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Summary: The potential was there once but tragedy got in the way and made a future too painful to contemplate. But it didn't mean he couldn't be there for her if she needed him - as a friend. She promised to call if she was ever in trouble. He'd hoped she'd wouldn't. She did. But could this mean that life was giving them another chance to dance? Sequel to "He didn't know Dom could dance."
Callen/OC. Set approximately eight months after Dom dies.

Chapter 1

Callen lent back in his chair in the bullpen and tried not to laugh at the interaction between Kensi and their new team member, LAPD Liaison Detective Marty Deeks. He suspected they would fit nicely as partners, if they could ever settle down and trust each other. It would be interesting to watch that process. He could only hope Kensi would give another partner a chance. After losing Sullivan and then Dom he could understand her reluctance to get attached to someone new. He shook his head to shake away the thoughts of Dom. Even after all these months the guilt still took him hard if he let the passing thoughts settle. Sam looked at him and rolled his eyes with a smile at the antics of Kensi and Deeks. Callen smiled before his attention was pulled from the scene in front of him when his phone rang.

He stood up and moved away from his desk. "Yes," he answered as he glanced around to office to find somewhere quieter for whatever conversation was coming. He hadn't recognised the number and wasn't about to answer with his name. These little things came as naturally to him as breathing.

"Callen." The voice was soft, feminine and unsure. And familiar though he hadn't heard it in about eight months - not since Dom's funeral. He stopped moving.



"Are you okay?" Even though they'd agreed she'd only call in she was in trouble Callen hoped that she wasn't.

"No." she whispered.

He turned around and focused on Sam. Sam read him as he had known he would and proceeded to silence the rest of the team with a look before he focused back on Callen.

"Where are you?" Callen asked as he headed back to his desk and grabbed his keys. Sam stood up, a questioning frown on his face.

"Hospital," Sarah replied quietly. Callen looked at Sam, held up his keys and tilted his head to the exit.

"Which one?" Callen asked as Sam slipped in beside him on his way out.

"Centinela. Culver City."

"We're on our way?"

"Callen," she said. "I'm scared." There was definite reluctance in her voice at the admission.

Callen tossed Sam his keys and went to the passengers side instead.

"What happened?" he asked as he opened the door and got into the car. Callen punched in the details to the GPS as Sam drove off.

"Pick-up ran a red light. Crashed into me. They…" she trailed off. He couldn't be sure but he suspected she was trying not cry.

"They what Sarah?" Callen prompted.

"They looked at me and laughed when they backed up and drove off."

That sounded like a very good reason for her to feel scared. Especially if she was no her own. Callen glanced at the GPS. "Sarah, is anyone there with you?"

"No. I haven't called anyone else."

"Sam and I are on our way. If they show up scream." At the very least that would make sure she wasn't alone if they did want to harm her. There was a part of him that seriously hoped she was overreacting. Though most of him knew it was unlikely, given what he knew of her. "You'll be safe there," Callen added and hoped he was right. He rechecked their e.t.a. "We're only ten minutes away." Most likely less once Sam heard about her being scared.

"Okay," she answered quietly.

He checked her room number and then added, "Be there soon."

Callen hung up and dropped his head back against the headrest. Sam glanced across before turning his attention back to the road. "G?"

"It's Sarah," Callen said. "She's been in an accident."

"Dom's Sarah?" Sam confirmed.

Callen nodded. "Yeah and she doesn't think it was an accident."

Callen felt the car speed up. "Thanks Sam."

He watched the scenery go by though didn't really register any of it. His thoughts settled on her. It had been eight months and he'd almost managed to forget her. Almost. Occasionally she'd pop into his dreams or he'd hear a song on the radio that reminded him of her. Anything with a salsa beat tended to prompt the memories. He'd managed to lock away most of the feelings he'd had for her. They were connected with Dom so that did make it easier. Even though their association had been brief, he'd felt the potential between them but circumstances had changed the direction the relationship had headed. Or didn't head. He was disappointed but it had been the right thing to do.

Now she was back. She'd called him and he knew that it wasn't something she would've done on a whim. She truly felt she was in trouble. The next question was how big and could they help her.

Less than ten minutes later Callen and Sam were at the hospital and had already made their way through the front doors. They slipped into a crowded elevator. Both kept an eye out of anything suspicious as they made their way along the corridor to her room.

Callen entered first while Sam made one final check of the hallway before he followed.

