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First of all: a very Happy New Year to all of you. May this year be more fruitful than the horror show called 2020!

Next, I am very sorry about the long break. I became so uninterested in Harry Potter that I couldn't pick up the story where I left off.

Now, the dreaded words…

Yes, I am dropping the story. Not being able to give time to this story; Not having time to write any story; Not having a stable job; are the only few reasons.


I am not heartless. I know how readers feel when the story is dropped.

As a late New Year's present, here is the summary of what I was planning on accomplishing.

First of all, I was going to change his backstory. I felt that I made his backstory a little AU. The squibs aren't obliviated when they are dropped at the orphanage or chased out. I could have made it so that the Blacks and a few other traditionalist families only do that. But, in canon, squibs are given more consideration since 1900 when a book was published about a squib's life story which became a bestseller of that time.

And I try to stick to canon as much as possible until the MC's entry starts to affect the timeline.


So, in the new backstory, he is a child of a couple who lives in France.

Unfortunately, there is an attack on their household during the end of the 1st war from the death eaters as they wanted to do the same thing to France, they did in Britain. And that is killing some key people before making war on the government. They could do this as Voldemort had almost won the first war.

Unfortunately, for them, his new father is a very capable Auror. He defeats them but in the fight, their whole family is injured as he was shielding his wife and son. This is the time when our MC arrives in his body of his son as his son died for a few seconds.

Any personality changes are attributed to the 'hazardous' ordeal he suffered.

His new parents require healing for a month (I am of half mind if letting them be in a long coma or not). And he lived with his grandfather and grandmother for that time.

He slowly finds out that his grandfather on his mother's side is none other than Marius Black. Apparently, he went on to become a soldier in 1st World war after being dropped at the orphanage. There he met a nurse who nursed him when he was wounded. They got married and had a daughter. Unfortunately, she was magically weak and thus only was able to do her Owls before the course work became too much for her. But, she was very good in mind arts, potions, astronomy, and runes.

She also transferred to Beauxbatons in her 4th year when Bellatrix started to harass her in Hogwarts.

There she met his father.

His father on the other hand is born to a half veela and an unknown man (That turns out to be Voldemort as the MC gets to know in his 7th year at Hogwarts). He is also a very powerful wizard.

Voldemort sent his death eaters to their household as the government of Magical Britain was in talks with the France counterpart about taking some help in dealing with Voldemort and Mc's father had become the mascot of French Auror Divison in a very short time. If anyone would have been deployed, it would definitely be him.

He isn't alone who is attacked. His friend Delacour and his wife Appoline are also attacked. But both of them are magically accomplished mages. They were sent there because Delacour is a very old family. And he is the upcoming leader of a very sizable block of votes in their parliament which would definitely be against their cause.

Some things he noticed in the upcoming years: (About 2 chapters)

Appoline doesn't like his mother. She is an adventurous sort who is still living in her teenage years and having lovers who were younger than her daughter. She also mothered a few veelas which were given to the Veela coven. MC became the playmate of Fleur.

Mc's great-grandmother on the other hand is the oldest sister of Appoline's mother. She is also the leader of the Veela Coven. She is the one who raised Appoline and Mc's father. They were thus like brother and sister.

Mc's Grandmother, unfortunately, has died, during the cause of Grindelwald, fighting against one of Grindelwald's incursion on French soil.

He was able to do some telekinesis with his willpower. Obviously, initially, it would be quite weak but after years of practice, it would be impressive enough.

He isn't able to do any spell wandlessly no matter how much he tries. But, he is easily able to do some spells with his mother's wand. He gets quite a lot of practice with her wand as she doesn't use it very much. He never uses incantation while performing spells. He only visualizes and able to perform some of the low-level spells.

He also has a minor talent in Metamorphmagus. This talent unlocked after a year of his arrival. He can change his skin tone, hair color, eye color, and nails by the age of 11 after which he hits a wall.

He also realizes that a galleon is a large amount of money. It is like 100 pounds worth of money. And the goblins are very isolated creatures. They don't exactly know the muggle world at all. But, there is also a large truth that the muggle world only recently started to develop. So, their ignorance can't be held against them.

