Chapter 1 – Prologue



I'm looking up to the sky. How dirty. The sky colored by the color of ash, greyish among the black or white in the midst of the beginning of the Winter. This season come again. I really hate this time of the years.


"Oof?!", I'm looking down, rolling my eyes to find red-headed who has bumped into my back and scowling "what I told you before many times to not lunge onto my back like that, princess?!".

Yona's face turns into her adorable pout as she puffing her cheek and crossing her arm across her chest "humph, it's your fault to not attention?! I've called you several times from far distance and you've ignored me?!".

"oh", I sigh and let white breath out of my mouth "sorry, I've lost track on my mind just now…".

With knowing look on her eyes, Yona stares at me "Hak…".

I know what she (may) will bring up so I'm quickly fastening my step "anyway, I'm freezing?! Let's go into the school building so we can warm our body up!?".

I left Yona without waiting her response, what I know she is mumbling something, maybe curse me about how stupid I am?

Ah, I'm really hate Winter.


I'm looking into Hak's broad back. Stupid Hak. He is always avoiding every time I want to asking him about that topic as our conversation, maybe sort of his instinct about danger-alert warns his mind and he will avoid me. Typical. No wonder, I guess. Hak always hates this time of the years and it can't be help at all.

Do you remember about your parents?

That's what I want to ask him just now. I hate it when I find someone important to me grievous. I am so naïve as always, I think I can do something to prevent something bad when it comes to the upcoming event but is there really nothing I can do to help Hak that trapped on the past?


I'm looking up, startled by Soo Won who flickers his finger to my forehead.

Like always, Soo Won offers his innocent and warm smile as sighing to me "bad habit".

I chuckle, rubbing my forehead "sorry".

I'm following Hak and Soo Won from behind as Soo Won throws his hand over Hak's shoulder, giggling at Hak's reaction when Hak scolding Soo Won to startle him.


I'm looking back and forth between Hak and Yona. I understand what are they thinking about but I don't understand, how can these two become so oblivious about their feeling to each other? As usual, Yona trails off on her mind again, so I distract her with flicking her forehead and sighing, telling her about her bad habit. She's always so reckless and I don't like it when she gets into the trouble because her reckless. Joo Doh, our cousin who become our caretaker since the three of us only children and the lawyer of our family, only one of those who will scold Yona for her reckless. The three of us always get along, growing together like a sibling since we were children. But as we turn into adolescence, I realize there's nothing will be always the same as we're growing into adult.

Someone must retreat, from the three of us.

Or else, we will be stuck in the present that feel like tranquil ephemeral world.


Everything changes when Yona's 16th birthday. That night when she falls asleep as she reading the book for tomorrow test, there's a 'vision' comes into her head, jolting her awake and what she can do after that only looking for help. Her brain muddled by confusion and fear, make her brain working vague. What she knows that night she does calling Hak and explains her vision, asking him to come to her house with some adults. Luckily, Hak's step-brother, Jae Ha is there because he and Gigan, his grandmother come to visit him as Mundok has requested but when they come, it's too late. Barely too late for Yona.

Gigan orders her grandson to bring the weapon with them so Hak brings naginata made by bamboo from his weapon collection and Jae Ha brings ropes (which make Hak rolls his eyes onto him). They come into Yona's house with Gigan who drives crazily onto Yona's house, only to find Il Hiryuu, Yona's father laying lifelessly on the floor. Blood puddle created under his body from the hole on his body that Gigan has suspected as gunfire.

Gigan closes his lifeless eyes before turning her head to both her grandson "maybe revolver, be careful. Find that girl first—".

That's when they hear someone, a man cries in pain. They quickly go upstairs to one room they have assumed as the source of that cry. When Jae Ha and Hak kick the door open, they see Yona lifts her bow with arrow ready to released. Gigan kicks both stunned guy to come inside. Yona, with tears glimmering on her face, lays down her bow when she has found her comrades have come and she cries in relief on Hak's arm which envelops her once he has found her safe. Jae Ha hears something crack and is about to yelling at Hak, but Hak still has his naginata so he swings his weapon to hit the stranger's head who laying unconsciously next second. Outside the window, they find three other man trying to run away. Jae Ha ties the rope O-shaped before throwing it and pulling it once his rope successfully catching one of them. Jae Ha asks Hak to come with him to take care two others, but Gigan throws her scalpel which pinning two mans down on the ground. Jae Ha whistles and gives applause to her action.

