Knowledge is Power

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Although he didn't admit it – well, to anyone but himself – there was a part of Harrison that couldn't help but think, 'Please let it be true…because it's a whole new world to explore, new knowledge to claim and new levels of greatness to reach.'

Another part of him, however, couldn't help but also think, 'Ha, ha, very funny; my name's Bugs Bunny…and I say: it's your move now…Doc!'

Chapter 3: We Are Not Amused

July thirty-first.

In years gone by, it had been a date Harrison recognised instantly as the anniversary of his birth; in the orphanage, such a day meant the usual things: a little tea party with a cheap cake, finger buffet and silly party games for prizes nobody wanted. Oh, and the presents, of course, but Harrison had only ever treasured one gift and that was because he'd secretly bought it himself and addressed it from an anonymous benefactor.

And that was his David Copperfield book; but other than that, the odd clothes, board games, sports equipment or even birthday money he received was received with his usual apathetic expression. Oh, he pretended to show gratitude to the matron and her staff for their kindnesses and he did his best to enjoy the trip that usually followed to a local theme park or the cinema, but, on the inside, his gratitude level was as dead as dead could be.

After all, these people had let him be sent back to the Millers, only to become a prisoner and a forced object of selfish, egotistical pride.

So why, exactly, would he ever thank them and mean it after that had happened?

Even so, when the day of his eleventh birthday dawned, Harrison seemed to show a brief modicum of excitement and anticipation, though only he knew why: after all, if the joke turned out to be a joke, he anticipated the fun he was going to have responding to it afterwards.

And if the joke wasn't a joke, he was excited about the prospect of a plethora of wisdom, knowledge and skills available to him.

Anything else was just dull to him…

Knowledge is Power

"An…orphanage? Lily Potter's son is in an…orphanage?"

This was the reaction given by Filius Flitwick as he stood alongside his friend and colleague, Minerva McGonagall, as they stood outside the gates to St Christopher's, having gone through one Merlin of a wild goose chase in tracking Harry Potter's address.

From trying and failing to track down the Muggles – whom were persona non grata in Little Whinging – to the police, to a member of said force who, when they asked about Harry and his involvement in some scandalous crime about embezzlement or some Muggle weirdness, had needed some convincing that they represented Harry's birth family before he'd given up the details.

However, as Minerva stood in front of the gates next to Filius, she couldn't help but share his disbelief and outrage as she insisted, "I told Albus they were no good for him, but you know him, Filius: he just doesn't listen."

"How Lily even wanted Harry anywhere near Petunia is a mystery," argued Filius, his voice edged by a note of disbelief and suspicion as he told her, "I can't count the number of times I had Lily coming to me for advice on keeping away from her family during the holidays, even though her dear parents cared greatly for her and accepted she was a witch."

"I heard Petunia was jealous that Lily was at Hogwarts and she was turned away," replied Minerva, earning a scoff from Filius before she sighed deeply as she added, "But that's neither here nor there, Filius: we are here to…to reassure Mr Potter of his rightful heritage."

"I still find it hard to believe he doesn't know or accept what he has," argued Filius, earning a nod from Minerva before he watched as she lifted a hand and pressed on a single button next to the gate. A few minutes, and a long-winded, but interesting conversation about their quarry, later, the two Professors found themselves walking up a single flight of stairs and along a hallway, led by a charming, but wary young man whom seemed hesitant to let them be anywhere near Harry at all.

He also seemed to be trying his hardest to avoid talking about said boy, as though there was something off with him.

Minerva just hoped he was wrong!

Knowledge is Power

'Hmm…nearly lunchtime and still no sign of any visitors…well, I guess it was inevitable.'

Even as he thought them, Harrison scoffed to himself as he considered his thoughts about how un-amused he was about having his time wasted and the stupid, fantastical idea about magic being brought out of him, as though he was a child who was supposed to be entertained by floating balloons and disappearing handkerchiefs.

Pulling himself away from where he'd been watching and waiting by his bedroom window, Harrison walked to the door of his room, deciding that if he wasn't going to get excited, he might as well go through the motions and fill his belly with party food.