He hates the goblins as they are quite greedy. Hell, they will sell their newborn for a little money. In previous wars, wizards have used their greed to their advantage as the goblins ran to their deaths when they saw gold ignoring the obvious traps.

The bank ran by Goblins is actually quite ingenious. They don't need to use gold but their instincts want them to hoard gold. This way the need for war is diminished considerably.

He learned that the wizarding war actually was very disastrous for Magical Britain. They lost something about 1000 people in that. Most of them were muggle-borns. That's why there would be very few muggle-borns left who graduated before the 1980s. (Voldemort almost won and that would mean the extermination of Muggleborns)

The population of Magical Britain and France is 4000, 4500, respectively. They are like a small town where everyone knows about everyone. He understands the canon better after learning that little tidbit of knowledge. This also makes him understand why people gossip so much. The magical community is very small. Hell, there are only


I hadn't decided the perfect reason for him going to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons. The only reason I could think was him taking his mother's side when the topic of school comes up. And that Hogwarts provides more subjects compared to Beauxbatons and even other schools around the world. Moreover, he could only go to either of those two as he only had citizenship in those two countries.

Something about Veela I was going to add.

Veela mostly selects Muggle men looking for an adventure, as their lovers. Their union produces full Veela women.

Appoline like half Veela are products of full Veela and a wizard. They are always girls.

Quarter Veela are also mostly girls. Only wizards of exceptional prowess are able to overcome that. It is because of Voldemort that Mc's new father was born a boy. Otherwise, it is near certainty that he would have born a female otherwise.


1st year: (1985) (About 6 chapters)

His wand is simple; 12 inches Elder wood with a thunderbird feather as a core, unyielding. He got it made by a French wandmaker.

He encounters the bullies on the train (Same incident as in the 3rd chapter). Instead of mud blood, the curse would be half breed. And he won't be playing dumb about being a muggle-born.

He nicks Marauder map from Filch just like in the 4th chapter.

He realizes why pureblood students do better in Potions. They get expensive equipment. The common cauldrons aren't that inert. Plus, there's Snape's subtle bias too.

He uses the Marauder map to sneak out of the castle and bring a lot of things other students require (mostly candy for the first two year students as they aren't allowed to go outside on Hogsmeade weekend). He turned this into a business where he takes a little higher amount of money (usually a knut). But, he took a little more from the rich purebloods.

He also uses the Room of Requirement instead of the Library as it was more efficient.

He also befriends Hagrid and became a good friend of Charlie Weasley as they both shared a curiosity about the magical creatures.

He saves McGonagall's husband Elphinstone from Venomous Tentacula bite during one of these outings (Use Pottermore to learn about it more. Her husband was actually a retired Auror).

He started using muggle ink pens excluding snape's class as they are more efficient. After buying them in bulk during the Christmas holidays, he sells them to the other students in the school.

He goes to the kitchen after coming back from the New Year's holidays. He couldn't ask the elves about being his personal elves as he doesn't know anything about them.

So, he searched about the elves in the library and Rooms of Requirement. He finds out that Elves really are symbiotic creatures. They need to be in a magical environment to survive like Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, and magical households. The ambient magic in those places helps them live longer.

(The ambient magic is created when a wizard or witch use magic. The magic dispels in the air and becomes ambient magic. This is why Hogwarts can sustain more than a few dozens of elves)

He also found out that if someone owns an elf, they had to register themselves and the elf in the Ministry under Amos Diggory's Magical Creatures Department.

In the end, he doesn't try to get a personal elf as that would require some bribe and obvious knowledge to everyone else.

That doesn't mean he doesn't use them. He often asks for snacks during his free time from the elves. He also got them to make Indian foods for him during dinner which he usually eats in the kitchen instead of the hall.

He also collects all the money, he could from Room of Requirement.

The bullies try something else too during the end of the year and he is unable to escape them even with the help of marauder's map (Unkown to him, they put a tracker on him).

The bullies corner him. He tries to fight back. They trounced him as he is outnumbered. He gets beaten up. Not physically as the wizards don't do 'muggle'. But they hit him with every painful hex and curse, 3rd years are capable of. In the end, when he felt like no one is coming to save him, so, he uses his telekinesis to push them back forcefully before losing consciousness.

