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Chapter 1


29st July 1978:

It has been more than 4 years of my new life and it could have been worse. I was reincarnated in late 70's but at least I was not born in medieval era,

Think about living in medieval era, I can't imagine living in that time, situation of common men were quite bad in my opinion be it India or any other nation

What? you thought I would start with my wonderful reincarnation where I would remember being born (thank god I didn't remember being born. For those who wanted me to share my experience of being born – I have only one thing to say 'you are sick'), well those who want to know – My name doesn't matter and I died at ripe age of 19 in a car crash while I was going for college, my parents already died in car accident so you can say that there were not many people who would mourn for me.

With number of deaths in family by accidents, one might think it's fate or some sort of conspiracy but we were not that much rich, I belonged to middle class family.

Most of my friends were gone for their education in different cities and I was totally alone, at least no one would be distraught over my death.

One second I was driving and next, my head was ringing and there was so much pain all over my body, I was unable to inhale properly, choking on some liquid which probably was my own blood, black dots were forming in the corner and then I blacked out,

I do not know for how much time I was asleep or where I was 'coma or in limbo' next when I woke up, I could not move, see, talk or do anything other than crying. My emotions were fluctuating and were all over the place and I couldn't help but cry. My body was moving on its own – always hungry or sleeping.

Over next few weeks I was able to think somewhat clearly and reached a conclusion that without a doubt I was reincarnated and was in body of a babe so I did what a sane man would do in this situation – Cry, for 2 days I was distraught, my parents were very distressed and confused by my wailing so for their sake I calm down as I am not that type of guy who would lash out just because their situation is bad and there was no fault of my new parents. I am that type of guy who would find some positivity in even death.

I also got the impression that I was not reborn in India as my parents were white and always speaking in English, thank god I didn't born in some other region like Russia, learning a new language would have been pain in the ass, thank god for small mercy.

In no time a routine was up for about a year to wake, shit, cry, and play with parents then again eat, sleep and then again repeat. I did not have any other babe to compare if the time was right to start talking, or walking or any other things babies learn so I had to be very careful in interacting with them. After 5 months I started rolling over my stomach and then after some time I started walking on fours.

Over the next few months while I was playing I was able to listen my mother worrying if his poor boy was mute then I realize my mistake that I may have forgotten a very important thing so when after few day when my mum was trying for me to talk by repeating "momma" I tried but it sounded like "mamma", when father heard this I have to say "dada" lest I upset my father, after that I quickly learned some small words like up, no, etc in no time.

Now at age 4, I can move, speak and write better than other children but most importantly I am potty trained, so no more embarrassment in front of my parents. I can't describe my embarrassment on paper when I realized that I couldn't do potty alone. Overtime I was less embarrassed but still.

From what I was able to observe I was born in London on 1st July 1974 more than 50 years past from my timeline. Well folks my new name is Arthur William White and my parents are Violet Dorea White (she is beautiful woman of 5'6 with black hair, gray eyes) and William White (5'11, black hair with silver patches above ears on both sides, black eyes).

My mom is a house wife just like everyone else and my dad is a banker.

Today I was going for admission in a kinder garden school, for some reason my parents rarely go out of the house other than for their work.

When I first saw our car I froze midway (my accident was still prominent in my mind) but was able to recover quickly, after half an hour long drive I was at Montreal Kinder garden school – It was a small building in yellow and red color, parents were saying goodbyes to their children who were wailing very loudly and asking them to not leave them.

For second I thought about doing that but dumped that thought quickly , If I want to avoid suspicion and be myself I would have to act somewhat mature, also I wasn't sure I could act like them, even the thought of acting like that bring shudder down my spine.

Till now my parents have discarded my habits as intelligent and inquisitive child and it would not do well for me acting as other children,

Instead when we reached classroom my father said "okay Arthur, be a good boy, do as the teacher asks and I will pick you up after school is over okay",

I quivered and bit my lower lip and asked" Can't you stay with me" (my soul may be mature but my body is of 4 years and I do not have much control over my emotions and its somewhat a blessing as I do not have to act like a child all the time sometimes it happens naturally ).

After seeing that my mother knelt down and hugs me and says, "Oh Arthur it's only for 5 hours, you will enjoy the class and look you will have other children to play with. It will be over soon, be sure to make lots of friends, okay"

I hugged her tightly and replied "okay momma" and went to class and so started my re-education.


