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Hydra base x21..

"As we have expected sir they have harmonized quite well we have to remove a few of the original strands and add a few new one but the results are quite amazing if i say so myself" The scientist excitedly adressed his benifactor " Now they bond like match made in heaven"

"This project of yours have taken quit a deep piece from my cake Doctor and you havent even botherd to brief our technical team about it " The leader of Hydra Aka lord Markus frowned looking not a least bit impressed ..

"There is reason behind that"the pale looking Scientist didn't cared he look giddy with excitement at his project " This project will make you literally a god and give hydra the wepon to conqure this planet overnight,only a selected few could know about this "

"So have you promissed me Doc,but how long is this going to take "Markus said his frown deepening even more" i don't get all the time in this world".

"Patience should b the first quality of a leader Sir plus we don't want to pluck a unripe fruit do we " He secretly enjoyed the look of suppressed anger from his leader he has served under the banner of Hydra and he know Mark for a long time they have a unsaid frienship in a way he love to see his troubled face" The nanites need a fully formed brain to act if we inject it now it may cause damage to both of you"..

"Huh ,Hope this work as You have promised Doctor " Markus said his frown still in place but the scientist could feel him relived ...

Line break...

Unknown Space and Time...


"Don't worry Naruto as long as we are togetger we'll survive this no matter what "a voice echoed in the nexus of vanishing time and reality and then it too vanished into infinity into void...

Line break...

Hydra base x21

3 months later

"Hail Hydra"

HAIL HYDRA" the united voice of hydra soilders ecohed through hydra base .

" Gentelmen and Gentelmen " the scientist laughed at his own sense of humor " We have watched over this world for over a hundred years now even before the world war happened we were never this close to success then ever , when Super soilder formula was created we saw the birth of two gods who dominated the whole war .But they were still bound by the limitation of a humans , to dominate this world no less then a real god would do,that is why i present u the first man made god the prince of thunder " KAKAKOOMM"...

" Seriously " every Hydra agent swetdropped inside there helmet.

"Doctor" Markus gave a glare at the ecentric manchild ' truely the greatest mind are the greatest anoyances '.

"What we need him to be badass dont we " the scientist showed all of his 32 and smiled like a child after getting his candy ,he tapped his wrist control .

The reaction was instantanious the metalic surface of the ground shifted opening a round hatch producind two clamps a glass cylinder 1 meter radius and 3 meter height rise between the clamp to it's full hight the mechanical hands on the celing came alive decending upon the cylinder and fixing thwmself upon the socets .

The scientist took pride in enchanting the hydra soilders attension on the marvelous engeneered mechanical display of selfsatisfactory pefect adjustment.

The inside of the cylinder litup reveling a child not older then 10 floating in the life liquid not even wearing a face mask for oxygen.

"One year ago ,a god from heaven fall on earth and fought against the technology of gods, all we are able to collect was a few drops of his blood sample from the battlefield no wombe could have contained and would have been able to give birth to the god luckyly our team has developed this artificial woumb that function exactly like a real one ,then we found a sample of a human DNA that is as strong as the god himself by combining those two perfect specimen we created the first ever human made god' Kakakoom' , I the greates...

" Shut up Doctor we don't have time for your childish games ",get on with the operation "Markus yelled at the scientist ..

" Yes sir " the scientist pocketed the thick book of speach in this labcoat and started playing with his WC "my lord the new body is created blank with no concious and minimal subconcious required to maintain body function, once the nanites are injected to both the bodies they will synch the mental waves to the same frequency effectively downloading you into that body the nanites will self distruct over time purgimg themself out of your body , are you ready "The scientist saw his leader nod and comanded " Begin".

Operation Rebirth initiated

Processing confirm

" Injecting nural nanites "

" recallybrating brain nurons "

"Calibration complete permision for intiating synchronisation "

Yes /No

Command accepted

Brain synchronization initiated ...


"Well well well look who is here our new owner , what should we for u lord markus " a voice boomed inside Markus's head almost spliting it in two"What do you say Naruto".

"Don't mind him Mr Markus , he like to show off " a voice boomed again except lacking the thunderous effect"welcome to your gateway to eterninty Mr markus"

" who are you ,where am I " Markus stare at the black void .

" You are not a good leader Mr Markus , a leader must be patient and obsevant ,"


The black void turned into white blank.

A boy wearing orange tracksuit looked at him smiling" let me introduce myself Mr Markus ,My name is Naruro Uzumaki ,and that is Kurama my partner" .

Markus stared at the child standing few mwaters from him shocked at the familiar face " I know You ,you are the boy in the container ,but how he said the body is created blank with no concious, you are not real who are you" Markus roared his face turning a alarming shade of red as reached for this gun.

"PUNY HUMAN WANT TO SCARE ME WITH THE TOY"the same booming invisible voice roared again this time cold as a blade with a invisible pressure downing over Markus's shoulders bringing him to the knees his throat run dry and he fealt like dying ,two glowing red eyes appeared infront of the leader of Hydra and the rest of the body soon followed revealing a maw full of multiple row of white sharp cannines with pure black fur gleaming in the white voide and several majestic tails swirling behind the beast the fox towering over mountains and suddenly Markus fealt like an ant ,like he don't even matter to this monster of destruction and death.

"We have been waiting for this body to become mature enough to host us" The blond kid said as if oblivious to Markus's condition"and we are not intrested in sharing".

"Not more then we alredy are ,sad for you"Markus just whimpered before he dissapeared in a bust of red ...















"Hail Hydra"

The liquid fealing the tube was sucked out leaving the body dry the straps and tubes attached to the body detached leacing the body hanging in the vaccume the clamps and cylinder receded revealing a strature to support the body.

The strature grew several hands injecting the newborn body with several differnt colour nanites .

...line break...

"Naruto what do you plan to do now "Kurama look at his parner staring at the poster of a man clad in red and golden armour.

"We'll find them kurama ,my mom and dad in this world " Naruto's replied with a smile leaving the ally into the light ...

To be continued...


efore You complain I don't write much and this is an idea i want to work on and this is inspired by many different fics so don't draw paralles .