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The Youkai King


Ajuka didn't want to be here. He had better things to do than to sit on this exaggerated show of authority and power. Unfortunately, he had no other choice, this was one of those occasions where he needed to attend as a Maou. But at least, to him that is, he wasn't the one who was taking the blunt of this show. As his eyes subtly landed on his longtime and best friend, Sirzechs, he couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

At least for Ajuka, all he had to do was sit, nod and answer a few questions here and there. In a sense, he had to act and be like a mascot… a prized mascot to be shown and presented to the mass. He was fine going along with it. But unlike him, Sirzechs had to take the full consequences of being a Maou, whether he liked it or not.

"Maou, is it?" Ajuka snorted seeing the slight twitch on Sirzechs's index and middle finger of his right hand. Not many know of it, but it was his bad habit when he wanted to blow someone away, literally. It didn't come as a surprise to Ajuka seeing who Sirzechs was talking to. Closing his eyes, he turned away from the discussion happening a few feet away from him. He didn't need to listen till the end of the conversation since he already knew the outcome. Even though the term Maou means they should have the full authority over the Underworld, the truth was very far from it. It was the Bael clan along with few other clans and individuals who truly control the underworld, through politics and connection. The four Maou did have some hold over the underworld but they were more like celebrities.

If he were to put it in human's term, the four Maou were the powerful and honorable generals while those old devils were the crafty and resourceful senators.

Ajuka turned to his side to see his friend sitting back down, his wife stood on the other side of the chair. Although he looked like his usual self, Ajuka didn't miss the exhaustion and regret in his eyes, "Did they agree?"

Just for a split second, Sirzechs's mask cracked. But he quickly composed himself. After all, his best friend had been handling these types of situation for around two hundred years. Putting back the fake smile, he looked down toward the middle of the stadium, "They did."

Ajuka didn't say anything, he didn't need to because he knew that there was a 'But' coming. And just like he thought, a moment later Sirzechs added the last part, "They want to put on a show first. They want me to intervene at the very last minute."

Usually, Ajuka didn't care much about others if they were strangers to him. But as he looked down, he unknowingly let out a heavy sigh.

In the middle of this huge stadium the devils created a small stage, just for her. The little Nekoshou girl was no more than eleven to twelve years old. There were four large devil guards surrounding her, each holding a chain connected to her body. They were presenting her as if she was a notorious criminal. The girl wasn't crying but Ajuka could tell, she was so terrified that she closed off all her emotions. It wouldn't be long before she would start to throw away all those emotions, just to stay sane.

That wasn't the worst part.

All the devils inside the stadium were boo-ing or shouting at the little Nekoshou. Some were even making very crude and vulgar remarks. But Ajuka knew that many of these devils took part in that heinous act the day before. They ought to be hanged or at least arrested. But unfortunately, a lot of these devils were heirs and heiresses while quite a few lords participated as well. In other words, their hands were tied.

It was a mess.

"It's a mess."

Ajuka looked at Sirzechs with a raised eyebrow.

"We are supposed to be different from the Old devils, Ajuka." Sirzechs murmured, his face still held that forced smile but his voice didn't, "We are supposed to be the civilized ones. And look at what we just pardoned."

"It is not us who pardoned them," Ajuka answered. Though it was vague, he was sure Sirzechs got the rest of it.

"Yes, we didn't but…"

Ajuka knew why Sirzechs didn't finish. Both of them noticed that the stadium became very quiet all of a sudden. Their battle instincts immediately kicked in. But instead of showing distress or jumping to action, they calmly looked at the source.

There was a sixth member on that small stage now.

The man… no, Ajuka could tell just by one glance that he was no ordinary man. He wasn't wearing anything fancy like them; just a simple white robe, and from the looks of it he had a full-bodied black garment underneath it. He was powerful, from what he could sense. But at max it was at medium ultimate class level… maybe slightly lower?

But it was his unique ripple-patterned eyes that rang all the warning bells, and he was sure his friend was feeling the same.

His eyes didn't have any irises, just a black ripple pattern that spread over the silver-purple sclera. He had never seen anything like this, or even heard about it… and that was concerning.

Then Ajuka noticed it.

The four guards on the stage, although looking at him, weren't moving at all.

Sirzechs stood up and stepped forward, so did he. But he was slightly behind, standing beside Grayfia.

"May I know who you are?" Sirzechs asked, although his voice was polite but his face lost all the cheerfulness.

The being didn't answer, rather he turned toward the little girl. From here, they couldn't hear what he said but it was his next move that made everyone to be truly wary of him, because he destroyed the young Nekoshou's bindings just by simply touching them. Those were special chains created by Ajuka to detain even the ultimate-class devils. And the worst part, they didn't feel any power-ups nor saw any abilities being used.

"Apprehend him right now!"

Immediately the stadium came to life. Ajuka didn't know who gave that order since both he and Sirzechs were too preoccupied gauging out the guest. It was because of this that Sirzechs couldn't react on time to nullify the order, as tens of guards rushed toward the stage.