It has been a 4 months since I started attending kinder garden and I have never been more frustrated in my whole life. As I was 19 year old and apparently I can't dumb down enough to be in same class with my apparent age group.

Already I have been jumped twice ahead so this is my first and last year in kinder garden and nobody is my friend, well I don't need to be friends with bunch of brats but apparently my mom wants me to have them so that she can arrange play dates. It's not as if I didn't tried but the brats studying with me are annoying and when I tried to talk to students in my class they took personal offence and some even tried to name calling but when I didn't care about that they went back to their work so nothing worthwhile happened. Well now I feel like how Sheldon felt when he was my age.

On the other hand At least my parents were very proud and happy that their son was very intelligent child and for their sake I put a smile on my face, I was somewhat protective of them and didn't wanted to lose my parents again so I try to be a perfect son to them.

In the meanwhile I got perfect excuse for my maturity

On one morning I was brooding and when my teacher starts asking questions I responded instinctively. I didn't even realize what I had done but by then damage was done; I was able to impress her so much that she asked my parents and headmaster for IQ tests.

Next day my teachers and parents meet in principal office and then took my IQ test and some other test to determine the truth and not 2 months later I was jumped 2 year classes and my plan to remain under radar went down in gutter. They were able to determine that I have somewhat eidetic memory apparently I was able to retain much information but not all of them.

And truly I did. At first I thought it was side effect of being born and having new brain but it turns out I can retain most of the information I read.

25 December 1979:

Today is Christmas day and I will be getting some gifts (I may have been 19 when I died but gifts are appreciated at any age) and mainly no annoying children. I woke up early in the morning, and went to my parents bedroom and jumped on the bed waking mom and dad I shouted" wake up wake up mom, dad we need to open presents",

Day by day my control over my emotions is returning, still I have to act somewhat like a child otherwise my parents will be suspicious, do you think I am being overly paranoid, put yourself in my shoes.

After waking them up we went to open presents, which were below the Christmas tree. I don't even know when they put them there; I got chocolates (I still have a sweet tooth and love chocolates and candies) from my mom and an action figure from dad which will be not be used other than decorating my room.

After doing breakfast I asked permission for going park to play as it is better than sitting at home and doing nothing.

After waiting for some time I saw a group of some kids coming into park and joined them, we decided to play snow ball fighting, after playing till noon I was ready to collapse, fortunately my dad came for taking me home.

During the dinner I asked a question bugging me from much time, in my short life here I have not seen any relatives from either side of family so either they died or my parents and they are not close, trying to sound as much as like a 5 year old child "dad how come I have no relatives everyone have one in the class, today Billy was bragging about going to France to his grandparents",

It was like room temperature got even colder and I understood that I had asked a wrong question, I watched as dad and mom froze,

They shared a look and in very calm voice dad said "Arthur dear my and your mother parents got killed in gas blast when we were young, all our things got burned and we don't have any relatives left"

I instantly replied. "I'm sorry dad",

This time mom answered" Its fine Arthur, just finish your dinner and go to bed, tomorrow is your school and you need to wake early".

I knew what dad said was not full truth or even truth at all and it has much more to it but I can't ask about it without sounding like a prat so I finished my dinner and went to my room after closing door and light but I went back to door to try to listen to voices, I didn't knew why I can tell they were lying but my gut told me there is much more to that.

Mom asked in some concern" should we tell him the truth Will"

Dad replied" no there is no need for it now and we can explain about it later if he shows any aptitude for it"

Mom asked somewhat forcefully "what if he is like them then what?"

Dad replied in defeated tone "we will see it that time and there is no need for him to know now in these conditions. Moreover there have been no incidents till now"

Mom replied" you're right now is not the best time and maybe he will not turn out like them"

Then they went back to their room. I repeated this conversation in my mind for much time but could not make any sense of it so I went back to sleep and forgot about it pretty quickly.

7 November 1981:

I have been upped a year this time too and now 7 year ole me is trying to compete with 11 year olds with no friends, talk about getting lonely. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I forgot at this age bullying also starts so here I am in recess reading a book in library.

