Adding this little author's note for those who did not notice I'm on a crossposting spree: I wrote all these ficlets going up years ago. Most of them were originally posted on the LJ Comment Fic comm, prompt mentioned in each chapter, under my LJ username scribble-myname, then shortly after that crossposted onto AO3 with my username scribblemyname. I am finally getting around to crossposting them.

Even so, I wrote them and all under my own name, so if you've read these before, you probably read them from me.

Prompt by classics_lover at the LJ Comment Fic comm: Any, any, chop and change

Nicknames are Serious Business

Eliot gave Hardison the Look. "Really? Parker, never let this guy pick handles on a job again."

Parker smiled unperturbed. "I like them. You cook and I love money." She said it with that blissful expression that made both of them think she was imagining holding crisp bills in her hands. (They also both knew her well enough that they were probably right.)

"So you're Chop," Hardison repeated, pointing at Eliot, "and you're Change," then Parker, "and I'm Genius."

Eliot rolled his eyes.

Parker frowned. "Alliteration. You broke the alliteration."

"Uh... Chip?"

Eliot laughed and clapped Hardison on the shoulder. "I like it."