Originally written 2014-2015 and given up on for a while. I went by the name of Little Did You Know then and this story went by Double Magi. It has since been four years since it was begun and now it's going to continue. I'm sorry for the wait! But I'm back!

A little explanation as to why I deleted this then restarted: When I first started this story four years ago it was because I was down and couldn't walk around or go to school due to surgery. So I spent most of my time writing and watching anime. Afterwards, school got really heard due to the entire semester I'd missed and all of my free time went to making up for it and I had a burn out for writing. I haven't written a story since I deleted this and 'Guardian of a Soul' (which I may bring back as well.) But now I have some motivation to do so and I am going to use the chance I have and push through the burnout.

Updates will not be constant. I am a 20 year old with a job in the middle of college, so be patient if updates take a little while, please!

So, first I am just doing a rewrite of what I originally wrote and then the story will continue! It won't follow the anime exactly, since more information has come out since I first wrote this and I had a specific storyline I had in mind.


A Child's Sorrow

"If we're going to be locked up in a place like this for the rest of our lives, I'd rather die!" A boy's voice echoed through the air, cutting of in a breath pant from his outburst of power moments before. He was small in stature, a child. Next to him, a girl huddle. She was his twin, sharing the same long blue braid that trailed to the floor and the same ice blue eyes that stared up at him with a mix of awe, as well as utter shock and horror at her twin's actions.

Glistening tears welled in their eyes and slid down their cheeks as they moved to look up at the blue giant that shielded them with his body. Bits of rubble fell from above, knocked loose from the boy's release of power.

"Hey, answer me…. Just who are we?"

The giant straightened, his body towering over the twins' own. "Please forgive me," his deep voice rumbled, full of sorrow and guilt. "I am not at liberty to tell you."

Both of the children lowered their heads in defeat, the boy sniffing and hiccupping as sobs shook his shoulders. Beside him, his sister watched, her own expression showing her defeat, but she was more worried for her sibling. She hated not being able to do anything for him, hated not having the answers he was seeking. There were no answers to the questions they've been asking since they were conscious enough to ask. She rapped her thin arms around her brother's frail waist and pulled him to her in a hug in the hopes that it would help even a little bit. e turned and fell into her arms, face buried in her shoulder, his arms wrapping around her as well and squeezing.

"That being said," the giant continued. "If it be your fervent desire, I can wield the power of this Sacred Temple and grant you each one wish of your choosing." He rose to his full height and the light of the Temple started to shine out from behind him. It was bright and beautiful, an image the children learned to love, yet hate due to their entrapment. It cascaded on the children, so bright that it blocked the giant's features, yet lit everything else. The light was a star, a wish, a bright world that could illuminate their hopes.

A wish, the giant had said. They would be allowed a wish! The twins could finally choose to leave this room!

They looked up at their guardian with intensely hopeful gazes, getting brighter and brighter with each word he said.

"My Kings, my innocent Magi. Your wish is my command." The star seemed to grow brighter. "You may wish for a vast array of riches…. The power to rule over billions of stars…. Even eternal life if you so desire."

A pause.

"All of these wishes will take place outside of the Room of Fortitude and you may not wish to leave until it is your time to."

The children drew downcast at these final words, heads bowed in acceptance and disappointment.

The great giant allowed them a moment to cry together and seek comfort from the other before speaking again. "Now, what is it that you wish?"

Twin hands wiped their eyes and exchanged a tiny glance, nodding one before the boy spoke up first.

"I wish…"

Sand…. Sand. Sand. Just a sea of yellow grains going on and on as far as the eye can see. It was hot… no… boiling. A sweltering heat that pounded on the body of a child as she struggled forward, each step a pain, each movement a strain, it was all she could do to keep going.

Sweat poured down her forehead, catching in her bangs as the sun slowly cooked her. Her feet burned in the baking sand as she dragged them through a seemingly endless pool of desert and she wished constantly for something to cover them. The girl's mind was in a heated daze, unsure of even the direction she was going in let alone she was wandering around in a world she knew nothing about.