It was just name calling last year with bit of pushing nothing major but in this year it's not even 2 months and here I am trying to be hide in library and that confrontation with Ricky (the school yard bully) still deep in my mind,


It was 2nd day of school I was eating lunch sitting under a tree when a hand took my lunch and when I look up to see him with his gang, he was more than enough for me being tallest and fattest kid with a mean look on his face. I knew I should leave him alone but the adult in me scoffed at the idea and demanded me to teach him a lesson.

Like usual he started to taunt me as know-it-all and nerd but I politely asked to give back my lunch and then when I tried to take it from him he punched me in the jaw and I went crumbling down like stone, even if I saw him move I didn't have the time to react and it hurt like hell (hey my body is still 7 year old) afterword I got angry so much I saw red and wanted to hurt him,

At that time an electrical current passed from my chest and warm feeling enveloped me just for second and next Ricky is went back flying,

I froze, I didn't think I would be in some type of fiction when I got reincarnated in this world but this incident made me realize that this is some type of self insert like situation.

When some time later a teacher came and asked what happened, I quickly explained the situation with some fake tears and put the blame on Ricky. The teacher bought it up and Ricky got detention for bullying and letter to his parents, but still my classroom teacher called my parents to explain the situation and my bruised and bloody lips.

After explaining to my parents what happened except for the flying part we went home, I got excused and I went back to my room, I replayed the confrontation over and over in my head and concluded that it must have been some superpower and exclaimed "Fuck! I must be in marvel or x-men universe or other so this must not be my earth but some other fuck, fuck, fuck" but then I remembered that I have some awesome superpowers, suddenly I am grinning like a loon.

But soon after that I calm my breath and start experimenting with my powers as it is some type of telekinesis so I took a small paper and put it on table and then I willed it to flying and come to me but it just twitched.

10 minutes later I was still trying to move the paper but it didn't move but now and then it just twitched, at least it proved that I have some type of telekinesis power.

Flashback ends.

Now after 6 weeks of practicing I can keep the paper in air for 10 minutes or roll pencil with just a single thought. Progress was very slow but it was still there and only that mattered, maybe when I reach teenage years, it may grow exponentially with puberty hitting me, suddenly I was horrified at experiencing second puberty.

Suddenly bell rang jolting me out of my thoughts, I closed my books and went back home.

After few days of experimenting I got another shock of my life when I was getting ready for school, I was looking into mirror and wanted to see how I would look if my eyes were blue and next second my eyes started changing to blue, after some needed experimentation I came to a shocking conclusion, apparently I can change my eyes color and my face like 'Mystique' if I concentrate hard enough but only for some time as it drains my energy rather quickly and it's harder to maintain. Fuck my situation was getting from bad to worse if magneto or mystique were my real parents or some kind of relatives.

Some weeks later I was twirling the pencil in air when my mom came in the room without knocking and we both froze, mum's eyes were wide and I was panicking on the inside how to explain it,

I was thinking along the lines that my parents will send me to some orphanage or start treating me like some disease just so I packed all my pound notes which I saved and collected from my pocket money which was about 100 pounds just in case.

My pencil dropped when my concentration slipped, then slowly mum came and sat beside me and asked "Arthur, son how long have you been able to do this"

My words came out as whisper "from September" (damn I hate my body; here I am an adult crying like a bitch)

But still I didn't want to lose my second parents for some superpowers as many mutants got kicked out from their homes for their powers.

My mum's eyes softened a bit and said" Sweetheart you did nothing wrong okay, let me call your dad and then we will talk and explain it to you okay"

She then kissed me on forehead and said "dinner will be in 30 minutes okay, be ready"

I nodded, my eyes were watering up a bit for apparently no reason (ahhh I hate this body and its fragile emotional mind).

My heart rate was fast and breathing quick when I came down for dinner. I calmed my breath and repeated that mom and dad love me and I was panicking for no reason.

I went to dining table where mom and dad were whispering about something; just as I came they stopped.

Dad pulled a seat beside mom and said in a gentle tone" Arthur come sit down eat dinner then we will talk".

When I sat down beside my mom, she puts her hand on my shoulder and smiled reassuringly and said "why don't we eat and talk later ok"

To that I nodded and start eating

When we finished eating dinner and desert my mom bluntly said" Arthur there is no doubt that what you were doing there was magic"

I was shocked and involuntary said" what! magic but how is that possible" on inside I was confused but in manner of seconds that accidental magic in school and disaster dinner conversation came to my mind and I connected the dots that this is harry potter universe and not Marvel or X-men universe and likely prophecy have been already fulfilled and most probably Longbottoms were in hiding or maybe they were already in hospital and even then I can't change anything, who will take 8 year old seriously.

