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Chapter 7: The Intro to Anbu

Sooooooo, i'm done.

After the little confrontation between Jiji and I, he grabbed my shoulder ('a little harder than normal' I thought with a wince) and was about to shunshin us to his office, when suddenly we heard a groan. Naturally I was alert, something I saw Jiji narrow his eyes at, and followed the sound to the bag left on the ground.


Suddenly I was at the side of the bag and used wind chakra to cut it open, not even thinking about it. After I moved the two cut up sides of the bag, a lavender eyed, blue haired girl lept at me.

"Wahhhhhhh." We said falling back. Did I mention how the ground was very pointy today?

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" The mysterious girl said. Well not so mysterious considering she had the famous Hyuuga eyes, but whatever. Speaking of, she looks familiar. Almost like i've seen her somewhere.

"It's no problem, Ms…" I left open.

"EEP! I forgot my manners! My name is Hinata Hyuuga, heiress of the Hyuuga." She stated in the cutest "noble" tone she could. Honestly she was pretty cute. I could've just observed her to get her info but… nahhh. Make it interesting.

"Well 'princess' my name is Naruto Uzumaki! I'm gonna be big one day! Believe it!" I yell out, old me from the orphanage returning.


Oh. Right. I'm in trouble.

"Well Hinata your dad should be coming to this location in a minute, what with my signal and Anbu here already, so i'm afraid I will have to part with you." Already her eyes were watering.

"NO! Don't leave me please! I just met you, and you saved me!" My chest suddenly wrenched. Weird… the game didn't list what status I must've gotten.

"Don't worry, we'll meet again. I'm sure of it. Until then, friends?" I offer her. She didn't even waste a second.

"DEAL!" She said, in a rather un-Hyuuga way. Guess being kidnapped makes you a little emotional. Who knew?

"Here, that way you can remember me… C'mon Jiji let's get going." I say walking away after giving her something to remember me by.

"Oh and Hinata, I'm your age." I say smiling. The last thing I saw before being shunshinned by JIji was her mouth dropping in disbelief.


As Jiji… ugh you know what? Saying Shunshin all the time take too much time! I'm just going to say SS now. Wow. That's how you know you have problems. When you shorten words in your head for the non-existing audience. Jeez, I need to get out more.

Anyways, like I was saying. Jiji SS'ed us to his office. I took it in for about a tenth of a second before I was strapped down in a chair with my hands tied separately and my chakra "siphoned and sealed." What a laugh. At this point I have more than Kurama.

I took this all in as it happened. Seriously. My eyes can perceive things moving fast perfectly, even without the Sharingan on.

Jiji started speaking, "Naruto. If this is you. I've already tried dispelling genjutsu. Are you some sort of clone? An experiment of Orochimaru?" He said, staring into my eyes.

"Jiji, I get that you're suspicious, and you're entitled to that. However, if you allow me to be let out of these restraints I can tell you. Everything. From the beginning. I've already figured out that this is something I would have to do a while ago. Please?" I say, honesty and power shining in my eyes.

He looked at me for a few seconds more, sighed, and said, "Yes."

I flexed my chakra just enough to break the seals, ripped the ninja rope with my strength alone, and hopped up. He looked surprised and a little on guard, but remained calm.

Then I told him. Not of the Gamer, but of a VERY rundown version of how I got my powers, with a LOT of half-truths.

"When I was at the orphanage, they didn't really teach me anything. I was really mad at not being able to read. The other kids laughed at me and called me dumb, so I decided to sneak out and go to the library at night when the matron would tuck the other kids in. I did this since I was 3. I found out that I was really good at picking up information. I made it a game of sneaking around a ninja village, and deceiving everyone. Mainly because I read in a few books and scrolls that it's a ninja's best friend. After that, I managed to read every book, scroll, and note in there. I've also unlocked my chakra, after reading about it and doing it in my off time. I also met the Kyuubi, who was actually nice, and offered to help me by lending me power when needed. It isn't really necessary though. One day I was walking along the Hokage Monument and closed my eyes. I was really still and enjoying the wind and nature of the place. Something clicked and I've been able to use this weird power ever since. After looking it up, I found out I can use nature chakra. Sooo yeah that's it Jiji."


