Hi! Linc here! Its been a VERY long time!

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Digging this out and posting now so I can one day I can finish a fic, even if I find it cringey and w so many plot holes, I will complete this.

/text in between these/ indicates taking in another language, but I didn't wanna butcher Spanish and Filipino so I used these instead of google translate oOp-

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Michael covered his face with his hands groaning. His parents weren't going to be mad they Jeremy and he were a thing, they'd be thrilled, but that by no means did anything to stop Michael's embarrassment. /She'd walked in on them making out./ Jeremy gently tugged at his hands, peeling them away from his red face, holding them.

"Michah it's okay," Jeremy reassured his flustered boyfriend, giving his hands a reassuring squeeze.

Michael sighed.

"I know it's /okay/ that my moms know about uS," Michael rubbed his thumb against Jeremy's hand. "But ignoring-" He gestured to his flushed face. "-They know you're here now, and I don't know how much you can recall about them. If they catch wind of your amnesia or passing out they are going to baby you sO badly, and I don't think either of us wants that."

"They're not gonna find out Michah." Jeremy smiled softly. "It's not like I'm gonna pass out again. We've gotten to my usual daily limit. I only end up passing out a handful of times at most."

"But what if-"

Jeremy squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"If it worries you so much, we could go hang round mine?" Jeremy interjected softly. "My dad's way less likely to catch on frankly."


Michael sounded somewhat defeated. Frankly, he wanted to melt into a puddle of embarrassment, but he knew Jer was right. Jeremy wasn't likely to pass out again, and his dad was definitely not observant enough to notice. They eventually got up and tried to quietly make their escape. That was kinda hard when Michael's mothers, Natalie and Jasmine, were lurking in the kitchen nearby, waiting for them to come out of the room before approaching them.

"Uh, heyo." Jeremy awkwardly waved at them as they approached. He almost forgot about his other hand being in Michael's at their sides (and y'know...still wearing Michael's oversized jacket).

"Hi Jeremy. You guys leaving so soon?"

"Uh yeah we, um, have homework to do and I left most of my stuff at home." Jeremy was really not that great with making up lies. He hadn't actually thought about what excuse he was going to make to them. He'd hoped they could've left without talking to them. Smooth.

"You're not staying for dinner?"

"/Mom, don't push it/"

"/Whatever do you mean?/" She replied innocently.

"You both know that I really want to, but homework is… /homework/. I'll make sure he's back not too late though-"

He trailed off as Jeremy suddenly went woozy as the world shifted on its side and his hand in Michael's went slack. Michael instinctively caught him, helping him get more upright again. His mothers were more than a little worried, but Michah tried to unsuccessfully brush them off. He'd literally got a memory back a few minutes ago. He surely couldn't be getting back another so quickly… right?

"Jeremy, are you okay?" Michael softly asked. Was Jeremy ill? Or was he having another Squip-induced episode?

"I'm fine, just a dizzy spell, I-"

Jeremy went limp as he trailed off. Michael lowered him to the ground. He definitely thought it was the latter. It was good that he was regaining his memories so quickly, but part of him worried that this could mean the SQUIP could be coming back as well. I mean, it had already tried messing with Jeremy's optic nerve blocking so it was definitely present somewhat, just definitely not at full power again.

"Jeremy? Jeremy?"

No response.

They were right where they'd left off. Michael had tossed the Mountain Dew Red to Jake, who just got taken over by his SQUIP. Jeremy paled in horror as Jake opened the bottle and emptied the bottle onto the floor with a wide vacant grin before tossing the bottle. No! That was their only chance at stopping this! Gone!

"Hey check this out-"

Jake dropped his crutches. His...he shouldn't be able to walk without them? Could SQUIPs heal people?

"I-It healed your legs?" Jeremy spluttered.

"No," Jake chuckled, "But I can't feel the pain. It's /awesome/."

Two more people closed in; Chloe and Brooke, moving in unnerving tandem.

"There you are, Jeremy~" They purred in unison.

Michael made himself a barrier between everyone and Jeremy. He was starting to panic. The Mountain Dew Red was gone. Everyone but him was SQUIPped, and with them closing in and Jeremy's thrashing getting stronger, he was seriously running out of options.

