Pairing: White Rose
Summary: A simple question, a not so simple answer.

"Are you into girls?"

That was the last question Weiss expected to be asked tonight. She hadn't planned on entertaining questions at all, actually. How was anyone even supposed to hold a conversation when the music was so loud and there were so many people around? She was only at this 'back to school' party because Blake dragged her. And Blake only dragged her because 'everyone' would be here.

Everyone was here, alright. Including the slightly-buzzed blonde asking the aforementioned question, who happened to be the older sister of the girl Weiss was definitely into.

With anyone else, she would scoff and tell them to mind their own business. But that felt like the wrong approach with Yang, who'd walked over on her own volition and led with that question as if this was a normal conversation.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just curious." Yang's nonchalant shrug gave away nothing. When she sipped whatever was in the cup in her hand, however, Weiss thought she saw humor flash through lavender eyes. "Are you?"

If anyone noticed the way Weiss stuttered and blushed around Ruby Rose - the sweetest, funniest, most unintentionally endearing person she'd ever met - that answer was obvious.

"That's a strange question to ask, isn't it," she replied, but any hope of diverting the conversation disappeared when Yang shrugged again.

"Just curious."

'Curious?' Why would anyone be curious about Weiss' romantic preferences? Unless...Yang wasn't curious for her own benefit, was she?

Dear god, Weiss hoped not. That would be one of the worst possible outcomes of this unfortunate adventure. But she also couldn't say that wasn't what this was, especially when Yang held her cup up to her lips, partially obscuring her smile, and waited for an answer.

Up until this point, Weiss hadn't shared many interactions with the tall, beautiful blonde. She only knew of Yang through her conversations with Ruby and Blake's many, many observations. Yang loved to tease though, so...maybe the best way out of this was to turn the tables on her.

"Are you into girls?" Weiss asked, only to realize that was exactly what Yang wanted.

"Absolutely," she answered without hesitation. "Exclusively," she added as her smile brightened. "I'm all about dating girls. They're just so sexy and soft, especially when you get your hands in their hair and they just...melt into you. I mean, how can you not love that? And don't even get me started on how good they smell."

Staring at Yang, Weiss opened her mouth but found no words. How was she supposed to respond to that? Not only was it obvious - anyone who even vaguely knew Yang knew that she preferred women - but it was also way too much information. That was too much information, right? Because now Weiss couldn't stop thinking about Ruby. Running her hands through Ruby's short, soft brunette hair...feeling Ruby's body pressed warmly against her...melting into her...

"But you didn't answer."

Snapping out of that sultry daydream, Weiss cleared her throat and silently thanked the horrible lighting for hiding her blush. She'd been losing herself to her active imagination more often recently - a possible side effect of just how 'into girls' she was - but indulging those thoughts wouldn't help her now. Yang obviously expected an answer and, absent divine intervention, Weiss needed to provide one.

Saying 'no' would be a flatout lie, so she didn't necessarily want to go that route. Besides, what if Ruby asked Yang to find out? What if Weiss' lackluster response made her think that Weiss wasn't interested? That would be horrible and vastly incorrect. Weiss was very, very interested.

On the other hand…what if Yang was asking for herself and interpreted an emphatic response as a green light to move forward? Weiss couldn't imagine that this was Yang flirting, but Yang was pretty enough that she didn't have to be good at flirting.

"I think...that...I'd prefer to focus on someone's personality rather than gender," she finally answered. It sounded good enough to her - a little hedgy but also plausible - but Yang lifted one brow.

"Personality, huh?" She was smirking now - Weiss didn't know if that was a bad thing but it didn't seem like an altogether good thing either. "Then what kind of personality are you into?"

"Well...that depends." The moment Yang opened her mouth to ask 'on what?', Weiss hurried on. "Someone sweet and kind who can make me laugh, I guess."

Fortunately, those broad traits could apply to many people, not just Yang's little sister. If Weiss went into more detail, she could say that she was 'into' someone who went out of their way to make other people happy, usually by telling some silly joke. And she was 'into' someone who found amusement in everything, even the mundane or ordinary. The type of person who was quick to smile, laugh, and remind her not to take life so seriously.

"Sweet and kind…" Yang mused. After thoughtfully tapping the lip of her cup against her chin, she smiled. "Kinda sounds like my sister."