"Oh yeah and I've advanced to be around high Anbu level."

"...!" His face man. Epic.

"So Jiji," I say with a serious face. His face was still shocked, but I took that as a go. "I will waste my time in the academy. I know more than anyone in the village, bar you. I know this is a lot to take in, but I would like to apply for Anbu."

After taking this information in, he shook his head and asked, " Even so, why do you look older than you used to?" He asked, his eyes shining with curiosity that gained him the title, The Professor.

"It's a modified Henge. It actually changes my appearance instead of putting a small layer of genjutsu covering me. It needs very dense chakra to pull off, as well as a lot more. Technically, anyone can do it, but they would need a LOT of knowledge in anatomy, Genjutsu, and Chakra."

I then put my hands in the Ram sign and yell, "KAI!" A cloud of smoke covers me. Now obviously it wasn't a henge, and I didn't need hand signs. All I did was put a henge on myself when covered by a signless smoke jutsu. Easy peasy.

After Jiji took in my PERFECT Henge, he yelled, "KAI!" Nothing happened of course. My Henge is literally perfect. Nothing can disrupt it unless I drop it.

Time to compromise.


I walked into my apartment, suddenly feeling tired despite not needing it. After much debate, he said he would agree only AFTER a demonstration. He would assign an Anbu member, I would battle him, and he would assign me in the rank accordingly. I decided to dress appropriately for the occasion. My personally made clothes were worn, bar the sunglasses. Sadly. It was too dark in the headquarters. To make up for it I created a half mask to cover the bottom half of my face. I let my blonde hair cover my face in bangs of sorts. One of my eyes was partially covered, giving a very mysterious vibe. The rest was pretty much the same. My blue eyes were changed to Gold, as I was filtering small amounts of natural chakra at all times. It wasn't enough to go to Modes, but it was enough to get a 25% boost. Good enough until more was needed. No point in overkill afterall.

I was walking to Anbu headquarters. I never actually came here, except for 2 times. They were both when I was trying to rank up my Sneaking Skill in my pranking month.

I walked up to the boring, nondescript building and went up to it as my older looking "henged" self. I knocked 3 times. The door opened. They already sensed me walking near, and up to the door. This was merely good manners.

After this, I was escorted by 2 Anbu in a crow and dog mask. After feeling their power levels, I decided to Observe them.

Itachi Uchiha (crow)

Lvl. 90

A member of the powerful Uchiha clan. He is a known prodigy, and unlocked his sharingan at a young age. He graduated early from the academy, became a chunnin, and then Anbu, all before the age of 10! He is currently a member of the Alpha Squad in Anbu.

Kakashi Hatake

Lvl 100

A member of the Hatake Clan. He is a known prodigy and was gifted a sharingan eye by his best friend at his "passing." He was thrown in the war at a young age and was a student of the Fourth Hokage.

Well. These guys are badasses. Wel walked through a door, and then another, and then another. Suddenly we were walking down a corridor that seemed to angle downwards. As we were walking to what seemed like nowhere, we stopped in front of another door. It was smaller than most usual doors, but I didn't need to crouch or anything.

We walked through, and boy oh boy did the sight blow my mind.

It was a room that would fit the grandest of armies. It seemed to expand a little than half of konoha, and was as deep as 400 feet. I didn't even realize we walked this much! There were Anbu running along the walls shooting fireballs at each other, some were meditating under a waterfall. Or conducting electricity in a pool. Some were making sculptures come out of the earth. And then sinking them all in one go. Others were popping in and out of the ground. One Anbu in particular seemed to travel between the shadows of trees. Trees that looked suspiciously new.