Mom continued "its whole world out there filled with magic hidden from this world. when I was little I grew up in one of those magical family but I was without magic so they tried to wipe my memory when I turned 11 and dump me on orphanage but somehow my memories survived and I knew going back there would create a problems for me so I grew up in orphanage with your father and we worked very hard to achieve what we have today"

Mom drinks water a bit and continued "when you were born but when you were a month old you got a fever which didn't back out, we tried on every doctor we could find but day by day your fever was increasing so we had no choice but to take you to wizarding hospital and there in hospital for a minute you were unable to breathe we thought you died but you somehow lived even the doctor said it was a miracle, it was the happiest day of our life." She said last part with a sob, her eyes watering no doubt this body's first occupant demise.

'Okay so at time I was reincarnated' I mused

"We can't go now as magical world is in civil war but when it is over, we promise we would take you with us to visit it, okay" dad said breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Wow" I said with huge smile,

Now I have to act as a 7 year old child so I happily give my mom a big hug and said in excited voice "so I am a wizard mum, what can we do with magic, can we fly?"

Mom chuckles at my enthusiasm, wiping her eyes she said "calm down Arthur we have many types of magic yes we can fly but we need brooms for that and we can't go to alley now but we have potions books in attic, it's a type of magic by cooking of some ingredients, we even have some basic potion kit as I was good at them when I was little, we will get it tomorrow from attic so you can read it okay" to which I just nodded

She suddenly exclaimed seeing clock on the wall "Dear lord look at the time its 10 pm, now go Arthur, it's time for your bed (another thing I hated about being a child is to go to sleep early), you have school tomorrow, we can talk about other things afterwards okay" she finished in stern tone

Not wanting to argue I went to bed but sleep couldn't claim me, I was still feeling shock of being in harry potter. I couldn't tell them about my reincarnation for obvious reasons. Planning for next course of action I didn't remember when I fell asleep.

2nd January 1982:

It was official till now nothing changed and plot still remains the same, Voldemort was defeated last year on Halloween and all country, celebration were there with no regard of statue of secrecy. Even I noticed there were lot of people in cloaks and weird clothing whispering excitedly together no doubt about Vodemort's defeat but shrugged later and didn't think of it much back then as I didn't knew that this was Harry Potter World; Other people were bound to notice something strange and some did but chalked it up as environmental phenomenon for owls and some charity group for the wizards and witches.

Today mom and dad went to leaky cauldron to check war status and sure it was official. I couldn't tell my parents about war status before for obvious reasons.

Last 2 months have been full of magic, anticipation and preparation – I studied hard enough that next year I am still considering for a 5th jump.

Now that I know in time I will be facing death eaters surely as I didn't wanted to sit out the war and in no way I was going to be slave of some madman, also I have some of my own ambition and dreams so I asked my parent's permission to join martial arts training using bullying as an excuse, it will help me with dexterity, strength, stamina and mostly to curb any bullying towards me but I didn't find any dojo or any instructor – I should have known those fan fictions were not reliable as who would open dojo in England.

There were boxing clubs but I did not have any interest in them and moreover physically I was still 8 years old so I just start doing cardio and got into soccer club at school. With all the free time I read all wizarding books that were available on potions and practice telekinesis, in no way I was going to call it wandless magic – for me it was telekinesis.

My mom said only powerful wizards can do it but my theory was that wands act as foci and wandless magic can be performed by everyone who start doing it early and need very high concentration but I was not going to contradict mom so I kept my mouth shut,

We or you could say my parents decided that my skills on wandless magic will be kept secret; I didn't tell them about my metmorphmagus abilities as I do not know if I have to register it by ministry and less they know the better it will be if things go south.

With practice now I was able to levitate some heavy objects easily, close and open the door with a wave of my hand, conjure some fire apparently I was good with conjuring fire but after some wandless magic I usually succumbed to exhaustion, wandless magic is very taxing but slowly and surely my limit is increasing – I don't know whether my magical pool is increasing or my body is trying to adapt to my magic – without any experts all I can do is theorize, I tried to do Transfiguration but was unable to do it no matter how many times I tried, it is the only wand based subject which continue to remain unreachable.

