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(Mill Rock, East River and Harlem River convergence)

To mortal eyes, the abandon island known as Mill Rock seemed devoid of life. However, that was far from the case, as it was currently serving as the home of one individual, his presence hidden thanks to the Mist. Sitting at a dock on the small island, a young man was currently fishing. He had short, spiky black hair and dark purple eyes, with fair skin. He wore a black pants, and a short black-sleeve shirt that showed his lean, muscular arms. On his feet were a pair of long, black leather boots. On his left wrist was a dark grey wristwatch.

Chad Walker, son of Chaos, hummed as he drew his line in. "Want to join me? The fish are really biting today." Chad said, his face looking out at the water. However, the person he was speaking to was approaching behind him. The person was none other than Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth. She was one of the few people who could come to Chad's home on Mill Rock without needing permission beforehand. Chad also knew who it was when she passed through the mist barrier surrounding the island, so was completely relax when Hestia came.

"Perhaps another time, Chad. Unfortunately, this is not a regular visit." Hestia said politely as she spoke to the child of Chaos. "A week ago, there was an invasion on Mu. Fortunately there were no deaths except for the majority of the invading force. However, some Demigods have gone missing." The goddess said.

To explain, long before the present time, Hestia had made a deal with Chaos, the Creator of the Universe and the first Primordial God. She had seen how her siblings and fellow deities sometimes brushed aside their demigod children, leaving them to fend for themselves, some of them rarely making it to their teens. She had requested from Chaos that she would be allowed to take these children to the lost continent of Mu, which had been hidden by Chaos long ago. The continent had been near the edge of the void before reappearing and was twice the size of Asia. It would be a place of refuge, where the demigods and their descendants could live peacefully, Greek and Roman alike. Chaos agreed, even providing them homes and food, but on three conditions: The first was that Hestia would not help them in day to day life, he wanted to see what these orphaned Demigods would do. The second would be that she could not tell the other Gods until Chaos deemed it okay. And the final condition was that Chaos would ask her for a favor if he ever needed one. The third condition would later turn out to raise Chad, Chaos's son.

As the centuries went by and more forgotten demigods arrived too Mu, their small settlements began to grow into large cities. Without restrictions, the demigods, and later legacies, created a civilization that outclassed anything that the mortals have ever built. It was when the Greek and Roman Demigods defeated to the Giants twenty years ago, followed by the peace formed by the two sides, did Chaos finally allow Hestia to reveal Mu. Originally Mu had been cut off from the world, but appeared in response to Gaea's awakening and the coming of Chad. Fortunately, the continent was hidden by the Mist, and from mortal eyes. With Chad and Hestia acting as a neutral party, the Olympians allowed their children and descendants to live on Mu, the continent serving similar as Hotel Valhalla of the Norse Pantheon, and the House of Life of the Egyptian Pantheon. And with the increase of monsters and other threats, they decided to a truce. With Hephaestus and his children working together with the inhabitants, Mu became a beautiful place, a combination of magic and science, with materials provided by none other than Chad. Though they had yet to even come close to covering the lost continent, demigods and legacies named their new nation the Mu Coalition.

As the son of Chaos, the creator of the universe, Chad could summon the ancient matter that forged all life, a material he called Prima Materia, or Materia for short. Though only Chad could bring out its full potential, the others could use the material to create nearly anything, barring life itself. The same substance also grew in Mu, as well as numerous other resources. They were constantly growing, never ending. Thus it only took a year for Demigods, Legacies, and even their mortal parents who wanted a new life, to move into this miracle nation, slowly expanding into what were called Sectors across the continent. Chad became quite rich after that, though still preferred his small home on Mills Rock.

Over the years, friendly monsters, such as Satyrs, Centaurs, Cyclops, Harpies, Fauns, Ichthyocentaurs, Merpeople, Elves, Dwarves, various Nymphs, and others began to inhabit Mu. More cities were built as the new residents began to move in. Eventually, the Coalition and in extension, the continent, become ruled by what was called the Prime Council, consisted of a hundred demigods and legacies chosen to help rule and protect the cities, along with members of the friendly monster species. Only the very brave or very foolish would dare try to invade Mu. So, it was no surprise when Chad asked, "Who the hell would be crazy enough to do that?"

