Candidate Rebirth.

Prefic area.

"VERT!" Kithrin yelled. "you were supposed to PREVENT my muse from running away/being kidnapped! Not do it yourself!"

"Not my fault you read the fic "Hyperdimension Null Rebirth" and it inspired you!" she shouted back angrily.

"Yes but your job was to kill the plot bunny!"

"Why would I do that? I finally get a sister!"

Kithrin narrows his eyes, then sighed, "well it won't be all sunshine and rainbows."

"Wha.." Vert started.

"You'll see... you shoulda read the 'script'. Anyway, FIC START!"


Chapter 1: Death and rebirth.

An eight year old Harry was thirsty and starving, as well as smelly as he had been locked in his cupboard for the last three days without food or water. He was approaching his limit of time he could last without water, and combined with the severe ammonia small, and the smell of his own feces, he was loosing the battle with biology.

This was made worse by the fact that the Dursley's had turned off the AC and a heatwave was hitting the country.

His pounding went unheard, as there was nobody to hear it, so he had stopped after the first day.

He soon reached his limit, and collapsed in his own filth, unconscious. He would never wake.

Nobody saw or heard the black mist come from the boy's scar, then scream before dissipating.

The wards over the house collapsed instantly, as well as spells that were placed over the whole area. Spells that were intended to prevent the boy from being taken from the house. (EN)


In an old man's office, far away, dozens of instruments stopped working, or malfunctioned. Only two seemed to still work, but were showing such abnormal readings that their owner, when he finally notices, would take years to decipher.

But that is a story for another day.


Five days later the police were busting down the door as people passing by had reported a bad smell the cops searching the house found the source of the smell, a young boy, dead in his own filth, and locked in a cupboard under the stairs with two padlocks three deadbolts, an a latch.

Six days later, the family that lived in the house was arrested for murder upon pulling into the driveway.

Their protestations about the 'freak' deserving it went unheard.

Thus ended Harry Potter's story... or did it?


Souls are funny things. Some pass on to the afterlife, some are reborn, and some cease to be.

A new being being born/created may receive a fresh, never used before soul, or may receive a reincarnated soul.

Reincarnated souls usually are scrubbed clean, with only faint hints of dejavu accompanying them.

In rare cases, weather it be due to the intervention of fate, destiny, or just bad luck...

the soul remembers everything.


In another place, in another world, a world ruled by four goddesses, and their sisters.

Well except for one goddess that didn't have one, until now.

A room was spontaneously generated in Leanbox's main basilicom, it was tastefully done in greens and whites, lay the body of a fourteen year old girl, well she looked like one at least, but in reality she had just been 'born'.

She was dressed in a plain green and white nightgown, and had long ankle length blonde hair with a slight curl at the end, a rather well developed figure for her 'age', brilliant green eyes hidden beneath her eyelids, and an almost angelic looking face.

Looking in at the door was a very developed blonde woman, whom was eagerly awaiting her long awaited sister to wake up.

Looking closely, she saw her sister's eyelids start to flutter, and slowly open, but she wasn't ready for the first reaction of hers.

She screamed loudly and scrambled until she fell off the side of her bed. Dhe didn't even whimper as she hit the ground, not only due to her being in a panic fit for a level one novice facing a level nine hundred and ninety-nine boss monster, but due to the very thick and soft carpet. She retreated into a corner, and then her panic, nearly impossibly increased. And she started trying to tear both her clothes, and her skin off.

Vert started panicking and hit her new sister with a sleep spell to stop her from hurting herself. She would admit to being slightly hurt that she hadn't been noticed, and if she was she was part of why her sister was panicking. She needed help, and while her own oracle was great, as well as being almost a sister to her, she needed Histore.

She was the only one that could potentially figure out why her sister was in such a panic upon waking.

Calling for a healer, to not only heal the scratches but to keep her asleep for now.


Three days later Histore called back, and she had the answers. Well some of them.

"Vert, I have some answers for you, but I wasn't able to get them all," the oracle of Planatune started out, looking like she always did, a fairy on top of a large book.

"how is that possible? You are the record of everything that happens in Gameindustry!" Vert shouted in shock.

"Some of the answers are beyond my authority, and purview. What I can tell you is that your sisters soul is a reincarnated one, and her reaction is based off her last life, possibly in how she died," Histore explained.

Vert sighed sadly, but perked up, she had a sister, now she just had to bring her out of her fear. "Any suggestions on how to proceed?"

"Just take it slow, you'll need to overcome her past to help her future, but be careful, she's in a delicate state right now, and will need your support."

Vert nodded, and cut the connection after giving her thanks.

