Chapter 2

'Earth' this planet is also called earth like his old one there are many parallels between this world and his own as well as many differencess ,like this world is divided into seven continents hundreds of cultures,languages and religions .People of this world pretend to ignore all this and try to live their own life .

He is currently in Newyork America in an average Orphanage named "little angels home " .

Unlike his world there is no chakra present here.

Naruto woke up earlier then his room mates after his reincarnation of sort his body don't require more then a couple hour sleep a day he fealt refreshed with no heavy head in the morning .

In the bathroom full body mirror a boy with spiky blond hair and blue eyes stared back at him ,for a body which is grown to a maturity of a ten year old he has a fare four feet one hight his body is toned with muscles developing under the skin ,he balled his fist mesuring the raw strength he poses according to that Hydra scientist he has the strength of a supersoilder or a bit more and his metabolism is that of a God and that means no diseases or normal alcohol could dent him .

Naruto got ready and before any one was awake he jumped out of the gates easyly jumping seven feet wall and dashing toward his secret base .

Naruto had found this place on his first day when he tried to escape the orphanage and end up spending the night in this abandoned factory just outside the city this place is open and perfect place for him to test his body without anyone noticeing.

Boom Boom Boom

Naruto's fist rained down on the metal ball shockwaves powerfull enough to rattle the chains hanging from the cealing, he practised metal body he have co invented with lee to suit his brut fighting style .The iron ball hanging from the crain took his punches and kicks without protest,earning the ire of the x shinoby,narrowing his eyes Naruto prepared his last combo bombarding it with his fist and kicks with one last concentrated punch to the finiching blow leave behind an inch deep fist mark .

Satisfied Naruto held the ball with his both hand lifting the five tons with some effort doing weight lifting ,at begining he can barely move the thing but now he can carry the ball and run if he needed to ,he have gained back almost the same speed he had and plus his reflexes and bosy controll has improved at least not bad for a 2 week old kid .

Lifting the ball for ten minutes bathed him in sweat burning his muscles like fire he let go of the ball and sat down on the ground watching the sun rising from the sea .

"Still no progress huh,"Kurama's voice appeared inside his head ,after they were thrown in this world the process somehow merged them into one individual that is the only possible way that Naruto could reform with Kurama .essentially thwy are now trapped together for eternity of till something powerful enough kill them both .

"I can't feal it anymore Kurama my chakra has disapeared along with whatever power this body supposed to have the stunt we pulled at the hydra base sapped you of chakra too leaving us both defenseless now"Naruto sighed remembering the first time he foundout that he no longer have a chakra pathway in his body he could use chakra when using the nine tail chakra mode but other then that he no longer could use any kind of jutsu or even seals .

"It's because of my chakra bonding with this body when it was a single cell my chakra modifyed the body to suit our needs however it resisted the change preventing a chakra network to form but now a three way or to say a fourway hybrid plus all the modification made later is preventing you from using powers from this body "Kurama sighed copying his now other half after the merger they share all the fealings and sences together while still maintaining their separate pesona .

"Fuck it Kurama ,if I cant access chakra then I fuck with it soon this world is going to tien into a war zone and i will be damed if I am not prepared for the damn thing ,I will grow stronger and whoever try to harm my loved ones i will fuck their momas ass "Naruto strike a pose bathed in golden light leaving Kurama to do a eye roll.

Line break...


Naruto snuk back inside the Orphanage before anyone could notice him missing all of the kids are instructed previosly to be at there best behaviour by the caretakers as today is the visiting day usually parents who want to adopt a child come irregularly but this day is special a lot of couples were fixed a date to meet with children and choose one or as many they could economically afford .But today some high class bigbang level richguy is visiting along with being a bord of director for the Orphange education system he has a big hand in funding the facility needs so all the staff has prepared the kids to practically lick his boots .

The chidrens were dressed in their best clothes looking like real angels some girl he saw actually holding a stick with a star tip well he hope they all are not going to cosplay like that.

"Boss , "Naruro didn't even bothered to turn toward the voice,

Flashback ...

Jack has lived his entire life in this orphanage his white hairs are full of wisdom and his eyes are so deep that any girl will die for them ,he is the strongest here and nobody could defeat him, "oi Jill bring my shoes " a voice begged him ,he pulled out the shoes and placed them over the annoyingly ignorent brat who don't know how to respect there betters,with great power come great responsibilities . Just because he is powerfull he should not bully his undelings that is the only reson he sometime listen to the begging of this anoying buff brat called Brad ,the kid has grown quite a big beef under his skin it must be the extra food Brad begg from every one everday and while the others are not being as much generous as Jack they sm still give Brad their a share from their food not wanting the fatso to remain hungry and cause tantrum .seriously Jack will install an morality app in Brads system as soon as he get the chance.

" Oi jill make everyone stand up in line " Brad begged again to him for a begger he has quit a high pitch however being the softhearted person he was jack collected all the idiots and ...

" Oi ,new guy do you want to get beaten ,getup"Jack removed the blanket from the new guys's head and like magic the boy turn into a pile of pillow and blankets. "Nice trick now where did you go ,come fast or else Brad will spill chilli in your soup" Jack thretend his bigfest thret there is no way the new guy will not cower in fear ,to his surprise the new blond guy was not there not even in the bathroom or in the playground he just turned to look for him in the backyard when he saw something unbeliveable ,in his nine years of long life he has seen many things but he has never seen a ten year old kid lifting the iron poles almost a feat thick and few meter long ,from experience he can say those are not supposed to be lifted by human not even by a full grown adult. This this could only mean one thing and that is ..



Holding his horses tight in his grip Jack hid behind the wall looking at the kid,this sort of secrets must remain a secret he will use this crucial information to overthrow Brad from his throne and ginally he will regain his respect back .

Hehehe,things are looking good for the future of the anglea home it will be soon free from a Pure evil disrespectful begger dictator ,ALL BECAUSE OF JACK .


"MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH"The most astounding victory laugh in the history echoed inside Jacks head ,he don't want to alert the enemy spies...

To be continued ...

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