All in all, it looked like paradise, and with some seals on the ceiling that make the top look like the sky above, it looked magnificent. Hmm, that sealwork seems to be done pretty excellently, Jiraiya? Probably.

As we walked to an area, 20 Anbu members crowded us in a circle. Then they put down pre-prepared seals and slapped them down and charged them with chakra. Suddenly, a purple barrier rose around us. 'Probably to keep any attacks from hurting others.' I reasoned.

Crow and Dog turned to me. Crow spoke, " The Hokage is watching through his crystal ball, you have 10 minutes to prove your worth." He stated in a monotone voice.

Alright not bad, only 10 mi…WHOA!

I Paused and chilled out. He was faster than I realized. He actually managed to get a foot before I reacted. Now, I may have been off guard, but that is terrible.

'Hmm, how to do this...?'

One of my Perks, Solomon something activated. I instantly began planning hundreds of strategies. Then I came to one conclusion. 'I need to show Jiji that not only can I take care of myself, but that I am also worthy of being called Anbu level. I will strive to become SSS ranked.

I went behind Crow and Dog and unpaused. I sent a sealess, wordless Ice release: Spikey Pokey. Suffice to say my naming skills had some work. Anyways 20 spikes of ice the size of my arm were created and sent to them. Now, these were the best in Konoha, so they didn't let their surprise overcome them and jumped away. I immediately stomped my feet and had chunks of earth pop from the ground. Then I spit black fires surround the rock and used gravity release to have the gravity of the rocks face them with the gravity of Jupiter.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" I yelled, focus completely enveloping me. This… this is what I lived for.

Kawarimi should be considered a God. The move can literally be exploited so many ways. In this case, them not being hit by a meteor. As soon as they used kawarimi I used my chakra sense to spot them. They were splitting up, with one at my 3 and the other at my 9. They looked at each other and nodded. They both turned on/ revealed their respective sharingans. Then they both SS'ed to me and used their most chakra intensive moves so far. For Dog, he used a lightning bolt on his arm that was completely silent. I sidestepped him, but he followed. Then I went into my ID and went behind where Crow was. As I came out he turned around, went through 20 seals in a second and blew out the biggest firestorm ever. It was around 75 feet high, 100 feet in width, and was so hot that the ground was becoming black before it even hit it. I spread Ice chakra around me in a shield and used my complete control over Fire Release that I diverted it away from me, just in case. After it passed, only the ground around me was left not scorched. Before we could continue, a timer rang and the barrier came down. Whether it was because of all the elemental attacks hitting it or time running out was a mystery.

They both came up to me, limping and panting ever so slightly. I looked at my HUD.

Health: Near ∞

Chakra/Mana: Near ∞

I snickered. Chaotic Vitality and Regeneration took care of stamina. So broken. Whatever that means.

They went up to me, looked at each other, nodded and took off their masks.

"My name is Itachi Uchiha, codenamed Crow."

"My name is Kakashi Hatake, codenamed Dog."

They looked at me, silently telling me what to do. I picked up on it. I pulled down my mask and stopped siphoning nature chakra, allowing my eyes to return to their original color.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I shall be codenamed… Fox."

They both stared at me for 5 minutes. Seems as if Jiji didn't tell them who they'd be evaluating.


After explaining the deal and situation, we went back to the main headquarters, which was in another room. Apparently the room where I was tested was the practice and spar area. It was meant to take a beating and be a possible evac site if ABSOLUTELY necessary.

After we went to an office where Jiji and a man in a wolf mask was, I was officially introduced into Anbu. He talked about the responsibilities I would hold, the rules, and the benefits. I was floored. After a while, he started talking about missions. After discussing why I wanted to be in Anbu, I said one of the biggest reasons was field experience. I told him that I have the power and potential on his level, but would fall in implementation 30% of the time.

Thus, my missions.


