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Anna skipped down the stairs, forgetting for a moment that she was twenty one and meant to be a responsible, mature princess. It was the third year anniversary of the Great Thaw, and there was to be a large banquet in the castle. Everyone in the kingdom was invited. Even from the third story, Anna could smell delicious things wafting up the stairs from the kitchens on the ground floor.

Anna was dressed up in a new green dress that shimmered in the light. She was exceptionally proud of the way it twisted when she twirled, and was just hurrying to Elsa's room to show her when she bumped into Kristoff.

She nearly sprawled on the floor, but he caught her hand just in time, pulling her up. "Are you okay?"

"I shouldn't run in dresses," grinned Anna, fixing her skirt. "I mean, I always wear dresses, so I'm not saying I shouldn't run – I'm saying I shouldn't run in dresses like this that aren't allowed to be ruined."

"Yes, imagine if you couldn't run. That would be terrible. But seriously, you look... look..."

"Say it," grinned Anna.


Anna frowned. "What do you mean by interesting?"

"I mean that that dress looks awfully tight. Isn't it a little uncomfortable?"

"Well, I suppose it is a bit, but it's the latest style and this is a grand occasion, you know. And it swishes something beautiful, see? Anyway, at least I'm not wearing that... Kristoff, what are you wearing?"

Kristoff looked down at his clothes, that were patched, dirty, and rather ugly. "They're my work clothes," he explained. "I was just delivering the ice for the icecreams to the kitchens. Anyway, at least they're more comfortable than what you're wearing."

"Kristoff, what on earth... you can't go to the ball wearing that!"

"Can't I?" He grinned mischievously at her.

"Kristoff, we need people to like us. You can't forget about the announcement... how are you meant to give the speech wearing that? I swear I won't talk to you for a month if you do!"

"Calm down Anna, I'm just teasing," grinned Kristoff. "I've got a wonderful suit of clothes that are terribly uncomfortable and extremely stylish laid out on my bed. I was just about to go put them on, actually."

"Well you better go do that then, hadn't you."

"Yes ma'am," grinned Kristoff, before giving Anna a quick hug and disappearing. "I'll see you tonight!"

"Don't be late!" she yelled back at him, but her face held a little smile as she pranced through the palace towards Elsa's room.


Elsa was sitting at her dresser brushing her hair when Anna walked in. "Good morning," she said. "I've hardly seen you all day."

Anna flopped on the bed with a little groan. "How are you? Feeling any better?" she demanded.

Elsa shrugged a little. She'd had a headache for the past few weeks, coupled with bouts of nausea and dizziness, though she'd tried to keep Anna quiet about it all.

"I just think that you should get a doctor," sighed Anna.

"I'm fine. Just a touch of the flu, that's all," said Elsa, putting down her hairbrush.

Anna gave a great sigh, the sort she gave when she wanted to say something but wasn't sure how to start.

"Anna, what's the matter?" said Elsa obligingly, turning her pale face to her sister's.

Anna gave a groan. "It's this stupid announcement. Kristoff just doesn't realise how serious it is. He keeps making stupid jokes about it, and threatening me that he'll do it terribly, and then he keeps teasing me about it. But I'm so worried Elsa!"

"Calm down Anna. Don't you think you're overreacting?"

"No. Yes. Uhh, it's complicated. But he just doesn't get it."

Elsa turned back to the mirror and continued to bring the brush down through her hair. "Oh Anna, Kristoff is terribly worried about it."

"And how would you know that?"

"Because he teases you about it. He's teasing you about it to make himself feel better, Anna. It's the way his brain works. Believe me, he's terrified. How much public speaking has he done in his life before?"

Anna groaned again and flopped back, allowing herself to bounce a little before becoming still. "Elsa, it's not just that. What if the people don't like it? What if they disagree with it, what if they stop it completely?"

"Oh Anna, that's not how monarchy works. They can't stop you from doing anything, only I can."

"I know, but what if you started to – just hypothetically – started to make decisions that they didn't like? They could throw you off the throne couldn't they? Then we'd probably all be thrown in jail, and..."

"Anna, you're overreacting."

"No I'm not! If you start making decisions that the people don't like, they could easily overthrow you, and this beautiful country would be without a queen and we'd all be ruined. And then the country would probably be taken over by those Weaseltown people -"

"Oh Anna, you know it's Wessleton..."

"And the country would be in shambles, and it would be all my fault!"

"Anna." Elsa put the silver brush down and turned to face her sister. "You are being silly. It's not my decision that you and Kristoff are getting married, it's yours, the two of you. I think – no, I believe that the people of Arendelle have more sense than to blame me for your decision. And, also, I believe that they have more sense than to say that the marriage is not a match made in heaven."

"Are you sure Elsa?"

"Positive." The queen smiled. "And when you tell the people tonight, I promise you that you will receive nothing but praise. Of course there will be some who disagree, but those are the sorts of people who disagree with everything. I know that there will be nothing but applause tonight."

"Huh." Anna folded her arms. "I'm still worried though."

"Of course you are. You have every right to be."

"Were you worried, Elsa? You know... when you were crowned."

