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It was a few hours since he was released from the Hospital Wing and an hour after the End of Term Feast.

When he had entered the Great Hall for dinner, everyone in the hall stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at him, as if he was some sort of exotic animal. Naturally, he simply ignored them and went to where Hermione was sitting, oddly enough with Neville while Ron was off further to the front of the table, near the Teachers Table.

Harry walked through the torch lit halls towards the Headmaster's office where he knew that Dumbledore was waiting. While the prospect of not returning to the Dursleys was a good thing, there was something that overshadowed that and that was the recent fight that he and Ron just had in the Gryffindor Common Room.


Walking into the Common Room, Harry was met with the shouts of his best friend and girlfriend, and judging by the volume of their shouts, it was something that Ron had probably said or done. Though what he could have done or said to Hermione in such a short time to cause a shouting match between them intrigued him.

The first thing that he saw was Ron and Hermione standing in the middle of the room. Both of them was red faced and were both ready to tear each other apart. He noticed that Fred and George was behind Ron, ready to interfere in case Ron took it too far, while Ginny stood next to Hermione, ready to do the same. He also noticed Hermione was clutching today's Daily Prophet and with a sense of annoyance, he knew immediately why they were arguing.

"I just don't understand how you could tell everything that had happened, even Sirius' death and what happened to Harry after! I thought that maybe you would know not say things like that so soon!" Hermione screeched. "The worst part is that it was Skeeter that you told them to and you should know what she's like!"

"Dammit Hermone, everyone should know what happened, I thought that this is the best way." Ron argued.

"They would have learned either way Ron. What is hard to ignore is the fact that you seem to not care that some things are meant to be kept secret, such as the prophecy and the creature I turned into." Harry said as he walked in between Ron and Hermione. "How can I trust you about things when at the opportunity you would tell all for some attention."

"You don't understand-!" Ron started only for a loud bang to echo throughout the Common Room as the radio exploded in a shower of spark.

"I don't understand? I think it's you who doesn't understand Ron. For as long as I have been part of the Wizarding World, I have been under the eye from every single person, expecting something from me. Do you really believe having everyone's attention is such a wonderful thing?" Harry asked before giving a hollow laugh that echoed the now silent Common Room. "People are fickle, they would raise you on a pillar, but would gleefully tear you down faster. You want attention Ron, well guess what? You've already had it all your life."

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked.

"Your family." Harry answered simply. "You've always had this inferior complex because you believe that everything should be easy and fun, and give no thought to hard work. I can't believe I'm saying this, but you act more like my cousin and Draco put together. All three of you believe that everything should be handed to you for no other reason than because you exist. Well guess what? GROW UP!"

By now Ron was fuming, his face as red as the hair as he glared at Harry. He could not believe that Harry would say such things, comparing him to his pig of a cousin and the slimy snake Malfoy. He did not care about the fact that everything Harry said was true, nor did he care about Harry's pity story. All he cared about was himself and how he could stand away from Harry's shadow.

"If you cannot see past your own inferiority complex to see the damage you have done, then perhaps we should no longer be friends. Maybe I should have seen it after the Triwizard Tournament, but I had hoped that you had grown up. But I guess you will always be a child throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants." Harry stated.

That last comment made Ron snap as he tried to swing at Harry only for Fred and George to quickly grab at him, struggling to keep him from attacking their friend.

"Let go of me! I need to teach this fucking traitor not to insult me!" Ron shouted as he used what strength to try and pull himself towards Harry.

"Calm down Ron! You're taking things way out of hand" Fred said as he pulled on his brothers arm, holding Ron back.

"Yeah Ron, calm yourself before you hurt yourself." George said.

Everyone in the Common Room was silent as they watched Ron try to pull himself free. What George said was true as everyone in the room knew that Harry was pretty powerful for his age.

"I don't have time for this. I need to speak to Professor Dumbledore, so if you two can regain control over your brother, I can leave." Harry said as he turned towards the Common Room entrance and was about to exit when he suddenly stopped when he heard what Ron said next.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD! YOU'RE A DISGRACE TO GRYFFINOR AND YOUR PARENTS DIED FOR NOTHING!" Ron shouted, not thinking at all about what he said but that he said anything.

The entire room was silent as they all sat in shock at what Ron had just said. They did not care about what what Ron said about Harry being a disgrace to Gryffindor as that could not be further from the truth, but to say that his parents had died for nothing was something that should never be said, no mater the reason.