Time passed. I thought of the promise I made, and the friend I leave behind in Konoha everytime I go for a mission. One time, when I was about to go on a mission, I saw her near some trees. I was curious because there were other signatures. So I crouched in a tree above her, and saw that a few boys were bullying her. I felt something in my chest, and moved. I used Swift release, and before she finished blinking, the boys were on the ground groaning in pain, and a rose made of ice, kept in shape and temperature forever by a use of a seal of mine that drains chakra from the air, fell in front of her. She opened it up and teared up. I wrote, "To my princess."

She quickly turned on her Byakugan, but it was useless at this point because I had managed to level up all my sneaking skills to MAX. Anbu do pretty sneaky stuff you know. At my level, I can sneak and hide my presence from anything, including doujutsu.

She grabbed the rose and hugged it closely to her chest. Right next to the gift I left her before I last saw her. A gold and diamond necklace, beautifully created by myself. In the middle was a heart shaped pendant which opened to reveal my comforting aura.

I smiled at the scene and tree jumped to the West Gate.

I had a mission to do.

We were now 6.


I was running along. I had a solo mission to Kirigakure. There were many rumors involving a civil war that would break out any second because of the Mizukage, who is a jinchuriki of the 3 tailed turtle.

I just left the country and was close to Konoha. When I was sure I wasn't being watched, I teleported to HQ. Even though I can run around the world in less than a second, I'd rather save chakra when I need it… PFFFFT!

I chuckled and went in to turn in my mission report to the Hokage. He was just arriving from his office in the Hokage tower, which was directly above the HQ of the Anbu.

"Hokage-Sama! I have successfully gathered intel about the state of Kirigakure."

"Good job Fox on your 200th S ranked mission." Yeah being in Anbu and the luxury of going anywhere in a blink of an eye allows you to do a lot of missions. I believe my mission record for the past 2 years is something like 543 A-Rank missions and 200 S-Rank missions. The A-rank missions were more or less easy enough, with me being able to stack several at one time, as they might be in the area near each other.

"This information is worrying. Fox, when you feel up to it, I have a very important mission for you." He stated gravely. I stood at full attention.

"Yes sir!" I saluted.

"I want you to quit Anbu."

"..." Huh?


Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze

Lvl 150

Health: Near ∞

Chakra/Mana: Near ∞

Control: 100%

STR: 350

DEX: 565

VIT: 810

WIS: 369

INT: 388

CHA: ?

LUC: ?

SP: 100

Elements Maxed

Space time maxed

Senjutsu maxed

Fuuinjutsu maxed

Barrier jutsu maxed

Fire element maxed

Earth element maxed

Water element maxed

Lightning element maxed

Wind element maxed

Yin element maxed

Yang element maxed

Yin-Yang element maxed

Ice element maxed

Plasma element maxed

Scorch element maxed

Lava element maxed

Boil element maxed

Wood element maxed

Crystal element maxed

Storm element maxed

Swift element maxed

Creation element maxed

Destruction element maxed

Light element maxed

Darkness element maxed


All Style: Armageddon

Lvl Max

Pure destruction capable of killing God level beings. Creates a crater 5 miles deep and 20 miles all around.

Cost: 500,000 chakra

Hero's Strength

Allows you to triple STR stat score for 1 minute with no drawback. Once per day.

Build Strength

Allows you to half your strength only to double it for twice as long as you halved it.

Credit Strength

If you are debuffed or need more strength but are suffering from something, you can take as much STR as you need but must wait twice as long as you used it. During this time your strength will be ¼ your stat score.

God Strength

You have unlimited STR for 1 second.


You can charge up speed as long as you want only to unleash it in one burst

On the double

Doubles your speed (Can be kept on indefinitely)


Your speed knows no equal, you can go twice the speed of light, and any opponent with a DEX stat higher than you by 100 can be out ran using this perk. No cool down or cost.

The Flash

You can be 3 times faster than light, and can even run back in time. Streaks of light and lightning will be shown as you run. Can choose to disappear in pure speed without even a blur.

