it, butchering its people like pigs! You've brought nothing but death and destruction to these people! YOU KILLED MY FATHER!" Clark roared with such anger that his voice shattered nearby windows and cracked buildings. "I'm glad that Krypton dies with me, because I don't want to see it revived if this is the result!"

Cado sucked in a deep breath, anger bubbling in his gut. "Kal-El-"

Zod sneered. "When you crush an ant beneath your foot, do you feel remorse?" Clark paused, the question hitting him fully. "No! Now, is this because you are inherently malevolent or because you recognise yourself as a higher being?! If we are thought of as gods by inferior races, does that not make us gods ourselves! That is what we are, Kal-El! We are gods amongst men! Yet you squander and weep for pathetic flies who mean nothing to you! That man is not your real father! Jor-El died the day Krypton did, and you shame him with your actions!"

Roaring, Clark squeezed both of his hands around Zod's neck, strength pouring through his body.

Eyes wide, Cado moved to stop him. "Kal-El, don't!"

But his words fell on deaf ears. Roaring, he twisted Zod's neck with all his power, breaking it. A shockwave was produced, knocking the humans back while the Kryptonians watched, stunned. Zod's body fell lifelessly onto the ground from Clark's stiff fingers, the life in his eyes fading.

Eyes wide at what he had done, Clark fell to his knees, staring in horror at what he'd done. "W-What... have I done?!" he whispered. He was so enraged upon hearing Zod mock his father's name that all he saw was red. The pain, the confusion, the hate, the grief... it overwhelmed him so much that he'd acted out, killing a man as a result of his actions.

Even if the man was as evil and as cruel as Zod was... he didn't deserve that fate. Clark shouldn't have gone against his teachings, his own morals to exact his revenge on Zod. The morals that his father had instilled in him.

"I-I'm sorry, Dad..." Clark muttered, tears springing to his eyes as he wept. "I'm so sorry..." He had tarnished the memory of his father by going against what he himself had taught him. While he'd killed the man responsible for his death, his father's memory was stained, rather than restored.

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