"I just want you to know I'm not mad that you broke my heart and then slept with my best friend-" Brooke started.

"-And I'm not mad you dated my best friend and didn't sleep with me" Chloe finished.

Brooke turned to Chloe, confused.

"He didn't sleep with you?"


"He didn't sleep with me!"


"Ohmygod, why was I so jealous of you?" They were in almost creepily perfect unison now. "You were jealous of me? That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me! Sisters forever! Jinx!"

Michael cringed, as Jeremy began to regain just enough control of his body again, and spotted the almost empty bottle a couple of feet behind the squipped cast.

"Michael, the bottle! There are still a few drops left!" Jere gestured with his head and Michaels pinned grip loosened. Michael quickly saw what he meant, but there was no clear path through to it.

"How am I supposed to get past them?"

Jeremy's eyes lit up with an idea. He'd been wondering why this felt familiar. This was almost just like the video game they played.

"Apocalypse of the Damned! Level Nine!"

Michael caught on very quickly, pulling Jeremy up.

"The Cafetorium!"

It was interesting translating video game strategy into real life, but SQUIP was a computer, so technically it wasn't that far off to try.

"Michael! We have to take him to hospital! Or something!"

"No no no it's alright, it's alright, don't panic."

He tried to dismissively wave his hand but his parents weren't going to have it.

"He… this isn't the first time Jeremy's passed out like this. He'll be fine."

"What do you mean?"

"Ughhh, /how do I explain it/… ever since Jeremy woke up, he's been passing out at seemingly random intervals, and it's getting more and more frequent. He...every time this happens he remembers." Michael grimaced.


Michael's gaze trailed onto the ground uncomfortably.

"Jeremy woke up in hospital with amnesia... He didn't remember anything. He didn't remember /me/."

Nathalie brought her hand to her mouth. They knew how close, and almost dependant Michael had been on Jeremy, so Jeremy forgetting everything must've been hard for him.

"Oh cariño…"

"Michael, you better not have been taking advantage of-"

"Mom! I would /never/, you know that." If this was a different situation he'd be offended. "He's gotten a lot of his memories back… not all, but enough to make decisions about our friendship dynamic. You saw us down there. That's where we're at-"

Jeremy shifted, the movement instantly grabbing everyone's attention.



No response. Michael's gut curled uncomfortably. It was just a gut feeling, but he didn't feel that the memory Jeremy was regaining was good.

"This is gonna sound weird, but can one of you get the Mountain Dew Red outta my bag?"

He was met with confused expressions.

"I don't know if it's the sugar content or what, but it… /helps/."

It felt weird to sidestep around the truth of the situation to his mothers, but it wasn't like he was lying to them...just conveniently not telling them about the SQUIP. Nathalie passed him his bottle of Mountain Dew Red to Michael, who poured a tiny bit into Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy's reaction to it was delayed but within a minute or so he was back.

Jeremy slowly sat up with support from Michael, rubbing his temple with one of his hands. He could /feel/ Jeremy lightly trembling in his arms from whatever he remembered...

"Oh man ugh. Did I- Oh no I-"

The realization that he'd collapsed in front of Michael's mothers hit him. They didn't look as panicked as he expected, but he figured Michael had said something to satiate them. Still, he /had/ just passed out right in front of them.

"Sorry I-" Jeremy instinctively went to apologise for worrying them, but Jasmine cut him off.

"Jeremy dear, I'm phoning your dad, you're staying here tonight."


She raised an eyebrow at Michael's outburst.

"I'm okay! You don't need to worry about-" Jeremy stumbled over his words as he tried to reassure them that he was /fine/.

"I know you think you've got whatever's going on under control, but we cant send you home in good faith when you're passing out randomly. Please. If it makes it any better we won't tell your dad about you passing out... You can treat it like a sleepover if you really want."


Jeremy wasn't going to argue with Michael's moms. They were just trying to look out for him. To be fair he understood their worry over him, it's not like his condition was exactly /normal/. And his memories were coming back quicker and quicker-

"Jer are you sure- you don't have to say yes."

"Michah I don't want to worry your moms," Jeremy smiled softly, "Besides, you've slept around my house so much recently that it's only fair I sleep round yours this turn. 'Homework' can wait."