In response, the being only waved his hand.

The guards who were going at him were now going away from him, thrice as fast. They crashed onto the wall, and the one after it. And Ajuka could sense that those elite guards wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.

The stadium became silent once again.

Then the being touched the little Nekoshou. And instantly she disappeared. Ajuka knew Sirzechs wasn't the type to make the same mistake twice. So before every devil in the stadium could lash out again, Sirzechs let out a little of his power. A silent command, to all, to stay put.

"My name is Naruto Ōtsutsuki."

His first sentence had answered all of his and Sirzech's questions.

"You are Yasaka's husband, leader of…"

The youkai called Naruto rudely interrupted Sirzechs, "The King of Youkai." Then he turned his head from one side to another. Ajuka had a hunch that it wasn't just a simple gaze.

"You should know why I am here."

His tone didn't hold any anger. It was as if he was just stating a simple fact.

"For the Nekoshou incident I presume."

Sirzechs turned to look at the speaker. But Ajuka didn't. There was no need since he knew that voice anywhere. It was Zekram Bael. It was only times like these that he appreciated the old fox. Because when it came to 'Politics', he was the best there was.

The youkai, Naruto, didn't respond; as if he was waiting for Zekram to continue.

"Seeing that you just deliberately took away the convict's sister, it is safe to assume that you, and in extension, the whole Youkai faction is housing the convict."

Ajuka had to give it to Zekram. The old devil was a master at manipulating and turning the tables during discussions. After all, that was how he became the de facto leader of the Devils after the death of the original Four Great Satan.

"I will return both of them, only if you return the Nekoshou clan to us."

Zekram didn't stop for a moment. He calmly replied back as if he knew this was coming from miles away, "Are you really trying to play word game here, boy?" Ajuka knew he deliberately belittled Naruto to get a reaction out of him. Unfortunately, Naruto didn't even twitch. Zekram continued regardless, "If you are here then you should know what happened to them and why?"

"I suppose you got me." Naruto chuckled. It was very hard to distinguish his true emotions, especially because of his eyes. And although Naruto was fully facing Zekram, for some reason Ajuka could feel his gaze on him. It was quite unsettling.

"But here is the thing. I do know what happened to them but I just don't know why? I mean I thought there was an agreement between the two factions."

Ajuka's eyebrow twitched for a moment. He could sense that Sirzechs also got uncomfortable at the mention of the 'Agreement'.

And just like Ajuka expected, Zekram once again took control of the conversation, "I do not know what kinds of lies the convict told you. But here is the truth, she went crazy while practicing senjutsu and killed her master. And we found out that all the Nekoshou knew Senjutsu to some extent. The devils went to the Nekoshou clan to apprehend them. They retaliated badly and things escalated…"

Naruto didn't let him finish, "How can things escalate to a point that not a single Nekoshou survived yet not a single devil was harmed?"

This time Zekram came to a full stop. And this comment made Ajuka frown. Because the only way Naruto could have known about this was…

"And last time I checked, according to your laws, the convict wasn't supposed to be considered as a Nekoshou but rather as a reincarnated devil." Naruto didn't wait for them as he went on, "Also if she had gone crazy from practicing Senjutsu, which is quite laughable to be honest but I will go along with you, how come she killed only one person?"

The silence lingered only for few seconds, but it felt quite long for Ajuka. Finally,

"Are you mocking me?"

Ajuka didn't like where this was going. And he knew neither did Sirzechs. Zekram was trying to rile up other devils.

Zekram's voice was low, to the most devils it was as if the old fox's voice was filled with pride and warning, but Sirzechs and he knew that it was nothing but a hoax, "I will agree that you are making some valid points. But," He took a step forward, and let his power out, "Not only did you barged in unannounced, took away our prisoner, but now you are… mocking me; in our territory?"

Just like that the hold Sirzechs had on the devils inside the stadium till now… broke.

"Who the fuck you think you are?"

"A lowly youkai thinks he can talk back to us!"

"Those bitches got what they deserve."

And it went on.

The once quiet stadium erupted. The anger and the power from the masses were coming in waves. The only reason Naruto wasn't outright attacked by other devils was because of those four guards, who even with all these commotions, didn't move at all. And the reason the Maou didn't attack him was because of the disturbing feeling they were getting. It wasn't his power but something about him just didn't feel right with them.

"So this is your answer."

The voice was barely audible.

But in the next second, Sirzechs was in front of Naruto, his right hand trying to grab the youkai by his face. Ajuka was on their side, readying his 'Kankara Formula' while Grayfia was on top creating ice pillars around them.

The reason they finally reacted was that, in a split second, Naruto's power just vanished. From all the way to Ultimate class to suddenly… nothing. There were only three possibilities. One was that the being died in a way that not even a speck of him remained. The second was that he could be readying a technique that required all of his power. Third, which was the most worrying, was that his power went on a level that they couldn't properly sense it anymore.

