Two-bit and Steve where driving to the hospital in Steves truck. Neither of them could find Dally after the ambulance had left. They wondered where he was but they didn't have to time to try and find him. They pulled in to the parking lot and run into the emergency room. They saw Darry and Sodapop sitting in the waiting room. They quickly walked over and asked if the doctors had said anything.

Darry shook his head and told them they hadn't heard anything since they got there and Ponyboy was taken back to the ER.

Suddenly Dally can in from one of the hall with a look of betrayal on his face. He spotted the guys and gave them the news that Johnny was dead.

The gang all sat down. Slowly taking this all in. They looked up when they heard a doctor calling out for family of Ponyboy Curtis.

By the look on his face they knew the doctor didn't have good news.

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