Also my mum taught me some wizarding culture. At least which she was able to remember and taught when she was little i.e.-


I was sitting across mom who was teaching me potion basics like how to cut, how to slice with some materials which were available in home or market

She said "Arthur, remember in a potion you can't make a single mistake, some substances are quite volatile to potions if steps are not followed"

First day of potion lab scene came to mind when Neville bungled up. I was hearing with rapt attention because I knew in 3 years I will be facing Snape and I wanted to be as much prepared as I can.

Mom looked at me and said "never look into eyes of powerful wizard like Dumbledore, my family said he use it on students but without proof nobody could do about it anything and the easiest way to deal with passive legilimency is to avert your eyes, don't worry he won't be able to see memory but some outer thoughts or sense when someone is lying"

"A pureblood will never shake your hands unless you are his equal. If you choose to accept that means he and you consider each other as equal and if you do not accept it can send a message that you consider him below you". (Harry and Malfoy scene on train came to my mind)

"You must never give your wand or Gringotts key to anybody else, giving your wand means you trust the other person explicitly"

After eating dinner I hugged my mom and said goodnight and then went to my room.

It's the smallest room in house but big enough for me, recently me and my dad painted it in my favorite blue color, it has a bed, table lamp to study. It even has some pictures on wall from my younger years; in the corner there is also a cupboard to store some old things).

I opened my cupboard in which a diary was under the carpet, its first pages were the 'to do' list:

Learning occlumency, legilimency

Find come and go room

How to remove trace from wand

Learn to Ward the area

Is there anything called magical signature and how to remove tracking spells,

How to remove compulsion charm or loyalty potion if there are anything like that,

Learn laws of wizarding world,

and then afterward on last pages it was the information on death eaters (their names), location of hocruxes etc lest I forgot, it was my key to the success and it was written in Hindi which took some time to practice to get used to but I was able to write in acceptable form and main thing is only those who have learned Hindi will able to read it.

There was 1 problem which I could not solve, as I had read many fan fiction in my previous life so I didn't know if Dumbledore was incompetent idiot or dark lord or any other so I couldn't rely on Dumbledore and I wanted to at least help harry without Dumbledore finding out,

At last I decided to first see and understand wizarding world and its law better and when I am older I will go to surrey and I would help harry, till then he can manage and this way he will remember me and will be thankful for help, maybe I can be his role model instead of Dumbledore.

Next day I quickly got ready and then we took our car ride to leaky cauldron. At first it was Ordinary Street with ordinary shops with ordinary people,

"This is it" said mom

I looked again, now after looking close I noticed a tiny grubby looking pub, if I hadn't looked closely I would have definitely missed it, the people hurrying by didn't even look at it, their eyes slid from book shop at one side to record shop at the other side as if they couldn't see it, probably they couldn't as later I learned that Notice-me-not charm was on it, it was quite shabby looking pub for a famous wizarding centre, there we asked Tom to open the brick wall to Diagon alley which he happily did, as he tapped his wand at wall 4 times,

The bricks he touched quivered and wriggled, a small hole appeared which continued to enlarge, and it stopped at 10 feet length and 7 feet wide, archway to Diagon alley.

I stepped through it and looked over my shoulder as we came it shrink to its original position, when I first saw it I was amazed at it, my eyes must have been wide while I was trying to memorize it by looking everywhere, my parents chuckled seeing my expression,

Then we start walking towards Gringotts to exchange money and set up a vault, there were less people than I expected perhaps because of war or it was 9 am I couldn't decide. It was a nice street, wider than most city avenues and long, reaching out in distance where road led to a circular cul-de-sac at the end where Gringotts was located, we approached Gringotts, It was an imposing white multistoried marble building near the intersection of Diagon alley and Knocturn alley, I could see the faint glimmer of gold that were the great main doors of goblin-run bank. The door was flanked by goblins in uniform of scarlet and gold, it leads into small entrance hall and set of another doors in which engraved the famous warning:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there

2 goblins bowed to us when we get through the door, to my amazement hundreds of goblins were sitting on high stools doing paperwork on long parchments, some were inspecting diamonds trough eyeglass,

There were too many doors to count leading off from hall to god knows where and yet they were showing people on and off from these doors. Movie didn't do justice to them, truly goblins were vicious looking creature with pointed ears and razor sharp teeth and nails, they were only 2 or 3 inch shorter than me, they snarled or spoke I couldn't differentiate.