"O-oh?" Caught off guard by the direct response, Weiss chuckled and immediately hoped Yang didn't hear how nervous it sounded. "That's - um, well, yes. Ruby is very sweet and kind."

Impossibly, the hole Weiss dug herself into by venturing out of her apartment had just gotten deeper. She couldn't say that Ruby wasn't sweet and kind though! Ruby was both of those things personified. Yang would know that better than anyone, and she might take offense if Weiss implied otherwise.

What had Weiss implied instead? Honestly, she had no idea. Thankfully, Yang just studied her for a few seconds before smiling.

"She is," Yang said simply before raising her cup to her lips, winking, and walking away.

While Yang played with her phone before easily starting a conversation with someone else - hopefully leading with the same unexpected question she sprang on Weiss - Weiss stood there and wondered what the hell just happened. What did Yang's agreement mean? What did that wink mean? Did she suspect that Weiss was interested in her sister, or was she just being flirty?

Maybe the entire thing was just a joke?


When someone touched her shoulder, she jumped and spun away from Yang. Blake's brow rose at the startled response, but she still smiled and offered one of the plastic cups in her hands to Weiss.

"What took you so long?" Weiss asked while accepting the cup. She hadn't planned on drinking anything, but now she took a quick sip hoping it settled her frayed nerves. It tasted horrendous, of course, but what else had she expected.

"There was a long line." Having no idea what her long absence forced Weiss to endure, Blake shrugged, sipped her drink, and glanced across the room. "What were you and Yang talking about?"

"Oh. She just...really wanted to tell me how much she likes making out with girls, I guess. As if we needed the reminder."

While rolling her eyes, Weiss caught the wink Yang sent Blake's way, and Blake's responding blush, and suddenly understood. Yang didn't care whether or not Weiss was into girls. She wanted Weiss to tell Blake that she was into girls.

Well, mission accomplished.

"Really?" Blake distractedly mused. She hardly turned away from Yang before glancing over again. Again, Yang caught her look. This time, she smiled and turned slightly away from the person she'd been speaking to - a clear invitation if Weiss had ever seen one - and Blake's blush deepened.

"You should talk to her."

When Blake immediately started up her typical excuses, Weiss rolled her eyes and gently pushed her towards Yang.

"You're into girls, Blake Belladonna. You should tell her. I'm sure she'd be happy to hear it."

"But -" Blake tried to argue anyway, but Weiss shook her head.

"But nothing. I'll be fine."

Weiss raised her cup to show that she had everything she needed, but Blake still looked uncertain. She was the one who dragged Weiss here, after all. Wouldn't she be a bad friend if she ditched Weiss the instant a hotter, blonder option became available? On the flip side, wouldn't Weiss be a great friend if she let Blake abandon her?

"Go on," Weiss encouraged Blake with another light push, because she was a great friend and she would only remind Blake of this moment constantly from here on out. Blake knew it too, but her desire to melt into Yang's embrace outweighed everything else. It probably didn't help that Yang had already ended her conversation and had her eyes trained on Blake, practically beckoning Blake over.

In a battle between friendly obligations and the possibility of hooking up with the person she'd been lusting over for months, friendship lost. Weiss didn't mind though. She actually chuckled when Blake finally acquiesced - first with a smile, then with a deep breath before walking over to Yang.

Seeing how thrilled Yang was by the company, Weiss rolled her eyes and shook her head. She couldn't believe Yang got her so riled up just to send a message to Blake. Yang could have spoken to Blake herself - she didn't seem to have a problem talking to any other girl in existence - yet she chose to leave the reminder with Weiss.

Playing the messenger was annoying, but that annoyance hardly scratched the surface of Weiss' disappointment. Part of her had truly believed - or truly hoped - that Ruby convinced Yang to ask. If that had been the case, then maybe Ruby was just as interested in Weiss as Weiss was in her.

Seeing as how that wasn't the case, Weiss was right back to where she started - at a dumb, loud party wishing she was at home instead. Fortunately, she wasn't obligated to stay much longer. As soon as Blake and Yang started making out - because it was a question of 'when' not 'if' - she could leave.

In the meantime, she looked around and sighed. She saw several people she knew from some of her classes, but she didn't have any desire to talk to them outside of class. She didn't want to socially mingle with any of these people, actually. They were rowdy, loud, stupid, shallow, or a horrible combination of all of the above.

