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Character deaths

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The black mercedes idled in the center of the street in the middle of the night as Jake practically shoved his whole torso through the passenger side window.

"Please, Bella." His whisper was tortured as he dragged his knuckles over her cheek, simultaneously wiping a tear away.

"Jake." She whispered as thin pale fingers wrapped around his thick wrist, pulling his hand from her face. "Please, I can't let Edward kill himself." She barely got the words out between her throat tightening up and a menacing growl erupted from Jacob's lips.

Scoffing, Jake pushed away from the window but kept his hands braced on the frame so the pixie bitch wouldn't take off before he was done vying for Bella's attention. "If he wasn't such a dramatic asshole…" He started but changed tactics. "He left you, Bella. He deserted you in the middle of the woods. Sam Uley had to search for you in the middle of the night. We were all afraid you were dead. Do you know what that put your father through?"

He heard his brothers behind him across the street from Charlie's house. They were sensitive to their future alpha's emotions and right now they were running high. The pack stayed close, within eavesdropping distance in order to protect if need be. He would never get it, that she only wanted to be his friend. Nothing more. She didn't want to be with Edward either but this pull Jake seemed to think he had over her was getting old.

Bella narrowed her eyes on her best friend before shooting Alice a skeptical look from where she sat in the driver's seat. "I know what he did and I know why he did it. It doesn't matter if he loves me or not." She spat, continuing on as if Alice didn't let loose a horrified gasp. "I'm not going to let him kill himself over a lie." She was pissed off too, that Rosalie had told Edward that she was dead after going cliff diving with her friends. The icy blonde had never liked Bella but she didn't realize she would be so quick to sentence her beloved brother to death. Even if him committing suicide over her made no sense to Bella. He didn't even love her.

Dents formed in the thick plastic and metal under Jake's hands as his temper rose. "Let him. He should have died a hundred fucking years ago." He spat right back, venom lacing his words.

Yanking the car door opened, he tore the seatbelt from Bella easily and pulled her out of the car even as Alice jumped out with a shocked yell and raced around the back to stop him. Embry and Sam stalked out of the woods in their human forms as the rest of the pack stayed sentry behind the trees.

"Leave her be, Jacob Black! We need to go Bella. Come on! He's going to die if we don't hurry!" Alice pleaded, her words shaking as she reached toward her once best friend but Jake twirled his human friend out of the vampire's grasp with a glare.

Bella was dizzy as she tried to get her eyes to focus on Alice. "Do we even have time?" She asked aloud but the noise was drowned out by Jake.

"Don't you dare touch her." He growled as he stepped back between Sam and Embry, cradling a speechless Bella in his arms. She was thankful Charlie's house was at the end of their dead end road and that her father was working the graveyard shift or they'd be making a spectacle right about now.

Placing tiny marble hands on her slim hips, Alice glared right back, not intimidated in the least by the mangy beast. "And just what gives you the right to tell her what to do? To toss her around like a ragdoll?" She demanded of him with her bell like voice. The slight wind ruffled her hair, sending her sickeningly sweet scent toward the agitated wolves.

Wrinkling his nose in disgust, Jake looked down at the tiny vampire. He knew she packed more of a punch than she looked like she could but he still wasn't scared of her in the least. "Don't give me that bullshit, Cullen. You lot force her to do whatever you want. Wear this, do that. 'Oh my God, Bella! Edward's going to die if we don't leave right this minute!'." Jake mocked in a high pitched squeaky voice that had Embry biting his lip and Paul huffing from the trees, amused. "If he dies, good on him. One less bloodsucking tick in the world. Go save him yourself, bitch."

Bella finally gained her wits about her and wiggled to get out of Jake's suffocating grip. Reluctantly he eased her feet to the pavement but kept a large hand wrapped around her upper arm, to which she glared but let happen.

"Look, if I can save him, I need to. I need to try, Jake. You know I'm not getting back together with him. He messed me up. But I can't let him kill himself." She said passionately, not letting his angry features sway her.

A frustrated noise left Alice's ruby red lips. "Not getting back together with him? Are you serious right now? You're mates!"