We moved to a free teller and waited for him to acknowledge us as my mother said one time "Do not ever disturb a working goblin"

When he asked in guttural voice without even looking up "yes what can I do"

Then only my mother said with some forced smile "good morning" and asked "what is the policy of bank regarding new vault"

He looked up from his work and studied us over, "New vault can only open up with more than 250 galleons and should always have more than 50 galleons otherwise bank can terminate your vault and take the money"

As my father was a Banker so he asked if we will get any interest rate but the goblin merely laughed and said they don't give money for storing money so after lot of back and forth arguments I can safely say:

Goblin nation likes to horde treasure, they don't charge for opening vault.

They decide vault level on basis of their worth, bigger the fortune deeper is the vault.

Yes they can set up wards but its cost ranges from 1000G – 15000G depending upon the wards and property should be our in name legally.

They can provide goblin healer but it would cost very much.

They also broker deals (i.e. you need something they will provide it within some time period but it will be very costly)

They also take 1% of the total money which is converted.

At the end we end up opening an account in the name of family 'White' and purchased a simple enchanted bag which has 10 times the space inside for 2 sickles.

Pound to galleon was all time low (1 galleon = 17sickles = 493 Knut = 30pounds; Exchange rate, 1 sickle =29 Knut.) so we converted about 500 galleons and some extras, My education cost in muggle world was covered due to the scholarships given to me and most probably I will not need to pay money till my college or even in college if I attended, so we had a lot of money lying around.

Teller then asked "would you like to visit your vault which by the way is no 1819 and here is your key"

He gave us a golden key and we agreed to visit the vault,

"Very well, I will have someone take to your vault, Tripclaw"

Tripclaw was yet another goblin, he lead us from one of the door to the narrow passageway which was lit up with torches. It sloped steeply downwards and there were little railway tracks on the floor, he whistled and a cart came from nowhere, we climbed in – and were off.

At first we hurled through some twisting passageway, the rattling cart seemed to know the passage because Tripclaw was not steering or it was probably goblin magicked, suddenly cart stopped beside a small door, I quickly got off the cart, my vision was going around, damn I hate rollercoaster, I don't know why harry liked the cart ride.

Tripclaw opened the door which looked like it had not been opened in quite much time; dust was covering the ground and the door like a thin blanket.

The vault was quite big for 500 galleons, we deposited our 500 galleons there and went back to the cart, one wild ride later we were coming out of the opposite door through which we came in

We nodded to the guards as we left Gringotts,

Afterwards we went to Flourish and Blot's book shop where I purchased a book named "Sacred 28 and other prominent families", it was obviously written by some pureblood. You can tell just by reading the title.

From other shops we purchased a standard cauldron and some potion ingredients, parchments, quill and ink (so I can practice writing in quill and be able to write decently when school starts),

We also browsed some other shops but didn't get anything else.

During our ride home I start reading the book so when we got back home I asked "Mom what was your family name"

I knew it was a sore topic for mum but if my hunch was correct than I would be heir of "Most Ancient and Noble family of Black" as dear cousin Sirius will be in Azkaban and uncle Regulus would be inferi by now in that cave. Moreover I was older than Draco.

And it was correct; my mum narrowed her eyes and said in suspicious tone "why are you asking"

I just shrugged and showed her book that we purchased but it conveyed my feelings and her answer.

"Arthur you are not to repeat what I said to anyone understood" she said in serious voice which also showed on her face

when I nodded she continued with some steel in her voice "I came from Black family, my father was Orion Black and my mother was Walburga Black, I had 2 small brothers Sirius and Regulus and 3 cousin sisters Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa from uncle Cygnus and aunt Durella black, my grandfather Arcluctus Black was head of the house at that time, it is one of the darkest house in magical world, the family members hates anyone who is not pureblood, your father and I took 'White' name as a joke to opposite of 'Black' but later it was good as any other so we did not change it" she said with a small smile at the end

She later added with a stern tone."Arthur promise me you will not try to contact anyone from that house do you understand young man, it would not do anyone good"

I could not nod quickly enough, 19+ or not, I would not get on the bad side of my mom, she can be very dangerous when she is angry.

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