Candidate Rebirth

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Chapter 22: The visit: day 1.

Lucius Malfoy woke up to find a weight on his stomach. Opening his eyes he saw a dark blue bird head... a big one. (EN)

Blinking twice he refocused his eyes to see the bird was awake and looking at him with virtual hearts in its eyes. He then recognized it, it was a Chocobo, and by how it was acting, it seemed to be the one that he had rode the day before.

How the hell it got in his room without opening the door or window and being too big to fit through either he had no clue.

Absently petting the head he wondered how he would explain this to his son, whom he was sharing a room with. He will have to speak to the boy before the tour continued, as he was sick and tired of the boy complaining.

Yes the accommodations were less than home, and things were odd, but they were much better than staying at the Leaky Cauldron. The rooms were clean, neat, and meals were provided.

He had two hours before his son and he had to head down to breakfast, and so he decided to get ready and read the pamphlet. He also planned on waking his son in an hour so he could get ready, and to lay down... the law.

He didn't want his son screwing up his chances at both a business deal... and an escape from Briton in case another dark lord comes. He had enough of serving the last one, the crutios alone made him not want to work with another.

Besides, the ability to use magic almost unrestricted made the place very attractive despite the oddness.

Perhaps he could open a school to teach wizarding magic if he needs to run? Yes combat wise, if what he heard about what Chloe had done to the dementors was accurate, he had little to teach, but many of the other magics could be helpful.

Taking the instruction pamphlet to read in the bathroom, after shoving the bird's head off his lap, he headed to get ready.

To his shock, the monetary system was actually more streamlined, and secure, as it was by whatever fingerprints were, and the notation mentioned that they were unique to each person, and the fact that there were no conversions between nations or different currencies, made it simple to understand.

The illegal spell list was short, and almost entirely based on who they used it on. Mind control spells on monsters perfectly allowed, while on a human, besides something labeled 'status' magics, and even then only in self-defense, would be an executable offense.

He wondered how the killing curse would affect the monsters of this world.

Shaking his head to get the bad habits out of his head, although noting to try it if he was attacked by a monster, he finished the area's of interest that had been highlighted and the tentative schedule, and found it acceptable, if aimed at a bit younger audience for the most part. He would make a suggestion that some of the adults be allowed to visit a library if they weren't interested in the attraction in question, though the Museum that was first on the list looked fascinating.

After getting ready, he decided to brave... the internet, for the half-hour before he had to wake his son, on the computer installed in his room.

Half an hour later he was disgusted, aroused, fascinated, amused, informed, and wondering how the hell it was possible.

He had found various porn sites, Nepedia, cat videos, shopping, and various other savory and unsavory things.

The sheer volume of information he had found made his head spin, and he only had half an hour to explore it, and he had heard of some mudbloods mentioning that his world's muggles had created the same thing, even if it was in its infancy.

It worried him. Something like this would be a game-changer, and he had no idea how to replicate it magically.

After waking his son, he returned to the computer, and keeping in mind that he had to be careful with his searches, he decided to look up security. He was going to assume that the muggle world would gain similar features.

Forty-five later minutes when his son exited the bathroom, complaining that they couldn't even give them proper hygiene potions, he had a cold sweat.

If the muggles got even half of what Gameindustry has now, the statute of secrecy would be broken. The bird in the room rubbed against him to comfort him.

Noting that his son was out he shut down the computer, and ordered, "Draco, sit down."

When his son did so, he continued, "Draco, I am extremely disappointed in you."

"But..." Draco started.

"No, no buts. You acted deplorably yesterday. I had expected better from you. You insulted everybody and everything broke the rules of hospitality I had drilled into you and had been a general boor to our host. All of this will stop... now understood?"



"Yes father," Draco replied sullenly.

"This is a long-overdue lesson Draco. If you want to take my place later, you must learn. There will be times when you have to cooperate with people you don't like, play nice with your enemies, or refrain from insulting those who are different. If you can't learn to do so with people who are neutral to you, how do you expect to do so with those that are nominally opposed to you? There will, from now on, be punishments every time I hear that you used my name to intimidate others in school. If you continue to misbehave, I will insist that you be restricted to our rooms, understand?"

Draco paled, his father had never been this harsh with him. He scowled sullenly and stated, "Yes father" He then started planning on how to get revenge on Chloe when they were back at Hogwarts.

It was all her fault his father was lecturing him.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, it was a western-style breakfast buffet.

While they were filing out to head to their first destination Chloe approached Lucius.

"Mister Malfoy, my sister has an hour free after the museum visit. Its the first opening she has, I'll lead you there."

"My thanks, by the way, that Chocobo that I rode yesterday is in my room. Could you get it out?"

Chloe paused, then facepalmed. "No problem," she replied, then walked off grumbling at the fact that the bird shouldn't have been able to get in there in the first place.