Sunburns littered the girl, the sun blocked only by the white turban covering her hair and lower face, the ends falling over her shoulders. Thankfully, though, there were some parts of her body shielded from the sun's harsh glare.

Around her chest was a thick white bandage, her legs covered in a pair of thick and fluffy white sarouel pants that tied with a tan sash around her exposed waist. Covering her long blue hair was her turban, wrapped haphazardly over her head, a small red gem attached that was nestled at the middle of her forehead.

The child was exhausted and had no idea how long she'd been wandering through this fruitless desert, but the memory of three freezing nights etched itself in the back of her mind.

She was starving, but her thirst was overbearing. Her tongue was dry and stuck to the roof of her mouth, doing nothing for her lips when she licked them in the hopes of wetting them even a little bit. Light headed and delusional, mirage after mirage tormented her mind as she searched for any signs of her missing brother, her one goal. But she felt that if things continued, the glaring sun above her would be her end.

The girl paused for breath at the foot of a large sand dune and craned her neck to look up, wondering if she even had the strength to climb it. The dune was far too wide to go around and the sand would surely burn her hands, and her feet were already numb from the amount of heat they'd already been exposed to.

She let out a tired breath and looked around, trying in vain to find another way, any way, around the dune. There wasn't, so she steeled herself and started to climb up the harsh slope.

Tiny hands clutched the burning sand as she wished she still have the energy to fly her turban over the desert. If she did, she would probably already be in a town or village by now, surely, but the minute she felt exhausted, her turban tumbled from beneath her and she'd landed hard in the sand. Over the course of, however long she'd been wandering, she'd tried several more times to fly since then, each time ending only in failure.

She yelped as her feet slipped suddenly and she slid all the way back down the sand dune, landing heavily on her side. Spitting out a mouthful of sand, she tried to pull herself up again, but her arms collapsed beneath her and she was back down on the ground, body shaking with exhaustion. She was running out of what little strength she had left and was starting to realize that… she was not going to make it…

No. She shook her head. She had to make it. She had to find her brother. They promised they would journey together!

There was a small twinkling noise and something fluttered against her nose. She blinked, trying to decide if this was another mirage or not. A tiny golden and shining bird flittered about in front of her nose. The girl stared at it, intrigued for a moment as she realized this was not the first time she'd seen one of these. They were all over the Room of Fortitude before. They would appear frequently, giving some extra company to the girl and her twin and would disappear soon after. This couldn't be a mirage then, could it?

This time, however, it fluttered frantically around her face, floating upwards before diving back down to her nose. It repeated this process several times.

"You… want me to get up?" the child rasped, her voice barely more than a dry whisper. The little creature seemed insistent, repeating the same movements a few more times.

"Alright." She murmured. If it was her to move, who was she to argue? No matter how tired, sore, and thirsty she was, she knew she had to keep going.

Wearily, she pulled her arms beneath her and pushed herself up. She stood and started to climb the dune once again, following the golden creature that took up the lead in front of her.

The girl only slipped twice, managing to catch herself before falling each time. She ignored the burning sand, straining until she finally stood at the top. And what she saw filled her heart with hope.


Where there was green, there was shade and where there was shade, there was water and food, and possibly people.

The little bird fluttered towards the distant copse of trees and she now happily followed after it, almost sliding down the other side of the dune in her haste. She pushed the last of her strength through her body… and she ran.

And ran.

And ran.

And with each step she was sure it wasn't a mirage.

But… she slowed as she approached. Her hope draining just as quickly as it appeared.

It wasn't a true mirage… but it wasn't a copse either. The green was instead a single, dying tree.

The child's energy suddenly left her and she collapsed to her knees a few feet away from it, the little bird fluttering into nothingness next to the hopeless tree.

It's over, the girl thought. She was done for.

She crawled to the tree and leaned against it, tipping her head back to look up at it's dead branches, thankful for even this tiny bit of shade. A last drop of water, a small crystal tear, rolled down her cheek and evaporated against the sand as she closed her eyes. Her exhaustion finally took its toll and pushed her mind into unconsciousness.

As her weak body relaxed against her last hope, a thought floated through her mind.

I'm sorry… Aladdin...

Word count: 1904