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A tense moment indeed as everyone waited with baited breath to see who would cast the first spell.

Harry smirked and decided to play a little trick on everyone. "Oh shit, it's Minister Fudge!" Harry cried out and pointed to an empty corridor behind the Death Eaters.

He smirked as every Death Eater took the bait and turned, expecting to see the Minister for Magic stand there. They were stumped as they saw no one behind them, and only then did they realize that they were being duped. Harry took this opportunity and sent a blasting curse at the Death Eaters feet, causing the scatter around the room.

Immediately the members of the Order gave chase and soon the room was filled with spellfire as each Phoenix member battled against Death Eater. Harry's friends gave some help by taking potshots and unaware Death Eaters or just straight up teaming up to duel a Death Eater in the case with Neville and Tonks going against Bellatrix.

Meanwhile back on the archway, Harry and Sirius were dueling against an angered Lucius Malfoy as the Pureblood lord threw everything he knew at the pair. Sirius would either deflect or block the spells while Harry would return fire with his own spells. As this went along, Harry decided to anger Lucius a little more.

"Hey Lucius! How much longer before you trip on your platinum hair you peacock!" Harry shouted as he sent a tripping jinx at the man's feet.

Lucius snarled and sent a particularly dark purple curse at Harry, to which he dodged and was about to taunt on Lucius' bad aim when he heard a familiar scream. All battle stopped as everyone turned to the source of the scream and Harry stared in horror as he saw Hermione on the ground clutching her bleeding abdomen. Dropping the prophecy he began running through the chamber, he quickly made it to Hermione's side and saw her skin was pale and the floor pooled with blood.

He shifted his gaze to the wound and was sick to his stomach as he saw a large gash that went from the left side of Hermione's stomach and traced down diagonally to her naval. he could hear Hermione's whimpering as she stared at Harry with tears flowing down her cheeks.

"H...Harry." the bookworm chocked out.

"No. Nonononononono. NO! You are not dying here Hermione!" Harry shouted as he placed his hands on her bleeding wound.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not telling you how I feel." Hermione whispered.

Harry cursed within as he let out a choked sob. "You can tell me later Hermione. You will live Hermione, I swear it!" he said.

Harry did not know what to do, he did not know any healing spells and he was running out of time. As his hands were being soaking Hermione's blood, he was begging to lose hope that anything could save Hermione. Suddenly am idea came to him, he just hoped that it would work.

"FAWKES! FAWKES! I NEED YOU FAWKES!" Harry screamed out into the chamber.

There was no flash of fire. No sound of a thrilling Phoenix and no inspiration of hope. As Harry stared at his dying friend, Harry held out hope that he would appear.

"PLEASE! FAWKES!" Harry screamed.

Again nothing happened, and Harry let his fall in anger and sadness. He suddenly felt a cold hand on his cheek and he snapped his gaze up to see that it was Hermione's, slowly caressing his cheek.

"It's okay Harry. You did your best." Hermione whispered as she hacked out some blood that splatered on Harry's face, not that he cared.

"I failed you Hermione." Harry despaired as he held onto Hermione's hand.

"No. The man I love has never and will never fail." Hermione said as she poured out her love through her gaze at Harry despite the pain she was in before closing them.

Harry did not know what to do. He could not let his best- no, the woman he loved to die. So with extreme effort, he placed both hands on Hermione's wound, making sure to not place pressure and began to pour as much of his magic into his hands. He hoped that with enough magic and intent he could heal Hermione of her wound.

Sweat was pouring as he could feel the magic in his veins pumping into his hands and watched as his hands gave out a soft warm glow. Slowly but surely, the bleeding stopped and the wound began to knit itself back together. Something he did not notice was that the gash that he had earlier was glowing a soft golden light and that his eyes were not the emerald green but beautiful golden with flecks of orange that seemed to swirl with power.

Harry did not know it yet but he was channeling the healing powers of the Phoenix and the Sands of Time to make sure that Hermione survived. Once the wound was knitted back together, there was actually not a trace of the wound, not even a scar or blemish. Harry then held onto Hermione's hand, closed his eyes and prayed that what he had just done was enough to save her, not noticing that it was beginning to warm up.

"H...Harry?" Hermione's voice cut through the silence.

Harry's eyes snapped open and relief flooded through him as he gazed at Hermione. He noticed that color was returning to her body, and that Hermione was also half naked as her shirt was also bloodied and torn open. With blushing cheeks, Harry turned his head away in embarrassment. Not noticing her lack of clothing or just not caring, Hermione just sat on the ground and gazed the man she loved.

"Once again you come to my rescue Harry." She teased.

