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Chapter 1: Power on!

I woke up suddenly. It's not like I have back pain like the matrons were always complaining about, but I just woke up. I was completely awake. It startled me a little, but definitely not as much as the screen in front of me.

Welcome to the Game!

The hell? What's the game? I notice a little x in the corner and I press it, for an entire second in awe that I could touch it, only for another screen to pop up.


Y or N

I look around. Since for some reason people avoided me and didn't want to be near me, the matrons finally kicked me out. I'm 4 years old. Luckily Jiji heard about it right away and put me in an apartment. I was so happy to finally have my own place instead of the tense cramped space that was the orphanage. Either way I'm in the clear. I click yes just to see what would happen.

A bunch of pop ups appear and after a while I just sit back and think on it. Basically, this is some sort of power that lets me play life like a game. I can have powers and abilities and perks and titles. I have stats, which I can edit through points I get per level or through training. My level… well… it leaves much to be desired upon. Though for an apparent lvl 1, I was REALLY freaking beefy.

Naruto Uzumaki-?

Health: 500,000

Chakra/Mana: 500,000

STR: 15

DEX: 40

VIT: 200

WIS: 10

INT: 10

LUC: ?

Can anyone say pro-gamer or what? Anyways, thinking on it, my stats make sense. I have always been a ball of energy, and I always love running. That doesn't show why I have so much Vitality though. Maybe it's a perk or ability of mine...

The stats were pretty simple. STR is strength, DEX is agility and grace, VIT is health and chakra reserves, WIS is chakra control, INT is health and chakra regen, and LUC being luck.

It looks like you start with 50,000 health and chakra and every vitality point is 2,250 health and chakra. Weird that they increase te same time but hey I'll take it.

Ugh, back to perks. Got distracted. I think to myself "perks and abilities" and boom the screen pops up. I'm so glad I can think and not have to say it out loud. First off, I would get caught speaking at times and be told to "stop trying to summon my friends" or just looked at weirdly. Another, is that it would give me the element of surprise. Hmm… that's another thing. Why am I able to talk more easier? Calmly? Might as well see this.


?: You are the ?, Gives you 15 VIT per 10 levels, 5 STR per 10 levels, and 5 DEX per 10 levels

Son of ? And ?: Grants 10 DEX per 10 levels, 10 VIT per 10 levels, 5 INT per 10 levels, 5 WIS per 10 levels, and 5 STR per 10 levels

Prankster at Heart: grants you 5 WIS per 10 levels, and 5 INT per 10 levels

Gamer's Body: Lets you see your health and chakra numerically. All pain nullified. Able to be full power at all times unless affected by a debuff. Instead of injuries your health goes down. Ditto for chakra. Beware of your health reaching zero…

Gamer's Mind: Makes you invulnerable to mind attacks or intrusion, invulnerable to psychological effects such as nervousness or fear, able to make decisions like a gamer, able to handle any ability among others that would strain the mind.

?: grants you ? Luck


I calm down and think at it. Maybe it's because I'm not old enough. Or maybe I'm not high leveled? Maybe I have to go through several things and learn it myself? I think so. Apparently so does the game.

Because of rational thought, you are granted 1 WIS point

For some reason I can't help but think of someone giving me a cookie. Anyways, moving forward! With all of these perks, per 10 levels I would get 25 VIT, 10 STR, 15 DEX, 10 INT, 10 WIS, and an unknown amount of luck. So overpowered. The gamer stuff could be God level. Then again, I'm wondering why I have it. Maybe I'm destined for something greater. To defeat a big bad guy and save the world! To do that I would need a lot of OP stats. Or maybe the matrons back at the orphanage were right. Maybe I would be worthless as I grew up…

Quest alert!

Save the World from ?

Rewards: 1,000,000,000,000 ryo, 1,000,000,000,000,000, The eyes of ? And ?, loved by everyone in the elemental nations, 100 10x level up for skills, complete mastery of one skill of your choice, immortality, and a dimension hopping skill (must have Time-Space skill Max)

Y? o N?

Well… shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Whelp, no time like the present! I pressed the yes button, noticing I couldn't press no if I wanted to, and felt determined. After all, my name is Naruto Uzumaki...something, future… something! Dattebayo! Now it's time to make some skills!

AN: I will not be adding the reputation system because I can't be bothered lol. Also some might say don't make Naruto OP, but I've always liked OP Naruto fanfics. So either read it or don't, or maybe write your own just like I'm doing. I have been massively inspired by other fanfic authors on this site, to the point where I am writing an actual story! I'm 16 btw so this is pretty new to me. Some fanfics I highly recommended to check out that inspired me is Yami: The Gamer Kage, Percy Jackson and the Game, DXD: Gamer, Shinobi: The RPG, and The Root of Darkness. I decided to start when he gets kicked out and lives in the apartment because it allows him more independence and lets him do things easier without being "cramped." I've read one or two fanfics where the gamer is young and can't get anything done because of parents or sneaking around, and while Naruto will be sneaking around(to grind that skill), he won't be forced to halt his potential. Also, I won't go extremely into bashing, maybe a bit of it, but not radical levels, I won't have the entire fanfic on his childhood, but I won't skip by either. I'll try to balance it. Also, don't ask why Naruto is speaking so amazingly at the age of 4, he just is. Like seriously, you guys are reading acts of the supernatural and your question is whether his linguistics are possible?! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and I will continue soon. Ja ne!