Harry stopped in his tracks as the words that Ron had shouted was being replayed in his head at an extremely fast rate. He did not care about what he first said, but rather that his parents had died for nothing. That brought back memories of his Uncle beating him up, calling him a freak and saying that his parents were good for nothing layabouts.

Those memories, along with what Ron had just said about his parents brought about the anger and hatred from the previous night. He could literally feel Vengeance trying to crawl out of him and tear Ron to shreds for his verbal attack. In fact, the only reason he was not doing or saying anything was because he was wrestling for control of his body against Vengeance and it took every ounce of his will to not change.

He managed to not turn into that monster and with a few deep breaths, he controlled himself. Turning around swiftly, he quickly got into Ron's space and sucker punched him in the nose, causing the red headed git to land on his arse with his nose not only broken but also bleeding heavily.

"The only reason I'm not doing anymore is because of what your family has done for me Ron. Don't expect myself or Hermione to be there for you when you fall." Harry said coldly before walking out of the Common Room and towards his destination.

After telling the stone gargoyle the password and climbing up the stairs soon after, he knocked on the door. As soon as he heard the 'Enter', he opened the door and stepped into the Headmaster's office for the second time this year. While the room still had the grandiose charm of someone who had knowledge of magic most did not know, the air in the room seemed heavy.

He noticed that Dumbledore was sitting in his chair, staring at Harry through his half moon glasses with a pensive and guilty look towards him. He noticed that Fawkes was seated on his perch, as majestic as he was. In fact as soon as Fawkes saw Harry, he let out a happy thrill and immediately the room seemed to lighten up slightly, lifting both Dumbledore's and Harry's spirits up slightly.

Not wasting anytime, Harry sat opposite the Headmaster and gave a long hard stare at the old man. Neither seemed to want to start the conversation as they both knew why he was here. Eventually Dumbledore decided that he would have to start the conversation, however, before he could, Harry started.

"Why didn't you tell me about the Prophecy?" He asked.

Dumbledore sighed before speaking. "As you know, your counterpart told you about the Horcrux's. The number of them and that you were made one unintentionally all those years ago." At Harry's nod, Dumbledore continued. "When Hagrid retrieved you from Godric's Hollow and as soon as I saw you, I knew that the scar upon your forehead was something special, though I did not know whether it was for good or not." Here Dumbledore stopped to make sure that Harry was following, which said young man was.

"When you gave me Voldemort's Diary at the end of your Second Year, I began to ponder and question about the diary, and it was then that I began to realize what Tom had done. So I began searching for more clues, anything everything I could learn about Tom after he left Hogwarts and that was when I realized just how many he had created. It was then that I began to question what purpose your scar had, ad when Sirius told me about the visions you saw last year did I learn that you yourself were a Horcrux. The reason I stayed away from you this whole year was because I feared that the connection that you had with Voldemort would leak sensitive information to him."

"You believed that if you told me the contents of the prophecy, that Voldemort would learn it as well through me." Harry stated.

"Precisely Harry! It was not because I did not trust you, but rather that I did not trust what was lying atop your forehead. That was why I instructed Severus to teach you Occlumancy, something I had hoped that would put your differences aside to stop the visions. I see now that that was a mistake on my part." Dumbledore explained.

"One thing makes no sense. If Voldemort came to me because of the Prophecy, then the question is is who told him?" Harry asked as he looked at Dumbledore in suspicion, who did not give any emotion away as e simply stared at Harry. That was when he realized who it was. "Snape. Snape was the bastard that told the prophecy to Voldemort."

"Yes. However, he only told half of the Prophecy as he fled before it could be finished. When he learned that your family was one of the targets, he came begging to me to protect your mother in exchange that he helps to spy on Tom." Dumbledore answered.

"That bastard didn't care that a child was going to die, only that my mother survive. I don't he would have cared about the trauma my mother would have gone through so long as she was alive." Harry snarled as his hatred for the greasy bastard gained new heights.

"Please understand that Severus cared greatly for your mother, enough for him to ask Tom to spare her, enough for him to become a Spy for the Order. It was through him that we know so much about Tom's plans and movements. He hopes that by spying for us he is hoping to redeem himself." Dumbledore said, hoping to stop Harry from killing Severus.

"He is the reason that I have been suffering my entire life! That bastard doesn't deserve to be redeemed! He will never be forgiven, and you best pray that we don't cross against each other because I will kill him." Harry vowed as his eyes turned black and his voice took on a much deeper and darker tone.