Harry chuckled at her jab at his 'saving people thing' as Hermione coined the term. "Well you know me, can't let the ladies be hurt." he said before his face turned serious. "Stay here will you, someone deserves to feel the pain of hurting the woman I love."

Standing up, Harry closed his eyes and only at that moment could he feel the power that flowed through him. He did not know what it meant but he could feel a fire burning within him that seemed to burn hotter that anything that could be conjured. Tapping into that fire, Harry felt power course through him as he slowly walked back up to Lucius, who tried to step back in fear but was rooted by some unseen force.

Harry did not notice this, but the others did and that watched in awe as Harry seemed to glow with a golden light as fiery wings seemed to appear from his back and stretch out in 5 meters from wingtip to wingtip. The wind beneath his feet was swirling with power and his eyes were glowing the same golden with orange flecks, and the gash was also glowing. Harry raised his wand and pointed at Lucius only for something unexpected to happen and that was for the wand to blow up in his hand due to the sheer amount of magic coursing through Harry.

Harry however did not seem to react and just balled his his hand into a fist and a flames was surrounding his hand. Eyes widen as they saw the power that Harry seemed to suddenly wield. The new and improved Harry pulled back his fist and then thrust it forward, palm open.

The flame that was one his hand, was then turned into a stream of hot fire as it sped to the immobile Malfoy and slammed into him. This caused Lucius to be thrown back by the force and hit the wall of the chamber, in pain with a massive charred circle skin where the fire impacted him. Harry then pulled his arms to his body before thrusting them out sending a shockwave of power and fire outwards.

The ring of fire was massive and as it spread throughout the chamber, everyone braced themselves to be thrown back, only for the fire to pass through the Phoenix Order members and his friends and instead send every Death Eater thrown to the ground, knocked out, save for Bellatrix, who managed to get out of the way in time.

She then reappeared behind Harry. "Avada Kedevra!" She cried out.

Sirius, who had noticed where Bellatrix had landed quickly dashed to Harry and managed to push him to the side, hoping to save his godson from dying. The last thing he saw before dying was the look of horror and fear in his godson's eyes before closing his eyes and falling backwards into the arch.

Harry was shocked, so much so that he reverted back to normal, the one thing he tried to stop was the death of his godfather and he not only got Hermione nearly killed but Sirius was dead. Harry did not know what to do as nothing he could think off could bring Sirius back from the dead.

A scream of rage and anguish filled the room as Harry cried out for Sirius. Not even the Sands of Time could bring back the dead once they fell into the arch as the laws of Time was nonexistent in there. He could suddenly feel a pair of strong arms wrap around him, but he did not care who they belonged to. Harry struggled against the arms as the only person who had treated him as family left him.

The sound of a cackling laugh rang throughout the chamber as Harry turned to see where the sound was coming from. He saw Bellatrix smirking as she quickly ran out of the chamber, laughing all the way. Furious anger coursed through Harry as well as something else, something darker. With a roar of anger, he sent out a shockwave of power then sent whoever was holding him back flying.

Instead of the Phoenix powers acting, he now had the power of the shard of Voldemort acting out, fueled by his darker emotions. This darkness, along with his Phoenix powers turned his golden glow into a a dark smoke that seemed to swallow all light that tried to penetrate the darkness. his fiery wings turned into black smoked bat-like wings, his eyes now in total darkness, his hair turned pure white and his skin turned paler and had tiny scales along it making him look like a walking crocodile.

With the shard of Voldemort acting out, it also took control away from Harry and turned him in to the much darker and more powerful version of himself as it not only had the magical knowledge of Voldemort up to the point of his first death, but also Harry's new abilities. This made this version of harry much more dangerous.

With a roar of rage that turned everyone's heart cold and sent the fear of a wrathful god down their spines, Harry shot out of the chamber in full pursuit of the mad Death Eater. Weaving through corridors and smashing through wall, Harry followed the sound of the mad witch's voice all the way to the atrium of the building.

"I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK!" Bellatrix cackled.

Incensed with rage, Harry increased his flying speed until he managed to grab on to Bellatrix and slam her onto the ground face first. As Harry hovered above the ground, wings flapping behind him to keep him aloft, Bellatrix turned her body to gaze upon the angered wizard and smiled.

"Are you angry, baby Potter? Are you angry that I killed Sirius Black?" Bellatrix taunted. "What are you going to do Potter? Kill me?"

"No." Harry replied, only his voice sounded very much deeper and more monstrous. "We will not kill you. We will break you."