She then moved into her sisters room, and opened the curtains, letting in the late day sun. She sat on the edge of the bed, and after dismissing the healer, removed her spell.

Her sister woke immediately, and started scrambling away again.

Vert didn't move, she just sat there, waiting for her sister to calm down, as long as she didn't start hurting herself again that is.

The sister started clawing at her body again in a panic, which caused vert to act. The panic seemed to be slightly less than it was before.

Unknown to Vert, it was the fact that the room was well lit that took part of the edge off the panic.

Enveloping her sister in a hug she whispered, "It's okay, please calm down, I won't hurt you."

The new girl struggled against the soft, but with the strength of steel bands, arms holding her,then something in her snapped, and she returned the hug, sobbing.

Soon the girl fell asleep again, not due to a spell this time, but due to her emotions draining her.

Vert moved her sister onto the bed, and stayed with her, holding her, throughout the night.

Vert woke as the body in her arms started shifting, at dawn.

Then her sisters eyes opened and blue met green, and she let her sister escape this time.

"Who, who are you?" the girl asked nervously, and at the point just before panic.

Vert smiled at the fact that her sister was talking, but was cautious, she could tell that the girl was only a step away from another panic attack, and answered, "My name is Vert little sister, and what's yours?"

the girl was edging even further towards panic again and she became once again aware of her body, "Sister? but I'm a boy..."

Vert wrapped her arms around the other girl again, and held her gently, and with her face hidden she frowned at how the other female stiffened in her arms. "Sorry, I asked somebody to find out why you were panicking, and she informed me that you had died and reincarnated as my sister, I'm so very sorry..."

The girl shuddered, as memories of her last moments hit her again, and she started clutching the older woman like a lifeline.

Then she stiffened again, as her stomache gave an almighty roar, and flinched expecting to get hit for the action.

Vert giggled, she should've expected this, her sister hadn't eaten since she came into existence. "Would you like to eat here? Or in the dining room? And you never did tell me your name."

the girl shrank away, but nor enough to seem to be trying to get out of her new sister's arms, and replied, "Here please, and I was only referred to as Freak, before I... sob... died..."

Vert struggled to keep a pleasant smile on her face, while on the inside she was feeling murderous, "How about Chloe (EN2)?" she asked as she let go of her sister, and then stood up to walk to an intercom. Activating it she contacted the kitchens, "I need two full breakfasts delivered to my sister's room," she paused as she heard the roar again, "Make that three," she finished in amusement.

The newly named Chloe accepted her new name easily, it was much better than freak. And now that she was calming down she looked around, and there were devices that she didn't recognize, but knew what they were anyway. It was an odd experence.

She was desperately ignoring the feeling of her alien feeling body. The body felt familiar, but at the same time very wrong.

The food soon came, and she tried to only eat a couple slices of toast, like she was allowed in her old life.

Vert frowned, then said, in a commanding voice, "What do you think your doing?" she ignored the flinch her sister gave before continuing, "I know you need more than that, finish your breakfast, and the juice."

Vert was regretting that those that hurt her sister were out of her reach, as she watched her sister slowly eat the rest of her meal, like she was expecting to be punished for doing so.

After the two finished their meal, Vert was actually amused that when she had switched out a few plated full of the third meal for empty ones of her sister's that she had eaten them as well. she must have been really hungry, Vert thought.

Vert while Chloe started to stack the dishes decided to pull out some clothes for her, so she could be shown around. Mindful that her sister used to be a boy, she pulled out some jeans and a modest T-shirt, that was advertising one of Leanbox's newest games. Setting them with a set of underwear aside she turned toward the girl on the bed and said, "What do you say I show you around your new home? You can come back as soon as you feel overwhelmed."

Chloe looked at her sister with tears in her eyes, and nodded nervously.

With some help from her sister Chloe got dressed, the some help was because of the bra, even though she was embarrassed to be wearing girl's underwear, not so much about being naked, as her aunt didn't really give him privacy to dress when she was a boy.

Almost hiding behind her sister, she stepped outside of her room for the first time.

She made it to the end of the hall before her nerve broke, and she ran back to her room.

Vert sighed, and shook her head, it would take a while before she could be officially introduced to her people.

She could wait though, after all she waited this long to get a sister, so waiting and building up her confidence before showing her off... she could do that.

She just had to remember to keep Neptune far away from her sister until she was ready, for Chloe's sake.


EN: there HASTO be some sort of spell, no teacher worth their salt wouldn't notice that one boy being malnourished in a house with the other being a baby whale. The bulling would've gotten Dudley expelled as well.

EN2: French name meaning Green Sprout. The goddess names, except Neptune were french so... I thought it appropriate.