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It turned out a 'weekend' to vampires was about 3 weeks and that was why Bella's befuddled question tickled Rose's fancy. About a week into the weekend hunting trip, Rosalie had practically demanded she call her Rose. They had bonded closely, all of them, but Rose and Bella had hit it off in such an unexpected way. The ice around Rosalie's heart melted a bit more when she took innocent, self blaming Bella under her wing and showed her how to have more confidence. Emmett made it his mission to help Bella get over her self flagellation. There was no reason for her to beat herself up over circumstances beyond her control.

They all begged for forgiveness over allowing her to think she was Edward's mate to which Bella responded with a frank and concise, "It wasn't your choice. It was Edward's and Alice's and I may not have known you very long or as well as they did, but I do know that if you'd interfered, it would have caused a rift between you all. Besides," She said with a shrug. "I was technically Edward's chosen mate. That in and of itself should be remembered as an honor more than anything."

Though it still hurt the way he had left her in the woods with those harsh words, she knew now that they weren't true. That he was simply trying to protect her from Jasper draining her or any other unforseen vampirical mishap that could have happened at any time. The pain would ease someday but the honor of knowing the family regarded Edward's and Alice's wishes with respect even at the expense of Bella, would last an eternity. Rose told her she was too forgiving but that she, herself, felt privilaged to be on the recieving end of Bella's unfathomable generosity. The human turned vampire had always had such a charitable heart.

During their bonding time, Emmett also taught her how to defend herself. With Jasper's help of course. He even gave her a present. On their second week of the weekend, Jake showed up with Embry and Quil. A delighted squeal left Bella's lips as she tackled them all to the ground at once, her hair a wild mess of a halo around her head. The men had taken the beating good naturedly before standing in front of the Cullens with their heads hung low. They apologized for ending Alice's life and after allowing them to say their peace, Carlisle opened his arms and lifted his head. Anglican prayer poured from his lips as he praised the boys turned men turned wolves for their strength and wisdom.

"You have nothing to apologize for. A vampire who loses a mate goes crazy, seeking revenge or vengeance wherever it can be found. Take Victoria for example. She was never going to leave Bella alone. Alice would have found someone to blame and no one would have been safe from her wrath." He assured them.

"She was already blaming Bella and half crazy as it was. She begged you for death, gentlemen. Don't let it eat you up. We're not going to go to war." Jasper reiterated. He'd told Jake this before but he was humbly surprised to see the three werewolves giving their respects to the coven as a whole.

Tensions melted quickly and the wolves were their playful selves once again after learning the Cullen Coven really was as hospitable as Bella had been trying to tell them. It had been liberating to race through the trees and hills -six vampires with glittering skin and three wolves with shining fur- mischievously, nipping at ankes or hunting prey together. The pack certainly had new information on bloodsuckers, both good and bad. Good being that they now understood completely why Ephraim Black, Jake's great grandfather, had created the treaty himself so long ago. Bad, meaning for other vampires. The kind with red eyes that lurked through the Peninsula and preyed on innocent humans. With the pack mind they were able to see much more clearly how they moved while they hunted and though there weren't many, they found weaknesses and holes in their strengths. Sam, from La Push by Emily's side, watched carefully while Jake, Embry, and Quil, played with the vampires, looking for these weaknesses and relaying them to the rest of his pack for future fights with the unequivocal 'bad' vampires.

Bella had a riot of a time with her friends and it was a tearful goodbye on both ends, though hers would never fall again. Embry and Quil gave big bear hugs while the Cullens melted into the trees for privacy. Jasper stayed closest but he respected her need for this. It would be some time before she was able to see him again. Jake, whose muscles were tight with apprehension, gathered Bella into his arms, ignoring the burn in his nostrils as he gulped her scent. She still smelled the same to him under the cloying stench of bleach mixed with ammonia.

"I'm gonna miss you so much, Bells." He whispered into her hair, the long mahogany strands tickling his nose.

Swallowing a lump that lodged itself firmly in the center of her esophagus, Bella squeezed her best friend tightly. "I'll miss you too, Jake. Please." She begged. "Please, take care of Charlie." She knows it's easier if her father thinks she's dead and has no clue of the supernatural world but being alive...or whatever...yet not being able to see him or speak to him is going to take her a long damn time to come to grips with.

Making a noise that sounded like a cross between 'duh' and a scoff, Jake inhaled another gulp of her headache inducing scent before pulling away. He looked deeply into her oddly orange colored eyes. "I'll become a permanant fixture in his house if I've got to, don't worry about that. Your bed is comfy so that won't be too hard for me." He winked to make her smile. "He'll be protected like the honorary tribe member he is and we'll all make sure he's okay."

Bella sniffled and wiped at the tears futilely. "Thanks, Jake." She squeaked.

With one last lingering hug, Bella imprinted the scorch of his arms around her body and inhaled his nasty scent. She could barely make out the earthy, motor oil scents underneath hot, wet dog but she pushed away the bad and savored the good.

"Love you, Jake." She whispered to his back with her fingers raised in parting. The wind carried her words to his sensitive ears and he turned with a wide, tooth showing, sunny grin. The kind of grin he'd always reserved for her alone. Blowing her a kiss, he chuckled and said he loved her too before he phased wolf and ran after his packmates to go back home.

