Olivia wakes up in the middle of the night and she immediately knows there is a different reason why she cannot sleep, she needs Peter. She turns to her side and stares at him, this is usually enough for him to wake up because they are attuned to each other by now. However, he keeps breathing peacefully and she nuzzles his neck. This time he opens his eyes, he seems tired. "Can I touch you?" she says and he smiles before mumbling "yes". So, she touches him and is happy when she realizes how she still affects him. She continues to kiss him on his neck when she confronts the reality: he is asleep, completely asleep. And she knows better than feeling rejected, they had not slept for two nights in a row due to a case, he needs sleep, why doesn't she? The heat does not go away and she knows she has to relieve herself, either that or a shower, but a shower may cause too much noise and make it hard for Peter to sleep restlessly, so she goes into the spare room to get it done. It is two hours later that she wakes up again with the same need. What the hell, she thinks. She's really far away from being a teenager, and the last time she felt so hormonal and full of desire was when… oh. She does not want to think of the word, but that's it for her, she will not be able to sleep. She drives to the closest pharmacy and gets the stupid test. Isn't she too old? She knows her body is not, but maybe she is. And the pills, she was taking them, just like the last decade. It never said 100% effective in the package, however. When she is back, she finds a very sleepy, but awake Peter. He has her phone in his hand.

"God, Olivia, I thought something terrible happened for you not to take your phone with you"

She walks closer to him and kisses him lightly on his lips. "I'm sorry, Peter, I just had to go buy something". She doesn't tell him more, and she senses how he gives her the necessary space. Nine years of marriage had made them incredibly perceptive to everything. Olivia goes into the toilet and pees in the goddamn stick, she waits, hearing the drum of her heartbeat so strongly she knows there is no chance of relaxing and then she sees the answer: Pregnant.

She is still in shock when Peter knocks on the door, she lets out a "come in" and he opens the door, he finds her sitting on the floor staring at the stick. She looks at him and she knows he will smile in a second or two. "You always wanted a tribe of Bishops" she tells him as he sits next to her. She gets close to the bin and puts the stick there, just so she can get closer to Peter in the floor. "I'm old" she says, "Olivia, everything's going to be okay. We'll just have to go to the doctor, he'll give you some vitamins, you'll need more controls than with Etta, you'll need more rest, but that doesn't mean it's going to be impossible". She smiles at his words and raises her hand to touch his face, they kiss a small kiss and he carries her to the bed. She laughs thinking that the last time he did something like that was when they were still young. Maybe she has to come to terms with the fact that she is somehow still young. Peter is so happy she feels his happiness radiating from him, she wants to soak in it and they start kissing, very small, slow kisses that turn into a long session of making love. They are expecting another baby, they still have to tell Etta and Astrid and Rachel. Everything will be okay.