"People that clearly did not know what they were up against." Hestia replied as Chad reeled in his fishing line. "Fortunately, there were no casualties on our side, just a few wounded. The enemy though, suffered greatly, with only a few retreated, and many others captured."

"So, what does Olympus want with me?" Chad asked as he warped his fishing tools away. "Does Thea know about this?"

At mentioned of her daughter, Hestia nodded. "Yes, she is already at Mu. Thea decided to help organize the vanguard forces to head into the gate."

"Gate?" Chad asked.

(Shores of Mu)

"That's… a big gate." Chad commented.

A hundred miles behind Chad and Hestia was Mavros, one of the city-states of the Coalition, built from the combination of magic and science put together. With towering buildings of such beauty and perfection one would think they were made by a sculptor. Several aircrafts could be seen patrolling the sky, while below were vehicles and people moving about. Surrounding the city was a massive wall, built into the nearby mountains. The wall, like the buildings, were built from the strongest material known as Prima Materia and could withstand almost any attack that would be invaders would unleash. The wall was also guarded by a large contingency of sentries, as well as several types of armaments that would make attackers rethink their idea.

Back to the present, after arriving at Mu, both Hestia and Chad were standing in front of a large Roman-designed gate. Surrounding it were over a hundred demigods, satyrs, Cyclops and automatons. The last ones were robotic beings designed by the children of Hephaestus/Vulcan to serve as additional defenders and support troopers, with there being several variants. With them were also several vehicles, having been created over the past twenty years. In the sky, were two Biremes, largest Olypmian gunships and second largest airship. Swarming the air were smaller aircrafts and chariots pulled by pairs of armored Pegasuses. Currently they were keeping an eye on the gate and surrounding area in the event monsters made their move. The forces also set up several Gatling-Crossbows. About nine-hundred miles behind the gate was the coast of Mu, leading to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Demigods present wore Legion-Armor, bio-metallic symbiotic golden bronze power suits that were a combination of both scientific technology and mystic arts. It was based off Chad's Zero Armor, a gift from his father that Chad had modified, though they slightly weaker in terms of abilities. The armor completely covered the person's body, revealing only bits of a black, full body-suit underneath. The helmet's visor was black and shaped like a T, which had a built-in targeting-system and several other scanners. The wearer could also put on different attachments on the armor's forearms or in the various pocket compartments on the belt. On the back was a jet pack, with additional mini-thrusters built into the boots. The final part was that the armor could adapt to the present situation (Though not as fast or effective as the Zero Armor) and could be customized as the wearer saw fit, such as personal designs painted on the armor.

Wearing his signature black leather coat, and his matching hat, Chad could see several Demigods and descendants of Hephaestus, Athena and Hecate near the gate. They were clearly trying to figure out how it worked and where it led. With them were two figures that Chad recognized as he and Hestia made their way over. Said people turned around when they spotted them.

"Lady Hestia, it's good to see you." Chiron, Centaur and Camp Counselor of Camp Half-Blood, and an advisor of the Council said. Annabeth Chase Jackson, Chief Architecture, wife of Percy Jackson, and a member of the Prime Council, stood beside the ancient teacher of Heroes, also bowing her head to the Goddess. Despite being in her mid-thirties, Annabeth still held a youthful appearance. The centaur spotted Chad beside Hestia and greeted the son of Chaos. "And good to you see you too, Chad. I trust that Lady Hestia has filled you in on the current situation." Chiron said.

Chad shrugged. "Heh, basically about a mysterious gate appeared, tearing through space and time. Then an army of wannabe invaders came out, tried to take over the city and got their asses handed to them." Chad summarized all that he heard. "What she hasn't told me is why I am needed? Though I assume that a part of it is to stabilize the gate."

As the son of Chaos, the creator of the universe, Chad had limited space-time manipulation powers. Mostly, he used it to teleport himself, others or objects to various locations, but Chad could also do other tricks too. Even before being told, Chad had sensed distortions in the void, which existed around everything in existence, and that something like a wormhole or a portal had appeared on this world. And seeing this gate only proved what he had felt.

