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Itami managed to regain consciousness quickly. Rubbing his face, he muttered, "Owie" as he got up. He looked around, taking note of Chad who was trying to calm himself. "What happened?" Itami asked.

"You got hit in the face by a door opened by an overly excited woman." Gavin replied plainly. "Plus, your radio is making noise."

True enough, voices could be heard coming from the radio attached to Itami's vest. Scrambling to grab it, Itami responded. "Hello? Kuwabara?"

"Lieutenant are you okay? I was getting worried." The Sergeant Major said.

"I'm fine. Just passed out for a moment." Replied Itami.

The older man sighed. "If you'd taken any longer to respond, we would've burst in to rescue you."

Itami shuddered. It wouldn't have been good if conflict had occurred. Causalities, both soldiers and civilians would've been results. Kuwabara probably knew that and was why he held back the order for so long. As he was speaking to the sergeant major, the demigods took this time to examine the interior of the town.

There were few soldiers here, including the girl who knocked out Itami and another girl wearing the same armor. Most likely a militia force and a small one at that. The rest were just townsfolk armed with daggers, swords, shields, bows, clubs, pitchforks and any other object they could find to use as weapons. A few wore light armor that have clearly seen better days. All this showed that this was a force who were quickly gathered by the desperate desire of survival against the overwhelming number of the bandits.

"Hmm, well it appears we came here at an interesting time." Gavin noted before looking at the redhead. "So, you mind telling us what is going on here?" He asked.

"Insolent fools!" The other woman, a brunette, shouted. Getting in between the redhead and them, she declared. "This is an affront to the third Imperial Princess Pina co Lada!"

Everyone who had just arrived were surprised to learn that the redhead was a princess. However, Chad began to laugh hysterically, startling everyone except for the demigods. The reason being was that the princess had the same name as a drink. "Hahahaha! Oh man, oh that is hilarious! Her name…this is just too much! I am so glad I came here with this idiot!" Chad declared, the 'idiot' being Itami.

Pina just looked confused as did the rest of the Special Region people. Gavin merely sighed in annoyance while Thea face palmed. "Sorry about that, Ms. He'll cool down in a few secs. Meanwhile, mind telling us what's the bloody hell is going on?" Gavin asked as Chad started to calm down.

(Formal Manor)

A few minutes later, the group consisting of Itami, Chad, Rory, Gavin, Thea, Shino, Anthony, Lelei, Tuka and Tomita were escorted through the Italica Mansion by Pina and Hamilton to meet the countess. As they walked, Pina explained the current situation. After most of Italica's forces were sent to reinforce Planus Bay along with Count Formal, the lack of security in the lands led to an increase in crime and banditry. Presently, the town was besieged by a large army of bandits, their ranks swelled with survivors from the Allied Army that had been wiped out at Alnus Hill.

"So, in a way, this is the JSDF's fault." Chad chirped, only to get an elbow to the side by Thea. They and Gavin had their helmets retracted thus one could see the annoy look on Hestia's daughter's face. Still, there were truth in his words as the three members of said army looked sheepish and ashamed.

They soon approached a large fancy door. "Beyond here lies the current ruler of Italica and Countess of Formal, Myui." Pina said as she opened the door. Doing so revealed a little girl with orange hair sitting atop of an ornate chair, dressed in a pink dress she looked at them with blue eyes that held childlike innocence.

"I believe the countess turns eleven this year." Lelei commented.

"Yeah, General Jackson was told the same thing by her father." Gavin added, saying it out loud.

That caught the attention of the JSDF, the Princess and her entourage, and more importantly Myui and the Head Maid. "E-excuse me! Did you say my father?!" The young Countess asked, her voice filled with fear and hope.

Taking this as his cue, Gavin walked up to the countess, passing Pina. Taking an envelope out, the son of Apollo presented it to Kaine. The head maid took it, noticing the Formal emblem on the envelope before handing it over to Myui.