He wakes up in the hospital a day later. He learns that a couple of students found him and the others lying on the ground unconscious.

He realizes that mastering a spell and using it in the fight are different things while he is sitting on his bed. He is also angry at the bullies for trying to bully him.

The incident is tried to be swept under the rug. All of the parties involved are given detention for a week. When he tries to get them more punishment since they were the instigators, Flitwick solemnly tells him that Dumbledore won't agree.

Still, when he threatens Dumbledore that he will go to Beauxbatons, and break all the records held previously related to academics. And when he gives the newspaper, an interview for doing that, he will mention this incident and the reason why he left Hogwarts. The Hogwarts name would go through the mud.

In the end, Dumbledore backs down and punishes the bullies heavily compared to before. Instead of a single week, the bullies are in detention till the school is over and Slytherin lost in the cup after losing 100 points.

Snape is insufferable afterward but there is nothing he can do much since the term will end in a few weeks. He doesn't care and tops the class by a wide margin.

He also jumps a year after a lot of consulting with Flitwick (his head). Initially, teachers aren't agreeing but after showing him his wand-work and theory, he easily gets the permission to sit on the 2nd year exams too.

He tops them too.

Some things he would notice throughout the year.

Bill Weasley (5th year) is dating a quidditch fanatic like her – Gwenog Jones who was also 2 years older than her (7th year). He was a pen-pal of a student who was studying in Brazil in Castelobruxo. He wanted to go there in the exchange program but couldn't due to his families' financial situation.

MC agreed to give him the money that he collected over the year for a 10% interest rate per year. He agreed and went there to study despite her mother's objections.

In ancient times, witchcraft was the study of potions, runes, etc. subjects that don't need the wands. The subjects which need the wands, on the other hand, are called wizardry. There was a subtle bias against women in magical society. Still, it was loads better compared to the muggle society at that time.

3rd Year: (1986) (About 5 chapters)

He either gets training from his father or Fleur's father so that he doesn't get taken out that easily. He goes on to see duels in the summer break on the advice of his mentor. Unfortunately, he can't participate as the minimum requirement for participation is completion of Owls.

Unfortunately, the trace wasn't easy to avoid. It would only be lifted on its own when he reaches 17 years of age as it is applied on the wand. It is applied to the muggle area of muggle-born children too. They work side by side. He can get around the trace by using another wand that had the trace lifted from it and not using it around the area which had the trace. The presence of magical parents also creates another factor in it.

He also started training basic Occlumency as it is restricted to children younger than 15 - 16 for a reason (Puberty plays a role). His mentor is horrified when he talks about Occlumency training and asked him where he learned the Snape method in training Occlumency. Mc deflects it by saying that he found out that method in an old book in the library.

His mentor explained that while the method might work, it will leave some scar on the mental psyche if done incorrectly like how Snape taught Harry in canon. He is only given some meditation exercises which are the first step of Occlumency.

He also goes to the Quidditch World Cup held in France with Delacour Family.

He selects 3 elective subjects; Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures. And thus gets a time-turner.

But, he only gets limited hours in it (300 hours). With his healthy lifestyle and an extra half an hour of sleep, he is able to use 2 extra hours every other day.

3rd-year Runes syllabus includes basically memorizing hundreds of runes and their meanings.

3rd-year Arithmancy is Maths. He is the topper in that subject as wizards apparently think 10th level maths is the highest level of numbers.

3rd-year CoMc is also easy without Hagrid introducing dangerous animals on the first day.

On the Hogwarts' express, he tries to buy Scabbars from Percy Weasley but the little shit refuses to give up the rat.

Elphinstone is the teacher for Defense against Dark Arts. He survived the year. (I hadn't decided from what he survived. Probably Tarantula bite again, lol)

Over the year, he learns from Hagrid about the magical creatures with Charlie Weasley.

Just before the Christmas holidays, he gets the chance to capture Pettigrew when he is out of Gryffindor Tower. He easily stuns him and does it again as an extra measure.