An old lady with a vulture on her hat narrowed her eyes that a Death Eater got his meeting before her. The fact that the man wouldn't be getting the engagement to Chloe tempered her response, as well as the fact that it would be exceedingly rude to cause a scene.


The National Museum of Leanbox and World History was a massive affair. five levels, and the size of a city block. It was one of six similar structures in the world, one for each nation, and was dedicated to both the history of the world before the four current nations and the nation it currently resided in.

The fifth was made as a cooperative museum, one that highlighted the times that the nations cooperated.

The sixth was a monster museum.

They had passed through the shopping district on the way there.

The group entered into the atrium, which had four statues over twenty feet tall, well more like two and two in construction, Chloe's statues were only about half-done and were being carved on the spot. The atrium also had large murals depiction important battles in the nation's history.

The statues had Green Heart standing beside Vert, and behind and to the side had the incomplete statues of Chloe and Green Sister.

Most of the visitors were impressed.

"Welcome to The National Museum of Leanbox and World History, please only touch the exhibits that say you're allowed to, many of the displays are fragile and valuable," Chloe started, she then continued, "The best way to experience this place is to wander, so I suggest you split up. The directory is over there, but I'll give you a brief rundown. The first floor is the history of the world before the current nations existed, the second floor is Leanbox history, the third is where most of our interactive exhibits are, with a large selection of previous consoles and games to play, along with some pre-nation versions and arcade cabinets, the fourth floor is the history of Green Heart, and lastly the fifth is largely empty, as I am relatively new, and contains my personal history as a Candidate."

The group split up, with almost all the children heading towards the third floor, while the adults headed towards the various display floors.

Draco was going to sulk on a chair in the Atrium and was debating on whether the punishment for breaking something was worth the idea of his father's punishment. He didn't even conceive that the local law might be the one to deal with him. The problem with his plan was that his father didn't trust him out of his sight.

So he was just sulking as his father explored the history of Gameindustry. Including the failed nation of Tari.

The boy discreetly pulled out his wand, only to catch his father glancing at him, and he simply used it to clean a stain from breakfast before putting it back.

The one thing he was interested in was the book on black magic that he saw in the bookstore. He would have to convince his father to allow him to get it, the fact that it was marked as master level, and had a prerequisite of level forty meant little to him, as he obviously was higher than that, and the magic of this area was so primitive to his eyes that the book was probably the equivalent of a first or second year textbook.


Hermione had no interest in the video games, so she was exploring the personal history of the candidate, what little there was before she and her parents headed towards the goddess's floor.

She was actually surprised at how little of the candidate floor was filled, not realizing that the candidate had only been around for under a decade.

In comparison, the Goddess's floor was almost packed with things to see or do. She did wonder what was with the skimpy outfit, but she felt it wasn't her business, especially since Gameindustry was getting her off the wheelchair access only list.

She hoped that they could visit the other five museums that the museum information guide mentioned.

She had her doubts about Green Hearty and Green Sister being real goddesses, but after her time at Hogwarts, she held her tongue.

While she was fascinated by the culture she was experiencing, she wished that they would have started with Planatune, so her back could be fixed.

It was too bad her parents made her promise to run any purchases by them, otherwise she would have hit the bookstore already.


Neville Longbottom was having a good time with some of the archaic puzzle games. The rest of the children were playing the more action or violent orientated games, while he preferred the slow methodical game.

At least his grandmother wasn't there to lecture him about his choices... for the twenty-second time that week.

He had seen two interesting books in the bookstore earlier, geomancy and plantmancy, and the introductory books were ridiculously cheap so that they wouldn't make much of a dent in his funds.

His Grandmother had wanted him to try and court Chloe, but he had caught her shyly kissing that one fairy-like short woman.

He also wasn't that interested in her. They had no similar interests, and her ability with plants was plain horrible.

He just hoped his grandmother wouldn't ruin their vacation.


Said grandmother was looking through the history section with a barely concealed sneer. The fact of the matter was that Leanbox's culture was constantly evolving, with so very few traditions lasting more than a century.

In fact, most of the older traditions are connected to the worship of the goddesses didn't escape her notice.

She believed that once Green Heart signed the marriage contract between her sister and her grandson, more appropriate traditions could be placed, along with separating from the nonmagicals.

Her hand twitched toward her wand every time she saw magic used in public, and she couldn't believe that this world flouts statute of secrecy so badly.

She would wait her turn to speak to the so-called goddess of Leanbox, as is only proper for a guest.


After three hours of wandering the museum, Chloe got on the PA system.

"Will the party from Earth please return to the atrium? I repeat will the party from Earth please return to the atrium, it is time to leave."

It took nearly half an hour for everybody to arrive.

They then piled into a bus to the basilicom for lunch.

The basilicom had a rather good cafeteria for he people who work at the basilicom, and it would also give Lucius his time with Vert, as it was scheduled as a lunch meeting.