In Naruto's case, Ajuka had a hunch that it was the third case. He wished he was wrong but he knew it was highly unlikely; which meant that the situation had changed. And Ajuka wasn't going to sit around and wait for Naruto to pull something in the middle of the stadium, not when one-third of the stadium was filled with important devils.

Ajuka moved first, but Sirzechs followed immediately and took the lead. Grayfia was behind to make sure to cover for them.

But ultimately he couldn't activate his 'Kankara Formula' since Naruto disappeared… along with Sirzechs, right in front of them.

Grayfia landed in front him, pure shock and disbelief filled her gaze, which slowly were turning to fear. And Ajuka was sure that even his eyes were mirroring Grayfia's emotions. Then he felt it, the sudden change in the atmosphere. And he looked up, at the source.

After Zekram's enticement, the stadium was filled with shouts of anger at Naruto, which a second later should have turned into cries of surprise to see their Lucifer vanishing. But they weren't given that time. Right now almost all the devils were screaming for their lives as a massive meteorite, at least seven times larger than the stadium, was falling down.

Falling down wouldn't be the right word to use as the meteorite was barely few hundred feet above the stadium.

First, Ajuka thought of using 'Kankara Formula' to take control over the power residing inside the meteorite. There was a possibility that Naruto's power created the giant meteorite using earth magic. Unfortunately the possibility of Naruto just teleporting it from somewhere was higher. It meant the formula wouldn't give the result he wanted if he was wrong. So he had to scrap the idea.

Next, he thought of using his pure raw demonic power to slam it against the meteorite. It wasn't one of the smart moves but he thought it might be enough. But then his calculations showed that there was a high risk of the meteorite to explode if it collided with such highly dense magic. The casualties would be slightly lower in that approach, meaning it was a no-go as well.

His last option wasn't as crude as his second one but it had the best chance.

And it took one full second for him to come up with all these ideas; half a second actually since the other half he took to compose himself. It wouldn't have taken this long but seeing his best friend disappearing shook him up more than he thought.

Ajuka created thousands of strong but intermediate level shield spells. He organized them in layers and created a pseudo pillar and made sure that it was directly below the center point of the meteorite.

"Wait for it," Ajuka told Grayfia who was getting ready to create ice pillars to support Ajuka.

Every devil held their breath as they saw the pseudo shield pillar colliding with the meteorite. Of course, the moment they saw the meteorite first, they tried to teleport away but were unable to. And by the time they decided that they were either gonna fly away from the stadium, it was already too close.

Technically the shield pillar he made shouldn't be able to withstand such massive attack. But here was his trick. The moment one of the shields was getting crushed he was creating a new one in its place. And in order to increase his speed at recreating the shields, he chose those which were of intermediate levels. In the end, the rate of the shields being created was a lot faster than them being destroyed. So the structure of the pillar remained the same. But the pillar as a whole was being pushed back. He wasn't worried since he knew that his power was enough and his calculation was right. He just had to hold on.

Like that, he finally stopped the meteorite.

Ajuka knew that maximum of five minutes had passed, maybe even less. But to him, and for rest of the devils, it felt like hours. But he knew that it was very unstable and the meteorite could fall on any side; so he wanted to order Grayfia to create some ice pillars to give support from the sides.

But before the words could leave his mouth, to his surprise, and to the horror of the masses, the meteorite started going upward.

And then he appeared, slightly beneath the gigantic rock.

The whole stadium went quiet once again.

The scene that greeted Ajuka, he would never forget it.

Sirzechs was the very first to go beyond the boundaries of normal devil ranks, far exceeding even those of the Four Original Satan. He was the strongest super devil, and the first devil ever to reach 'The Top Ten'. His true form was so terrifying and powerful that some of the very dominant beings called him 'The True Monster'.

And now, the mighty Sirzechs Lucifer was unconscious, bloody and was missing an arm. The worst part… he was being held by his hair, by Naruto who looked quite angry.

The first one to react was Grayfia, who screamed and rushed toward Naruto. The youkai threw Sirzechs, as if he was a trash bag, toward Grayfia who stopped in midair and caught her husband.

Ajuka was seeing red. He knew that his true form was coming out. But he also knew that he would be playing right into the enemy's hand. His left hand gripped his right one to stop it from shaking, the grip was so strong that his hand went numb. He bit his lips hard, drawing blood. The pain… it felt good. The pain gave him clarity.

Naruto then raised his index finger,

"This is just the beginning. I will give you one week, no more, no less. If you do not follow the agreement to the letter, it will get much worse. This is a promise. And Naruto Ōtsutsuki always keeps his promise."

Then he disappeared, along with the huge meteorite.





Yes, it is short, but this is just the prologue. Hopefully the second chapter will be longer.

So how is it different from my usual type of stories? Well, Naruto here is god-like from the start. He is not strongest but he is quite high up on the ladder. Usually I will make Naruto strong and overtime he will become stronger. But not on this one. Of course, he still has a long way to go to catch Ophis and Great Red.

By the way, I didn't get much info on Ajuka's power so I winged it.

So, there you go. Hope you all liked this new story.