"what I said before? This rope will be useful", Jae Ha states as he tying five unconscious man on the pillar (three from outside just now, one hit by Hak's weapon and one can't run away because he's injured by Yona's arrow on his leg).

Hak ignores Jae Ha's comment as he soothes Yona on his embrace. Once the police come, Yona tells them these robbers killed her father with revolver and barely kill her as well, so she depends herself with bow, one of the weapons from her late uncle's collection, Yu Hon, Soo Won's father. Yona has called for her cousin, Soo Won and Joo Doh, but their phone is off so she's called for Hak to come. Due to the circumstances, Yona's action counted as self-protection.

What happen next is really can't be received and must be questioned. About the company, yes, Yona is a woman and she's still so young, unlike Soo Won who will turn into 19th next Winter and will start his first grade on the college this year, it's understandable if the company must be led by Soo Won, at least till Yona is ready to take the chair as the leader of company but when all of the legacy and assets from Il will become Soo Won's with nothing has left for Yona, it really must be questioned. Only because Yona asks Hak to stay with her and come with her on this meeting about sharing the legacy and assets, Hak questions about this fiercely but batted back with one letter, that showing Soo Won as the sole heir.

Hak taps Soo Won, Joo Doh and Keishuk, on their shoulder one by one before going back to Yona as speaking and sending his best tremendous glare "oh, I see… so it's planned from the first place? The robbery and the letter, so all of the legacy and assets will be left to Soo Won and nothing has left to Yona? Have you no shame at all?".

Joo Doh and Keishuk's body stiffened by Hak's word.

"you have no proof, Hak. With what you will prove your word's rightness? That you can see other person's past only with touch that person?", Soo Won glares back to Hak "people only will believe about what can be proved".

Yona and Hak understand, this Soo Won is not Soo Won they have known all this time and he has planned this. Nothing they can do to prevent him from gaining what has left from Il. Only one thing Hak can do.

"you guys do not need her, right? Unlike you all, I need her. Well then, I'll take her with me", Hak takes Yona's hand and guides her to follow him "come on, Yona".

Yona doesn't say anything, only let Hak drags her from this room.

Soo Won stands up "Yona, Hak, wait!?".

Yona turns her head and snaps them, lashing out "I don't care whatever you say, do what you want with all of that luxurious thing that left by my father?! if there's someone who can I believe in this room, it will be Hak?! It's too clear as crystal for me now, and I'm leaving with Hak?!".

Before they leave this room, Hak turns his head and throws sharp cold gaze, narrowing his eyes and looking back to Soo Won, Joo Doh and Keishuk over his shoulder "Sayonara, Soo Won".

Finish with packing Yona's belonging, Hak takes Yona to his apartment but Yona grabs his hand tightly, causing Hak to looking down onto her. She isn't speaking at all after they leave that room till they leave that house. On the road, halfway to Hak's apartment, for the first time she's showing reaction.

Once Hak stops and turns his back, Yona leans her head to his chest and grabs the hem of his jacket, murmuring "I don't have place to going home nor family who will be waiting for me anymore".

Hak tips her head up to facing his face, cupping her face and narrowing his eyes as his hand touches the wetness on her cheek "then come to my home. They surely will welcome you as the part of our family, like they do to me".

Yona shakes her head and sniffs "Hak, I don't want to become a burden for your family".

Hak swipes Yona's tears "my family won't look at you as a burden, ever. They will welcome you, for sure. I'll become your place to going home and your family who will be waiting for you to come home".

"but why, Hak? I don't have anything left to me anymore, you have no obligation to take care of me and I don't need your sympathy".

"Yona, this is not because sympathy nor the obligation", Hak pulls her onto his embrace before he pecks her wet eyelids, leaning his forehead to hers "but affection from someone who understand about how hurt it feel when we had lost someone precious for us. Never ever think this as the end because this is the beginning from something new".

Yona hugs Hak back tightly, fingers digging onto his back as she crying hysterically like she did last time when she's only a child, Hak doesn't say anything after that, only hug her and caress her head as she's crying "Hak is right. This is not the end, this is only the beginning… from my new life".