Elsa paused, before saying, "Anna, I was terrified."

"So you know what I feel like."

"Of course."

Anna sat up and smiled at her sister. "Elsa, when on earth did you become so wise?"

Elsa smiled back. "When I found you again, Anna."

Anna smiled and wrapped her sister in a large, comforting hug. Then, "Oh Elsa, you're burning up! Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine Anna." Elsa gently removed herself from her sister's embrace. "Just a little under the weather."

"It's just, you shouldn't get too warm. It's far too hot in here. Why don't you go down to the cellars for a bit?"

"You're right, it is a little warm in here." Elsa smiled weakly at her sister, and pulled her gloves off, before raising her arms. Anna held her breath for the display of magic that was coming, magic that always seemed more amazing each time.

Elsa twirled her fingers, and little flurries of ice appeared in between her hands. She swept them up with a swift movement, and the ice settled on the ceiling, slowly creating snow that fell softly down in the room. Elsa sighed with relief as the snow settled on her burning skin. "That's better."

"And colder," shivered Anna. "I think I'll leave before I'll freeze to death." She was just about to walk to the door when she was nearly blown off her feet by a sudden gust of wind. "Elsa, what was that..."

"I don't know." Elsa spoke worriedly as she put her gloves back on. Suddenly they were wrenched from her gasp and pulled up into a whirl of wind that pulled her skirts and nearly blew Anna off her feet.

"Elsa, whatever you're doing, stop it!" cried Anna as she struggled to stand. The snow and the wind was driving into her eyes, making it difficult to see. Flashbacks of her struggle on the frozen fjord more than three years ago now flashed before her eyes, and she had difficulty in blinking them away. The cold crept into her eyes, and the wind blew snow into her face.

The storm was getting heavier, and Elsa was saying, "Anna, I don't know what's happening!"

The wind nearly blew Anna off her feet, and it was impossible to make it to the door. "Elsa, I can't walk!"

"Just hold onto the bed!" yelled Elsa. "I'm trying to stop it!"

Anna clutched onto the bedpost and felt the wind try to whip her into the whirl. The snow was so thick she couldn't see her hand in front of her face, so she squeezed her eyes shut. "Elsa!"

"Anna!" She felt a freezing hand grip her arm, and she let go of the bedpost. The two of them struggled to the door, Anna blindly hanging onto Elsa, Elsa feeling her way along the carpet. She got up on her knees to open the door and Anna screamed as a stronger gust took her grip off Elsa's arm. The door of the room flew open with a bang, and suddenly the wind died down, and the snow disappeared, and all was calm.

The air was still, and cold. Anna lifted her head from the cold carpet and looked at her sister. "What was that?"

"I don't know," stuttered Elsa. "I couldn't control it Anna! I couldn't stop it!"

Anna wrapped her shaking sister in a hug. "Elsa, whatever that was, please don't do it again."

"I don't want to do it again!" sobbed Elsa. "Anna, I didn't mean to do it!"

"It's okay, it can't have been you if you couldn't control it." Anna squeezed Elsa tight.

Just then, Charles, Elsa's chief advisor, came running up. "Is everything okay, your majesties? I heard a scream..." He paused as he took in the fact that the queen and the princess were lying sprawled in Elsa's doorway, Anna hugging Elsa fiercely.

"Everything's fine," said Elsa, managing to be dignified though a few tears were sliding down her face, unhindered, and her hair was falling out over her shoulders. "Why don't you go and sort out the guard for tonight?"

Charles hesitated.


"As you wish, your majesty," said Charles, hurrying down the hall way.

Elsa disentangled her sister from her shoulder. "Right Anna, go and get yourself cleaned up. That's an order."

"Okay, I just... oh Elsa, what on earth do you think happened!"

"Calm down, it was nothing. I'm going to be fine. Now, go and get ready. You'll have to redo your hair."

Anna got to her feet, but before she left, she turned. "Elsa... promise me that you won't make any ice tonight. Promise."

Elsa looked into her sister's eyes, and said "I promise."

"Good." Anna smiled wryly then. "That is annoying that I have to fix my hair, though. I spent forever on that updo."


Anna hurried off, and Elsa picked herself off the floor and brushed her skirt. She had no idea what had just happened, and she was starting to worry. It felt so much like before the Thaw, when she had lost all control...

Elsa shook her head, and peeked her head into her room. There were clothes scattered throughout the room, and her bedspread was sitting on the floor, carried there by the wild winds. How she was going to explain this to the maids, she had no idea. Picking up her brush from the floor, she sat down at her dresser and looked at herself in the mirror.

Large blue eyes were set in a pale face. She was starting to feel the nausea build up in her head again. This was the worst possible time – oh why couldn't it have waited till tomorrow. Only Charles, Martha the maid, and Anna were aware of the fact that she wasn't well. She'd keep it private until she recovered.

She shook her head, and quickly brushed her hair. She wasn't going to think about what had just happened, or her sickness. They must be connected. Maybe the fact that she was sick had thrown down her control on her powers.

One thing was for sure – she wasn't going to be using her powers again until she was fully better.

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