A/N: I just thought of it and wanted to try typing it out. That's all.

It was late at night in the Iwatodai Dorm. Almost midnight to be exact.

Minato Arisato layed on his bed. Sleepless.

Why? The answer was simple.


See? Simple.

He got off his comfy bed and started to take off his uniform.

Honestly, going to sleep while wearing them seemed like a good idea at the time. He didn't have to take them off and he didn't need to put them back on.

Off to the bin with that idea…

"Hey. Minato? You awake?"


Before he could do anything, the door opened.

"Your door wasn't locked so I-"

Yukari froze mid-step into his room.

For there in front of her was her dormmate with his hands just about to pull down his boxers.

Wearing nothing else.


The door slammed shut followed by rapid retreating steps.

"That was… odd."

A/N: Don't you just hate when people just barge into your room?