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{1994 C.E.}

The old man and children blurred out of view as one Eliza Maza a Private Detective Working as a consultant to New York's 23rd precinct wakes from her dream. As she rises and readies herself for duty tonight, she smiles for it had been awhile since she last dreamed of her paternal grandfather and the stories he would tell. If she remembers correctly that was during her parent's second honeymoon when their grandfather flew in from the Hopi tribal lands in Arizona to babysit them for the weekend.

However, she knew she could not dwell on those thoughts for very long as tonight she was set to investigate the top of the Eyrie building. This building belonged to David Xanatos, an eccentric billionaire whose fortune was built from a sunken treasure he found when he was a teenager into a multimillion dollar empire. It seems that an anonymous caller is interested in buying a piece of his latest investment and just will not take no for an answer. The investment in question is a late tenth century castle complete with a set of six stone gargoyles.

He had bought the castle as it had an interesting story about the gargoyles perched on one of the towers and besides the local townsfolk wanted to use the land for other things. The castle became his new headquarters and personal residence, but as for the gargoyles he had made plans to donate them to be placed on top of the clock tower just above the 23rd precinct. However, the anonymous caller was also interested in these gargoyles and thus his concern over what the caller might do should information regarding their donation reach their ears.

Thankfully after readying herself she only needed to walk down a few flights of stairs from her apartment and with a Detective's office between the living space and the front door. This was all thanks to the original owner of the clock tower leaving the building to her in his will as thanks for rescuing his granddaughter during her first case as a Private Detective. As a result she decided to make the apartment below the clock her living space/personal office as it saved her from the otherwise impossible task of trying to find a decent apartment somewhere else in Manhattan. The last couple of floors she gave to city hall so that it could replace the 23rd precinct's old building which was now too small to fit the needed manpower to protect the city as of late.

Finally reaching the second floor of the tower Elisa strolled into Chief Chavez's office to receive futher information on her job tonight. "Welcome Detective and thank you for helping us on this", greeted the Chief as she gestured for Elisa to take a seat across from her desk. To which Elisa responded, "no problem Chief after all since my old man served in the 23rd you all are like family to us". "Thanks Maza, but all pleasantries aside here is the information you will need for tonight. It is a basic job of just watching the statues and guarding their transport which means I expect you to check back in by just past sunrise understood?" the Chief explained in a no nonsense tone. "Understood" replied Elisa as she left the office to proceed to the Eyrie building to begin what she thought was just going to be a quiet night, little did she know how wrong she was.