And with that, Harry shot his hand forward and blasted Bellatrix with a stream of black fire. The screams of the mad Death Eater was music to the angered Harry as it echoed throughout the atrium. Harry then stopped blasting the black fire and looked down to see the smoking and charred flesh of Bellatrix Lestrange.

"I-is that all?" Bellatrix whimpered out, her voice cracked and in pain.

Harry did not reply and simply held out his hand as instinct seemed to guide him. Suddenly, two glowing golden circles were wrapped around his right forearm and three inches from his outstretched hand was a a circle and within the circle was a diamond that touched at each of the four points on each side. Within the diamond, faced vertically, was the symbol of infinity. Harry then twisted his right hand clockwise and watched as Bellatrix's body shifted as everything that had just happened was reversed until she was back in the condition she was in.

As the golden circles and symbol faded from him, Harry was about to continue his torture when he felt Voldemort's presence behind him. Turning swiftly, Harry stared at the Dark Lord as he did the same.

"M-my Lord-" Bellatrix whimpered.

However, Voldemort cut Bellatrix's sentence with a harsh glare with his blood red eyes. "We will discuss your punishment later Bellatrix, now leave."

Bellatrix said nothing and simply ran towards one of the fireplaces and escaped in the green fire of the Floo Network. all the while Harry and Voldemort did not move from their spot or shift their gaze.

"It would seem that you have made some changes Potter. Now, the prophecy if you please." Voldemort said.

"It was smashed." Harry growled.

Voldemort's face betrayed not a single emotion. "Shame, but it would seem that since my Death Eaters have failed to complete a single task, I would have to vent my anger on you." he said as he raised his wand.

Harry snarled as his wings flared out and the black smoke stretched out. "Try it bastard. We've been wanting to work out our frustration for a while."

"Avada Kedevra!" Voldemort shouted and sent the Killing Curse towards the monster in front of him.

Harry dodged and sent out a stream of black fire so intense that it heated the entire area around them, the tiles below them melted slightly. Voldemort quickly cast a shield and held it as best he could as even behind the shield he could still feel the heat and power from the flame. He knew he would not hold out and quickly vanished from the spot to his left a few meters back.

Harry ended his flame blast and waited for Voldemort to make the next move. He did not have to wait long as Voldemort began swinging his wand in a large circle above him, and as he did so, large torrents of fire was was being expelled from the tip before the Dark Lord jabbed his wand forward sending the massive fire to Harry.

As the massive fire came at Harry, the front turned into a large head of a snake with it's maw open, as if ready to eat him. Harry lowered himself on to the ground and quickly summoned a black sword from the smoke around him and held it in front of him. The smoke that surrounded him impaled the ground to keep him from being blasted away. He then braced himself as the fire snake crashed against his sword and split down the middle. After a few seconds that felt like minutes, the torrent of fire ended and Harry was even angrier than before.

Voldemort snarled at Harry as he could not believe someone so young could hold out against him for so long. He began sending a barrage of hexes and curses at the boy, each more lethal then the last. Harry willed the smoke to solidify and began intercepting the spell fire as he sent spikes towards them. Explosions could be seen as the spells impacted the spikes and that resulted in the entire ministry shaking from the power that as being sent out.

As the barrage ended, Harry did not let Voldemort catch his breath and though he did not have his wand, Harry's magical pool was immense with his new powers. Harry sent out a barrage of Voldemort's own curses back at him, only to add to his own attack by sending a volley of his spikes at the Dark Lord. Voldemort created a powerful shield that absorbed the immense spellfire and it also managed to stop the spikes from reaching him.

He then pulled his arms together as he collapsed the immense power from his shield before casting his arms out and sending a shockwave of the power throughout the atrium. This shockwave broke every glass window in the room and would have sent Harry back if he did not have the impaled spikes in the ground.

Nothing happened as Harry and Voldemort stared each other down before the whoosh of air and the green hue of fire alerted them to someone entering from the Floo. Both wizards turned to see the grey robed, long white haired beard of Albus Dumbledore. He did not seemed shocked to see Voldemort there, he was however surprised by the amount of destruction. He was even more surprised by the appearance of Harry.

"What happened to you Harry?" he asked in worry.

"We are not Harry. We are more powerful that Harry." Harry replied.

"Then who are you?" Dumbledore asked.

"We are Vengeance." the newly anointed Vengeance proclaimed.

Okay, first things first.

Harry in his scaly, bat wing, black smoke self is now known as Vengeance. He is the pain and anger and darker side of Harry that Harry himself has tried to suppress for years.

You also get to see just what Harry can do with the Sands of Time at his disposal, and as such there will be more of that in future chapters. Make no mistake, Harry has some control of time and this will be explained most likely in the next chapter, as will others.

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