This was what Dumbledore was worried about if Harry ever learned who had told Voldemort the Prophecy. "Harry please. Revenge will not help anyone, and this vow to kill Severus will only cause more infighting among the members of the Order."

Harry's eyes slowly returned to the way they were before he spoke in his normal voice. "Don't think because I haven't gone to kill him doesn't mean I won't later. Voldemort may have been the one to kill them but he wouldn't have done so if Snape didn't tell him." He stated before continuing. "But I must know if I can even trust you if you value the life of one spy over the many thousands of innocents because if you do, you'll only prolong this war."

"I know Harry. I know. But if we are to defeat Tom once and for all, we will need Severus' help to keep an eye on Tom's forces." Dumbledore spoke as he looked down on his desk.

Harry sat in silence as he stared at Dumbledore. He did not like the thought that the person behind all of his suffering and the reason Voldemort even came after his family was able to strut around with his hooked nose because he was someone important to the war effort.

"Fine. He can stay alive." Harry allowed before putting a hand up to stop Dumbledore from saying anything. "However, as soon as the war is over and if he survives it, his head will roll. Of that there can be no negotiation." he said with finality, telling Dumbledore to not push the matter further.

Dumbledore, while hoping for Severus to stay alive after the war nodded in acceptance that Harry had every right to go after the man responsible for his family's death. He knew that nothing he could say would sway Harry's opinion. Knowing that the conversation on that particular subject was done, he decided to push forwards.

"You still haven't answered my question on whether I should trust you though." Harry reiterated. "After all, you were the person who dropped me off at the Dursley's, dropped me off in a abusive home and because of your actions this year, Sirius is dead. Just how much of my life have you decided for me because of my role?" He asked calmly, or as calmly as he could without having Vengeance come out.

Dumbledore sagged in his chair as he s seemed to age in the blink of an eye. Harry knew that the man was only doing what he does and has done to protect the people of Wizarding Britain from harm, at the expense of his own happiness. The Greater Good is an ideal that Harry did not like and while may seem a better choice then doing nothing, there was just too many loopholes for the ideal to become an obsession.

"Nothing I say will convince you of my decisions Harry, as I'm sure you are aware of them or at least have had them figured out. What happened to Sirius was a tragedy and something I take full responsibility for. You're right to be angry at me Harry for all the damage I have done to you." Dumbledore said slowly as he sighed. "I can only hope that by helping you and being truthful from now on I can regain at least a small amount of trust and if Magic wills it, some forgiveness for my many mistakes."

Harry looked at Dumbledore, scrutinizing him as he tried to find anything that might give Dumbledore away o show that he was not being as truthful as he was saying. However, he saw nothing to indicate as such or maybe Dumbledore was just that good at hiding it. Whatever the case may be, he knew that even with his new found powers, he did not have the knowledge to use them effectively and for him to do so, he would have to give the old man this chance to prove himself.

"Alright Dumbledore. You have this one chance to prove to me that you are being honest in your wish to be redeemed in my eyes, but that's it. One chance." Harry warned.

This seemed to brighten up Dumbledore's mood as he sat up straight and with a small smile on his face. "Thank you Harry. I will do all I can to earn your trust back." he said with conviction. "Now what else do you wish to know?"

"The symbol, from earlier. What does it mean?" Harry asked, getting straight to the point.

"I can only assume you speak of the symbol you described to me earlier?" Dumbledore asked, to which Harry nodded. "Well, to know that symbol, you must first know where it came from and to do that we must learn it's history." he said going into full teacher mode. "According to legends, many hundreds of years ago, there were three brothers named Antioch, Cadmus and Ignotus, together they were the Peverell brothers. It is said that when they came upon a river that would kill any who tried to cross the raging waters, they built a bridge. Death, who would collect the souls of those who foolishly tried to cross was enraged that he was cheated of three more souls. He confronted the three brothers once they crossed the river and congratulated them on evading him decided to gift the three brothers with anything they wished.

"The first brother, Antioch, asked for the most powerful wand and so Death broke of a single branch of an Elder Tree and gifted it to the first brother, the Elder Wand." Here Dumbledore drew a single fiery line. "The second brother, Cadmus, wished to humiliate Death even further and asked for an object to bring their loved ones back to life. So Death took a simple stone from the riverbed and gifted the Resurrection Stone to the second brother." He then drew a simple circle. "Finally the third brother, Ignotus, who was the most humble and did not trust Death, simply wished to leave without being followed by Death; Death simply gave him his Cloak of Invisibility, one which would never lose it's power from curses or age." Dumbledore finished by drawing the triangle which surrounded both the circle and line. "Together, the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and Cloak of Invisibility make up the Deathly Hallows."