He gets a new rat similar to Pettigrew's animagus form and cut off one of its toes. Then, he gives the rat to Percy. Percy is naturally suspicious but he is still an 11-year-old boy. So, he doesn't notice a thing.

He shows Pettigrew to either his father or Fleur's father. They dose him with Viseratum and get the whole story.

They decided to meet with the Andromeda Tonks who is also a solicitor. Her husband is a Healer. They are introduced by Marius Black as the go-in between.

Andromeda asks for a few months to discreetly check and make enquires. This would also give her time to make a plan that would have Sirius free from Azkaban without getting killed.

(Unknown to him, Andromeda convinces Amelia bones (Head Auror), her friend and year mate to their side of the story after showing her, Peter Pettigrew. After a whole year of legal battle, Sirius is freed. Their main obstacles were Lucius (due to his son losing Black fortune) and Bagnold (as it was her term during which Sirius was thrown in Azkaban). Dumbledore, and Bartemius Crouch, on the other hand, helped very much contrary to Mc's thoughts once they realize that Sirius is innocent. Hell, even Arcturus helped by not actively creating difficulties)

While in Britain, MC saves Harry Potter too.

He takes a knight bus to a park near the Dursley's residence. He uses the hair of a random squib man to change into his form so that no one recognizes him. He can't take on muggle's appearance as they have no magic. The potion won't work without inherent magic in the body. The potions don't actually work by themselves. They use drinker's magic to produce the effects. That's why magical people can't sell it to the muggles.

There he met Harry working in a garden. He looked half-starved.

He confronts Dursleys and intidimate them into giving Harry food. While Harry munches on food, they talk, or rather Mc talks and they listen.

Unfortunately, he can't take him away from the Dursleys due to the blood wards. And he knows he can't guarantee their obedience on the threat alone. So, he decided to use their greed against them. After all, the government in the '80s didn't give money to the guardians of orphans for their care.

Dursleys agreed to ignore his existence, provide him basic education and food once Mc promises to give him 100 pounds a year and intimidate them. Harry is shifted to Dudley's second bedroom overnight with his clothes and other things.

Mc takes a sip from the potion in between so that he doesn't revert back. The bottle is disguised as a beer bottle. He also promises Harry to meet him tomorrow and answer all his questions as his potion was running out.

The next day, he meets Harry again and tells him about the wizarding world, his parents. He also takes him shopping and buys him 2nd hand clothes that fit him as he doesn't have much money left after giving Dursleys his all muggle money he collected over the years.

Over the year, he tops the 3rd year and jumps into the 4th year.

At the end of the year, he tops 4th-year exams in every subject, even muggle studies and Divination (He self-studied them).

He also became a friend of Tonks when they met during the New Year through Andromeda. Dora (her nickname by MC) Tonks was very much outgoing and a star in her year due to her Metamormagus ability. But this year, she went through hell as her friends (except for Hestia Jones who is her roommate and best friend) ditched her.

He learned that wandless spells aren't that rare. Many wizards and witches are able to do them in their peaks. They just had to have them be able to do in their sleep. The more people use spells, the easier they became until the wand isn't needed to cast that spell.

5th year (1987) (About 5 chapters)

Mc continues to watch duels and learn dueling over the summer. This time with Tonks learned with him too. Fleur also joined in sometimes.

He visited Harry and learned that Dursleys have gone back on their part of the deal. This time, he used his Telekinesis to hold some kitchen knife in their direction to get them into submission. He also refuses to give them any more money. But, knowing he won't be able to keep an eye on them, he pays them half amount and agrees to pay them the rest once the year is up and there is no change in their attitude towards Harry.

Unknown to them, he wasn't going to pay them more as he was only able to collect that much since last year. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Sirius is freed during the end of the summer and shifted to St Mungo for the treatment. Pettigrew is sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban.

Mc started to struggle with the hormones as puberty hits him but, he can't do anything other than masturbating. He doesn't want to go on dates with girls his age or a couple of years older. And girls above 17 (considered adults) years of age won't go out with a 13 years old boy. His first crush is none other than Professor Patricia Rakepick, who is also a world-famous Curse Breaker employed by Gringotts.