The third week of the weekend, the whole family was settled back in the house on the mountain, freshly showered and each doing their own things. Emmett taught Bella how to handle a gaming console controller while simultaneously beating her ass at every game they owned. Rosalie taught Bella how to play Chess with a vampire mind and was pleasantly surprised to see her win almost every round.

She always knew the girl wasn't stupid.

Esme showed Bella the art of planting the delicate flowers in the gardens outside without crushing their stems or roots and Carlisle taught her how to play golf without sending the small divoted ball into the next county. Turns out she holds her mouth the same way Jasper does when he plays. Huh.

It was fun learning how to do all these different things with her vampire body and mind. But at the end of a month, she was tired of sharing her mate and it didn't take long for the Cullens to take the not-so-subtle hints that she was dropping.

"Vampires don't yawn, Bells." Emmett teased when she'd stretched and 'yawned' for the hundredth time their last week with them.

"Take a damn hint then." She had snapped before staring at her lap, feeling bad.

Esme giggled behind her hand. "I think we've worn out our welcome."

The guilt amped up and Bella stood, racing to Esme. "Please don't think I don't want you around because I do but I just...I just…" She stuttered.

Smoothing her palm over her daughter's cheek, Esme smiled. "I know, sweet girl. We will see you again whenever you want."

Once plans were made to give each other a call soon, the Cullens left. Bella wasted no time in whisking Jasper to the bedroom, undressing him frantically. There was no protest from the southern man's lips, for he put them to better use. He ripped and tore at Bella's clothing just as fast until he was balls deep inside her tight core, groaning his enthusiasm. A carnal need seemed to take over Bella's body and she flipped them over on the bed, straddling his lean hips, plunging herself down onto him with a force that caused the frame to protest. Loud cries were pulled from their lips as they connected. Leaning forward to press her chest into his, she bucked her hips wildly, enamored with the sensations that coated her skin as he stretched her deliciously. His gaze was rapturous as his hands clung to her hips with a punishing grip while they moved loudly in a hedonic, lascivious dance. The sensitive tight buds of her breasts connected with his small nipples, sending white-hot electric pulses through their bodies, heightening the feelings they wrenched from each other.

With her lips languidly massaging the side of his throat and Jasper's hands moulding her flesh to his at her back, Bella murmured with a voice thick with her arousal. "You feel so good. Oh, Jasper. This feels so good." Her lust surrounded her like a thick cloud and Jasper let it sink into his skin as he let his black eyes slip closed, his lips and tongue moved over her quivering skin, covering any spot he could reach.

A guttural groan was his reply as his hands continued caressing her skin and their hips met almost frantically. Though they'd been able to make love with the family near, it hadn't been so freeing as this. Bella was too embarrassed to let go, knowing they would be heard. Panting breaths echoed through the room, small whimpers and moans met the sounds of skin slapping on skin. She felt amazing to his throbbing cock. The silky depths of her hot core, her tiny hands gripping his shoulders as she bucked her hips, meeting him thrust for thrust. He was unable to speak, reduced to the animalistic noises of their mating, lost to the phenomenon of which he was partaking.

As his balls tightened, hugging the base of his pulsing shaft, he gripped Bella with renewed force and a warning growl before tossing her onto her back. A cry was ripped from her lips as she passionately met his thrusts. Not missing a beat, she wrapped her legs around his and thrust her tongue into his mouth, tasting him thoroughly. The bestial way they mated sent her in a talespin, closing in on the edge of that cliff quickly. She could see the edge even as she gripped his blonde locks and raked her fingers through the tresses. Her moans wouldn't stop, she couldn't if she'd tried. Wantonly crying out for her mate as he thrust inside her core at a brutal pace, her hips rocked with his, slapping hard as their hands grappled to hold onto whatever they could.

Bella's lips fell open as she let out a salacious moan, her orgasm sending her into a cosmic bliss unlike anything she had ever experienced. Jasper's husky growl was sepulchral as he clung to his mate and released with a force he was shocked to feel.

"Oh my God that was amazing." Bella breathed as he collapsed on top of her with a raspy chuckle.

He was still trying to recover himself from emptying what seemed like every bit of his venom inside his mate. Letting his flaccid cock slip from her, he moved onto his knees and watched rapturously as his come slipped out of her tiny pussy. A languid smile played at Bella's lips as she watched him watch her. His fingers lightly traced over her soft curls before spreading to trace down either pussy lip, his onyx eyes locked on her with exaltation. Pressing the tips of his fingers on either side of her entrance, he licked his lips as he was able to coax more of his come to drip out of her.

"Never figured you for a creampie lover." She murmured blissfully, the smile lingering on her lips.

"I just like watching the way I've marked you. Both here," He poked again at her core's entrance, pulling a moan from her lips. "and here." He said as his other hand reached up and grazed her chest where her stone heart lay inside.

Bella hummed, filled with nirvana the way he looked at her. She felt the same way and focused her emotions on the jubilation that lined the love she harbored for this amazing man. He did have her heart, just as she had his. Jasper leaned over her and pressed his lips to hers firmly, tracing her lips with his tongue before she opened to him, moaning at the taste. She pulled him to her, laying his body against hers in the age old dance and wrapped her legs around him. Using her heels on his ass to pull his freshly hardened member into her body, she released a long, throaty noise of approval. Whispering words of abiding devotion and smoothly connecting, they made slow, passionate love. The complete opposite of the carnal lust they'd imbibed moments ago, but definitely no less.

Never less.