"That's part of the reason, yes. However, we have also concluded that this gate, was activated by a deity." Chiron answered. "Since the first invasion failed, there have been two more attempts, all of them failures. Naturally, this has lead both the Council and the Pantheons to send a force through the gate, secure the other side and find those responsible and have them brought to face questioning, as well as find the missing demigods. We've asked for you to help us find the deities and mortals responsible, as well as lead the vanguard of our forces."

Chad blinked a few times, clearly not having expected to be given a leadership role. He glanced at Hestia and Annabeth. Both nodded in agreement with what Chiron said. All Chad had to say, after being silent for a few seconds, was, "Where's Pollux's bar again? The one called 'Castor's Garden'. I'm going to need a drink…or several."

(Two Days Later)

The day had come, the day that the expedition force would head through the gate to the other side. As planned, a task force had been assembled to serve as the expeditionary force's vanguard. They all wore the same Legion-class armor, though some had additional features added onto theirs, such as unique attachments, added clothing and so on. They all had pocket belts attached to their waist, and jetpacks on their backs. All of them were equipped with a variety of weapons, ranging from modern to ancient. Behind them were several assault pods, ready for use. The small ships were having last minute checks done on them by engineers.

At the front of the force was Chad Walker, now wearing his Zero Armor a blue and black armor with purple trims. While it was similar to the Legion Armor that the others wore in terms of appearance, there were key differences to it. The first part was that the armor was sentient, and thus could change into the jacket Chad likes to wear. It could also regenerate damage when given time. On the sides of the belt were a pair of gun holsters, with semi-automatic pistols in them. He wore additional pauldrons over his armor shoulder pads, as well as a visor on his helmet with an attached binocular lenses.

Beside Chad was one more person, a female demigoddess, around the same age as him. She possessed long, straight, reddish-brown hair that reached the middle of her back, with reddish-brown eyes that went well with her, and they seem to glow sometimes. Both went well with her smooth, light, tanned skin. Her body possessed a great athletic figure, that made her look attractive, yet showed that she exercised regularly. Like the other Demigods, she also wore Legion-Class Armor. it did well in showing off her curves . In her left hand was her helmet. This was Thea Amber Maven, daughter of Hestia and a close friend of Chad. Like children of Athena, Thea was not born the normal way, but rather from the ashes of Hestia's hearth, infused with the love the goddess had for Thea's father, who sadly passed away due to cancer some time ago. Due to the situation of her birth, Thea earned the nickname "Phoenix Princess"

"Okay, listen up!" Chad began, talking to the gathered Demigods. Once he had their attention, he continued. "As I'm sure you know, we're the vanguard that will be spearheading the expedition through the gate and find out what's on the other side. However, expect resistance from the ones who tried to invade us. From what we've confirmed, the majority are humans, along with several supernatural creatures used as cannon fodder."

There were murmurs among many of the troopers, some not comfortable with the idea of fighting mortals. However, Chad quickly put a stop to that. "I am aware many of you are not too keen on killing humans, so know this. These people intended to conquer us. Kill, rape, pillage and enslave everyone you hold dear and sacred. Put that in your mind, those bastards will show no mercy, so show them none in return. Got it?"

"Rah!" They all roared in agreement.

Once that was done, they began boarding the pods. Each one was occupied by three people, one sitting facing forward, and the other two facing the sides. The one at the front was occupied by Chad only. As engineers were doing one last check on the vehicles, almost the populace of Mu gathered around to see the vanguard off. It consisted of Demigods, Legacies, Satyrs, Nymphs, Cyclops, Merpeople, Centaurs, and Hekatonkheires, all of them cheering for their victory. Standing on top of a platform were the Olympians. They all had various emotions on their faces, most notably Ares' bloodthirsty grin. With them were the various minor gods, both Greek and Roman.

The engineers gave the all clear signal. Chad was the one who start things off, activating his pod, which began to hover off the ground a little. It was soon followed by the others and then all of them took off, heading straight through the Gate. Large clouds of smoke and dust was kicked up as they flew forward, and slowly the cheers began to die down as the pods flew further and further ahead.

(Other Side of Gate)

Colt Formal was not having a good day. In fact, it was just getting worse.