Said girl swiftly tore the envelope before looking the letter inside, recognizing her father's handwriting. Reading it out loud she said, "My father and over two hundred of our soldiers are currently being held at Planus Bay, known as Fort Iron. They have not been harmed and are treated well. In return for their safe release, Italica must secede from the Empire and join the Mu Coalition as a protectorate."

Myui looked at the Head Maid and then at Gavin, tears in her eyes. "You'll release my father? Alive and unharmed?" She asked, almost unable to believe it.

"Yes, but only if you comply with our conditions. Though your family will still leading Italica, so long as your laws are fine with us. Military matters will be dealt with by us. There are some other things, but we will deal with that later." Gavin replied.

Myui looked at the Head Maid, Pina and then her father's letter. Then she looked at Gavin. "Very well, I hereby surrender the city of Italica and all its holdings to the Mu Coalition."

Pina cursed in her head. What was originally her intention to gain the enemies' help and acquire information about their forces turned to the Empire losing one of the most military and economically important cities. And there was nothing she could do about it. As for the JSDF, they just watched from the side while this occurred. They were a bit nervous of what would happen but were in no position to argue. After all, this was between Italica and the Demigods.

"Thank you, countess. Now that you have agreed to your terms, we shall be more than happy to help defend the city and its inhabitants. For that to happen, I must formally request you turn over command of the defenses to us." Gavin said. The Countess easily granted that request, much to Pina's ire. "Great. Now before I begin, where does the JSDF stand on the fate of this town?" Asked Gavin.

The three JSDF soldiers looked at one another. Then Itami turned towards Gavin. "Well, we won't be able to sell the scales if the city is gone. So, I guess we'll be lending our assistance too." The Lieutenant declared.

"Excellent, then let's get to planning." Gavin said. He then looked at the son of Hecate. "Obi, mind giving us a hand here?"

Anthony nodded as he stepped forward. Clapping his hands together, he then spread them out before doing a circular movement with them. As he did, a trail of magical energy followed behind them, getting everyone besides the demigods to openly gape. Once the circle was complete Anthony placed it on the ground and allowed it to spread out. As it did, anyone who it passed felt something prick against their skin. Minute later a holographic image of the town appeared in the middle of the room, right over the table. "There, I placed a barrier around the town. We now have a miniature model of present-time Italica and where everyone is." Anthony explained. "I also put up a detection spell too. We will get a mental warning if any bandits enter about a mile away from the walls."

No one said anything. They were still too stunned of what they just witnessed. For the JSDF, it was the first actual usage of magic they had ever seen before. To Itami, it was something straight out of some of the manga he would read. Concerning the Special Region residents, magic on such a scale that it could cover an entire town had never been seen before. Furthermore, mages had to chant in order to cast spells, which took a while and why they were not used in the Imperial Army. Not even Rory, who had lived for over 900 years, could claim she had seen such magic. Lelei had to control herself from running around the holographic field to analyze it, or from asking Anthony how he did it.

"Now then, let us see how we can bring some hurt onto these bandits." Gavin said as he and the others began examining the image.

(One Hour Later, Fort Iron)

Much had change since Chad and the Recon teams had taken off. Not so much as reinforcements and additions to the base and harbor, but rather refugees. Word spread that many slaves had been freed and were under the care of the Demigods. And as the Imperial Army had suffered major losses fighting against two superior forces, much of the remaining soldiers had been recalled too protect the capital. As such, many places where slaves were located suffered revolts as their prisoners broke free and fled towards Planus Bay, hoping to be given sanctuary.

Their prayers were answered. Percy Jackson was fine with welcoming them, though Cyclops and Hephaestus/Vulcan children were working steadily to build basic homes for these newcomers. And it wasn't just escaped slaves, but villagers who either came on their own or escorted by recon teams. Many of these villagers had suffered of having their homes and lands destroyed by Imperial soldiers on orders of Molt's scorch earth policy, or from bandit attacks. Like the escaped slaves, these people too were allowed in. As a former ruler and familiar with matters of governing and organizing, Tyuule was made the leader of this small community of outcasts. She had shown to be greatly devoted towards the Demigods, both for freeing her from Zorzal's clutches and for her own desire to see the Empire burned.