Sirius is discharged healthy on Christmas. He thanks Mc for capturing Pettigrew. They all meet him at the Tonks' house and celebrated his return.

(Unknown to him, Andromeda convinces Sirius to take the Heirship of the Black Family after Arcturus Black made the offer. He only agreed to do it if she becomes the proxy on Wizemgamot once Arcturus Black who is the head of the house now, kicks the bucket. Cygnus Black isn't happy with Sirius becoming the heir but there's nothing he can do. Mc later learns that he wanted the Headship to go to her favorite daughter's son, Draco Malfoy)

Sirius promises to take Andi, Dora, MC, and his Mom into the Black family once he becomes the head of the house. He also promises to kick out Bellatrix though he isn't sure he can kick out Narcissa and her spawn with Cygnus still living.

MC also meets Remus for the first time as Sirius contacted him during his stay in St' Mungo.

(Unknown to him, he also takes the custody of Harry and cowed Dursley's into submission. Unfortunately, due to Dumbledore revealing about the blood wards, he can't take him to his house. Moreover, his house isn't ready for children. He is also very happy about his mother's death. She passed away 2 years ago alone in their townhouse in London where he is also staying)

He started going to the Forbidden Forest in the nights and started decimating the Acrumantula Colony. He collects their venom and silk to sell them at the end of the year in Diagon alley.

He also finds other things in the forest like feathers from Hippogriffs and Thesterals, unicorn's tail hairs, Centaurs hairs, etc.

He became quite a good friend of Bill Weasley (due to his maturity and him helping Bill in getting to Brazil school) and Charlie Weasley (due to him being in his class).

There is a school in Africa that teaches all their students (more than a thousand) magic without a wand. But, they are only able to learn a single spell in the 1st year, two spells in the second year, and three spells in the 3rd year, and so on so forth.

Patricia is fired for being in a relationship with Bill Weasley. Mc mused that it was probably where Bill got his interest in Curse Breaking. Apparently, Dumbledore met Patricia in Brazil when he went there to get Bill Weasley home last year. Mc further mused if Bill and Patricia met in Brazil or they started their fling here.


7th year (1988) (about 5 chapters)

The first thing he did, when he got back was to take a hair from a handsome Squib or magical person (probably Bill) in his early 20's and went to a bar looking like him. There he hooks up with a girl and loses his virginity. He does that throughout the first month of summer.

Side by side, he completed 6th-year textbooks during his holidays. He was surprised that he hadn't needed to give money to Dursleys for the upkeep of Harry and learned the reason from Harry after visiting him.

He creates a record by acing the Owls. In the wanded subjects, he showed the silent casting for the first time and thus was able to get maximum marks. He didn't show much of his spells and only what the examiners asked. With only silent casting, it was clear he was at least a year above his classmates. With him being on the younger side, he is actually a couple of years above his schoolmates.

He also takes part in Duelling and was able to go to the semi-finals without using his Telekinesis powers which have grown significantly in the last decade.

He gives the interviews to the newspaper and criticizes Snape's and Binn's method of teaching when upcoming star Rita Skeeter asked him why he didn't get O+ in other subjects. He showed the statistics that in 6 years, Snape has given how many points to Slytherin and taken how much from other houses in comparison to other teachers. He showed the statistics of declining Aurors and Healers in the community as Potion is a required subject if one wants to go in those fields.

All in all, he compared Snape to be a clever death eater who went free due to a senile headmaster and now wanted to hurt the society in other ways. And everyone knew about Binns. That newspaper edition went on to become a bestseller of the year and only news about Voldemort's demise trumped it.

He is able to convince Sirius into guiding him to become an animagi when Sirius asked for a wish for getting Snape in trouble. His animagus form was still undecided but I was leaning on Bengal Tiger.

During the summer there is held no confidence against Bagnold in which she barely passed and thus remained the minister for the next 2 years too. (Unknown to him, Lucius spent a lot of political power on blocking Sirius' trial so the progressive faction got the leg up on traditionalists. That's why there were many raids on many places that sold or had dark items in their possession)

When he gets back to the school, teachers give him a test for the 6th year material. Once, he passes all of them, he is shifted to the 7th year curriculum. He is surprised to find Quirell in his class. Apparently, he is a half-blood. Who would have known?