Callen stopped inside the door and studied the woman lying on the bed. He took in the bruise on the side of her head, the stitched up cut just above her eye along with a few smaller cuts from what he assumed was shattering glass and the slight split in her lip. Her left arm was in a sling and a splint immobilised her leg on the same side. Her brown hair lay in a plait down over her shoulder and he could see there was still some dried blood on it though it was evident the nurses had taken care of cleaning what they could.

"Sarah," Callen said softly. Her eyes were closed and he didn't want to wake her if she was sleeping.

Her head turned toward him and her eyes opened. There was a look of relief on her face. "Callen." She shifted a little. It was almost like she'd automatically tried to get closer to him. He saw pain flash across her face and heard a slight gasp. She sank back and took a steadying breath. "I'm sorry," she whispered. Her eyes opened and he saw the tears that were shining in them.

Callen moved to the right side of the bed, the side that didn't seem to have any major injuries. He reached for her hand and squeezed it, hoped it would give her a little reassurance and security. Sam stayed near the entrance but Callen could tell he was watching the exchange carefully.

"It's okay," Callen said quietly. "Nothing to be sorry about. You're looking a little more battered than the last time I saw you. How bad?" He tilted his head and flicked his eyes to her knee briefly.

She shrugged her good shoulder. "Not sure yet. Kneecap dislocated. Thankfully it wasn't the knee itself."

"That's a pretty nasty bruise you've got going," Sam said from his position near the door. "How's the headache?"


"They given you something?" Callen asked. He watched her eyes carefully to see how her responses were.

"No," she shook her head and winced again. "Not yet."

"Careful," Sam said. "That's not going to help."

She smiled briefly at Sam. and looked back to Callen. He could see the fear swirling in her hazel eyes alongside the haze of pain. "Why would they look like crashing into me was fun?" she asked.

"I don't know." But he was damn well going to find out. One way or another. "Have you spoken with LAPD yet?"

"No. They're coming in later."

"Where did it happen?"

Sam called in the details to Eric once she'd told them. Eric was reluctant but said he would if they promised to protect him when Hetty found out. When not if. This was Hetty they were talking about and this wasn't one of their cases.

"G," Sam said. Callen looked to his partner. "Eric said he'll look but he wants protection."

Callen noted the smile his partner was trying not to let happen. "From?"


Callen chuckled. Made perfect sense given how things tended to play out when they used Eric in the past for non-op research. He glanced back at Sarah and saw the confusion on her face.

"G?" she asked.

"All I know of my name."


"We'll find out who did this okay." Callen glanced back to Sam. "Tell Eric we've got his back." He returned his attention to Sarah and squeezed her hand. "Remember Kensi?" he asked.

Sarah almost nodded but stopped in time, with only a brief flicker of increased pain showing on her face. "Yes."

Callen could already see Sam had picked up on what he wanted and was in the process of making it happen. "I'm going to get her to come stay with you until we're sure you're safe."

Sarah went a touch pale. "It's just a precaution," he tried to assure her though he suspected it didn't work.

She closed her eyes. "If I'd been in my car this would be so much worse," she whispered. A small groan escaped. "What am I going to tell Joe?"

"You haven't called him yet?"

"No, he's off with Maggie and the girls on a trip home for a couple of weeks. My car needed work so he left me with his to make I sure I got it sorted. I haven't quite worked out what to tell him."

"It wasn't your fault."

"I know." She opened her eyes and looked at him. "I just don't know how to explain when I don't even know what's going on."

"Want me to call him?"

"No. He'll just come back early and I don't want that."

"G," Sam interrupted. "Kensi's on her way. She'll be here in five." Sam glanced at Sarah before he looked back to Callen. "We should get going though. There's only so long Eric can hold off Hetty."

Callen looked at Sarah. He moved closer and took her hand. "You be okay until she gets here? She's not far away."

Sarah nodded carefully though he sensed reluctance in her agreement. He'd stay if he thought Eric would be fine though Hetty was sure to be looking for them soon. He lent over and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "Rest," he ordered. "We've got this."

Sam and Callen were at the door when she spoke up again. "Wait." Callen turned and she smiled a smile that was a little brighter than he'd seen so far today. "G or Callen?"

Callen looked at her quizzically.

"I didn't know I had a choice until now," Sarah said. "Wouldn't want to call you something you don't like."

Callen grinned. "I'm fine with both. You choose and tell me when I come back." Give her something to think about other than her morning so far. He left then with Sam, hoped Kensi wasn't too far away and that Hetty had somehow, though it would take a miracle, been delayed.

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