A short, unimpressed laugh left Bella's lips as she turned to face her former best friend. "No, we're not mates. He wouldn't have been able to leave me if we were. He would feel that I'm not dead, if we were. He's a child throwing a temper tantrum because he didn't get his way." She paused as she watched Alice's pitch black eyes go in and out of focus as she had a vision before she whispered, "I don't love him anymore. That can't happen if we are mates."

In the blink of an eye, Bella was pushed behind Jake's back just as Alice let out an ear piercing shriek of horror and the two wolves at his sides tensed and crouched. Peeking around Jake's bulky bicep, she choked on her quick inhale at the view in front of her.

"No! You fucking whore! He's dead! He's dead because of you!" She screeched at Bella, pointing a claw like finger her way. "They just twisted his head right off before Jane torched him!" Angry sobs wrenched their way up Alice's throat as she stood there screaming in the street, yanking at her short black hair.

Sam and Embry were vibrating, waiting to see if they would need to shift as they tried to keep a clear head. Jared and the rest of the pack emerged from the trees slowly, only showing their heads to get a better view. They too crouched down, ready to strike at a moment's notice.

Bella gasped and covered her lips with trembling hands. "What?" She asked, dumbfounded. "How!" She demanded more than asked. Tears formed in her eyes from the strong emotion of guilt she felt. "Oh poor Esme." She said in a strangled whisper. Louder, she said, "How could he be dead already!?" Alice had only shown up maybe an hour before. It definitely wouldn't have been enough time to stop him if he were all the way in Italy. Nothing made sense.

Another anguished scream filled the air as Alice leapt forward, her human visage completely gone as she leapt over Jake to reach for Bella, gnashing her teeth. Screaming, she scrambled back only to land on her ass and watch as her once friend headed straight for her as if she were flying. Venom spittle left her twisted lips as she snarled and clawed toward Bella even as Jake had ahold of the vampire's arms, keeping her back. Flanked by the rest of the wolves, Sam helped Bella up as Embry stood by Jake to help if he needed to.

"It's all your fault! If you hadn't cut your finger! If you hadn't moved to Forks of all fucking places in the world! If you hadn't been his singer!" Each word she yelled became more menacing and threatening, deeper in her anger. "Let me go!" She screamed, thrashing against the restraining hands of the future alpha wolf.

Smirking even through his struggle to hold the angry being, Jake replied easily. "No can do, pix. You see, the way I see it is not one bit of this is Bella's fault." He let go of one arm as Embry came beside her and took it. "It's your fault. Your whole family's fault. You interred a human into your world. Let her guess and then confirmed it when she wondered about your species." Clicking his tongue disapprovingly, Jake chuckled. "And you're attacking her over Edtard's death. Isn't she somethin'?" He asked his pack rhetorically, ignoring the struggling vampire and easily dodging her tiny chomping teeth.

Paul and Jared phased to human with gleeful expressions on their faces while Sam looked on with stoic determination. Bella stood next to the intimidating alpha, pressing herself into his side for warmth and safety. She'd never seen Alice this angry before. She looked scary as hell. As Paul and Jared each grabbed a flailing designer clad leg, Embry and Jake lifted Alice up and they all collectively started walking toward the treeline. Her screams and screeches went ignored and Sam grunted by way of warning before lifting Bella up and carrying her toward the woods as well.

Wide eyed, heart hammering in her chest, she gasped. "What's going on?" She asked. Her mind was jumbled with everything happening.

Alice, freaking out. Edward, dead. The Cullens, she feared, would be out for revenge after learning their son was gone forever because of her.

"The treaty has been broken. The little Cullen must die." Sam's deep, authoritative voice brooked no argument but Bella squeaked in surprise.

"What!? You can't kill her! You stopped her. I'm not harmed! Look!" She exclaimed, stretching her arms out in front of herself and Sam as he carried her deeper into the forest behind the four wolves carrying Alice. Twisting her wrists to show her unblemished pale skin, she looked back up to Sam. She didn't understand why Alice needed to die when they'd kept her from getting hurt. Sure, she would probably be dead right now if they hadn't been there to stop Alice's tirade but then again if the wolves hadn't been there in the first place, she probably wouldn't have had a reason to get mad. He wasn't paying a lick of attention to her though, keeping his eyes focused on the vampire who was trying to escape certain death.

"Doesn't matter." He said shortly.

