Hiya, Well I just started on . I had this name for awhile but never put anything on it so to start it off I'm going to post this non- rhyming poem I guess you could call it that, well anyways I got the idea to write this from a fic I read when I remember which one I'll let you guys know k *_~ .thanx and plz review I its kinda depressing but hey we all write something depressing at one point in our lives so on with the depression. Plz R and R thanx. It means a bunch to me.

His Choice

He made up his mind he chose her, after he used us both. He knew we both loved him, he also loved us both, but her first .She betrayed him long ago, and disappeared he was heart broken, but then I came and sewed up all his wounds and helped him love again and feel again.

She disappeared but he loved her still no matter what. She would come and see him every so often. It pained me so to see them together, forever knowing his promise to protect her. I had such envy of their love for you see I loved him with all my heart and soul.

As I realized this I got in the way of their love less and less. I was trapped was once trapped with her in a dark place, waiting to be rescued. While there we talked about how he loved her more she said he loved me but I know the truth when I see I'm not blind. I'm not envious of their love any more, but sad and happy. Hoping their life together will be great. Finally the barrier is broken he runs in and passes me up as I call his name, he goes to her and comforts her. I leave them alone with a heavy heart and teary eyes as I realize that he chose her over me.

I once asked him to chose either me or her a while back and he did killing my soul with his decision. As I walked into the light I see what was happening while I was in there wherever there is there is a fight going on outside. Slowly they come out holding each other he leaves for a second but he was gone for a second to long a shot was fired at his beloved. She awaits the attack with great courage, but it never comes, and all she feels is a warm liquid on her face, she opens her eyes and sees me standing in front of her while holding my stomach. As I fall to the ground she ask why? And I reply" because you are his choice and it was my duty to keep him happy and so I have." He is saddened at my dying but he cries tears of joy and sadness because I saved his beloved and that I am dying. I mouth certain words as I pass away and I think to myself that I'm going to be fine and I slowly drift off to

Eternal Slumber

Well what do you think? Oh and to the author I got the idea from I give full credit to you and in your fic you wrote "it was my duty to keep him happy" well something like that I just wanted readers to know most of this fic came from inspiration from that author ok good oh ya I don't own Inuyasha either starts to sniffle I wish I did though. Well plz reviews tell me what you think and what I could do to improve my writing skills thank you!

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