So, after two years, several re-reads, some thoughts and curiosities about the future of this particular story and, on top of everything else, the stresses of lockdown and life-changing events, I've FINALLY decided to label this story officially abandoned.

Partially because of writer's block and lack of inspiration, but also because of the negative feedback this story seemed to receive while I was working SO hard on getting as far as I had done.

I mean, seriously, the way people complained about the portrayal of characters, events in the story, themes and little titbits here and there that gave a bit of fun, as well as interesting moments to the story, just got to me.

All right, fine, so this story DID reach 1000 reviews and more thanks to those Negative Nancies, but even so, some reviewers actually thought they'd post bad reviews in multiple chapters, instead of taking the high road and pressing that pretty little back button to read something else.

I mean, seriously, do these people think I say 'don't like it, don't read it' for the good of my health?

So, in the end, again, with a little nudge from that pesky demon known as writer's block, I've decided to officially abandon this story.

It's going to stay on-site for historical purposes, because, unlike those negatives out there, I'm proud of what I achieved with this one and...who knows?

MAYBE, one day, I might work up the inspiration to give it a redo, cleaning up some things, changing others and trying to maintain a fun idea, but, for the foreseeable future, this unfinished piece is over and done with.

Thanks to everyone who managed to see the good in this idea and, I promise, if I decide to go with a rewrite, I'll post a notice here in this abandoned fic, letting you know about it.

However, for now, Knowledge is Power is OVER!