A few weeks ago, a second Gate had shown up just a day after the first one appeared at Arnus Hill. This gate appeared at Planus Bay, which, though not sacred as Arnus, did have some importance due to the bay being next to the ocean and was connected to so many rivers that flowed through the Empire territory and their vassals. Predictably, Emperor Molt saw this as a chance to conquer two worlds instead of one, granted both gates didn't lead to the same location.

Colt, lord of the City of Italica, and head of Clan Formal, was originally assigned to partake in the expedition through Arnus Hill gate. However, since he was closer to Planus, he and his forces had been given new orders to support the second expedition. The expedition was led by Molt's eldest son, First Crown Prince Zorzal. To be honest, the idea of being under that sadistic, arrogant prince did not sit well with Colt, especially since the Prince even brought all his slaves to a war camp, including the former Queen of the Warrior Bunnies, Tyuule.

Anyway, at present time, the expedition force that had been sent returned in shambles. Out of the 40,000 troops that went through the gate, only 400 returned, many of them seriously wounded and slightly mad. It astonished Colt to see such seasoned warriors defeated, and lots of them appeared to have lost their minds of what they saw. From what was gathered from the surviving soldiers, the place they ended up was near the coast of some large land. They had managed to kill several natives, taking them by surprised, and chased a few more. The chase led the army to a massive wall, most likely to protect the city behind it. Immediately, the Saderans tried to assault the walls, but to no effect. They were suddenly attacked by men in golden bronze armor that used magic to fly. A Centurion, the highest-ranking officer that survived the failed battle, answered the gathered lords and commanders. After giving a brief report to them and Zorzal, he was sent back to the capital to give the same message to the Emperor and the Senate, leaving the rest to contemplate on what their next move should be.

"To think an entire legion of our best men was wiped out so quickly, and with nothing to bring back with them…" One of the nobles said in a grim tone.

"I hear that the force sent through the Arnus Gate did not fare so well either." Another said.

"Perhaps we should requisition some more troops from-" A lord said before being cut off.

"Enough!" A loud, male voice yelled. All heads turned towards the front of the table. Sitting on an elaborate chair was a tall, muscular, blonde hair man in fancy golden armor. This man was Prince Zorzal El Caesar. Kneeling beside him was former Queen Tyuule, Zorzal's personal slave. She had a beautiful, voluptuous figure, with long, silver hair with bunny ears sticking out. Her face was covered in dirt but did little to distract from her red eyes. She wore a simple brown rag and a collar around her neck. It was obvious she was sending a seething glare towards Zorzal.

"Listen to you all, acting like spineless cowards! You shame our empire as much as yourselves." Zorzal said in a condescending tone. "The leaders of the expedition force were incompetent. Allowing themselves to be beaten back by the barbarians on the other side of the gate. But this time will be different, this time, we'll crush those savages and make them regret challenging the might of the Saderan Empire!" He said with an arrogant laugh. "Besides, they wouldn't be foolish enough to attack us here."


A loud noise startled everyone in and a few nobles and generals were knocked off their feet. Soon, more sounds followed afterwards, and then more noises soon after. These noises consisted of screaming and other sounds they were not familiar with. "What the hell?!" Zorzal roared as he ran out the tent to see what was happening, followed by the nobles and generals.

What they saw could only be described as chaos. Dozens of oval-shaped objects came flying out of the gate, and then crashed onto their war camp. As they crashed, the objects opened, revealing the masked people mentioned by the survivors flying out. As they took the air, they raised odd-looking staves and released energy. The bolts struck the Imperial Soldiers and their demihuman auxiliaries, killing them on contact. A few of the invaders landed on the ground and brought out weapons from seemingly nowhere. Some legionaries tried to kill them, but they were no match for the masked people who either cut them down with their weapons or tore them to shreds with their staves. Some of them used what could only be powerful magic, such as summoning vines and other plants to ensnare the legionaries. Others conjured forth water, fire, ice, wind and lightning. One of them even caused the earth to open, swallowing several of Imperial troops, before closing behind them. A few summoned skeletons to attack, or moved through the shadows, striking before retreating.