Harry sat in silence throughout as he digested everything that Dumbledore had just said and the implications of what each of those objects would have on the world. "What happened to the three brothers?" he asked.

"The first brother, who boasted that he was impossible to defeat with his new wand was silently killed in his sleep and the Elder Wand taken. The second brother, who wished to bring back the woman he loved, found himself dismayed that it only back a shade of her, but because the dead were never meant to dwell within the land of the living, she was not the woman that Cadmus fell in love with. So he hung himself to join her in death. The third brother, using the Cloak of Invisibility managed to live a full life and when his time came, he passed the Cloak to his son before meeting Death like an old friend." Dumbledore finished.

"If the stories of the Deathly Hallows are true, what happened to them?" Harry asked.

"The Resurrection Stone was lost soon after Cadmus hanged himself. Some say that Cadmus and his wife had a child and that the stone would adorned it upon a ring to use as the House ring. The Elder Wand has a long and bloody history, leaving behind many dead masters in its wake. The last person that was said to have the Elder Wand was Grindelwald, and since then many people in the Wizarding World believe that I now possess the wand." Dumbledore stated.

"Do you? Do you possess the Elder Wand?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore wanted to answer in denial to Harry, but remembered what he had said earlier about being truthful and regaining Harry's trust. With a sigh, he removed his wand from his sleeve and placed the wand parallel from Harry, so that he may see it for himself.

"Yes. This is the Elder Wand, one of the three Deathly Hallows." He introduced.

The wand laying on the desk spoke of power unmatched. It was a strange design for a wand as by the length, Harry guessed it was in between 12 to 15 inches long. Rich brown elder wood colored the wand with small notches the size of small berries adorn the wand. Staring at the wand laying on the table, a part of him wanted to pick the wand up and hold it close to him, but his brain managed to quell that desire. Though he could feel some sort of tug upon both his senses and magic that came from the wand.

But before he could look into this, Dumbledore took the wand back and placed it back within his holster. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Harry looked at Dumbledore again.

"What about the Cloak of Invisibility?" he asked.

"As I said, Ignotus passed the Cloak of Invisibility to his son, who passed it on to his child and so on and on." Dumbledore answered.

"But Invisibility Cloaks should not last so long, even one that is special. Eventually the magic would have worn away within the son's generation." Harry said, remembering what the book said about Invisibility Cloaks when he had received his on Christmas in his first year.

"Correct Harry." Dumbledore agreed. "But allow me to ask, the Invisibility Cloak that you use was once your fathers since he was a child, surely it would have been worn down after all these years too, am I right?" he asked.

"Yes." Harry replied slowly, before his eyes widened slightly at the implications. "Are you saying that the Invisibility Cloak that I use is the Cloak of Invisibility?"

"Yes Harry." Dumbledore confirmed with a nod. "When I asked to borrow James' Invisibility Cloak, I had my doubts on whether it was the fabled Cloak of Invisibility due to the longevity that it had. What I discovered intrigued me as my suspicions were founded when I confirmed that the Cloak that your father used was indeed the Cloak of Invisibility given to Ignotus Peverell." Dumbledore explained.

"But that would make the Potters the descendants of the Peverells!" Harry cried out in shock.

"Yes Harry. The Peverell name died out when one of its descendants married into the Potter line and thus the tradition lived on, until you." Dumbledore explained. "And while you can say that the Resurrection Stone and Elder Wand should return to its last remaining descendant. The Stone is as of yet still to be found while the Elder Wand can only change allegiance by having been beaten by their opponent."

Harry simply stared at Dumbledore as he processed all the information that came out of the old man's mouth. The story of the Deathly Hallows was an interesting one to hear, that was for sure. But to learn that your own Invisibility Cloak was one of the fabled Deathly Hallows was astounding, but also very dangerous as if it got into the wrong hands, it could cause even more damage then even the Elder Wand could. That still left one question though, who was the last person to have the Resurrection Stone?

"What happened to Cadmus' line?" Harry asked.

"Cadmus' line of Peverells eventually died out in anme only and was replaced with the Guant family. This family would later go on to sire the mother of one Tom Marvolo Riddle." Dumbledore answered, with a grave look on his face.

Harry blanched at the thought of being related to Voldemort in any way.


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