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It was a few days later and Ponyboy was now back at home resting. As he got to where he was able to stay awake and talk more. He got into the details about how he got to talk to his parents and Johnny. How Johnny had chose to go to Heaven. He would finaly be at peach, away from his parents, and with his sister.

No one in the gang knew but Johnny had a twin sister, who died shortly after being born due to the umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck. His mom had always blamed him for it. That's why she hit him. Even thoght the docotors had talkec to her and said it was nobodys fault. Sometimes things just happen.

After the funeral Pony talked to Dallas. Telling him that Johnny told him to hang on. Things would eventually work out for him. He would be alright.

The whole gang would be alright.