Snape is the teacher of Defense against Dark Arts while Slughorn is the new potions teacher. Unfortunately, there is no change in Binns' position. Mc was the first person to be invited to the Slug Club. He also nicked Prince's potion book from the potions classroom. With that, he became the best student of Slughorn.

He collects every usable item from RoR this year as he knows he won't be able to come back and this was his last chance. He doesn't collect it before because he wasn't knowledgeable in the curses before and could have gotten hurt. He can't even take help from elves as they report to the headmaster about everything.

But, something surprised him during Halloween.

A message was written on a wall with Filch's cat's petrified body there on Halloween just like Harry's 2nd year. Thankfully, he isn't suspected. Slughorn in horrified at the history repeating itself.

MC is very, very surprised with this development as he didn't think that he changed the timeline so much.

First, he thought it was a coincidence but just as a precaution, he creates a ward around Myrtle's bathroom. When Penelope Clearwater was found petrified a week later and Grey Lady petrified with her, he panicked. He found his ward dismantled. He also heard 'Rip, tear, kill' through the walls before this.

He quickly finds a private place and summons a snake. He learns that he is a parselmouth.

He panicked more.

He spent all his time looking in the marauder map trying to find the culprit. His performance in the class thus decreased. He was on verge of tearing his hairs out when he got another surprise. Apparently, the culprit was none other than 'not decided yet'.

He quickly went to Myrtle's bathroom and opened the hidden doorway with his parseltongue ability.

There, he ambushes the possessed student before that person could call the basilisk.

Once he takes the diary, he collects the person and leaves him in the bathroom. He also left the black diary in Room of Requirement as he doesn't want to take anyone else discovering it by chance.

He takes a rooster from Hagrid and went to the chamber of Secrets. He went there looking to kill the Basilisk. And if possible, tame it.

Unfortunately, for him, the Basilisk had gone mad in its isolation and subsequent orders from Voldemort where it was forced to kill a student. It went against its' master's wishes to protect the students from muggles. MC was only able to discern this before he had to put it down. He used Rooster's crow to kill it instead of battling it with a sword like a dumb Gryffindor.

He then had to manually, by himself, harvest it as he doesn't want anyone to get an inkling of it. It takes him a week to harvest it correctly. As it was Christmas time, he told his parents, he was not coming home and he told the school that he is going home. This way, no one suspects a thing.

He didn't sell a thing as it was very valuable. The poison alone was a game-changer as there hasn't been seen a basilisk in hundreds of years. The last basilisk was only a little more than 100 years old and blind. The skin was very good for making armor, bones were very good for making weapon-ornaments and the other things were very good for potions.

He used a simple goblin forged dagger and dipped it in the venom for a few seconds. He then used the dagger to destroy the diary. He didn't destroy the tiara as it was special. He would destroy it if he doesn't devise another way to take out Voldemort's soul from it. His best bet, for now, was a dementor sucking out Voldemort's soul from it.

But, he does stash it in Gringotts with the Slytherin's necklace (which he nicked from Grimmauld Palace) in a new account and made a will to give it to Harry with a letter explaining everything he needs to know for destroying Voldemort.

He also went to Veela coven in France to meet his Grandmother. There he got to know that his grandfather on his father's side is none other than Tom Riddle (A charismatic young man who came to Veela Coven to get some).

After the diary is taken care of, the school returns to normal. Penelope and Grey Lady are cured. He doesn't tell anyone that he was the one to do it as it would make him reveal his parseltongue ability.

But, he does mail Dumbledore, the destroyed diary with a printed letter explaining the Horcrux and the instigator behind it (Lucius Malfoy), through the owl service delivery in Diagon Alley. He does that after a few months of actually destroying the diary. This way Dumbledore couldn't take credit for doing what Mc did.

He sent it in a disguised form so that someone doesn't trace it back to him.

Teachers weren't very pleased when he decided to attend the apparition lesson when they told him not to. Apparently, it was a very advanced skill. Even some witches and wizards are unable to do it.