As he opened the door, however, his eyes narrowed curiously when he found Roger, one of the care workers at the orphanage, standing outside the door, his hand raised as though he was about to knock.

However, it was the sight of the two people with him that caught Harrison's attention, which was saying something because one of them looked like a really weird person. She was dressed in clothes that wouldn't have looked out of style in some olden-days periodical drama, including a very unnecessarily-large hat. The woman wore a long black coat that seemed to cover most of her body while, in one arm, she carried what looked like an ordinary-looking carpet bag, which would have reminded Harrison of a certain magical nanny, if such banal musicals didn't bore him stupid.

However, her companion seemed to have made an effort as he was dressed in a rather fetching tuxedo complete with a walking cane that he didn't seem to need, but, if Harrison had to guess, he would have assumed the man brought it for appearances' sake. He was also stout in his features; unyielding, but wise with an air of danger that even made his short height look anything but hilarious.

As the man looked at Harrison, the young boy saw his eyes widen before, as the man went to speak, Roger cut him off as he said, "Oh, Harrison: I wondered if you'd be up. It seems you have a visitor…well, two of them: this is Mrs McGonagall and a…a colleague of hers, Mr Flitwick; they are here to discuss your enrolment into some private school your birth parents attended."

"Well I hardly thought they were selling cookies, Roger," argued Harrison dryly, his sarcastic barb and the cavalier way that he used it making Minerva and Filius' eyes widen before Harrison sighed as he said, "But since they made the effort to come here in person, I suppose I can spare an hour. At least then, my birthday won't have been a complete waste of why don't you both come in?"

With that, Harrison turned and walked back to his window, perching himself on the sill in his preferred position – his back against the window frame's edge while he had one leg curled to his chest – while he also watched the two newcomers walk into the room. To his bemusement, he saw the man named Flitwick easily climb onto Harrison's bed while McGonagall remained standing, eyeing Harrison's room with interest and a hint of something akin to surprise, if not pain or disbelief.

Once Roger left – finally, in Harrison's opinion – the young boy looked once to McGonagall before he asked, "Deputy Headmistress McGonagall?"

"I am," said Minerva, her Scottish brogue earning her a curious look and a small smirk from Harrison as he listened to her. "And I must admit myself surprised, both by your location and your rather informal, if, I may say, disrespectful response to your letter, Mr Potter."

"Really?" asked Harrison curiously, a look of feigned shock on his face as he drawled, "Personally, I thought it sounded rather witty and precise, but if I caused any offence towards you or yours, I apologise. Now, since you're here with this knowledgeable-looking gentleman, whom I assume is a colleague of yours, I gather you're here to give me the evidence I requested?"

Minerva blanched in response to Harrison's demeanour; while she did so, however, Filius cleared his throat before he asked, "You're very well-spoken, Harry Potter…"

"Harrison," corrected the emerald-eyed youth, earning a curious look from both elders as he explained, "I always hated Harry: so common, so meek and so easy to fool that he even fooled himself into thinking he could be with a family who loved him for who he was and not what he had…"

Here, Minerva visibly shivered while Filius looked on with renewed interest as well as a small hint of mutual amusement – courtesy of the goblin in him – when they heard Harrison chuckle to himself before he drawled, "They learned that everything has a price…and in the case of betraying my trust and abandoning their true calling, it was a price I graciously accepted, not that anybody else knows that, of course."

"Do you know something? I think even Severus would love and hate you, Harrison," retorted Filius, though Harrison seemed to ignore the last part while the goblin teacher went on. "You not only have a strong sense of independent thought; you also do not suffer fools lightly and have a plan in mind for the means to exact revenge without anyone knowing it was you…definitely traits worthy of a Slytherin."

"Slither In?" asked Harrison, sounding out the name with a look of disbelief as he asked, "Is that meant to mean something to me, Flitwick? Also, could you not use my first name as though we're casual acquaintances or, dare I say it, friends?"

This time, Harrison himself shuddered, much like anyone who said the name Voldemort might shudder, as he said the last part before, clearing his throat, he continued, "Sorry, but I really find that word a bitter pill to swallow; anyway, we are not…what I said, so if you'd be so kind, Professors, it's Mr Potter or, if you must be formal, you may even call me Master Potter."

