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Kallus fought them off for an hour before a shock grenade caught him by surprise. They approach him as he lay twitching on the ground. The commander steps forward, a silver trooper. She speaks, "you've caused us quite a bit of trouble. What is your name?"

"Alexandr Kallus, retired Rebel Captain recalled to active duty and honorary Lasat Honor Guard." he says, forcing himself to stand.

She tilts her head, "I have heard tales of you. You may be of some use. Bring him." she turns away as the other troopers reach for him. He opens his bo-rifle, the ends glowing. They put up their blasters. He grins. He swings it around, taking down the closest. The three in the back open fire as he dives behind the fourth. That one crumples under the hits. He dodges as he charges at them. He kicks one in the face while zapping the last two with the ends. The silver trooper watches how quickly he wins. "I see you haven't lost your skill. I'm impressed."

"I've only warmed up."

"I'd challenge you myself but you've wasted enough of my time." she pulls out her blaster and shoots him in the leg. He drops in pain, holding the bleeding limb. Four more troopers show up.

"bring him and patch him up." she orders.

They obey.

Qi'ra sits down, pushing her food around her plate. Hondo sits next to her, "still no word?"

"it's been three weeks. You'd think they'd have found something by now."

he pats her on the back, "there, there, they will find him. He is quite resourceful."

Teir runs across the room, followed by very annoyed medic droids.

"the boy is doing well." Hondo says, trying to be possitive.

"he's going to pull a stitch." she points out.

Teir is tackled by Staub. Ahsoka pulls them apart as she walks in the room. Teir pouts as he lands in the arms of the droids. She walks over to Qi'ra, "I need to talk to you."

Qi'ra gets up and follows her to Leia's office. Leia looks up, "yes?"

"I've found Kallus."

"how?" Qi'ra asks.

"when?" Leia asks.

"five minutes ago. I don't know how, but he used the force to send me his coordinates."

"really? Where is he?" Leia asks, pulling out a data pad.

"in the first order's main base. I will take a small team to save him." Ahsoka says, bowing. She motions for Qi'ra to come.

Leia calls to them, "it sounds like a suicide mission."

"It is."

"that's enough story time." Qi'ra tells the girl bouncing around in her bed.

"no. I want to know what happens next. Did you save Daddy?" the girl's eyes widen, pleading.

"yes we saved him. You wouldn't be here if we didn't."

"oh... okay."

"please go to sleep, my little ray of sunshine."

"no! Tell the story, please?" she begs.

"Tomorrow night. Now go to sleep." Qi'ra turns out the light.

The girl waits until she's been gone for a few minutes. She tosses the blankets aside and runs to the cockpit. She sneaks up to the pilot's chair and jumps at the driver, yelling, "Boo!"

Kallus smiles down at her, "what are you doing out of bed?"

"I wanted to hear the end of the story."

"I see, which story?"

"how you and mommy fell in love."

"what part?"

"the mission to rescue you from the first order."

"now, after Ahsoka and her team..." he pulls her onto his lap.

Kallus wakes up, the message having pulled a lot out of him. The door opens and the silver trooper steps in. "you can only keep this up for so long." she turns on the lights, "where is the resistance base?"

he blinks against the brightness, "I'm not telling."

she listens to her com, then reaches over and unbuckles his shackles. "you are to be moved."

"to where?"

"another cell. Kylo Ren himself will be interrogating you. It seems you have perked his interest somehow." she steps back and holds up her gun.

He climbs down, almost stumbling. He is walked to an elevator, down a hall, and into another interrogation room. She locks the door, leaving him free to wander the small room with terrifying equipment. The door opens and a 16 year old* wanna-be Darth Vader walks in. he stands, staring at Kallus.

"I have heard much about you. I heard you were a great solder under Darth Vader, is it true?" Kylo Ren asks.

"yes. I worked under him. I was one of the few people who pleased him."

"you also betrayed him." Kylo's fist clenches.

Kallus found his throat tightening. He gasps, "it had with...him."

Kylo releases him. Kallus sucks in plenty of air then composes himself.

"I can sense the force in you. It is very weak, blocked. I can restore it for you, but only if you tell me where the resistance is hiding."

"no. I had it blocked on purpose. If I let you we will both regret it." Kallus looks away.

"if that was true you wouldn't have tried so hard to use it. Now, you have two choices. Let the force grow strong in you and become my apprentice or I will beat you down to an inch of your miserable life. Either way I will know where they are!" he force pushes Kallus against the wall. Reaching deep into his mind. For the second time in his life, Kallus screams.

"I need everyone to be quiet." Qi'ra says as they approach the enemy. She opens the com, "this is cargo freighter 138-B-195-S, we have sustained damage to our navigation computer. May we dock for repairs?"

"code verified, you have permission to dock." a man says.

A bay door opens, letting them fly through.

"why did you stop Daddy?" little Rey asks.

He puts her down and checks the console, "go to bed and stay there."

"I want to hear the how it ends." she whines.

"go, now!" he orders.

She obeys, hiding under the covers. The ship shakes as it takes on fire. She could hear Aunt Ketsu shouting orders. It last for three minutes, at one point tossing her to the floor. When it was over Kallus opens her door. She runs to him, clinging to his leg. He winces in response and pulls her off. "Rey, we need to go." he picks her up and grabs her stun staff. He carries her to the shuttle. Her mom sat at the controls. They take off. She sits quietly, listening to her parents argue.

"we agreed, this is the best way. She'll be safe." she says.

"I know, but now it's happening. I don't want to let her go." he looks back at her.

"I know. If this works we'll come back for her."

"yes. It's just... I had to leave so many..."

"I know." she pats his arm.

He walks over to Rey, "it's going to be okay. Get some sleep."

she nods, eyelids drooping.

She wakes up, blinking against the brightness. Sand greeted her face. Her mother puts her down and faces her to a walking blob. "we'll be back. Stay with him until we come back, could you do that for us?"

she nods. Her father hands the man her staff. They walk back to the shuttle and take off. She runs forward crying for them.

Beginning of tale...

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