As they were waiting for their meal to be delivered, Vert started the meeting, "So Mr. Malfoy, why exactly did you want to meet with me?"

The man, noticing that the Goddess seemed to prefer bluntness, and he wished many more of his partners were the same started, "I wish to open up trade. I think I can make a mint off of goods from Gameindustry, especially among m-muggleborns." he had tripped over the insult he would have habitually used, and by Vert's eyes flickering she had caught it. "I think that it could go both ways of course."

He then paused, before straitening up as the meal arrived. It was higher quality than the other guests due to the company he was in, and after the maid left, he said the other reason, "and to be frank, I want an escape route. I have no intention of serving the next dark lord, and there will be another one. I had been tortured enough by the last one, and have no desire to repeat the experience by serving the next one."

Vert had been eating while the man had spoken, and then once he had finished, she spoke, "A trade agreement, that would be doable, difficult because of how different our currencies and priorities are, but doable. The primary problem is the same as the idea of you moving here permanently."

She glared at the man, and continued, "You all but admitted to being a part of a group that murdered, tortured, and raped whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted, just because they weren't 'purebloods'. Tell me, why would I want to allow someone like that to get richer, much less move here? I'm willing to be civil with you, and speak of this, but what guarantee do I gave that, if you, or your agents, are around more often, that you won't try the same here? Or cause unrest in an attempt to cause a coup?"

Lucius winced. He had hoped she wouldn't catch the slip he made, and if she did, that she wouldn't hold it against him, as the crimes had been done on Earth. He took a deep breath, and knowing that this was the make it or break it part of the deal, replied, "I am willing to sign a magically binding contract. That I will not try to undermine your authority, and will only attack others in self-defense or defense of my family from a credible threat to their health, and I will not knowingly send others to make trouble."

Vert leaned back, and stated, "Acceptable, just know that when you are here, it is our laws you must follow, and that includes during your visit. Keep an eye on your son, his words to my sister, along with how he's been acting makes me think he'll try something. Now shall we get started with the preliminary negotiations?"

Lucius smoothed his face. He knew that he wouldn't be able to try something like Voldemort had done in Gameindustry, as they had a completely different society, but he knew he would have to be careful.


Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Chloe had been joined by Sirius, and made an announcement, "I will tell Mr. Malfoy when he gets back, but I have some last-minute business to take care of for the Annual Goddess Charity Event in a few days. So I will turn the tour over to Mr. Black. He will be taking you to the shopping district, just don't spend all your money, we will have time for another trip before you leave, so save some money for the other three nations, thank you."

There was some grumbling about being foisted off on another person, but most understood about being a ruler taking time.

They did wonder what the charity event was though.


Lucius was in a good enough of a mood to accept the change in guides, and he was curious as to what was in the shopping district.

Unknown to the group, the Goddesses and Candidates from the other three nations had decided to pony up the same amount as Leanbox so they would have enough money to buy stuff in each nation and to try and drum up some shares from the other world.

They had just forgotten to tell Chloe that.

The group, almost universally hit the bookstore first, with Lucius buying the basic book of colored magic, and not letting his son buy the black magic master version.

He had no idea what levels were, or how high his son was, but from the way the shopkeeper was holding in his laughter, he assumed his son wasn't high enough.

Neville got his books while his grandmother's back was turned, something that the woman was upset about, especially when he turned out to be good at it, better than when he was using his father's wand.

He also met a cute girl with brown skin and green hair when their hands touched going for the same plantmancy book.

The kiss on the cheek she gave him when he handed her the book made him go tomato red.

Then his grandmother came up to him, and asked, "What was that about?"

"Umm I just gave her the book she was reaching for," came the response from the blushing boy.

"Don't get too attached, I will be setting u a marriage contract for you soon," she said with authority.

"Oh? To who?" Sirius asked as he had overheard the conversation.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I plan on arranging a contract between him and Chloe."

That comment made Sirius burst out laughing, making the woman scowled. When he had calmed down, he replied, "two problems, one Chloe doesn't like boys like that, she's attracted to girls and Green Heart knows that, and two, someone already has been given permission to court Chloe, and has had some success with it."

"Shows what you know, I'm sure that this Green Heart will be honored to have her sister marry into an ancient and noble family."

Sirius simply shook his head and did some browsing for some gun magic.

Soon enough it was time to leave for supper and free time, and most had spent over half their money.

As day turned to night, most contemplated what they have seen, and many had favorable impressions.

Some did not.


Draco was pissed, he couldn't get that book of what he thought was full of curses, because they claimed that he was too low a level, he would show them, he would show them all... tomorrow.

After the two Malfoys turned in... a blue bird once again found it's way into the room and lay it's head on the stomach of the elder one, and fell asleep.


Fudge was wondering why he didn't get any 'screen time' and then he wondered both what the hell 'screen time' was and why he would think that.

At least he was enjoying his vacation.


EN: FF7 Ocean Chocobo.