Anna's heart was full. She reached up on her tiptoes, and gave Kristoff a kiss on the cheek. "That's for marrying me," she whispered.

"You're very much welcome," grinned Kristoff. Then, in one swift motion, he picked her up and held her tight in his arms.

The crowd gave a great cheer, and Anna laughed and waved.

It was Midsummer's day, and Anna had just got married.

The hilltop was joyous and everyone was happy. Anna drank hot chocolate out of a comfortable mug, refilled whenever she wished by a smiling Tilda. Arm in arm with Kristoff, they wandered from group to group, receiving congratulations after congratulations.

It was only after they had finished her fourth round of the field that they found time to approach the throne.

It was on top of the hill, just above the food table, and just where the Queen could see everything that was happening below her.

Just like she should be able to.

Anna and Kristoff knelt down in front of the throne, bowing before their monarch.

"Oh get up," said Elsa. She was off her throne in an instant, and enveloped her sister in a hug. "I'm so happy," she whispered.

"Oh Elsa," said Anna. "I can't quite believe it!"

"I can," smiled Elsa, raising her eyes slightly as Kristoff and Anna indulged in a kiss. "I definitely can."


Of course there were fireworks.

Elsa sat next to her sister. Anna held Kristoff's hand as they watched the stars grow and grow and burst, and then slowly fade and disappear.

There was something quite magical about fireworks. Not as magical as ice powers, of course, but still magical.

Elsa looked down at her hands; they were warm now, comfortable with the hot weather that Summer had brought that year. The snowflake pattern around her hands had faded, but was still visible. She supposed it wouldn't really ever leave.

Her powers were gone. Something within herself had left too, that evening on the mountain.

When Olaf had died for her, when all her creation had died for her …

She shook her head. Not now.

Not today.

Today was a happy day.

Today was a day for rejoicing; for celebrating.

Anna leant on her shoulder, obviously sensing what she was thinking.

"You okay?"

"Of course," said Elsa, smiling. "It's your wedding."

"But not everyone is here."

Elsa was silent.

"You know I'm really sorry about Meredith and Charles," said Anna, with a sigh. "I would have loved for them to be here."

"There was nothing you could have done, Anna. Meredith died protecting her father."

"Charles never got to see how much Meredith loved him," said Anna. "It's not fair."

"Life isn't fair, Anna." Elsa sighed. "But all we can do is take what we've got, and make the best of it."

"I guess."

"It's not perfect. But it's as close to perfect as it's going to be. And, after all," Elsa looked around at her people, who still loved her after all that had happened, after all she had put them through. "Life is good."

Anna smiled, and leant her head on Kristoff's shoulder. He smiled at her, and something in Elsa's heart sang.

Elsa looked out at her people, her precious precious people celebrating the wedding of the year, and smiled.

"So you really were born with it," Anna said suddenly.


"You were born with your powers. We really are sisters."

Elsa smiled.

"Yes, Anna, I suppose I was born with it."

The two of them watched as the fireworks cracked across the sky, showering the kingdom in sparks; Summer's version of a snowflake.


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