Meanwhile inside HQ, Commander Percy was speaking with Stephan about his recent discoveries of the gate. "From our studies, the actual 'gate' is a vortex distorting space and time, thus the connection between worlds. The structure around it appears to act as a stabilizing agent of some kind, keeping it in a single form. It was probably constructed by the Empire for their invasion force to enter. We're still conducting tests whether prolong opening will have any negative effects or not." Stephan explained.

"Fine, have your team continue studying it, let me know if you make any unusual discoveries. Also, send your report to Mu and let them know." Percy ordered.

Suddenly the door to his office was slammed open. A Travis Stoll came rushing in. "Percy, we just got word from Gavin Yuri! They've made contact with Italica's leaders who have seceded from the Empire to us as per our agreement. However, they report that a large army of bandits are besieging the city and are requesting aid."

Percy immediately shifted his attention from Stephan to Travis. "Which group is ready to move?" He asked.

"We can have the 5th Battalion ready to move in half an hour. Clarisse and Patrick Kowalski are ready to command them." Travis replied. "Also, they regrouped with Walker and Amber, as well as members of the JSDF from Alnus Hill, plus a local mage, an elf and one of those Apostles. Zeke will be arriving on Hawk to assist too."

"Then see to it. I want Italica secured before it falls. Tell Gavin to protect the town at all costs." Percy ordered.

The order given and the forces of Demigods and Legacies were preparing to mobilize. Soldiers grabbed their armor, weapons and gear as they joined up with their assign teams. Once that was done, they quickly boarded the Dragonflies, Hornets and Falcons. Once everyone was aboard, the aircrafts began starting up their propulsion thrusters. At the lead Falcon was Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares and a commander of the Coalition forces. With her were Patrick Kowalski and Dustin Monroe, the former a legacy of Notus and Boreas and the latter a child of Ares like Clarisse. Patrick was a young man of average height with fair skin, short white hair and purple eyes. While Dustin had a lean muscular build, average height, Caucasian skin, multiple scars, brown hair and brown eyes. Clarisse's Legion Armor had a small waist-length cape from my drakon scales hanging from the shoulders.

"We've got the greenlight! Take off!" Clarisse ordered through the comm.

Upon her order, all the crafts lifted into the sky. From the recently built houses, the former slaves and refugees came outside and watched as the battalion took to the air. Tyuule and the rest of them all looked at in awe, amazed at these 'metal creatures' under the Demigods' command. The rotorcrafts soon closed in their blades as the thrusters kept them afloat. The Hornets and Dragonflies then shifted into their jet modes so that they were now propelling forward alongside the Falcons (A/N: It is kind of like what Vortex does in Fall of Cybertron). Once the preparations were done, the unit took off towards Italica.

(That night, Italica South Gate)

After taking over command from Pina, and studying the layout of Italica, Gavin and Chad deduced that the bandits would try a night attack, as the city's defenders would still be exhausted from the afternoon battle. The most obvious part they would attack would be the East Gate. When Pina questioned why that area and not the South Gate, which had taken the brunt of the recent attack, Chad explained that defenders were more vulnerable when they felt the safest. Many of the bandits were ex-soldiers and were knowledgeable enough in warfare to know this. Still, Gavin admitted that the bandits might send a force to attack that side, and thus Third Recon, Rory, Lelei and Tuka were sent to support. Itami had also contacted Alnus Base and that reinforcements would arrive around dawn. Gavin had done the same thing but said that Demigod forces would be here within one hour, way before the JSDF would arrive. Chad also told Zeke about the situation and he would be arriving around the same time.

"Now remember" Dylan said as he spoke to Itami, the rest of Third Recon, Rory, Tuka and Lelei. "According to our information, there are a total of 600 bandits. We believe that a hundred of them will be dispatched here to attack, while the main force strikes the east gate. Remember. A. Hundred. Bandits. Attack. This. Gate." He said the last part slowly, looking at Itami.

"Is it necessary to talk like that?" Asked Itami, a bit annoyed.

