In the beginning, the hardest part of being with the woman he loved was who would eventually become his mother in law. Nina Sharp may have told Olivia that she supported her decision of forgetting her old life, but it didn't mean she was fine with it. Her daughter had forgotten a lifetime with her, and who was to blame? Peter. She would never blame Olivia, anyways. So, the first time Olivia took Peter to dinner at Nina's, as an official couple, things were awkward at best. Luckily, the news that she would be a grandmother saved the night of anything worse. Nina was a smart woman, so she didn't act like she hated him, but she was wary of him. She did engage in small talk, but then she remembered a story of when Olivia was sixteen and had to tell it in its entirety. After that, her mood decreased considerably. Olivia excused them both and Peter waited outside while he heard the mother of his future child apologizing and Nina saying everything was fine, which it wasn't, of course.

Then, one day he had to go to Massive Dynamic to run a test on a machine that seemed to be owned only by them, and of course, he met Nina there. She said hello, but she seemed indifferent to him.

The next time they met was once they were having breakfast when Nina arrived to Olivia's apartment, she had brought a small present that turned out to be a onesie with the words Massive Dynamic printed on it. Nina was genuinely happy, and Olivia was too. Peter still felt out of the family, however. After the woman left, Olivia told him he was being ridiculous, but he knew something had to be done, so he decided to be brave and went to talk to Nina. She didn't seem happy to receive him.

"Miss Sharp" he said, like a teenager who's just met his girlfriend's mom. She raised her eyebrows.

"I know you don't like me too much and I understand it, but I wanted to tell you that I really love Olivia, she is my everything. I will never do anything to harm her"

Nina looked like she was about to talk, but he continued, "I know you don't know me like to believe me, but I have an idea of something I want to do for 'Livia"

"I'm listening Mr. Bishop" she said, with the same formality he had used to address her in the first place.

"If it's okay with you, I was thinking that maybe you could write down your favorite memories of Olivia. It's fine if you just type them in the computer. I will transcribe them on a notebook. I would also like to have pictures to include. Just of you, I don't think Olive should forget what she lived, and I think she would very much like to have something like that."

Nina looked at him surprised, "I think that is a great idea, Peter"

Peter smiled the charming smile he had been reserving for this moment.

"Oh and could I ask you something else Miss Sharp? You see, I would do it myself if I could, but Rachel doesn't know about me in this timeline yet. Could you please ask her to do something similar? We could say it's for Olivia's birthday. And it could be about her best memories with Olivia, and some pictures of Ella and Eddie would complete this."

"I will, if you stop calling me Miss Sharp" said Nina, smiling at him.

"Sure Nina" he said, actually happy.

Three months later, Peter and Nina presented Olivia a wonderful leather bounded notebook with all the stories she had lost, but shouldn't have had to lose. They shared an amazing dinner and Peter felt like he could breathe in peace.