After glancing towards Blake and Yang, however, Weiss scoffed, shook her head, and made her way to the exit. She hardly made it ten feet before her eyes landed on the person who'd just walked through the door and her feet froze to the floor. Seconds later, their eyes met across the crowded room, and warmth spread through her chest as a bright, effervescent smile sprang into being.

Any thought of leaving disappeared from Weiss' mind as Ruby bounded over - or bounded as much as possible in a room packed with drunk revelers. Her gorgeous silver eyes never left Weiss, and her smile impossibly brightened as the distance between them fell away.

Moments later, the girl Weiss was so seriously 'into' stood right in front of her, beaming down at her while she silently thanked Blake for convincing her to come to this party. If Blake hadn't dragged her out, she would still be sitting at home. And if she was still sitting at home, she would have missed the chance to see the bubbly brunette who made her heart swoon.

"Weiss?" If possible, Ruby looked just as stunned to see Weiss as Weiss was to see her. "What're you doing here? I thought you hated stuff like this!"

"Blake invited me."

"And you actually agreed?"

"Hey," Weiss said, her heart fluttering when Ruby giggled. "I leave the house sometimes, you know. Besides, she was very convincing this time."

"She must've bribed you," Ruby teased before giggling again, threatening to put Weiss' heart in cardiac arrest right then and there. She loved that giggle so much, she would record it if that wasn't such a weird thing to do.

"A reward might have been offered..." Weiss admitted, much to Ruby's amusement. And it was impossible not to smile when Ruby was happy. Did everyone else feel that way too? Or was Weiss the only one who couldn't keep her mouth under control in Ruby's presence?

"Well whatever it was, at least it got you here!" Ruby added, much to Weiss' delight.

"It did. But what are you doing here? I thought you had to study tonight."

"Oh. I was, but Yang just sent a message saying I should get over here fast because some super gay girl's waiting for me." Weiss' cheeks flushed deep red at the comment, but Ruby shrugged it off and grinned. "Apparently, she's already preoccupied though. Which is fine because I'd rather talk to you! How're you doing? Can I get you a drink? Oh, you already have one. Nevermind, that was a dumb question."

When Ruby blushed and ran her hand through her short hair, somehow looking cute, disheveled, and flirty at the same time, Weiss noticed Yang and Blake watching them. Noticing Weiss' glance, Yang whispered something in Blake's ear, making Blake laugh at whatever it was, before winking at Weiss.

So that's what that wink meant.

Apparently, Weiss was overthinking things. She wished she could say that was the first time, but it really, really wasn't the first time. Not the second either, or the third, and definitely not the last. Maybe instead of overthinking things, she should start simple.

"Ruby? I have a question."

"I have an answer," Ruby replied with another adorable giggle that made Weiss want to kiss her right then and there. The way she gently clutched Weiss' hand at the same time made Weiss' heart stutter and convinced her to move forward with this brash, possibly idiotic plan.

"Are you interested in girls? Like...romantically?"

Ruby's eyes widened, but Weiss didn't stop there.

"Because I am," she admitted as a hot blush spread across her cheeks and down her neck. "So I was just wondering...if you are too then maybe we can...get dinner together sometime..."

The last part came out so quiet that Weiss was positive Ruby hadn't heard it over the music. That didn't matter though, Weiss waited for an answer or for the floor to open up and swallow her whole, whichever came first.

Brow lifted, Ruby stared at her for a long time. Then a smile snuck onto those pretty, kissable lips, and a light, delighted laugh slipped out.

"Oh my god," Ruby said, her silver eyes sparkling now. "Did Yang mean you?"

A blush threatened to end Weiss' existence right then and there, but Ruby decided to do the deed herself - by leaning in and pressing a quick, soft kiss to Weiss' cheek. Weiss could have levitated right off the floor in shock, but Ruby pulled away and grinned.

"I'm interested in you, if that's what you're asking!"

While Ruby looked thrilled at the confession, Weiss again found herself at a loss of what to say. Yes, she'd been subtly asking if Ruby was interested in her. Yes, it was mortally embarrassing that Ruby figured it out because Yang referred to her as the 'super gay girl.' But no, she wouldn't complain about any of it.

Besides, she was really into girls. One girl in particular.