Dylan shrugged. "Sorry, but you look like one of those idiots who never focus on something unless they are related to some dumb hobby of yours." The demigod said.

"He has a point, Lieutenant. You're pretty much unenthusiastic about anything that isn't anime, manga or whatever." Kuwahara commented, earning nods from the rest of the team.

"Hey!" Itami cried.

"Anyway, now that is done, I shall be rejoining the others." Dylan said as he turned around, only to be stopped by Rory who was giving him an inquisitive look. "Can I help you with something?" The son of Hercules asked.

"Why did you agree?" Rory asked suddenly. The question was obviously directed to the demigod, so she probably had asked the JSDF already.

"Agree with what?" Dylan asked back.

"Why did you agree to help the princess of an empire that you're at war with?" Rory clarified standing directly in front of him.

Seeing how she wouldn't budge, Dylan answered. "First off, we're helping the people of Italica, who are just victims of the empire's stupidity and greed. We promised to aid them in return for defecting to our side. That's the reason." He noticed the frown on Rory's face. "What? Not good enough answer?"

Rory shook her head. "The god I serve, Emroy, is the god of war. The act of taking lives is not a sin to him. But that makes your motives very important. Lies and deception taint the soul." She explained.

Dylan just blinked at her a few times. Finally, he said, "Well, that's the most bullshit thing I ever heard all day."

"W-what?" Stuttered Rory. Never in her life has anyone said that to her.

"Girl I don't know what goes on inside the heads of you and your boss but lies and deception are some of the main factors of war. How do you suppose a lot of battles are won? Honesty and truth? Complete ridiculous. Besides, I don't pray to your god so why should I give two shits of what he thinks." Dylan said before pulling out his trademark minigun, which was easy for him to lift with his super strength. Everyone was surprised by the weapon though Shino was drooling at the sight. "Now, if you excuse me, I need to join the rest. Good killing!" And with that Dylan took off, leaving a shell-shocked Rory behind.

(Italica East Gate)

"This side was the least damaged during the bandits' assault. Plus, there are a large number of defenders here, including us." Chad mused as he drummed his fingers against a block of stone that made up the eastern wall of Italica. "Definitely where the bandits will attack next."

Meanwhile, the Italica defenders were preparing for the next attack. Sentries were placed on the walls, and torches were light everywhere except for the East and South Gates. Neither the Demigods nor the JSDF needed them since they could already see thanks to their advanced equipment. Norma was at the East Gate with the Demigods. He adjusted his sword while taking glances at the demigods. Said people had finished setting up claymores around the field. These claymores were filled with Greek Fire that when set off, would burn anyone or anything near it.

The Rose Order Knight still felt uncomfortable about all this, just handing command over to these outsiders. However, the people of Italica were relieved of having such power warriors with them. The fact that their beloved Count was still alive was a morale boost for the weary defenders, along with that help was coming. Norma was glad that they would be able to see this through, but still upset that the Empire would be losing a key city in the aftermath.

"What about our reinforcements? Can we expect them to be here soon?" Thea asked Chad.

"About an hour or so. I also asked them to play a certain song for when they arrive." Chad replied cheerily. Thea just rolled her eyes.

Gavin adjusted the built-in binoculars in his helmet. Zooming in, he could see over 600 bandits marching forward. "They're coming, about three miles away." Gavin reported to his team. He ignored the confused look from Norma since the knight couldn't see anything in the dark.

Chad nodded. "Shouldn't be too hard to hold them back. Anthony, you sense anything?"

The son of Hecate closed his eyes, focusing on any magical energies nearby. Anthony then looked at the others. "I am feeling a magic user among them but cannot pinpoint where they are among the bandits."

"Threat level?" Asked Chad.

"Minimal. But I recommend we should try to capture them alive." Anthony said.

"In the meantime, let's give these bastards a greeting." Gavin said as he took out a detonator. He zoomed in as he waited for a good number of the bandits to walk over a certain spot. The location was where the claymores had been buried. Once plenty of the invaders were in position, Gavin pressed the button. "Here comes the light show."

"Ha, ha! Ka-boom." Chad said.