"Master?" asked Minerva, earning a shrug from Harry.

"What? That's the typical address for an unmarried or pre-adolescent man. Or is that just in whatever century you're from, Dowager Countess Crawley?" asked Harrison calmly, though his eyes seemed to have diverted their gaze to the window and the dark view beyond as he continued, "In any case, I think it shows a very bad sense of intimacy when those meant to be teachers are so casual and informal with their students. People might wind up getting the wrong idea, wouldn't you agree, Professors?"

"I…I daresay he makes a good point," replied Filius, clearing his throat before he added, "My apologies, Mr Potter; now, if we might get back to the matter at hand, we are here in response to your letter to prove that you have…magic."

Here, Harrison gestured before he turned when Minerva, drawing her wand, took a breath to calm herself before she exclaimed, "Lumos!"

A white light lit up the end of her wand, but instead of looking impressed, Harrison hummed before he rose from the sill and, walking to a desk next to his bed, he drawled, "Oh, wow, making light; that's real magic…here, I can do that too, watch: Abracadabra!"

With that, he tapped the base of a lamp that was stood next to his bed, causing it to light up before, tapping it twice, Harrison increased the glow while making overdramatic spooky gestures with his hands as he drawled, "Whoo, look, no hands and no strings…what magic is this, ladies and gentlemen? Oh wait…my mistake, it's not magic…it's electricity."

Tapping the lamp once more, Harrison extinguished the light before he turned as he asked, "What else have you got?"

"Wingardium Leviosa," replied Filius, having drawn his own wand before he used it to levitate Harrison's favourite book off its spot on the shelf on the far side of the bedroom.

"That's…pretty impressive," agreed Harrison before he reached into his desk drawer and, pulling out a single piece of paper, he added, "Now watch this as I make this single piece of paper fly in the air: Shazam!"

Here, he blew on the paper, making it hover in the air for as long as he was blowing it up, though he was dimly-aware of Filius chuckling to himself while Minerva seemed to be turning redder and redder with each passing second.

Once Harrison ran out of puff, he drew in a breath before he said, "What? No rapturous applause? Ah well, I guess that wasn't magic either; a simple biological example of the effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs being switched around and expelled in the form of a single, weak breath that caused the thermal updraft against the paper…oh, and served as a reminder for me to brush my teeth, so thanks for that, Professor."

"Fine!" snapped Minerva, deciding she'd already had enough with Harrison mocking her – and considering she'd put up with James Potter's hijinks for seven years and the Weasley Twins for two-going-on-three, that was saying something – before, as Harrison turned to her, he raised a single eyebrow when the woman transformed into the form of her feline Animagus.

"Hmm…" remarked Harrison, clicking his tongue before he drawled, "I'll admit it; that's as good as evidence gets today…oh, and you can change at will too? Impressive…"

Minerva did indeed shift back while Harrison was responding to her latest trick; once he was done and she was human again, however, the young boy heaved a sigh before he returned to the bedroom window and, perching himself on it again, he clicked his tongue a second time as he looked to the two elders. "All right, you've got my attention."

"Thank you, Mr Potter," said Filius, earning a curt nod from Harrison as he asked, "Can we be sure you'll listen, though? No more mocking remarks or sarcastic barbs? You'll let us explain everything we can about what we're here for?"

"To quote the Bard," replied Harrison, waving his hand in a dramatic, though encouraging gesture as he told him, "I am tame, sir. Pronounce."

Clearing her throat in a bid to avoid losing her temper again, as she sensed the faintest hint of mockery in his words, Minerva took a breath before she asked, "Well, to fully help you understand what's going to happen, Mr Potter, I have to ask: have you ever made anything happen? Perhaps when your emotions were in a heightened state like being angry or scared?"

However, if Minerva thought Harrison was going to give her a surprised, stuttered answer, she was in for a shock;


Chapter 3 and…HUH? Harrison's NEVER had anything happen when he was angry or scared? What can this mean?

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