Bella watched as Paul and Jared let go of Alice's legs. Her heeled feet kicked out as she tried to make contact with their chins but she missed, growling. Jake motioned for Embry to let go of her arm and he held her hands behind her back. Gnashing her teeth toward Bella more, the human could tell that the vampire wasn't even looking at her. Her black eyes were vacant and though the wolves saw a threat, Bella knew better. She took a step toward her old friend. Sam growled and grabbed her arm but she glanced at him with wide, trusting eyes.

"She needs me. She's not even looking at me, Sam. She's sucked into a vision." Bella murmured. His fingers slipped away and she walked forward again but he didn't leave her side, unprepared to leave her exposed. Bella got as near to Alice as she dared, her eyes darting to Jake once. "What happened?" She asked, a confidence in her voice she didn't realize could reside there.

Snarling and drooling venom, it seemed as if Alice wouldn't answer her at first until suddenly, the small vampire went limp. Bella could feel the vestiges of Jasper's calming influence but didn't alert the wolves. She should have known her mate would be nearby and if he was helping, he wasn't a threat.

Still being restrained by Jake, Alice's whole demeanor shifted and she hunched in on herself, hanging her head. "He wasn't your mate." Alice whispered, almost too low for Bella to hear. "He was mine." A tiny sob ate its way through Alice's throat and Bella's eyes filled with tears.

Bella gasped, feeling confused. That meant Jasper wasn't Alice's mate too.

Alice nodded as if she'd heard Bella's thoughts. "The visions." She whispered brokenly. "The visions had been coming for months since we left you. I thought with you out of the picture he would finally notice me." When she brought her eyes to meet Bella's, a startled noise left the human's lips. Alice was a broken, devastated vampire. "I was used goods." She said in a small, defeated voice. "He didn't want someone impure. He never wanted his own mate."

Bella fell to her knees in front of Alice as all of this information hit her at once. She felt used but she pushed that feeling aside. Alice was the one who had tried to make light of the worst situation, befriending the one female whom her own mate had decided to claim as his own. Staying with her companion, Jasper, instead of letting him go to find his own mate. Playing the sister to her brother in order to keep Edward happy. Instead, he got himself killed over someone who wasn't his mate, leaving poor Alice alone for good.

"You weren't supposed to cut your finger. And then when you did," she quietly explained, "Jasper was supposed to stop you. But Emmett made the snap decision to stop Jasper and Rose helped him. Edward shoved you and we all had to leave." Sighing deeply, Alice hung her head further until her chin touched her chest bone. "I really hate being a seer. I couldn't see anything very well, it was all jumbled up. Nothing was clear at all. I can see all the outcomes clearly now. None of them include me." She lifted her head to make eye contact with Bella. "Before they burn me, take my phone from my pocket along with my wallet. Tell my family what happened...All of it. If Jasper's with you, they'll know you're not lying because he will be able to feel it. Tell them I love…"

"I will, Alice." Bella whispered as the pixie vampire trailed off sorrowfully.

"It's not your fault." She said shakily.

Nodding, Bella stayed on her knees where she was as Embry and Sam moved to either side of Alice. "Wait!" She called, her hand outstretched toward her vampire friend, tears dripping down her face. "Isn't there some other way?" She asked.

Alice shook her head even as the wolves surrounding her did the same. Jake let her sink to her knees in front of Bella, keeping his large hands wrapped around her ice cold wrists. "I don't want there to be another way, Bella. Don't you see? I get to be with Edward. Even though he didn't want me in this life, I just have this feeling that he's waiting for me now." She paused, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. "It's amazing the things that have to happen in order for you to change your mind. I'm ready now." She breathed.

Bella covered her eyes and sobbed as she listened to the wolves work quickly, not allowing Alice to suffer anymore than she obviously already had. She felt the phone and wallet land beside her on the forest bracken but paid it no mind as she continued to mourn for her loss as well as her friend's loss. Through her gasping breath, she heard murmured words but didn't bother to look up as warm hands touched her in farewell until a chilled hand touched the back of her neck.

"Jasper!" She exclaimed when she met his honey colored eyes as he squatted in front of her with sorrow in his eyes.

Opening his arms, he gestured for her to come forward. "Come 'ere, darlin'." He said quietly. Without a thought, Bella dove into his arms and let him hug her, taking her pain away slowly.