Several generals, nobles, dukes and lords ran out, trying to regain control over their troops, while Zorzal remained at the entrance of his tent, along with the others. The Crown Prince was at a complete loss at what was happening. Their forces consisted of at least 10,000, and there couldn't have been more than 300 of the invaders! How was it possible that his forces were the ones being slaughtered?! It made no sense to him.

"My Prince, look out!" A guard shouted, pointing upward.

One of the objects, that had been zooming in the air like a rabid wyvern, suddenly made a dive straight towards the command tent. Zorzal and the others made mad dashes to get out of the way, though a few were not so fortunate and were either crushed or sent into the air. The tent was nearly sent flying off its supports, while the command table and chairs were crushed and shattered into splinters. Zorzal and his men quickly got back to their feet, trying to see through the dust kicked up for an invader to come out.

Chad groaned as he opened the hatched of the pod. "I really need to get the knack in driving one of these things." Chad grumbled as he stepped out and landed on the ground with a soft thud. His helmet had already informed him that the rest of the vanguard had already landed and were currently engaging the enemy. Looking down, Chad spotted a female before him. She was sitting on her rear, clearly having been pushed back by the pod's landing. However, what caught the son of Chaos' attention were the bunny ears sticking out of her head.

"Holy shit…" Chad murmured as he warped in front of Tyuule, who flinched in surprise. The demigod's focus was on the ears though. "Are these real?" He muttered as he tentatively poked one of the ears. The ears instinctively twitched at the touch. "They are real! Cool!" Chad said in amazement before looking down at the confused Tyuule. "The names Chad! Chad Walker! What's yours?"

"T-Tyuule…" The former Warrior Bunny Queen said, still unsure of this situation.

Thanks to his ability to understand any language, plus having learned from the prisoners of the failed invasion that these people spoke a bastardize version of Latin, Chad understood her clearly. "Nice name." Chad said politely. "Anyway, my friends and I are here to find the people that tried to invade us, kick their asses and a bunch of other stuff. You wouldn't happen to know where I can find these people, do you?" Chad asked.

It took a moment, but Tyuule figured that these armored people were here for the Empire. Quickly, she pointed one of her chained hands to something behind Chad. Turning around, the armored son of Chaos saw that there was a small group of soldiers, armed with swords and spears, surrounding him and Tyuule. Among them was a large blonde hair man, wearing fancy golden armor. He also had a sneer on his face.

"You have some nerve, facing the mighty Empire with just a mere 300 soldiers, savage. However, that ends here! Tell your soldiers to back down, or I will kill you in the most painful way possible. Then, you will all bow down to the authority of me, Crown Prince Zorzal El Caesar!" Zorzal shouted, followed by an arrogant laugh.

Not the least bit bothered by the dozens of men surrounding him, or Zorzal's proclamation, Chad leaned closer to Tyuule. "Well, someone is overcompensating." He muttered. His comment made Tyuule giggle a little.

Zorzal heard the comment, though, and only made him angry. "Kill him! And bring his severed head for his fellow barbarians to see!" He ordered his men.

Before they could do anything, Chad pulled out his semi-automatic pistols and fired six rounds from each gun. Unlike the firearms of the other Demigods, these weapons did not fire bronze energy bullets, but instead black-colored energy bullets. The bullets each hit a solider in the head, killing them instantly. Their heads all had holes that went straight through, with no blood coming out either. That's because Chad's bullets were formed from null energy, power of the Void itself, not bullets from energy packs that the other Demigods used. As the son of Chaos, Chad could harness the power of the Void for himself, mainly using it in ways like this right now, and energy projectiles. Anything that got in its path was immediately erased from existence.

Zorzal was shocked at the death of twelve of his men, as were his remaining soldiers and Tyuule. That gave Chad the chance to warp right in the middle of them, taking them by surprised again. In quick succession, Chad brought the remaining soldiers low, using his guns either as blunt weapons, or shooting the legionaries in the head or other vital areas, killing them. Within seconds, the only ones still alive were Chad, Tyuule, Zorzal, two guards, and a man who wore armor of nobility. Bodies of the fallen were lying on the ground at Chad's feet, who merely turned his gaze towards the Prince.