He is easily able to do it after a single class of lesson. And thus, gets his license too. Snape somehow survived the curse fully intact.

He meets Flitwick and McGonagall to discuss his future studies and the path he wants to go on.


Masters in charms under Flitwick and McGonagall (1989)

He again started going to bar in disguised forms to have sex.

Trace is lifted when his NEWTS came.

A Patronus gets him O+ in charms.

His animagus form gets him O+ in transfiguration.

Duelling Snape to a standstill gets him O+ in DADA (Snape was furious). Snape actually tried to take it too far. But Mc beat him thoroughly. He was only saved when Dumbledore intervened. Snape spent a few months in St Mungos for that.

Hagrid was his side teacher for COMC for the last few years, enough said. O+

He was a muggle in his last year so O+ for Muggle studies too.

He only gets O+ in potions due to Slughorn's teaching and him nicking Prince's potion book.

He only gets O in Herbology as it didn't interest him very much.

His mother is rune mistress so naturally, he gets an O+ in that.

There is a ball held at Hogwarts in the summer after the results came. It is actually held every year for the graduated students. Mc was very surprised by this. He blamed canon for not discovering this piece of knowledge. Tonks wants to go out with him but he declined knowing she is still too young. Fleur also got a major crush on him.

Instead, he went solo.

There he met Bagnold (Serving her possibly the last term as the minister), Bartemious Crouch (Serving his last year as DMLE head as the Sirius incarceration affected him too), Amelia Bones (Barty's definite successor), and the other head of the departments of the government. They all give him an offer to join Ministry once reaching 17 years of age. But he declined as he didn't want to join them.

He is not amused by Arthur Weasley as he is the man considered to be the foremost expert on the Muggle side. But the guy is genius with enchantments and so is Sirius.

He decided to accept Flitwick's and McGonagall's apprenticeship when they ask him about it during the Ball.

Harry shifted to Black Townhouse with Sirius and Remus as his guardians. MC came clean about helping Harry and how he was worried that Dumbledore might interfere if he moved Harry.

He met Arcturus there. Arcturus offers him the Heir-ship of the Black family as he is very dissatisfied with Sirius. Mc declines knowing there are no pros to it other than being able to say something in the government.

The fan fictions are actually very wrong about becoming the head house. You only needed the permission of the current head house. The rings only serve as the portkey to a safe destination. But there are rings that can offer so much else like protecting from legilimency, vibrating when in reach of poison, etc. They come under the category of Rune Masters, just like Mc's mum.

Heirship is started from age 16 once the person clears the Owls. And it ends at the age of 18 when the person passes NEWTs. But the person can only assume the position of the head of the house when he is married and has at least a child to carry his name.

The most ancient and most noble houses are the ones that had at least 50 generations of witches and wizards. They get 4 votes. (Like the Blacks)

The ancient and noble houses are the ones that had at least 32 generations of witches and wizards. They get 3 votes. (Like the Potters, Malfoys, Bones)

The ancient houses are the ones that had at least 16 generations of witches and wizards. They get 2 votes (Like Greengrass, Odgen, Gaunts)

Noble houses are the ones that had at least 8 generations of witches and wizards (Like Davis, Jones). They get one vote.

The precipitants of Order of Merlins have votes too. The person having 1st order of merlin has 2 votes. 2nd order has a single vote, and the 3rd order has no vote.

MC was given the 3rd order of merlin for creating history.

Obviously, this is like one-third of the story. And this is not set in stone. It is just a general overview. The people who write would know that the story changes according to the mood. Sometimes, we get an inspiration that is too good to ignore.

There are further changes in canon in the second one-third part of the story (i.e. Tri-wizard Tournament is held in Harry's 6th year and he willingly participates in that tournament making him the real Hogwarts champion).

The last one-third contains the introduction to new things. Like his research in destroying Dementors, etc.

I will post the second part if the readers want it. But I won't post the last part. That is actually, just an idea in my head and I have no outline for that part.

Also, I might pick up this story in the future if I get time. I won't delete this story. Instead, I will edit it.

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