Chaotic Vitality and Regeneration

You will never run out of stamina. You can literally run forever or spend as much energy without problem. Health will be near infinite. This does not mean near infinite health regen. You can be crushed down to a single molecule and live. Chakra will be near infinite but will need near infinite regen. At VIT 1,000 you will have infinite health and chakra.

Incomplete Kyuubi Mode

Lvl Max

When activated, chakra refilled, all stats boosted by 100%, and additional chakra meter is added. After 12 hours, will begin degrading health by 1 HP per second


Lvl Max

A pro Actor, no one can see through it.



Allows you to be stealthy and sneaky. A ninja's best friend… plus you get to scare people! At level 22, you can sneak past seals that detect you. 100% chance of not getting noticed.



Allows you to run at high speeds without chakra. This is the base for which any speed attacks you have multiply. 100 Mph.

Lock picking

Lvl. MAX (20)

Allows you to pick ANY type of lock.



Pranking someone or a group using humorous jokes or items. Gives distracted debuff for 1 minute and embarrassed debuff for same amount of time depending on prank.

Chakra manipulation


You can manipulate chakra

Physical Conditioning

Lvl 100

The state of your body and its appearance. Higher levels indicate more control of your physical capabilities and appearance. At lvl 50 and above, 1 CHA per level.

Grants 5 STR, 5 DEX, 5 VIT per 10 lvls

Weapons Handling

Lvl Max

How you can use weapons effectively

5 DEX per ten levels

Taijutsu: Kyūkyoku no Akuma Kauntā (Ultimate Demon Counter)

Lvl Max

The Ultimate form of taijutsu, it knows no equal. It can counter EVERY single taijutsu style. It requires every stat to perform the best, but will still counter. It is too unpredictable for the sharingan, too quick for the byakugan to react to, too deadly for even the rinnegan. Every style is put into this style. Every taijutsu move is here. Is defensive and offensive. Perfect for any situation, and any attack or defense. You will be able to counter every single attack unconsciously when maxed.

Kyūkyoku no akuma no michi (The way of the Ultimate Demon)


The Ultimate form of Kenjutsu, it knows no equal. It can counter EVERY single Kenjutsu style. It requires every stat to perform the best, but will still counter. It is too unpredictable for the sharingan, too quick for the byakugan to react to, too deadly for even the rinnegan. Every style is put into this style. Every Kenjutsu move is here. Is defensive and offensive. Perfect for any situation, and any attack or defense. You will be able to counter every single attack unconsciously when maxed.


Lvl Max

Allows you to "Pause" time, much like in a game. Allows up to however much time you need.


Allows you to take the power of anyone you defeat, whether through battle or yield.

Master of the Undead

You can now control undead from anywhere. One favor from Shinigami


Jinchuuriki: You are the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, Gives you 15 VIT per 10 levels, 5 STR per 10 levels, and 5 DEX per 10 levels

Son of Minato Namikaze And Kushina Uzumaki: grants 10 DEX per 10 levels, 10 VIT per 10 levels, 5 INT per 10 levels, 5 WIS per 10 levels, and 5 STR per 10 levels

Prankster at Heart: grants you 5 WIS per 10 levels, and 5 INT per 10 levels

Gamer's body: Lets you see your health and chakra numerically. All pain nullified. Able to be full power at all times unless affected by a debuff. Instead of injuries your health goes down. Ditto for chakra. Beware of it reaching zero…

Gamer's Mind: makes you invulnerable to mind attacks or intrusion, invulnerable to psychological effects such as nervousness or fear, able to make decisions like a gamer, able to handle any ability among others that would strain the mind.

?: grants you ? Luck

Reaction Man

Your reactions are as quick as your fastest speed

Old wives tale

You can decipher meanings behind stories and conversations

Solomon's mind

Your mind is more organized and calm, can make over 500 strategies per second

Like a Nara

You now have an IQ of over 200, are a battle strategist, and lazy


Gamer's Mind has overcome laziness

Speed Thought

You can think as fast as your highest speed


You can understand things when reading or hearing them clearer.

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