Realizing just how outclassed he was, Zorzal decided to leave while he had the chance. "Keep him back! Do not let him take me!" He frantically ordered the two remaining guards and Count Formal, before running out of the tent and away from the battle. Tyuule growled, realizing that the prince had completely forgotten about her, not that she should be surprised.

Back with Chad, the two remaining guards charged towards the Demigod in a futile attempt to stop him. However, the son of Chaos merely flicked out a pair of katanas with black blades and cut down the two guards with ease, separating their heads from their necks. All that left was Colt, who merely had his sword out and was in a fighting stance. But Chad could see the nervousness in the older man's eyes. Clearly, he knew that this was a fight he could not win but was still going to try. Chad doubted it had anything to do with the blonde who ran with his tail between his legs, so perhaps it was based off another logic these backwater people had. Either way, he might be useful alive than dead. So, with that, Chad warped behind the confused Colt and delivered a chop to the neck, knocking the Count out.

Once he made sure that the Count was unconscious and not dead, Chad walked over towards Tyuule. Said woman had a look of shock and amazement on her face as this being (she couldn't see his face from underneath the helmet) easily dispatched a dozen trained men. She didn't even register that he was crouching right before her until he easily removed her bindings by reducing them to nothing. Tyuule stared at her now free hands in disbelief, still unable to comprehend what was happening. A hissing sound caught her attention, and looking up, she saw Chad remove his helmet. Her cheeks turned red when the Bunny Warrior saw her savior's face. He was different than what Tyuule imagine, much more handsome too.

Chad gave a smile and gently helped Tyuule to her feet. It was at that moment Thea appeared, landing beside the two, her helmet gone, thus allowing her hair to flow freely. "Chad, we've finished securing the area. No losses on our side." Thea reported. "We found several people we've identified as slaves. We're currently giving them treatment however, they seem a bit hesitant in trusting us."

Nodding, Chad turned towards Tyuule, who was giving Thea a curious look. "Tyuule, right?" The silver haired warrior nodded. "Do you think you could talk to the other freed slaves for us? Tell them we mean them no harm." Chad asked.

The Bunny Warrior was a bit hesitant to help, since she had no idea who these strangers were. But she couldn't see any ill intent from these invaders, and the male freed her from that despicable Prince Zorzal. Surely, they were better than the Empire and their treatment. With a shy nod, Tyuule followed Thea towards the other slaves, who had all gathered in a group, watched over by several demigods. Though no moves were made to harm them, the slaves still held fearful look in their eyes, no surprise given how their former masters treated them.

As Thea led the silver haired bunny woman, Chad prepared to follow them when he paused mid-step. He felt like someone was watching him. Looking upwards, the son of Chaos stared at the sky. It seemed pretty normal, blue with several white clouds in the air. And yet, Chad could feel eyes on him. His response was straight forward: He raised his right arm and gave the sky the middle finger.

The response he got was a strong gust of wind, as if someone was yelling very loudly. It surprised Chad, making him stumble a bit. But he quickly regained his balance before anyone noticed. Satisfied that his message was sent, Chad headed back to the others, just as several Automatons, Cyclops, Vulcan and Hephaestus children began coming out of the gate. They started to begin the construction of their base here in this new world.

Here's a brief description of the armors introduced.

Legion Armor: The common full-body armor worn by all soldiers AKA Demigods. The armor has a built-in jet pack, communicator, scanner and made entirely from advanced nanobots, created from a combination of magic and technology. The armor is stored inside a bracelet that all demigods are required to wear. Furthermore, it is highly adaptive and can repair itself it if takes too much damage, as well as store numerous objects and have attachments and upgrades put onto it, letting the wearer activate them through a neural-link to the armor. The durability of the armor is also impressive, able to take some of the strongest blows with ease.

Zero: A living nanite symbiotic creature Zero was created by Chaos and given to his son, Chad Walker. Zero can transforms into a bio-metallic symbiotic armor of both technology and magic that follows Chad's command from a mental link the two shares. It can morph various weapons and adapt to nearly any situation. When not in its armor form Zero takes the appearance of a wrist watch on Chad's left wrist. It was use as the base for the Legion Armor, lesser versions of it.

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