Seconds later the night was light up as the claymores exploded. Pillars of flames flew upwards into the sky. Mixed into the flames were shrapnel that latched out and struck any bandits nearby that weren't burnt to death by the flames. Those that weren't killed immediately screamed in pain as the flames burned their armor and skin. The explosions surprised everyone but the Demigods.

"Now! Open fire while they're disoriented!" Gavin shouted as he pulled out his dual firearms, a pair of mini crossbows/pistols. Shifting to the crossbow form, the son of Apollo charged them up and fired, easily piercing several bandits through the heads. Dylan, who had arrived, joined in as he fired his minigun, easily holding the large weapon as its bullets tore through the bandits' shields and armor. Norma was in shock, at both how quickly the demigods were gunning down the bandits but were not even flinching at their large numbers. What the knight didn't know was that the demigods were used to dealing with overwhelming odds.

The best way to describe the favored style of combat for demigods would be special ops. Basically, it would be a small group of elite soldiers against an army. The fact that at least three to five demigods, including satyrs, would go on quests was a prime example. When the battle of New York against the Titan Army and the Second Giant War, despite how hard they fought, the demigods' low numbers showed that being highly skilled did not always win a battle. And the Triumvirate Holdings proved that even modern objects and weapons could be devastating. Thus, when Mu was officially made the Demigods' new home, the introduction of science and technology mixed with their magic was introduced. Even then, at most, the Demigod forces measured up to at least 1,000,000, excluding friendly monsters like Satyrs, Centaurs and Cyclops. And while that might seem like a large number, it couldn't compare to the near infinite forces of the monsters and other foes they faced.

To be honest, many of the vehicles, aircrafts and ships were mainly used for the defense of Mu against the large forces of invading monsters that were also showing signs of incorporating modern technology. When performing quests, it would be rare for the teams to requisition a tank. New models of Automatons were also heavily used as their many usages were obvious given the past. The expedition through the Gate into Falmart was the first offensive the Demigods had used their armory for.

Each demigod was during their own part. Theodore would easily snipe bandits from a distance with either his pistols or compact bow. Zahra would fire her sword-pistols into small portals, the shots appearing somewhere else and killing bandits where they would least suspect it. When the bandits had managed to put up ladders against the stone walls, Fiore and Theodore conjured roots and vines that either destroyed them or made them unusable. Anyone who managed to climb over were swiftly dealt with by Dylan with his spiked bat/minigun, Kevin with his dual fanged-daggers, Thea with her heated, blade-whip and Jonah with his Pistol-Sword and shield. Albert manipulated the wind to stop the arrows fired by the bandits, knock them off their feet, or kick up dust to blind them, allowing the others to fire back. This allowed Anthony to conjure lightning bolts, which struck any unfortunate bandit dead on. For the defenders that got injured, they were tended to by Oscar, who delivered orders to others. Chad would wield his dual katana-pistols, Alpha and Omega, and warp everywhere. He would slice or shoot a bandit before moving somewhere else. Sometimes he would change the properties of the shields and weapons, making them explode and killing their wielders. In short, they were holding the bandits back completely on their own. The townsfolk were little more than support.

Norma, who was watching this, let out a tsk sound. While he was relieved that the bandits were not able to get into the town, the fact that another power was the cause meant that Italica would definitely fall under the Demigods' control. Princess Pina had been hoping to avoid that and perhaps try to use the bandit attack as a way to weaken both the Demigod and JSDF personnel until reinforcements arrive, then use the survivors as hostages. However, it was clear that the Demigods were dominating the battlefield. Perhaps this is how three hundred of them were able to overwhelm the large force that was under Prince Zorzal.

As Norma managed to cut down another bandit, he saw several bandits, who had somehow managed to sneak by, head towards the main door. If they were able to open it, then the majority of the marauders would be able to walk in without trouble. "Stop them! They're-" Norma tried to shout, but was silenced when the bandit leader attacked him from behind, running his sword through the knight's back. The life left Norma swiftly as the Marauder leader held his body to the townsfolk and defenders.

