Bebe, And Mysterion.

Bebe Stevens was sleeping in her pink satin bed sheets, She had no gown or pajamas on, so she was totally naked underneath. That night a kid came standing on the edge of her bedroom window. While she awoke from her sleep, She realized it was none other than Mysterion! He was down on his knee with his hand touching his lap. As Bebe quickly sat up holding her pink satin sheets on her chest, She said with a cute and cheerful smile on her face.

"I just knew you would come Mysterion, My heart had this feeling you wanted to see me tonight."

As he then jumped into her room he tells her with his deep voice.

"Yes, I though I would come just to check up on you and see how your doing my dear."

While she was now standing up holding on to her satin sheets clutch and stuck to her body, She says while rubbing her finger near his chest.

"Oh, Mysterion. I have always wanted you to be my boyfriend...Are you ready to make that commitment?"

He told her while his lips were getting closer to hers.

"I'm not so sure yet, I haven't been so good with girls."

But suddenly, The two were kissing each other with Bebe taking off all of her satin covers. While they both were now on the bed about to have sex, Bebe's boobs, were both whispering to each other, As Mysterion and Bebe continued to kiss each other, Her left side Boobie said to her right side Boobie!

"All is going according to Plan! As Mysterion keeps seeing her, We'll wreck havic and take over the World!"

Just then, Her right side Boobie told her left side Boobie.

"Yes! We'll grow larger and turn all the boys into sex slave Zombies!"

But suddenly, Kenny who was having both a wet dream and a nightmare at the same time! woke up from his bed. At first he started to scream..."AHHHH!" But then
he got so exciting and shouted..."WOO HOO!"

The End.