After Hak explains everything to Gigan, Gigan calls her husband, Mundok to explain everything to him. Mundok comes to their place to help Gigan to manage about transfer school administration for Yona while Hak will start his college this year.

When Mundok and Gigan offer her to move from Kuuto, to come and stay with them, Yona only ask about one thing "to where?".

Mundok smiles "to Fuuga, the land of the Wind".

Without say goodbye to everyone on their old school, Yona and Hak depart with Gigan, Mundok and Jae Ha. From the window out of the plane, Yona looking to the blue sky and white clouds. She realizes, the sky that the three of them see, will no longer the same.

Yona doesn't surprise to find herself arrive on this huge mansion. After Mundok and Gigan had married 2 years ago, they have brought their grandchildren to this mansion that they've built together after all. Gigan has 3 adopted grandson, from the eldest Jae Ha, second Shina who only a year under Hak's age, the last Zeno who only a year above Yona's age. Mundok has 2 grandson, Hak with one adopted grandson from Hak's mother's family's (far relations), Tae Yeon, plus two of their cousin, Han Dae and Tae Woo. No wonder this mansion has three building with broad courtyard and garden. One building with the function as dojo, two others for their family to stay with. When they moved here 2 years ago, Hak has persisted to stay in Kuuto only till he has finished his upper secondary school so he will start his college in Fuuga. Yona will start her second year at her new school, the same school with Shina and Zeno who will start their third year this year.

Yona trails off, tapping her finger to re-counting people who stay in this mansion as Hak informs her "so… there is 9 people who stay on this house?".

Hak chuckles at her reaction "with you, it becomes 10 people. Don't worry, we have many vacant room for the guest or other family that visit here, you can use one of them, just ask Gigan".

"before that, why not introduce yourself with the other? Look, they are staring to us from dojo", Jae Ha waves his hand to ask the crowd on the front door of their dojo to come welcoming their guest "hey, guys?! Hak brings his lovers?!".

The crowd shout in chaos and quickly gather themselves in front of three people in front of them "WHAT?!".

Yona and Hak shout back in unison "WE AREN'T?!".

Han Dae and Tae Woo, same as Hak and Tae Yeon, orphan from their family that taken care by Mundok, move to in front of Yona to asking her prodding question before they sent to fly by Hak who throws them back to dojo to save Yona, and himself.

As quick as the thunder from the sky, Hak comes inside the dojo to take his Tsu Quan Dao before he swinging it to Jae Ha's face "Droopy Eyes… watch your mouth as long as we stay together or I'll slash that neck of yours".

Jae Ha chuckles as he holding Hak's Tsu Quan Dao with the shield made by steel that has thrown away by Tae Woo "ah, I'll be more than pleased under your care".

Hak narrows his eyes "I'll do something terrible to your hair next time you fall asleep".

Yona tugs Gigan's sleeve "…is it alright to not stop them, grandma?".

Gigan blows the smoke of her pipe with nonchalant attitude, showing that this is really usual sight for her "no problem, it's the usual".

For Jae Ha's life-saver from heaven, not long after that, they hear other excited cry from behind them "big brother?! Yona?! Welcome home?!".

Tae Yeon has excited since he told by other that Yona will stay with them as their family, so he is jumping into Yona's hug after he has hugged Hak which welcomed by Hak who ruffles his hair at his adopted "welcome to our family, big sister Yona?!".

Yona is barely cry from this welcome, she is hugging Tae Yeon back and holding her tears back hard "…I'm home".

Luckily, Gigan and Mundok take control of the other after that. While Mundok and Hak bring back the excited crowd back to dojo, Gigan and Tae Yeon guide Yona to her new room. Jae Ha helps to bring Hak and Yona's belonging to their room to avoid Hak who glares to him.

For Yona's surprise, she isn't expecting to meet with them, the same people with her and Hak who have gotten the 'gift' from Santa.

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Yes, I know, I haven't finished my other fanfics but it can't be helped if there's idea popping inside your head and what you can do is writing your idea because you're really want to write it?! I have no plan to make this long, so this story, my first modern AU will only have several chapters that not too long. Hope you enjoy this.