"Their commander is dead! They have no hope now! Now we will have the revenge we-" The bandit leader began to yell hysterically, believing Norma's death would demoralize the defenders, even the Demigods. Unfortunately, he underestimated the demigods as, in an almost twist of irony, Chad quickly warped in front of him. Swinging both katanas downward, Chad decapitated the man. He then teleported towards the main door, touching the ground and liquifying it so that the bandits sink as if in quicksand, completely submerging them before turning the ground solid again. Then, altering the stability of the door, Chad reinforced it until it became strong enough to resist a tank shell.

The situation was already deteriorating for the bandits. And it only got worse when the Demigod reinforcements had arrived. "Commander La Rue, we've reached Italica!" A pilot said to the daughter of Ares.

"Okay, tell the pilots to get into formation and clean these bastards up. And put in that song Chad asked for. Might as well leave a good impression." Clarisse said.

A few seconds later, the Falcons' loudspeakers all began to release music, capturing the attention of everyone in Italica. It stared soft at first before going to loud so fast it felt like an explosion.

Disturbed: Indestructible

Another mission
The powers have called me away
Another time
To carry the colors again
My motivation
An oath I've sworn to defend
To win the honor
Of coming back home again
No explanation
Will matter after we begin
Unlock the dark destroyer that's buried in me
My true vocation
And now my unfortunate friend
You will discover
A war you're unable to win

The Dragonflies and Hornets immediately opened fire, firing laser bolts at the bandits on the ground. Seeing this, some bandits tried to defend themselves with their shields, while others fired arrows at the iron monsters. The results only ended with the shield and wielders being torn the shreds, and the arrows missing their targets or just bouncing off, the archers killed as well.

At the wall, some Demigods got off the Falcons and began assisting Seventh Recon. Armed with spear-rifles, blade-pistols and rotor shields, the reinforcements cut through the bandits like wheat. Try as they might, the invaders could not hold back against the Demigods were slowly being routed.

I'll have you know
That I've become

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side
A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war

"Yeah! Now this is more like!" Chad cheered as he fired his pistols. The song was quite invigorating and was making the demigod even more hyper as he fell several bandits.

"Got to hand it to Chad." Dylan said as he sent three bandits flying with his bat. "He sure knows how to pick them."

"Recon Seven, this is Two-Five. We're seeing at least a hundred bandits at the South Gate and small firearms. Should we assist?' A voice asked through the comms.

"Roger that. The firearms are probably from the JSDF. Lend them a hand, would ya." Gavin said as he shot down another marauder.

"Copy that" The Falcon made a turn and did a direct path towards the southern gate. As it flew, the villagers and knights looked up in awe at the iron beast that had come to them in their time of need.

(South Gate)

Before the battle had started, the bandits had decided to send over a hundred of their fellows to assault the South Gate. The plan was that in the event they would have too much trouble attacking the East Gate, this smaller group would be able to bypass the defenders at the already weakened part of the wall. However, they had not expected Third Recon to be there. Though their numbers were few, the JSDF soldiers, with the assistance of Rory, Lelei and Tuka, had managed to keep the marauders at bay for now.

That still didn't mean they were unbreachable. Some of the bandits had managed to breach the gate and were now flooding in, turning the battle into close quarters. Though Rory and Shino were taking them on easily, that didn't mean they were still safe yet. However, the situation changed when a pair of rockets struck the bandits, sending bits and gore everywhere. The explosion was then followed by music.

"Is that reinforcements?" Itami asked as he reloaded his rifle.

"Yeah" Tomita said, looking up and spotting the Falcon firing down on the bandits. "Just not the JSDF."

Another reason
Another cause for me to fight
Another fuse uncovered
Now, for me to light
My dedication
To all that I've sworn to protect
I carry out my orders
With not a regret
A declaration
Embedded deep under my skin
A permanent reminder
Of how we began
No hesitation
When I am commanding the strike
You need to know
That you're in for the fight of your life

The Falcon hovered over the inside of the town, opening its side doors. Jumping out were Patrick and Dustin, the latter armed with a double-barrel shotgun. The Falcon then went back to dealing with the bandits still outside the wall. Patrick landed on the wall, besides the JSDF soldiers. Without giving them so much as a glance, the Legacy raised both his arms. From his left hand came a beam of cold energy, while from his right was heat energy. When the beams struck the bandits, some were frozen solid down to their bones, while others were set aflame, melting their flesh and armor.

