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{994 C.E.}

As Princess Kathrine, the Magus, young Thomas and his mother prepare the last wagon to carry them and the eggs entrusted to their care they look upon the ruined castle Wyvern one last time. For the last attack by Haikon and his Vikings left both the castle and most of the gargoyles that protected them as shattered remnants of their former glory.

However, some survived the attack, the clan's leader, four warriors and a beast, but they were cursed as a result of the Magus's snap judgement born of prejudice. As a result the last of the clan were frozen in stone until the castle rose above the clouds as silent protectors.

{1976 C.E.}

An old man and three young children one boy and two girls of different ages sat around a fire listening to the elder recant a story of the past. "It all began when the Kachinas, or cloud fathers still walked amongst us. This story I am about to tell is of the Kachina known only as the forgotten one for none remember his name nor form". The elder stated and just like that one of the children spoke up asking, "If he is supposed to be forgotten then why do people still tell the story?" To which the elder answered, "It is so we do not forget his deeds and his sorrow".

The elder then told the children if they wanted the rest of their questions answered to listen closely to the story as it would reveal the answers in time. Thus the elder continued the tale, "The forgotten one was the Kachina that taught our ancestors how to read the wind and stars in the night sky. He also protected them whilst they slept, gliding through the air to spot anything that could have posed a danger to the village, but returned to the earth for sleep during the day."

"He was well respected and honored by the people, but even so there were times when he would look so sad and lonely while staring off to the horizon. When asked why that was his response was that his tribe were all killed by an enemy while he was away from home and now was the last of his people. To alleviate his suffering the chief offered the Kachina to choose a woman of the village to be his wife."

"At first the Kachina intended only to attend as to not offend the chief, but by the end of the night he chose the chief's youngest daughter. He had come to know her as a good friend and knew that she would make a fine wife for she possessed more than just beauty. She may have shared the beauty of her sisters, but she was not content to stay at home like her sisters and was instead a noble warrior like her brothers."

"At first all was well for the two lovers with the only thing missing from their family was a child, but seeing as they were two different beings that was not possible. However, the Kachina would do anything to please his beloved and thus went to Coyote the trickster for he had strong magic among the Kachinas. He agreed to help them produce a child, but at a price, which was that the Kachina of the night sky would be forgotten by the people so that their admiration would flow to Coyote instead. Knowing it was the only way to give his love the child she so longed for he agreed and that night he said farewell to his beloved wife believing it was the last night they would share."

"When morning came none remembered him and his wife was pregnant with their child, she was happy until night came and a lonely ache settled in her heat. She could not remember why it was so until she spotted her husband's form in the night sky then the memories returned for not even the magic of the trickster could overcome the power of the human heart and she reunited with him. They lived happily together and had many more children all the while his wife told the story of the forgotten one so that his memory was preserved in spite of Coyote's jealousy over the people's respect for her husband. And to this very day they say that some of the forgotten one's descendant's still walk among our tribe", stated the elder as he ended his tale.