Back in the courtyard, Shino rushed a bandit, impaling her bayonet through his body. She then fired several shots to finish the job. Three more bandits tried to charger her, but Shino fired her rifle, piercing their shields and their flesh. That is when a fourth bandit appeared behind her, bringing down his sword. Shino was able to raise her rifle in time to block it, but she was forced to one knee by the impact. A second later the man's head was blown apart, shocking Shino. Turning around she saw Dustin standing there, a double-barrel shotgun in his hands.

Spinning around, the son of Ares fired two more shots, each one killing at least three bandits. Then he pulled the gun in two, forming a pair of battle axes with bronze blades. Gripping the handles tightly, Dustin rushed at the remaining bandits. Bringing down both axes, he tore through their shields, armor and flesh. A bandit with a flail tried strike Dustin in the head, but the demigod merely dodged the oncoming weapon. He then grabbed the chain and with a single tug, pulled the bandit flying towards him. The marauder didn't even have time to think as Dustin brought his axe down, nearly splitting the man's head in two.

"So cool…" Murmured Shino as she watched Dustin's warpath. She quickly snapped out of it when more bandits came pouring in, somehow surviving Patrick's onslaught.

You will be shown
How I've become

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side
A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war

All across Italica, the bandits were being wiped out or captured. The forces of the Mu Coalition were landing from the Falcons as they pushed back the marauders. With either rifles, pistols, shotguns, swords, spears, axes, shields, magic or powers, the enemy could not withstand their might. The Italica townsfolks watched in awe as these armored men and their metal beasts came to their rescue, turning in what was once a hopeless battle into a complete victory.


Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side
A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war

"It's a monster…" Hamilton muttered as a Dragonfly hovered near them.

She and Pina were standing, overlooking the eastern gate, watched in shock and horror as these 'beasts' easily slaughtered the bandits. "A flying horse of steel..." Pina gasped out, as she watched the Dragonfly. slowly pull away. Her mind still unable to comprehend at just what she was seeing "How could this even exist? No such army could match their level of strength. A power that could rain fire from the sky and eradicate everything. No pride, no glory... nothing left in its wake! Do the gods really think this low of us, are we really so small? So… insignificant?! Just what have we brought upon ourselves?"

Back at the East Gate, Clarisse finally touched down on the ground with a soft thud. Her electric spear was covered in blood as she surveyed the area of the East Gate. She spotted some bandits trying to flee. "Dragonflies! Pursue those trying to make a run for it. Capture them if possible, kill them if they resist!"

"Hey sis! We finished up here at the South Gate. The JSDF folks are okay and we captured a few of the bastards." Dustin said through Clarisse's helmet's built in radio.

"Good work, I'll send some troops to help." Clarisse said.

The sun was now beginning to rise, turning the black sky orange. Its light showed the numerous bodies strewn across the ground. Some were the Italica militia, but they are vastly outnumbered by the bandits' corpses, their limbs or heads missing, many filled with holes. The Demigod forces were now busy helping the wounded and moving the prisoners. Meanwhile the townsfolks were cheering and crying, relieved that the nightmare was over.

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side
A terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war!

As the song ended and the Demigod aerial crafts and ground forces began to land, some of the townsfolks built up a little courage to approach their saviors. Chad Walker was cleaning the blood off Alpha and Omega when an old man asked him. "Thank you so much for saving us…but, who are you people?"

Chad looked at the man for a moment. Then he had Zero retract his helmet for everyone to see his face before answering. "We're the Mu Coalition Army."

The Battle of Italica was over.

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Falcon: Light Assault Support Gunship and Dropship. Designed to carry small squads of soldiers into the battlefield as well as provide air support. It is smaller than a Hawk.